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mql is my language, i live with it

Username: mqldeveloper

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Location: jakarta, Indonesia

Member since: December 2010



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My projects:

  • $88.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller artcool


    May 19, 2014

    I HIGHLY recommend Agus. From now, he is definitely my first choice for any MQL development. I will contact him very soon for other projects I have.

    Project Description:I would like a simple Metatrader EA to open trades when price hits Horizontal line (Metatrader built in object) that I have manually placed on the chart. Specifications for Buy trades are as follows...
  • $61.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller warriorpip


    May 1, 2014

    great guy to work with, recommended

    Project Description:Updating a current EA required, to be added more codes / rules on it Also later, it should be able to connect from 2 or more different timeframes to make entry and exit decisions Necessary Files...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller acedubai


    Apr 25, 2014

    Agus is very fast in coding. He gave me a time of 3 days to complete the job. He completed it in 3 hours. Very talented.

    Project Description:Modification to Ichimoku EA required. 1. Amend the trading conditions. 2. Delete some inputs which are connected to the trading conditions. 3. Make the EA 600+ compatible.
  • $35.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller WishingBell


    Dec 18, 2013

    Agus is fun to work with. He's very responsive to my emails and very polite as a person. He delivered the project on time and within the budget. Will hire again. Matter of fact, I'm already talking to him about the next project.

    Project Description:This is a very simple EA that requires NO indicator. Upon activation, the EA simply produces two pending orders, one above and one below the current price, then a customized grid rules will follow....
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Sessior


    Aug 28, 2013

    Even after two ilustrations and two detailed descriptions I did not reveice a code which I can use for Meta Trader.

    Project Description: I am interested in an expert advisor on the DAX 30. As I have read your offer programming expert advisors. Would you please send me your estimate for the following mile stones: What I want to trade is the DAX 30 , 5m / close Chart during the opening range (first 40 minutes) ...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller lalsagar87


    Apr 20, 2013

    A very good job done, this was my second project with him.

    Project Description:Candle High Low Expert Advisor I need a simple expert advisor, which is based on break out of previous candle’s high and low point. 1. Buy Trade. When the next candle hits the high of the previous candle open a buy trade at the high point of the previous candle...
  • $400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller robpaulww


    Feb 16, 2013

    You are the very best Agus!!! Thank you for your five star professionalism and work. I look forward to working with you again soon.

    Project Description:I would like to create a capital management tool in order to manage a group of Expert Advisors I have running on a PAMM account. Most of the expert advisors I am using are martingales (Forex Hacked,...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller lalsagar87


    Feb 12, 2013

    Pretty good job done and it was delivered way before time.

    Project Description:FX5 MACD Divergence v1.1 Expert Advisor I need an expert advisor which works when divergences are created on the FX5 MACD Divergence v1.1 Indicator. I am attaching an indicator which creates Divergence lines automatically on the RSI Indicator...
  • £50.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller zwinner

    zwinner [ Incomplete Report ]

    Aug 31, 2012

    Does not work at allNo payment to be made.

    Project Description:I am looking for someone who knows how to make Expert Advisor for the MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading Platform. I am prepared to pay between $20 and $50 for each project. I have a constant supply of requirement...
  • $0.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller arrown

    arrown [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jun 14, 2012

    MqlExpert (the worker) agreed in their Worker Contract that if their project went into arbitration, they would respond to the arbitrator's questions fully and on a timely basis, or they would forfeit the arbitration. An arbitration occurred and mqlExpert did not do this. All funds in escrow were returned to ArrowN (the employer).

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
    mqldeveloper has not completed any projects.
  • $150 USD In Progress

    MT4 programming of advanced EA as per description attached..Custom indicator to be used in EA2939 is supplied by me.I require a fixed quote & timeframe to do the project please.ThanksSupplanter

  • ₹8333 INR In Progress

    MT 4 indicators and EA BUILD I will provide some indicators which will be customized for Ea and charts signals generating buy sell arrows . Display panels to be added on chart showing trade levels like ENTRY/EXIT/TARGETS/STOP LOSS/TRAIL STOP LOSS/RUNNING PROFIT OR LOSS ETC. security coding/LOCK feature which enable the indicators and EA to work as per machine / Login Id and expiry or some unique passwords. .The entire set of indicators and EA will then finally be tested before release of payments. Please offer REASONABLE as regular work will come.Skills required: Metatrader

  • $50 USD In Progress

    Hello, I have Expert Advisor which makes Error: Zero Dividethis error EA makes only on some brokers as (Exness broker)On other brokers works normal. So, I need a modification of EA which will fix error.Can you help me?If you can i will send you MQL4.My contact:Skype: mr.milmare-mail:

