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MT4 & MT5 (METATRADER - MQL) and some other Trading Platforms Coder / Programmer and Forex Trader

Username: mqlcodingtrader

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Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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My projects:

  • $25 USD
    Profile image for Seller Diego2015



    very expierenced coder with perfect service, very fast and super communication style.Thank you very much !!!

    Project Description:I have an indicator witch draws arrows on my chart, but without any alerts. I need an Alert on the moment that the arrow appears. This should be only once per arrow per direction. (not on every tick...
  • $45 USD
    Profile image for Seller azizaaaj


    2 days ago

    Brilliant programmer, knew exactly what needed to be done .

    Project Description:HBB & MBFX indicator
  • $120 USD
    Profile image for Seller jswope


    10 days ago

    Project was delivered on-time within budget. Technical aspects exceeded expectations. MQLCODINGTRADER communicates professionally and provides 5star customer service. I will hire this provider again.

    Project Description:MetaTrader Version 4, Build 625 (21MAR2014) Expert Advisor (EA) Overview: Request creation of Expert Advisor (EA) based on Force Indicator (iForce) value instead of PRICE. Signal (ENTRY/EXIT) by default...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller nivo


    12 days ago

    AAA+++ very professional and fast

    Project Description:Job for mqlcodingtrader, as discussed Upgrade an EA to build 600+
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller haniali


    13 days ago

    Professional personAnd a polite

    Project Description:I want Expert Repeats last orders when closed ( open - tp -sl)
  • £39 GBP
    Profile image for Seller jamesbondsmate


    13 days ago

    quick, efficient and reliable. the best mt4 coder on freelancer for sure.

    Project Description:This is a simple job so please give realistic quotes. I am looking to spend ~£40. The indicator will scan currencies (in variables) and time frames (in variables) for overbought and oversold conditions...
  • $75 USD
    Profile image for Seller halibulle


    14 days ago

    Perfect job. I will definiitely work with mqlcodingtrader again. Fast and accurate. Thanks !!

    Project Description:Hi, I have an EA that need to be modified to work with the new ''625'' Update on MetaTrader 4. It shows some ''warnings'' and does not work anymore, with the 625 Build. Message "Init. failed, cannot...
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller jase5150


    14 days ago

    Very nice work from mqlcodingtrader..Highly recommend his service..Excellent

    Project Description:Hi there.I would like to have this expert advisor adjusted to open only 1 trade at a is currently opening multiple trades at a time...the stop loss and take profit seem not to be working also...
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller wolfpak


    16 days ago

    very quick and get good result

    Project Description:I have an indicator that i use on the M1 and M5 timeframe on the EUR/USD pair my problem is that when it gives an alert a white star/blue star would appear for a buy/sell signal now when that happens it...
  • $80 USD
    Profile image for Seller tkiesling


    17 days ago

    This programmer is a real fine person to work with. He did a great job and completed the project correctly the first time.

    Project Description:I am using an Expert Advisor that needs a function added to it. The EA works fine now, but I still need to check the EA manually every 4 hours to see if there is a cross over of my moving average that I am using to identify changes that are going against my trade that I may be already into...
    Forex-Code Trader has not completed any projects.
  • $25 USD In Progress

    fixing bugs - errors when EA is running. The EA run perfectly with precedent version during trading hours.Thanks

  • $66 AUD In Progress

    candle to change colour after it crosses and closes the mid band line of a keltner channel mt4 with adjustable peramiters ie a 10 period SMA or EMA with multiplier from 10 to 20 arrow at cross would be good also

  • $10 USD Today

    decompilation filei want this project want to decomoile this sansab.ex4 and make it work with real account

  • $250 USD Yesterday

    I have to controle and to finish an existing expertadvisor it works, but not correct, so as must. the work is to do over teamviewer on my Computer, because I have bad experience with some other freelancer, if you dont ecept this, then the job is not for you.iits a system with many files so tests are always on my computer possible.

  • $30 USD 2 days ago

    I need a professional to decompile and also compile an MT4 expert advisor with 0 (Zero) errors).I need someone with a sound knowledge of MQL4.

  • $117 USD 2 days ago

    Hello mate! check your PM for more details..

  • $25 USD 3 days ago

    Check and fix problems that appears when trades are running or when we modify the inputs during trading hours.

  • $50 USD 4 days ago

    I have a EA which i lost my source code, anyone can help me decompile it ? I think i kind of protected it, need a expert to help me to break it.Thank You

  • [Sealed] 8 days ago

    IMPORTANT - ALL BIDS ARE WELCOME ! ! !Please ASK if you have doubts, questions or I may have not given the best explanation for the project.I don’t know how complicated it may be, but hope it is easy to understand:I am following a “pair” trading strategy so when I BUY or SELL a Currency1 (EUR/USD) I have to BUY or SELL Currency 2 (USD/CHF) and both have to enter at the same time.I need that in MT4, 1)I get a window pop up like the one for entering a trade where I can choose 2 currencies, the direction for each, the lots, profit and “NEW OPEN”… when click “trade” both are execute as market order and accept price change or resend if slippage.2)I can set a profit level in USD so when it reaches that level of profit, both orders are closed automatically. EXAMPLE (BUY C1) + (SELL C2) = 50USD then CLOSE C1 and C23)Pending order to enter if the profit equals to –X (minus X) which copies the initial set of trade. EXAMPLE: That is if (BUY Currency1) + (SELL Currency2) = -100USD then OPEN COPY of Currency1 and Currency2 so a new position of (BUY C1) + (SELL C2) is entered as market order with a new automatic set profit and also a new automatic new pending order in case of negative profitAGAIN, ASK if you have any question, doubts, comments etc

