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  • $257 AUD
    Profile image for Seller okassis


    Feb 19, 2014

    I have really enjoyed working with Mohan. A+++

    Project Description:Easy Money for an experienced joomla developer I'm trying to build a quick single page site with joomla and need someone to give me a hand.
  • $143 USD
    Profile image for Seller bogart75j


    Feb 10, 2014

    Mohan did a great job. He provided the modifications and, when we had to request some changes to make it work properly, he completed that task. Great job and super programmer. The plugin developer looked at the work and complimented it as well!

    Project Description:A. Want to use DW Question and Answer but need to modify question/answer pull downs so that either 1. Sub categories are indented for customers or 2. Two pull downs are available - one for the main categories and one for the sub categories (preferred) B...
  • $236 USD
    Profile image for Seller felixwong128


    Feb 4, 2014

    great freelancer! able to complete task completely!

    Project Description:Important Note! - Please check the word documents for Full Details - Website is : - Make sure all the work you do is responsive,...
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller fourthquadron


    Dec 3, 2013

    One of the best team i hired. Mohan knew what exactly i was trying to achieve. He was patient enough. He finished the project as committed!!. Will definitely hire him again!!

    Project Description:I need a freelancer to customize Connections Pro Wordpress plugin. I will need an additional meta box in the admin which has to be updated into a new table in Database and create a filter out with those details...
  • $1000 USD
    Profile image for Seller pwayman


    Nov 26, 2013

    I recommend mohanchauhan for any and every project he wants to take on. He is very professional and resourceful.

    Project Description:Build a recorder and a wordpress plugin that will work with that recorder. The Plugin will allow visitors to the Wordpress Site to press a button "labeled" Preview. showing a screen of what the webcam will capture...
  • $1500 USD
    Profile image for Seller slavaprokopyev


    Nov 17, 2013

    Thanks, Mohan, was nice to work with you, keep in touch.

    Project Description:Social Network for musicians who want to find a band or collab.\r\n\r\nSomething like this\r\n\r\nSite will be in Russian language. Need a web designer and programer
  • $600 USD
    Profile image for Seller ARTPROMEDIA


    Nov 12, 2013

    Very mature and experienced hand. will hire again! If you need a level headed person to deliver a project on time and within budget without any surprises please talk to mohan first.

    Project Description:We are looking to BUILD a world-class ONLINE TV Portal. We produce content for TV but now want to take most of our content online. We are looking for serious freelancers with a track record who have done...
  • €70 EUR
    Profile image for Seller mauriziocerasino


    Sep 20, 2013

    perfect communication , professional , and quick worker , i hardly recommend

    Project Description:i want to make a modification to the dropdown category menu in a abantecart e-shop , i made an analysys already , found related files , just need a coder to make the modification
  • $270 USD
    Profile image for Seller Bizop


    Sep 11, 2013

    While the project was much behind schedule,he completed it to our satisfaction.He has good knowledge of plugins,but may not go the extra mile to solve issues.He is confident and will deliver the project.He may not be the cheapest but he will get the work done.We look forward to working with him.

    Project Description:We are looking at developing plugins for appointments+/marketpress for our wordpress sites.These are for our existing websites. Scope is as follows: a)Sms gateway integration to carry order details ...
  • £500 GBP
    Profile image for Seller sophia120


    Aug 15, 2013

    Really lovely man, easy to deal with and talk to and very helpful.Will definitely keep in contact and perhaps use again in the future :)

    Project Description:Hello, I am looking for a website designer who can create and maintain a website that does live streaming of pay per minute cam. The design needs to be classy but simplistic. Cam must also have sound etc...
    mohanchauhan has not completed any projects.
  • $400 AUD In Progress

    See powerpoint and google doc:

  • $773 USD In Progress

    My client has a wordpress website developed with a custom design template.We want to enhance the website to add the following features:- import spreadsheets containing medical data into database- visualize medical data- filter data- reports- create and save custom reports- create charts - role management for access restriction- generate PDF report with medical data from saved report. data and charts.the roadmap for completion is:0 - create a separate wordpress instance so we can develop and test (like /beta)1 - create a visual PDF report for layout approval2 - create data import pages3 - create report generation pages4 - create report view pages5 - create report download6 - add role management so admin can restrict users access7 - create a section to control what reports have been sent to each client by whomnot all files are available right now, but we expect to import up to 8 different excel files into database so we can then build reports with all data.this will require PDF generation, graphic design, wordpress custom pages, custom database.check example report in: for example report: RELATÓRIO UTILIZAÇÃO PADRÃO.docx, Relatório.. - Versão VIII.docx and 201310_PORTONOVO_Saúde.pdffile example for data import: SN 72391 (1).xlsxonly serious bidder.