  • Rp800000 IDR In Progress

    I have the following open project. Also, will you be willing to meet face to face?The function of EA is to assist and handle trades based on a manually executed system. I rely heavily on ATR multiples (much like Turtles Trend following system) for stop losses and on partial take profit once a position is executed. For now I trade with Oanda through their MT4 platform, but I would like the EA to work universally across other brokers” MT4 platforms.Stop LossBefore executing a position, I calculate the position’s SL and therefore the lot size based on % of current capital and the pip value of the currency (Eg. In EURGBP, Lot size = Capital * Risk% / SL points / Pip Value = USD5000 * 1% / 200 / 1.55 = 0.161 Lots).SL is calculated based on a certain period’s ATR, defined as [ATR 1], multiplied by a multiplier, and defined as [Multiplier 1]. (Eg. SL points = [ATR (14) 1] * [Multiplier 1] = 0.00100 * 2 = 0.00200)Starting SL should be adjusted for BUY/SELL, Bid/Ask Prices and spreads.Moving SLSL is adjusted only after 1R is reached (2xATR). For the EA I would like this to be a modifiable variable. (Eg. SL adjusted at 2R, 2.5R, etc, defined as [Moving SL Start Line])When price reaches above 1R, new SL is calculated using the New Price High, current ATR (period), defined as [ATR 2], and another multiplier defined as [Multiplier 2].(Eg. SL Price = New Price High – SL pointsSL Points = [ATR 2] * [Multiplier 2] = 0.00150 * 3 = 0.00450)When a New Price High is reached, the whole process is repeated again with the New Price High and that moment’s ATR value.SL Price is always in favor of the position, and can never move against a position even though it is calculated to do so. When such a scenario occurs, the EA is supposed to ignore that new SL calculation and maintain previous SL price.New Price High is confirmed only after the close of each candle.The EA is to continuously look for a new price high, and subsequently adjust the M-SL accordingly based on a higher New Price High and updated ATR Value 2.Partial ProfitAt 2R I close 50% of my position and reduce the multiplier of the moving SL to [Multiplier 3].Eg. At 2R, 50% * 0.161 = 0.08 Lots is closed.SL Points = [ATR 2] * [Multiplier 3] = 0.00150 * 2 = 0.00300)However on top of that I would like to have the following additional parameters placed:Able to take profit at 3 levels. Example below:%of position TP levelTP150% ATR x1.5 [Multiplier 3]TP230% ATRx2 [Multiplier 4]TP320% ATRx3 [Multiplier 5]Whereby Multiplier 3, 4, 5 are supposed to take effect (in calculating Moving SL) when the TP levels are hit.After trade is executed, the EA is expected to execute either a full TP/SL or partial TP and SL based on ATR levels, hence automating my take profit/stop loss/partial close strategies.Additional Requirements:-SL always move in favor of entry, ie. Starting from Starting SL, always increasing in Buy position, never decreasing -Able to toggle each stage individually (Like Quik Trailing) ie.SL, moving SL, partial TP, -TP and SL hidden. -Must be able to work on microlots(0.01 lot size)-EA active on all positions, not just specific charts.-Email and sound alert when TP/SL/Partial TP is hit.-Able to summarize a closed position into a row of information to export into Microsoft Excel, as a form of trading journal. Preferably sent together with the email alert.-Does not interfere with other programs accessing the MT4 account Eg. or client access.Similar to the following EAs:MT4 ATR Trade Manager Trailing EA message with a price quote and an estimated project timeline.Do clarify with me if you’re confused on any of the description above.

  • $277 USD Jun 21, 2014

    I need an MT4 EA that uses a DLL file to be fully decompiled and cracked. The EA should no longer need or use the DLL file and all protection should be removed. There should be no restrictions in the EA and it should work on any broker and chart as if the protection was still there and access granted. I need to receive a single decompiled EA file in MQ4 format. This means that any relevant logic that is in the DLL needs to be included in the EA file and not separate. The final EA I receive should work exactly the same as the protected version that uses the DLL. This means that the results should match. I will send the files for this job by PM only. Confidentiality is a 100% must for this job. I should not see this job posted elsewhere, or this decompiled & unprotected EA for sale somewhere later. I need a fully trusted and professional to work on this job who can do the job themself. About payment, I will only release payment once I have received the finished job and it has been tested. I do not like people waiting for payments so I will do this as soon as possible. However, I do not need people bugging me to release payments early or release partial payments early. If you cannot trust me with my good feedback and job history then please do not bid. I have been ripped off by releasing payments prematurely before. As long as the job is done as stated above then there will be no problems. Any questions just ask by PM. Thank you for bidding.

  • $32 USD Jun 21, 2014

    Hello,I have an EA that require username and password before it runs. Is there any way to skip this and run an EA?