  • $40 USD 8 days ago

    I need a mod to my EA so it will only take one trade per Range Bar, I am not using the standard TF"s so that is where i ran into a problem doing it myself. I am using range bar"s on a offline chart not standard time frames.The issue only shows up during live trading where it will take rapid fire trades anywhere from 5 - 100 on a fast forming bar, if I could have a 12 or 24 hour demo to test that would be great for the last step, or just an agreement to fixit if it starts taking multiple trades on a single range bar again.EA will be provided upon selection.Thank you for your time.Bryan

  • $30 USD 9 days ago

    Hi all I just need a trailing stop loss added to an EA after it goes so many pips into profit.For example one chart would have it kick in after 4 pips with a trailing stop of 5 pips.I just need it adjustable as it changer for each chart I trade. Ea will be provided upon selection.

  • $200 USD 10 days ago

    I am looking for somebody that can to write a program that I can use with MT4. Signal must go off - buzzer and popup when the 6EMA, 14 EMA and 26 MBA lines cross. It is called the rainbow EMA strategy. The program must scan 20 Forex & Stocks, but I want my workers only to see the buzzer and popup when it is ready for the trade.

  • $40 USD 13 days ago

    I have a ,ex4 file can you decompile?

  • €30 EUR 15 days ago

    This project is very simple, I just need to modify an old ea (very very simple ea) to let it work on last version of mt4.\r\nThe project is urgent and must be done in a couple of hours.\r\nI still tried to fix it but I cannot by myself.\r\n\r\nRegards.

  • £50 GBP 15 days ago

    Hi,A tool that allows me to manually draw a rectangle on a chart in MT5 and then automatically extends the rectangle to the far right hand side of the chart, infinitely.I have noticed that MT5 normally has a finite rectangle length even if you expand the end date into the future, for example, trying to draw a rectangle on a 4H chart from 2009, if you manually increase the length by changing the end date to a future date (say 2020), the rectangle finishes sometime in 2011, but if you change the timeframe to 12H the rectangle "reappears" and makes it to the current time.I would like to be able to see the extended rectangle on any timeframe no matter how far back it is drawn.Please find attached an MT4 indicator that should explain better! Like this but for MT5 with filled rectangles rather than dashed lines and avoiding the time issue mentioned above.Thanks

  • $70 USD 15 days ago

    1.The two existing files of copyEA.mt4 and SenderEA.mt4. 2.Please help me to run correctly these two EA on the new version of MT4. 3.I can provide these two EA files (.mt4)4.only .mt4 file, but no mql4 source file

  • $25 USD/hr 17 days ago

    I have a ex4 file version 625, and I need to decompile it to mq4.Can you do it for me?Thank you.

  • £50 GBP 18 days ago

    I assume this would be possible ?the tdi alert signals when green cross red etc and show when strong , weak etc, what i need is the strong Sell signal to include when actual price is below a 60 ema, so red crosses green between 68 & 32 lines, as well as below MBL AND price is below 60Ema.same the other way round for Buy signal .the setting would need changing back to the original TDI by Dean Malone as well as some settings in the mql have been changed..any takers

  • $30 USD 18 days ago

    I need the following constructed. An indicator for MT4. It would take the total amount of free margin in your account and divide it by a property called "Lots". Lots will be a number, it can also be a decimal. ================================= The following will get displayed on the chart ================================= "MC @ <Value>" Value = This would be the price on the chart that a margin call will happen. You can use the formula mentioned above (Free Margin / Lots) + Current Price Eg: If the current price is 1.00148 and there are 52 mini lots and there is 10,306.22 in equity. $10,306.22 / 52 = 198 (That means there is 198 pips to a margin call) Then you take the current price 1.00148 and you add 198 pips = 1.02128 "Pip Count to MC: <Value> Pip value = Free Margin / Lots Finally, a line to be drawn across the screen where the MC @ <value> is (the margin call price). ================================= The following will be configurable through the Indicator ================================= - Ability to set position size. Default = 0 - Ability to configure the Text Color (Default: Yellow) - Ability to adjust font name (Default: Verdana) - Ability to adjust font size (Default: 75) - Ability to turn margin call line ON or OFF (Default: On) - Ability to change the margin call line color (Default: Magenta) - Ability to change the margin call line style (Default: 2)

  • $35 USD 22 days ago

    Please fix my MT4 Indicator.It was coded by a Freelancer here, who is now busy or unavailable.The Indicator detects intra-day price movements of X pips and gives an alert. Quite simple.Problem is when price gaps, the indicator can miss the start or end point. Thus not give any alert when it should, just because price did not achieve exactly X pips, but actually went beyond X.I also have other EA projects posted just now.Thanks.

  • $75 USD 23 days ago


  • $10 USD 23 days ago

    decompilation file

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