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  • $99 USD
    Profile image for Seller peruviangaucho


    3 days ago

    great quality work like always. highly recommend.

    Project Description:Develop a Monte Carlo simulation program or programs in java that models the ad hoc sensor network's operation, run them, and analyze the results to investigate energy usage in an ad hoc sensor network...
  • $99 USD
    Profile image for Seller Dan911


    3 days ago

    Awesome and GREAT job. Hope to deal with again. Many thanks

    Project Description:Hi, All of the details are in the attached file. NOTE: I'm working on Visual Studio 2012 with Windows7 32-bit OS. Thanks
  • $49 USD
    Profile image for Seller neshgold99


    7 days ago

    Good job...Thanks

    Project Description:This program explores finding the maximum clique in a graph G= (V, E) using an exhaustive technique. A clique is a set of vertices in V such that each vertex is adjacent to every other vertex. A maximal...
  • $69 USD
    Profile image for Seller graphicscomp


    8 days ago

    Good guy! Please work with him

    Project Description:N/A
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller compgraphics


    16 days ago

    Awesome man! Please work with him!

    Project Description:N/A
  • $64.9 USD
    Profile image for Seller jasmy307


    22 days ago

    the best freelancer i have worked with , very decent patient professional man , he knows what he's doing , i would love to work with him again in the future :)

    Project Description:hello i need someone to write a simple C++ code in less than a week details will be discussed in private thank you
  • $90 USD
    Profile image for Seller etechlancer


    23 days ago

    He is a good coder and a good person

    Project Description:Need to do some programming in C(Linux) it is related to operating system Process Scheduling and Interrupt Handling algos. Please get back to me for complete details. Thanks
  • $89 USD
    Profile image for Seller costanostra88


    23 days ago


    Project Description:Fairly simple instructions are attached
  • $63 USD
    Profile image for Seller peruviangaucho


    28 days ago

    Finished project in time. Great quality like always.

    Project Description:The idea is to write Java programs that do Monte Carlo simulations to learn about the survivability of random networks and scale-free networks under random attacks and targeted attacks. The project also consists of a written report of results...
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller testingbridge


    Mar 6, 2014

    I worked with him for several projects. He delivered every project on time and more importantly with in the Budget will hire me every now and then from here for more upcoming projects.

    Project Description:I will email you all necessary documents and let me know what you think
    msabouri has not completed any projects.
  • $59 USD In Progress

    I need to implement scheduling and synchonization in java. i have details and some code which i can share with you .Please get back to me asap

  • $100 USD In Progress

    Please check your email for description

  • $229 USD In Progress

    I need a simple Java card game to be written. The end result should look similar to this game and should be no more complicated technically: will provide all of the necessary images and game specifics to the winning bidder.

  • $44 USD In Progress

    I need the code for this in the next 24 hours.Please read the attached file having alk the details.I am not sure which programming language is needed but the attachment would explain you the programming language required.

  • $149 USD In Progress

    im looking for some who knows snmpproject details ( see attached photo)snmp scanner by ip range1. when scanner detects parameter of a certain oid , it will automatically write/set parameter of a oid2. multiple tabs3. multi threaded4. loops

  • $129 USD In Progress

    this due tomorrow

  • €449 EUR In Progress

    the mission includes- crawling of 10 websites- creation of program of filtering part- google maps part- valuation part (for that I will give you the formulas)

  • $179 USD Today

    You will write a program to generate a series of pseudo random numbers, using a linear feedback shift register method. You will start with an arbitrary number (not zero) x with a representation in n bits. If x = 15 and n = 4, then x = 1111. Then you will select a pair of bits, say bits 0 and 1, take their "xor" producing a new bit - in this case a 0. The number x will then shift to the right, with the new bit becoming the new high bit - in this case 0111. The process continues in this manner to produce a random set of bits. With four bits, we can only have up to15 unique transitions before repetitions begin, or 2n - 1. With n = 32, the number of random bits has a much greater potential.The numbers actually produced by the "shifting" cannot be considered "random", since all but one of the bits overlap from each succeeding number. However, if we want to produce, say 100 6-bit numbers, then we need to shift the bits into an 6- bit register. We can then save its "value" in an array of 100 integers. Then we should produce the output which will display the distribution.Random numbers should follow a uniformdistribution. Using a 32-bit generator does not guarantee 2n - 1 random bits. For good results try using bit combinations 0/4, 0/7, 0/25, 0,26, 0/29

  • $30 AUD 3 days ago

    hi i am hiring someone to do a slot machine code for me using Java object orientated. Thanks :)

  • $49 USD 3 days ago

    Write a menu driven program that either accepts words and their meanings, or displays the list of words in lexicographical order (i.e. as in a dictionary). When an entry is to be added to the dictionary you must first enter the word as one string, and then enter the meaning as separate string. A word may have more than one meaning, and may be entered at separate times. When this occurs, place each successive meaning on a separate line. This new meaning must be preceded by a dash. For example, if you enter the following words and with their meanings in the following order: Library, School, Cup, and School, then your output should be a display as shown in the Figure 1. Figure 1.Two other requirements:•From time to time words become obsolete. When this happens, such word must be removed from the dictionary. Use the JOptionPane class to enter the information. Use the concept of linked list to carryout this exercise. You will need at minimum the following classes: •A WordMeaning class that hold the name of a word and its meaning.•A WordMeaningNode class that creates the node of information and its link field.•A WordList class that creates and maintain a linked list of words and their meanings. •A Dictionary class that test your classes.For the output, the program should produce two scrollable lists:•The current list of words and their meanings, and•The list of the deleted words. You need not list the meanings, just the words.

