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Great Media Inspiration

Great Media Inspiration

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Location: Cracow, Poland

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  • $5060.00 USD
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    Jun 26, 2013

    A lot of man hour have been put into delivering a perfect result; fine and endless adjustments have been made for achieving a great final product. GMI are professionals that will handle everything and complete any task for your web project: from front-end to back-end with flawless results. Every project has it's up and downs, it's no easy ride; but at the end of the day we can only say that we are very satisfied with the outcome and I am sure you - the next person that will hire Mikolaj and his team, will be very satisfied too. If you are looking for a young, dynamic and very professional team, M.Lehman and his team is a great asset to your enterprise, they bring great added value and they will never abandon your project until it is done.

    Project Description:N/A
  • $5000.00 AUD
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    Jul 24, 2012

    We have been delighted with all aspects of our relationship with Mikolaj Lehman and his team at Great Media Inspiration. Having used Freelancer and other platforms to outsource small and large projects with contractors in a range of countries we can say without a doubt this was the most professional team we have worked with. The quality of their communication, support, coding and above all their patience and willingness to adapt the project specifications as all first class. In addition, they delivered far greater functionality than our brief requested simply because they felt the outcome would be superior if they added additional functions and they did this at no additional cost - simply because they wanted the best possible outcome.We would not hesitate to invite Mikolaj and his team to bid on, and hopefully work on, our next project and to recommend him to anyone wanting a quality job, reasonably and realistically priced and developed with passion.

    Project Description:We would like to create a property swap website with the same functionality and general look as At this stage we are seeking to identify a contractor who has considerable...
  • $400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller pipejack


    Apr 27, 2012

    Great team of talented people. I'll definitively hire them again.

    Project Description:I'm looking for a web designer who can design a rating site for me. Project description and wireframes are attached.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller joshdotcom


    Feb 29, 2012

    This group of programmers is the best I have ever worked with. Over the years, I have worked with programmers in China, India, the Philippines, the U.S., the UK and many other places. Until I met this team, however, I always ran into problems (including programmers that were not as highly skilled as they said they were, budget limits that were completely disregarded, and those who only dedicated one day a week to my project). All of these issues disappeared when I found this group. After so many years of problems and never finding the right fit, it was truly a miracle to find them. Everything was done in the most professional manner imaginable. Communication is key and I was in contact with them every single day. For years, I have sought a group like this and it is so nice to know that I have finally found what I spent so much time looking for. Thank you all for your hard work and I hope to work together again in the future!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
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  • $5000 USD Dec 14, 2012

    Project Description: Property Management Software- I need software that can link into my website so that investors can look up their real estate investment portfolio and get access to all of the information outlined below. The other goal we want to accomplish through this is to streamline our business by reducing the redundancy of small day-to-day tasks. Our conception is based on a combination of 2 existing software platforms; Buildium and Property Inspection Management. Note: these platforms are for a reference only, we are not cloning. - Domain: We want a single domain where users can access our website to browse company info, and clients, realtors, subcontractors, and tenants can login to access accounts or perform designated tasks. Current domain at to preview and get a better idea of who we are and our business.- Website: Currently using a wordpress template. We are open for suggestion regarding selecting a new web template and visual design. I don’t think we want to go the customized route with this. - Server: Would like to explore options with this. We do not need a fully dedicated server at this time, but might need to upgrade in the future. Security is a high priority, as we will be responsible for large amounts of sensitive information from our clients and tenants.1) Inspections- Needs to be detailed and easy to use. Needs to have a predetermined checklist & drop boxes to ensure everyone checks the same things and all reports are consistent. Also needs to have Android & iPad app (w/ inspection reminders) so that agents can do field inspections and have them directly load up into our web based system. - Pre & post rehab or rental prep- Pre & post lease/ tenant- Pre & post maintenance call2) Work order logs- needs to be formalized so that all work orders ask the same, or similar questions. Also needs to integrate with inspections. 3) Tenant Details- Needs to have downloadable application & lease, contact information, payment history, deposit amounts.4) Property Information- Needs to have lease value, expirations (with a reminder), utilities, trash details (including bulk pick-up), downloadable insurance information, color notes ( to keep track of all paint between tenants /repairs), number of maintenance calls.5) Accounting- Needs to keep track of rent that has been paid/late payments, tenant invoices, have online pay capability, keep track of investor payments that have been paid, track all maintenance/work order or rehab invoices and payments (with separation between our cost (property manager) and owner invoices). Also must have a differentiation between what the tenant and owner sees with regard to reports. 6) Customer Service (not necessary but very helpful)- Auto complete into letters to tenants giving them details of properties (i.e. welcoming kit, utility info, garbage details, possibly local schools/establishments (w/ advertising) ) auto complete random inspection letters & reminders, auto complete 3-day notices, auto complete corrective action notices, etc…7) Marketing- Integrate Craigslist postings, online vacancy (, go section 8, online application. Possibly phone tracking,, MLS.