  • $250 USD Jun 19, 2014

    I need to create Metatrader Ea in (mq4& ex4) to :- send email just any orders open or closed or ST&TP changed in my mt4 account..- email contain : Order time -pair name - buy or sell - entry point - ST&TP points - example :BUY EUR/USDPrice 1.3770T.p at 1.3850S.p at 1.3700-------------------Top Forex Signals

  • $50 USD Jan 8, 2014

    I want to buy your Expert Advisor EAHow is the process? Please let me know

  • $55 USD Dec 29, 2013

    I have a Stochastic based custom indicator that now is as it usually is "range bound" overbought / over sold moving in a range from 0 - 100. I need the stochastic line to have no limited 0 - 100 range but to have a neutral 0 (zero) line that continues with no limit into the plus numbers up and the minus numbers down.

  • $111 USD Dec 25, 2013

    Hi Irwin you completed a project a while back would like your services again. I need an expert adviser that uses a .dll file to be unlocked to work on any account. I purchased the EA a while back, but the developer no longer has a website. Attached is the .ex4 file, but the dll is too big, so I would have to send it separate if you need it.

  • $115 AUD May 3, 2013

    Develop indicator that shows long and short arrow on mt4 forex charts when various combinations of conditions are met.Please see attached jpg fils,starting with the Signal 1 file.To check historical results, use the TMA_true cross template, but for real time, use the TMA cross template

  • $14 USD/hr Apr 27, 2013

    I need a MT4 expert adviser based on ASDtrend and my own conditions.I prefer a person who can first analyze my solution and give me a feedback regarding it reliability,if possible suggest me some modifications...I will give more details in PM...Only experienced MT4 expert please.

  • $120 USD Apr 14, 2013

    I need Semi-automate EA that will open a position when price on a particular time frame comes within X amount of pips of a EMA. If I click Yes or Okay then trade will be executed otherwise No.1, There will be 2 EMA’s (I’ll share privately)2, And 3 time frames to monitor the signals of EMA’s. 30 min, 1hour and 4 hour.3, The direction of the Trades will come from Daily time frame Bollinger band (Private Setting) (If Price close above Bollinger band then only BUY and vice versa if in middle then NO trade )4, Stop loss and lot size will be calculated based on last Day ATR Value.I want this EA to monitor Signals on 22-25 currency pairs.

  • $15 USD/hr Mar 18, 2013

    Hello,This is a simple profit/stop loss EA for meta trader.We have an EA already opens trades based on our "system".We need a "close all" with the the following functions/options tomanage open trades:1) The EA MUST be chart specific, not currency pair specific. We trade the same currency pair with buys and sells at the same time. Therefore, the EA must review data based on only the positions long or short. We would like to attach the EA to two instances of the chart one managing the buys and one managing the sells.2) The EA would have the function (and show the data on screen) to determine OPEN positions profit/loss for either side (buys or sells separately).3) Functions: user needs options to sets EA to review only buys or sells, set close all (buys or sells only) based on pre-set open profit (dollar amount) and open loss (dollar amount). 4) The EA needs to "reset" so that when our other EA automatically starts new trades it will now see the new trades and keep going.On screen display:Total Open Balance (dollar amount), Chart Open Balance (one side buy or sell) (by dollar)# Closed Trade "sets" Jack

  • $50 USD Mar 17, 2013

    Move entry signals from indicator into EA on MQ4There is already an ea that takes signals from an indicator but I"d like the EA to be able to generate those signals and trade self sufficiently.

  • $175 USD Feb 14, 2013

    I looking for someone who have knowledge of Forex Auto Trading and Strategies. who also have a programming knowledge to design a program which automatically open, take profit, stop loss and setup closing time when receive forex trade alert signal on email. In other words "autotrade from the content of email signals in mt4 platform".

  • $65 USD Jan 11, 2013

    hi to allit will be highly appreciated if can a programmer who has great experience in MetaTrader to write 2 small EAs.i am looking forward to have these EAs written in simple way and easy to be Understood with clear variable names & wiritten with some comment which understand the function of each is important also to have these project for reasonable price as one package. and to be subjects for any modification for free during 10 days.if any programmer can do that , we can discuss about them laterregards,Alan

  • $130 USD Nov 6, 2012

    I was wondering whether you could really do me a favour and kindly build an EA based on MFT forex freedom bar. (CCI)If possible, I would like it to have SL, (50 pips) TP, (40 pips) Trailing Stop (15 pips) and MM. (Money Management) It should be able to open and close trades at the maximum profit point either closing or opening, based on red to sell and blue to buy. Once it is in a trade and it has place one trade and should have a function in the settings to multiple the trade by a factor of 4. It should work with any time frame. It should be able to work with any period the user gives to it, for example, if the user is on a H1 chart then the user can input setting a 60 minute period to reflect the same period that is on the MTF forex freedom bar below on a separate indicator; so that they are both showing the right result.Can it also alert you by screen notification and by email when it moves from buy to sell or visa versa?Kindly could you use the MTF forex freedom bar default settings to help set up this EA for me?I am hoping that some can help me please,Thanks,AP

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