  • £412 GBP In Progress

    I would like a web-based application that allows images and videos to be presented onscreen with radio buttons (or something similar) below that allow viewers to make selections depending on what they see. It is important that the images/video display for a set period of time on the screen (i.e. if we wish them to be displayed for 1 second they must be displayed for that duration, and we want to ensure that internet lags etc do not alter this duration). The decisions that the viewers make must be stored in some way that make accessing them and subsequently extracting and working with them easy. We need to have the 1) unique ID of the viewer, 2) decision, 3) the image/video label, and 4) and other information that is requested of the viewer recorded in a database.We also would like the application to be prepared in such a way that it can be modified later by us. In particular, we want to be able to change the images/videos that are presented, the number of images presented at once, the response mode (e.g. number of radio buttons, labels), the duration of presentation, and whether images are presented in a random or a sequential order. To this end, we require an “operating manual” of how to make these changes as part of the commission.

  • $200 USD In Progress

    Hello,Please read FULLY for you to understand what we need. Don"t bid without carefully reading, because you and me will only loose time. We detect the ones who bid just for bidding. Please start your bid with "I"ll do it" or I"ll ignore the bid.We are looking for a skilled/experienced designer/developer that is able to modify the template/skin of an adult webcam site script, based on standard Modenacam software. WE WILL MOSTLY consider only programmers/designers that have already worked before/customized Modenacam software licences, specially template customizations related.We know already exactly how we want it to look like, so you don´t need to be too much creative about it, dont need to create mockups and spend time creating different iterations and examples)The standard Modenacam licence looks like this: script uses smart templating engine, so most of the php is separate from the templating..and the code seems easy to understand.You can check further details about the script by visiting: www.modenacam.comThe way we want it to look like is a mix between and will be like 95% of (different background) plus a sidebar like the standard template plus a top menu like websites are also based on modenacam sofware, so anything that appears there can absolutely be replicated.We might want you to just change some CSS/Colour but regarding the rest is exactly the same.Both sites have a tab system to separate the categories but we DON"T need that.Please note that the system have different interfaces: Frontend (public), Model backoffice, Affiliate backoffice, Users backoffice and Studio backoffice. You"ll NEED to apply the skin on those interfaces.We DO NOT need admin backoffice.I need this to be done before the 18th March. Don"t bid if you can"t do it on that deadline.My maximum budget for this is 175 USD.The elected coder/bider will work with us in the future on this project for further changes that we"ve already in mind.Thank you!

  • £1030 GBP In Progress

    Looking for a quote for the following work...I have Skadate software already uploaded onto server and need three requirements:1 UK postcode search feature adding (using just first part of code)2 A new specific theme (already have mockups in html/php/jpg formats)3 Category selection feature adding (for specific interests (Singles, Matures, etc.)I will need a slightly different theme for each category (8 in all) and all category members must still form part of the one database. I will need the option of adding additional categories in the future adding to the Skadate admin area (or price for individual categories to be added in the future).I have a Word document with much more detailed and specific descriptions including site and page layouts etc when needed.RegardsDaniel D"Laine

  • $237 USD In Progress

    Required professional design company and high precisionTheme design of the Script XFileSharing proMY WEB WWW.HOTMEGA.NETNote / We will not accept the work of high precision and professionalism

  • $500 USD In Progress

    I am in need of a video broadcast solution for my new internet based television network.A preexisting script can be used and modified to accomplish what I am looking for.I want a script that will play video files randomly and programmable from designated directories into a player that will appear to be a live stream.(I want the system to operate automatically if unattended) maybe some sort of playlist rules can be implementedI want to be able to program commercials to play randomly and programmable during and between video shows just like an actual television station.I want the script to allow different admins to log in and upload video files with a master admin that can assign privaleges.(Admin levels will be/show account with only upload privileges, programmer account will be able to upload and schedule files within certain directories, master admin with all privileges)I want the schedule to automatically be displayed according to what is scheduled or randomly selected to play two weeks out (schedule shows two weeks scheduled content)I want the ability to schedule a live video stream if needed

