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  • $157 AUD Dec 10, 2013

    I need an application built that allows customers to order their coffee in advance of picking it up at the café. The concept of the app is very simple - customers order their coffee and when they arrive at the café it is ready for collection. The app needs the ability to record the time taken to get from A to B in order to tell the café when to make the coffee. For example, if I am leaving home and it takes 5 minutes to get to the café then the app needs to record this the first time a customer uses the app and then save this for the next time. The app also needs to record peoples coffee preference - e.g. Strong, Slim, Capichino, 1 sugar. including the ability to add in other preferences (e.g. Husband, Mum, etc.). The app also needs to record the customers payment preference and have the ability for the customer to enter he or she"s credit card for automatic payment. I also need an iPad app developed for the use of the café. This app needs to advise the café staff of the following key things: + when the order is made+what sort coffee is it + how long it will be before the customer will be at the café+ How they are paying for it. I need both the iPhone app and the iPad app to be very simple and easy to use. I also need the app for Android (depending on the cost to duplicate) for both phone and tablet use.

  • [Sealed] Nov 26, 2013

    So what this is is a sort of audio twitter (but not really). Essentially you can speak into a note for a limit of 30 seconds (though that amount may change in the future). It would record that audio session and it would be pushed to all of the people who were "following" him (you have to approve of someone following you though, not like twitter).The person can then share the audio clip to facebook or twitter (if possible for twitter).People on the receiving end of the audio clip get a push notification of a new audio clip. They can listen to all of the new audio clips from everyone they follow all in a row (one playing into the next like a queue) (and are able to reorder the order in which to listen to people"s updates).There needs to be a search function for people to find their friends (including putting a picture as your profile picture to make it easier).I"d like people to be able to listen to old posts (before a certain time period in which they"re deleted).Since audio is an expensive medium to keep around (larger data) I"d want this set up so that most of the data is stored locally on their phone instead of in our server (if possible). I"d also like any other architecture tweaks possible to make it less expensive to keep this running.Additionally, it"ll need the ability to input ads before every 3rd audio clip or so (audio clip associated with an image like with spotify).Again, keeping the cost of running this service is very important.I"ve attached general mockups. Disregard the very top one. Only the bottom 6 are what I"m thinking.

  • $210 USD Nov 21, 2013

    Below is the request for this software :1.This is software based , not web based2.This software should have same function of Ebay Terapeak3.The software should have the function : selecting and transferring best selling products by keyword to different Amazon store and publish this best selling products automatically in different amazon store4.This software should have End user interface (client interface), this interface should have login, register, forget password, purchasing function including.5.This software should have Management interface to manage all user

  • $210 AUD Nov 8, 2013

    Scheduling & Availability App for Iphone and Android.I want to have an app developed that allows me and my team to see who is available for call out at any one time. There are up to 12 of us available for call out at our second job, and currently we fill out an availability sheet on paper each week. There are 2 shifts daily, 0800hrs – 1800hrs and 1800hrs – 0800hrs. The paper sheet is very unreliable as our other commitments can stop us being available even if we have said that we are available, we may have to go to the shops or be late coming back from our other work.I would like the app to be uploaded with our predicted availability once a week (option to choose start day, calander based). Then I would like each user to be able to change their availability by hitting a “check out” button if they are unavailable for a period when they are supposed to be available and also hit a “check in” button if they are available if they have said that they are not. I want the updated number of available people to change on each of our phones every time that a change is made and the names of those people who are available to be displayed as well. I also want there to be a set of optional messages to be sent on an sms. Colour schemes and backgrounds are unimportant. The important thing is that the number of people is displayed large and that names appear on the same screen. It would also be good if you can arrow across from their name to access their phone number.There will need to be an area for settings where you can add and delete members of the team, change dates and shift times. Each team member will need to have their Name, position, phone number and where they live as options to fill out in settings. Also in settings we will need to be able to change optional sms messages.The programmer will need to provide detailed written instructions on how to use the app and how to make changes to the app.Deadline is to be 5 days.

  • €789 EUR Nov 7, 2013

    Need a user interface with excellent customer experience and ease-of-use for an upcoming mobile app.

  • $526 SGD Nov 7, 2013

    Requirements:User can purchase apps at (US$1.28 each) from my website and upload it at mobileAble to send newly added apps to subscriberI can upload my apps and add my bank account to receive payment (using wire transfer)Include text “More games on the way!!”Create logo for my company named Purple Mobile GamesPreffered web

  • $1184 USD Nov 7, 2013

    Making an application for viewing eBooks on Android an IOS. It needs to have a key per user and per devise to protect the ebook against "copy", "print", "print-screen" or other forms of duplication. See attachment for more details.

  • $263 USD Oct 4, 2013

    I am looking for a hotel booking website with features similar to or or We will integrate hotels database from agoda or some other site. Please bid only if you have experience on this and very good designing skills.

  • $2000 USD Oct 4, 2013

    Looking to get a simple music related iphone app developed. Design is completed already just need it to come to life. More details will be disclosed if interested.