  • $300 USD Apr 18, 2012

    I am looking for a new design for the logo of my office. it is an architectural office. I like neutral colors, sober, that does not interfere in the language of my work.

  • £1900 GBP Apr 4, 2012

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $5000 NZD Oct 6, 2011

    I need a modern looking auction website with functionality similar to but more modern design and additional features like facebook integration, daily deals, video plus a few more that we can discuss.Please only bid if you have the right expertise and know exactly what I want. If you have a basic auction script similar to tradme that would be a good start so that you could customise it from there how I want. My initial budget is low but could be increased with added featuresMy Main Requirement is to be exactly looks like trade me with the admin panel with same features like trademe , the first page properties ,cars, and jobs has to be there as it is and property search options need to be as it is while even listing a product by a customer as well as Vehicles and Jobs

  • $5000 AUD Sep 2, 2011

    Needed, video sharing platform with wiki functionality. Must be designed to be as light as possible on Drupal platform. It is necessary that the developer has vast knowledge of database design and development, content delivery networks, caching, load balancing. Also someone that has worked on video sharing and wiki projects in the past.The website will be a cross of YouTube and Wikipedia. It has to be easily scalable, able to run on multiple web and database servers.Website will have 2 menus, top menu and side menu. Top menu will compose of home, video, upload, channels, wiki section, and groups. Side menu will be categorized channels.Users will be able to create accounts, upload videos, create groups and wiki articles, send/receive messages, subscribe..There will be search and advance search functionality. Website will allow for integration of advertising material on pages as well as the video player.Backend will allow for full website user and content management.Freelancers chosen will have to sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving detailed information about the project.

  • $250 USD Aug 24, 2011

    We are looking for a expierenced Webdesigner who is able to design a fitness and indoor soccer club website Examples:www.pauls53.dewww.kickfabrik.comPlease check the website we listed to ensure you know what we´re looking for and send us some references of your latest works.You have to code the CSS .We are looking for talented and reliable web designers for several more projetcs for other customers wich who wecan start a long term partnership. To satisfy our our customers with an high end quality job is our aim.Thank you in advance for your offers.

  • $5000 AUD Aug 9, 2011

    Employment screening website with multiple levels of onscreen tests. Requires powerful CMS with solid database. Roadcrewfinder.comJob sheet V 1.0Thursday 4 August 2011SPECIFICATIONS FOR WEB SITE JOB COST ESTIMATEOVERVEIW: This is an employment screening website that reveals applicants knowledge in a specific area.ABOUT: is the employment screening system from Juliusmedia. We have ten years training and assessment experience in Australia.COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE: This proposal is copyright Juliusmedia Group Pty Ltd 2011. Any implementation resembling this proposal without specific written consent of Juliusmedia Group Pty Ltd will be breach of copyright.CREW FILTERPurpose: online knowledge test to find level of experience or otherwise.Employer: forces job applicants through this before engaging.Levels: can be set so that applicants do one, two or more levels.System is set so that an Employer can set up a job name (see part 5, below), and invite Punters (job applicants) to undertake the Test. So there are:EMPLOYERJOB NAME (there can be many jobs)PUNTERS (applicants)TEST WITH MULTIPLE STAGESAdministrator is not employer, employer cannot be administrator.Administrator can load questions, images, and alter settings.1A. Test starts Punter can only ever do this one time per application. Punter is given web link to specific employer job name.1.Punter enters Email address, password and surname.2.Confirmation link is emailed, click on link to start.3.Test must work in all browsers.1B. Match photos of gearOnce started they can’t stop. There is a time limit that can be set by administrator.DETAILS: Match the gear from hundreds of photos. Administrator loads photos and can change photos. Each photo has: (a)category (multiple categories available)(b)equipment name(c)Info fieldIN USE: Random photos of equipment appear with one of three categories to click, Sound, Lights, Vision. To work properly there must be equal numbers of images, IE: 50 lights, 50 audio, 50 vision things, at least.We load as many images as possible, multiple types are OK, ie: speakers, mixers, lights, video gear.User makes around 30 matches to 60 matches (administrator can set) and then give user a score and a continue option. There can be a ‘fail’ option, for a number of misses set by administrator.1C: Collect more punter details now, ie: full name, mobile, address, status, licenses/tickets, availabilities. This can have an administrator set fail function for each question. Example: If punter has wrong status, application can be failed at that time.TEST END OPTION: Administrator can have test stop here, and collect results, or if more screening wanted, move on to next phase.1D: Test moves into next phase: similar to 1B. This time, cables and connectors. This would be shorter and same only with cable connectors, ie: 3 pin xlr is audio, 5 pin is lights, speakon, rca, mini mic connector, then 5 pin xlr (lites), power cables (any), tv cables, 3 phase etc. Once again, administrator loads photos same as 1B. Admin can set number of questions, from 20 – 50 or more.TEST END OPTION: Administrator can have test stop here, and collect results, or if more screening wanted, move on to next phase.Part 2: 2A: Now identify the photos by multiple choice name, ie: 3rd octave equaliser, profile spot, etc. The names were set by administrator in 1B (above).TEST END OPTION: Administrator can have test stop here, and collect results, or if more screening wanted, move on to next phase.2B: Knowledge tests that can be scaled up according to job need. There are categories of test, set by administrator. Category of test, IE: Test category: Audio, Test Category: Lighting etc.Each test contains any number (say 100) multiple choice questions. Each question has 3 or 4 multi choice answers. A question can be a photo or drawing with a multi choice answer. The test can be set to give 20 or any n