  • $721 USD In Progress

    Hello, i want to create a debrider based on those websites which are debiders too:- idea :We want each debrider have his own download php as a plugin linked all with a principal download php page that manage which plugin to get from the premium link .It will be like this the user enter his link once he hits the download button,his link will be based with API to the right plugin.I did make an image to explain what i said Picture1.pngHere is what we want after getting the premium link from the plugin, we don"t want to download it in the server. For example the user enter link in the download php page, for example the php choose debrid-link plugin to get from it thepremium link, the API will handle the link to the plugin in the server after getting the premium link, once the link is generated the server should create an url and link it with debrid-link"s link then give the user our link and by download from our link he is downloading from debrid-link server our servers will react as a tunnel to the user our servers don"t have to download the file but debrid-link only know the IP of our server like if the server who is downloading the files.this image will explain the last thing i said Picture2.png(there is another way if the user and our server can download the file at the same timeit would be fine)what we want exactly :to let you know The servers will be based on ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and will install on it Nginx.2) As explained in the image the download page will be in a web hosting and once the user hit enter he will be redirected to a link of kingofshrink.comand then, the back to the download page where is link is displayed.we want an API that take the link with a user and password and handle itto the plugins in the server to get the link from them and after it is done give the link back to the user.3) The link given to the user can"t be download by another IP only the one that generate it. and for example if someone try to access to folder where the filesare downloaded display an error.4) The way the download page send to the right server to download the file,each time choose one server from what we have.5) After choosing the server where to download to, the script should choose theplugin to download with (alldebrid, unrestrict, debrid-link ...)all the debrids will have multiple accounts we don"t want to get banned so what we want to do :-each account will have only 10 connection per download for example alldebrid willhave 10 accounts in an array if the script chooses alldebrid account to download with he should look for the account that not using more that 10 downloads.6)The possibility to add more servers and plugins and how to link them.7) An other strategy to avoid getting banned from the debriders and ifyou have an idea like the one we want on how to download files.8) Avoid streaming, files can be only download.9) those hosts (, letitbit, rapidgator) can be download just from :- other hosts can use all the plugins.Error control :1) For example someone try to download with Rapidgator the script will ask unrestrict.liif he couldn"t download from it he will ask another one till it get the premium link if it couldn"t get the link from all the plugins this error should display"Sorry but this host is down for the moment" this image will explain this.2) We will create a list of the supported hosts it would be an array if some one putsomething out from the array this error should display "please check the supported hosts".

  • $700 USD In Progress

    Need someone to complete the attached and tidy the php code on site. The company or person needs be a good designer as well as a developer. The aim is to complete this site by next June. This company will need to be reliable and have clear written English. Please read the specs properly and ask questions if your not sure. Planning for a long term relationship and this site will need support after project is completed so will need an idea of the costings for support and maintenance.Please do not bid if have no ratings and dont bid if you want to be paid before the 1st milestone is complete. We will start with a small milestone to see a sample of how quickly you can complete tasks and communicate and the next stage will be a larger milestone and so on. I would like to see previous work when you bid or I will ignore your bid. I;m doing this on a behalf a client and I will be project managing this task.

  • $309 USD In Progress

    I need a Wordpress Plugin that can do the following:1. Connect to Facebook2. Can list the Ad Campaign that the current user has3. Change then name of and Campaign and StatusIf you do well . I"ll be happy to ask for paid updates

  • $4210 USD Today

    I need a platform integrated with a Joomla 3.1 installment (The website is already existing). The platform will include a dashboard similar to the one Freelancer has but for a different kind of business. The platform will include:Proprietary dashboard including revenue reporting, performance analytics and other applications.Connected to a global network of Channels like Videos and other content on Youtube Channels and other similar sites to and on the platform Reporting metrics.Be able to Link and get authorization from channels to our own content Management system.By this description you should be able to figure out what business idea this is and what isneeded.

  • £2105 GBP Today

    Video management software required for use with bespoke security device. This is a very complex requirement which will require a lot of man hours and expertise.An SDK is available which covers many of the features required however we require a new piece of software to be written from scratch using the SDK as a reference.More information is available on request on future projects are also available.

  • $12631 HKD Today

    Web designer/developer needed to customize a creative, fun, and interactive multi-language content management system. Work involved: - advanced search and result filtering- basic member registration system and profile management- social interaction/networking features- photo uploads- responsive design functions- site navigation tool- mobile, tablets, desktop customized frontend design- product server setupIf interested, please contact for more information and in person meeting. Pricing is negotiable.