  • $526 USD Oct 3, 2013

    We need a mobile phone application : Scan Palm Reader Features:* Native app with smooth and luxury UI that saves up to 3 users.* Hundreds of Full HD image texts.* Thousands of detailed palm reading explanations in multi languages.* Results can be saved for 3 different users.* Palm lines, Fingers, Marks, Gifts, Shapes and Compatibility. All covered* Nice relaxing music and sound effects.* Translated into: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Arabic .The platform for release will be ios(ipad and iphone), android(phone and tablet) Skills required: Android, iPhone, Mobile Phone

  • $210 USD Sep 27, 2013

    I need a very simple/basic application designed in Appcelerator Titanium. This application should be able to do 3 basic things which is: 1) Load Post from 3 different categories of a Wordpress site. It would have a list view and a detail view.2) It should be able to stream media content such as an IceCast2 stream. With background mode active on both iOS and Android.3) This must be written in Titanium Alloy code.This are the 3 requirement for this application. My maximum budget on this is $250 if it is too small please DO NOT bid.

  • $2000 USD Sep 25, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $14 USD/hr Sep 20, 2013

    We have a written a taxi-flagging IOS app that needs further debugging and functionality. Looking for an experience iPhone app developer that has an iPhone 4s and 5 as well as familiarity with TestFlight.

  • $3684 USD Sep 19, 2013

    PLEASE NO PRE-BIDS. I BELIEVE IT"S UNFAIR WITH OTHER PROGRAMMERS.ONLY BID IF YOU DID A REAL ASSESSMENT OF COST AND TIME.THE DESCRIPTION IS VERY CLEAR AND YOU CAN ASK ME QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING TO MAKE SURE.I am looking for an Android app that will book moto cargo/freight delivery services for consumers. The product will take after taxi apps with a few modifications.Contents of the project:1) GPS based Client Android Interface + Website2) GPS based Driver Android Interface4) Web services back end for the Android apps (that can later be used for the iPhone version)5) Simple Webpage Admin to see the database of trips and be able to cancel and delete tripsCustomer: Android app which will be very similar to 99Taxis in which they can see nearby drivers in the map but with the ability to enter details about the service they need (where to deliver, time and receive quotes back about the cost from the drivers nearby). The customers should also be able to does all this via a website! Customer needs to register in the first time they use the app.Drivers interface: allow them to manage their service inquiries (by rejecting or accepting and also by quoting the service via SMS, push notification, email etc), ability to look at the trip details such as end destination, etc.), manage their full day operations and look at all the freight logs with their details. They should also be able to set their statues as being available to take a new service as well as being off-duty or busy. Drivers must register in the first time they use the app.Priority will be given to companies with prior experience with Taxi mobile applications.

  • $2368 AUD Sep 19, 2013

    Hello,I am looking to get my app onto the App Store as soon as possible, it requires simple drag and place features, the ability to send images between users and social media integration; graphic design skills are essential. Having at least one developed app on the market is a must, look forward to discussing the concept in further detail to appropriate applicants.If your work meets the standard and vision we are looking for, there are six future projects which range in technical difficulty that we can look into working on together.Thanks,Michael.

  • $736 USD Sep 3, 2013

    i need someone to help me make a iphone quiz app, that can also be used on ipad.Full info will be given.

  • $1052 USD Aug 30, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $3684 USD Aug 23, 2013

    We are a USA based market research company. Currently we want to do some work in retail department stores like Macys and need some help with developing a marketing software that can send out a message to user cellphones ONLY :(A) If they are in the exit area of a department store (most department stores have several entry/exit points. We don"t want people to get our message when they have just entered the store. Instead, we want them to get our message when they are leaving the exit area).OR(B) If they have been inside the store for 30 mins (again, we do not want people to get our message the minute they enter the store. This will disrupt their shopping experience. Instead, we want them to get our message once they have been in the store for 30 mins)Please advise if your can do either (A) OR (B) OR BOTH…....what is the cost and by when can you deliver.Key requirements:- We do not know people"s cell phone numbers. So we would have to send them the message using something like bluetooth- Iphones cannot be taken out of the picture. We understand that bluetooth is limited as it cannot penetrate iphones. - Basically, what we want is to send a short message to people"s cell phones (if we don"t have their phone numbers) that reads as "would you take a 2 mins survey? Yes no" ...for those who say "yes" they should automatically be directed our survey. For those who say "no" they should not be contacted again.- We don"t want people to be downloading an app- We want to send this message to people who have been in a shopping store for 30 mins or we send it to them once they are exiting the store (entry/exit points are the same)- IT IS NOT sufficient for you to say that you can do this project. We need for you to present details on how you will develop something like this.- Technical details are required. Dont waste your and our time by simply bidding and listing non-relevant information.

  • $2210 AUD Aug 14, 2013

    ***I will provide all UI skins for this app. You will only need to create the source code********I need a fun app made where the user can record a video that they are watching (like taking a screenshot but a video) off youtube, facebook or off their library and be able to edit the video by recording over with their own audio. Example: The user wants to take a music video off youtube and record over the audio with their own voice. The user will then need to be able to publish their videos to youtube or facebook.They will need to create an account to use the app and be able to invite their friends from facebook, twitter or email. The app will also need to have the functionality where they can edit the video by shortening or mixing it up. Please only apply if you have ready all the above in detail and are capable of designing this to match the above description.

  • €736 EUR Jul 18, 2013

    I need app to develop as well integrate it within website. App must have 2 main functions, people can suggest local business hotel, restaurant, car repair company, house moving or as well anything within categories to review it, after review it appears in database, categorised within country, region, locality, town and of course category, second one if someone seeks it must be shown on the map and suggested to him.Same must be on website. Website development must be included.

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