  • £1700 GBP Aug 2, 2011

    Hello, I have a website that needs building to a VERY high quality. The website is a brochure site for a set of Training and Activity Centres for Girlguiding UK. I have attached (will attach - the uploader isn"t working for me at the moment) the initial sitemap and designs to give an idea of what you will be doing in order for you to quote accurately on the project, but once the developer is selected, I will be providing the final versions of: - designs in psd form with internal page variations- all content which will need to be placed on the pages- final wireframeI will expect the contractor to be able to build a very clean CSS and HTML5 site from the psf files and the corresponding content. The content should be numbered to the pages in the final wireframe. Ideally, the contractor will be someone who can fill in minor gaps in content. I"m not expecting many of these, but the final site needs to be entirely complete so someone with common-sense is appreciated. My budget is £1500. Thank you, Aimee

  • $1300 USD Jul 23, 2011

    I want to create a online task management site similar to producteev.comAs the first phase of the project, I need the same features that, in the second phase, we"ll developed somw new features that me and me team are defining.Favorite technology: PHP + MySQL

  • $1350 USD Jul 23, 2011

    Need to create a website that offers clients ability to purchase and log in with an access id and password to a database of information. There should be an ability for clients to have access to only portions of the database, depending on what parts of the database they decide to purchase. There are 2 different database files that have to be accessed while the search is performed. The database is a raw text file, with information written in a known string of characters. A script has to be written to extract information from the database and present the information being searched. Live search (as on Google live) of the database would be a plus. The raw text file will be updated frequently, so it should be easy for the webmaster to simply replace the existing raw text file when the information is updated. The website has to also offer the ability to securely allow purchase of database product, as well as password creation, retrieval, and management.The database is health care provider identification information. There is already another website that exists which can be loosely modeled after.

  • $900 USD Jul 23, 2011

    Overall project idea and aim - website:To create a website that allows people to find out what countries they can enter based upon a holiday visa.Results would need to be shown upon an interactive world map. For example – All countries that it was possible to enter upon a holiday visa would be highlighted in green, while for those you can’t, would be highlighted in red.First layer/view would be to show results on a continent bases. From there users can have the option to zoom in closer on countries within a continent.When a user clicks on a certain country, a small pop-up windows appears beside it, with the option for the user to proceed to the countries embassy website. It would be preferred to have it linked to Google maps, however we are open to other options.Like all good projects we are wishing for the site to have been built yesterday. However we require the site to be built within the next 4 weeks. There is no room for extension.

  • $1400 USD Jul 14, 2011

    We are looking for a website like, we need a platform that brings togheter writers and people who are looking for unique content. Would you mind to visit the website, in order to know how it works and make a quotation for us, also telling the time you will take to finish the project. Because we need it as soon as possiblePlease do not hesitate in contact us if you have any question.

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PHP Symfony2

Jan 2013 - Present (1 year)

Great Media Inspiration

Highly skilled in PHP Symfony2 that enables creating complex internet applications quickly and professionaly.

PHP Zend Framework

Aug 2009 - Present (4 years)

Great Media Inspiration

We are professionals in PHP Zend Framework and we're constantly upgrade our skils in fields such as: bussiness applications, internet marketing, commercial websites, mobile applications.<br /><br />Find out more at