  • $2315 USD Today

    I want a eCommerce website for my products.I need all the modules including payment gate way also to be integrated.In the same way i also want a mobile app based on Android.

  • $1473 USD Today

    Job web Portal, which contain video cv and test module for each technology

  • $421 USD Today

    hi,i need a blog where i can post videos and other funny contents. but i dont want it on blogspot or blogger. i want any cms which i can own and host myself. i have a refrence link you can see which type videos and content i want to would be nice if you prefer any php cms, java or any dotnet cms. but it would be seo friendly. can see these reference videos because i need atleast 4-5 pages with data so i can check look and feel of the blog.if you have any query please let me know.thanks

  • €736 EUR 2 days ago

    What I need is a website similar to Kiva. One where people are able to lend funds to entrepreneurs using Paypal and/or other payment processors. Main Features Required- Account Creation- Loan repayment tracking- Paypal/Payment Processor Integration - Tags and browsing sorting capabilities- Statistics tracking: Total loans to date, repayment rate, number of loans per sector

  • $1578 USD 2 days ago

    We need a complete white label dating setup (something like and sulution as a automated multisite generator for dating, sharing database and share access to profiles. Tell a friend/affiliate solution, seo urls, countries solution etc, 5 templates. you must have experience in developing dating sites. No placeholder bid. NO ADVANCE PAYMENTS

  • $2368 USD 2 days ago

    First off no automated replies or webfirms. I"m interested in working one-on-one with a developer.I"m building a social network mainly dealing with Chat \ P2P Video Chat (can discuss details in private). If you have comparible projects please link me to them or projects demonstrating each of the skills below.Skills:CSSHTML (HTML5 knowledge a plus)MYSQLPHPBasic Flash SkillsRTMFP (will be deploying OpenRTMFP Cumulus )Fluent in EnglishBasic IRC Knowledge (Internet Relay Chat)PythonWebsite has already been chopped from a PSD. Please have no objection to adult language or what not and be open minded.

  • $1578 USD 2 days ago

    We need an app for Google Android, Windows Mobile. and Portal for taxi drivers and taxi customers. The APP shall be controlled by the portal, and should have an administration area. The portal must be 3 areas ADMINISTRATION: administration area of the entire system, an administration area for taxi companies (with the possibility of multiple levels of administration) and an area of administration and registration for clients. We need a taxi booking system .. Passengers hail extend Their electronically with the simple press of a button. Identifies Their GPS location technology, and an icon Appears on the map of cab drivers" mobile devices, letting drivers know right where passengers need to be picked up. The total requirements will be agreed with the company after the contract award. Payment after full implementation, and online testing.

  • €210 EUR 2 days ago

    preciso que seja montado um site colaborativo, e aprender a mexer nesse site.

  • $210 USD 2 days ago

    Hi there, this project requires working on my Wordpress website and making some fixes and enhancements. The site is had a freelancer previously working on the site but he left some changes unfinished and some others are now not working.The site is built on the the Incubate theme ( required as follows:1. Fix the maps page template. The previous freelancer built a page which displayed all World heritage sites on a map (each site contains a longitude and latitude)... it worked a few times but then stopped working altogether: the map code is built on a page template.2. Fix the individual Google map displayed on each World Heritage Site. This was working until last WP update, now not displaying the map. you can see the map heading on each site page, such as here: . Between the "Visitor Reports" and the "Disqus" comment function. The map should be full width and show the satellite map of the world heritage site. View Source will show that the code is in place but simply not being displayed.3. Add additional filtering options for each region. See attached images. The current filter is based on a simple portfolio display where a single list of filter options is displayed. I wish to allow users to select a top level category (region), then a sub level category (country) to display the relevant sites (posts). So its a bit more like a faceted filter. I also want to add the "Theme"taxonomy as a drop down filter in addition (this should only display themes which actually have contents. Please note that there are a lot more World Heritage Sites to be added, we have only completed a small portion, so the filter functions under item 3 will make more sense once there are a lot more items to be displayed and filtered.Please do let me know any questions and whether you would be interested in taking on the job.

  • $147 USD 2 days ago

    I have a template of 10-15 pages as an eps file which needs to be done in html 5 responsive urgently. Must be completed within 4-5 days.

  • $210 USD 2 days ago

    We need to convert complete SITE from PSD to Responsive Wordpress Theme (create theme from zero)- All pages needs to be Responsive- All pages needs to be updated from Admin- SEO Optimized Theme- Custom Admin Menu with Form to Add "Portfolio" - Will be aprox 8 customized Pages + Blog (one of this page need to be update by custom Form added to ADmin)*** We will send PSD layout

  • $5263 USD 2 days ago

    There are 3 modules to this product.Module 1: Purchase Order SystemCurrent shopping cart software being used is Opencart, and using MySQL database. I require a purchase order system to be created based on the orders placed within the system. We have hundreds of suppliers we purchase from. We want to be able to import the suppliers spreadsheets into the po system and have the system be able to update the pricing on a regular basis. We want to have a one to many relationship with each product (ie. Product 1 may be available from Supplier 1, Supplier 3 and Supplier 4, and have it show all the prices. The system will pick the cheapest price by default, and also allow for an override option. Selling price will also be defined by markup and exchange rate, rounded to .99. Sales price will also be able to be overridden. The opencart database will receive the sales price, cost and supplier part number. Purchase orders will be created on a status basis (ie. only orders in Processing and Partial status). Purchase order will not be complete until the purchase order is created. Purchase orders will have optional fields for account information, shipping address, billing address, etc. Purchase orders will be able to be sent via email or fax. We currently have a similar system setup with our Zencart store, but would now like one developed for our Opencart Store. When receiving products against the purchase order, we just want a screen with an option to enter the part number and quantity received, and have the system associated the part number with the purchase order. A report will be generated that will allow us to see any products that have not been satisfied. The PO system will show all products in a processing state, and only hi-light the ones with an inventory less than the threshold ( which would be set in the PO system). We will also need a field for minimum quantity to order (as we get discounts on ordering in quantity). Also, when receiving the product we want the system to be able to print labels to a Dymo labelwriter. The label will have product name, part number with barcode, person who generated the code, and bin location.Module 2: Commercial Invoice & B3We need a module to create a commercial invoice for products that we sell from our US company to our Canadian company. We would have an input screen where we put the part number and quantity in. When ready we would generate an invoice that would have the part number, cost + 5%, and total, along with totals by Country of Origin and Tarrif code (all information would be housed in PO system above). We generate these invoices on a daily basis. Once complete the system would generate a B3 form that would put the various information on a sheet for importing the goods into Canada. (a sample is attached b3-3.pdf)Module 3: Order Completion ApplicationWe have hundreds of invoices that are completed with products in 2 warehouses. We want to be able to have a screen that allows us to see all the orders that are not fulfilled and how many products are required to complete the order. In location A, the staff punches the invoice number in, then they scan each product that they have (for example 3 of 9 products) ... the screen would then display the order number and then 3/9. Then location B would do the same, and say they have 3 more products, the screen would then show the invoice number and 6/9. We would also want the screen to display an aging status (business days and calendar days) and change colors based on a certain threshold, ie. green for 1-5 days, yellow for 6-10 days and red for 11+ days. The system would check to see if the order is shipped, and when it is, would be removed from the screen. We would like to have this available for view on a computer screen, and a large TV monitor in a warehouse.

  • $2105 USD 2 days ago

    Hi there,I"m in need of an IT & Webdesign specialist to create a website for my new online business network site. The site should be build in the same way as some of the major social networks. Basically it"s a combination of job career site and social network site. The person I"m looking for has to be based in Bangkok as I want to discuss the project in person. I"m interested in a long-term relationship as many features will be added at a later stage if the site is gaining traction.

  • $736 USD 2 days ago

    Hello designers and coders! I am looking to create a health website - I have examples of what I am looking for. If you are a fabulous designer/firm I will be happy to award you additional projects upon completion of this one.

  • $1578 USD 2 days ago

    hi, I am looking for a experienced php developer or a company to outsource the project. we need a similar site with all functionality as in below urls. please send the complete proposal with SRS for completion this site. Before bidding please see all the functionality of the reference sites. Refences site Note: awarded developer/company should be open to sing a NDA. Thanks & regardsManish

  • $1473 USD 2 days ago

    I am looking for a professional music/ radio website (windows responsive design) like,,, where music can be uploaded and shared with all social features. Appreciate if you study the website first and then send your proposal. Only companies who have built sites like and experienced should apply. It will save your time and our time also.

  • $842 USD 2 days ago

    I am looking to create a website for a customer similar to where vendors can post their companies on the site and customers can look at the vendors. A simple site but it needs to look clean and elegant. The site will be less than 10 pages.

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