  • $100 USD 3 days ago

    will describe to you in chat

  • $79 USD 4 days ago

    Do a random Generator Program.

  • $80 USD 4 days ago

    Hello,I would like a C programmer to write a C programming assignment.Please note:The assignment has a STEP BY STEP instructions in comments. So, you don"t need to do any problem solving or think of a solution, the solution is literally written in context.Please check the files attached, for a glimpse on the project description, and an example of the step by step instructions.OverPriced wont be even look at. I"m barely affording this so please.My current budget is 80$

  • $100 USD 4 days ago

    Hi,i need someone who are good in NS 2 programming. i will send more details to the selected bidders...thanks,neshHi,i need someone who are good in NS 2 programming. i will send more details to the selected bidders...thanks,nesh

  • $199 USD 5 days ago

    Multi-Threaded Web ProxyIn this project, you will implement additional features for the web proxy from project 1 in C language. The web proxy we developed for project 1(codes are attached) was very simple in terms of functionality: it worked as an intermediary between a browser and a server. Here, we are going to add the following functionality:1. Blocking web sites if they are found in a black list (,,, Filtering out inappropriate language ( from a requested site3. Caching sites that have already been visited. The implementation of this feature should be based on HTTP conditional GET request.To test your program, use a web browser as a client. The following address format should be used in the address bar: -> ip address of the proxy server- 8888 -> port number of the proxy server- -> the address of the website being accessed

  • $99 USD 5 days ago

    Use Backtracking to find a solution to the game of Hi – Q. In this case the English version is to be used (see Hi-Q.png image). Either marbles or pegs are used in the game. When a marble is “jumped” as in a game of checkers, the marble being jumped over is removed from the board.The goal of the game is to remove all but one marble. An explanation of the game is contained in the The portion of the state space tree developed by backtracking for this game becomes huge rather quickly. Several hints on how to reduce the size of this tree to manageable proportions is provided in MIT LAB 5.No need for a GUI, all can be done in command line.For all the files refer to the attachment.

  • $29 USD 5 days ago

    i would like to do this small program and fellow instructions in these files . due on 2 days

  • $30 USD 6 days ago

    need a small assignment to be done algorithm too... for more inbox please

  • $30 USD 6 days ago

    Write code for java project creating airline reservation system. GUI for reservation system is given, as well as class names and required methods. The full requirements are in the attached pdf. Would like completion up until deployment part.

  • $79 USD 6 days ago

    Lab9–ReadURLdataandformat. 1. PromptuserforanyURL.(Checktoseeifithasthe“Http://”)2. ReadtheURLcontentswithunknownnumberHTMLTags.3. FormattheURLandoutputsuchthatitcanbeeasilyreadwithindentations,nesting,andHTMLtagmatching.(Usetheformattingfromchapter7p329.)4. Writeoutput(formatted)toatextfile,givingitthenameoftheURL,replacingthe“/”with“-“,andremovingthe“HTTP://“.5. Printoutthefilecontentstothescreen.6. SubmityourjavafileiniCollege,Lab9drop-box.7. Due4/11/2014,Midnight.

  • $49 USD 10 days ago

    Create a program in C that will create a list of students.The data concerning each student is:-First name-Last name-Grade Initially, program must ask for the first name, last name and the grade of a student.The program must keep an index of the list by:-First name-Last name-GradeYou must create a structure to represent the information concerning a student and the links that follow (pointers) for the management of the linked list with three indexes. The management of the storing of information will be performed with dynamic memory allocation.If a user enters «QUIT» in the space for the first name, the program will leave data entry mode and post the list of students (one student per line) with a printf in the following format: first name, last name, grade. The program must post three versions of the list. First by first name, second by last name and third by grade. That"s it.I would need it at latest by thursday april 10th in the afternoon.

  • $139 USD 10 days ago

    All the details are in the below pdf document. Its not much really and the due dates are spread out.Phases 0 and 1 are due before 04/07 at 11:59pm.Phase 2 is due before 04/10 at 11:59pm.Phases 3 and 4 are due before 04/16 11:59pm.

  • €139 EUR 10 days ago

    Implement an ftp server, which supports a basic subset of the commands of the FTP protocol in c language but for linux commands. For the purposes of the exercise, you should be able to handle the commands USER, PASS,CWD,CDUP,QUIT, the command PASV and the commands RETR, STOR, LIST, MKD, and STAT. All these are linux commands.

  • $29 USD 10 days ago

    Write a program to find corrupted data in the input which is 1,s and 0"s. If the input matches the pattern 01011010 , normalize with 11111111.Print the occurrence of corrupted output. Input(....110000011001.....)--->Your Program -> output (...10000111111...).

  • $79 USD 10 days ago

    My assignment is to solve a kenken game. No GUI or output required just solving the puzzle. The assignment is due this fri (April 11). I have attached the assignment.

  • $59 USD 10 days ago

    The project is to solve sudoku using hill climbing algorithm

  • $49 USD/hr 10 days ago

    You have to create a Java application with a simple graphical interface (Default buttons and drop box) that compares three main search methods, the binary search, the linear search and the default java search. More information upon bid. Very simple and straight-forward. If it takes you more than an hour to make it I am not interested.

    msabouri does not have any open projects.
    msabouri does not have any work in progress.
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Freelance programming

Mar 2012 - Present (2 years)

I have been doing freelance programming on websites similar to


Bachelor of Computer Science

University of Tehran



Honorable mention in ACM-ICPC 2012 World Finals

Association for Computing Machinery

Received Honorable mention in ACM-ICPC 2012 World Finals in Warsaw - Poland

Second Place in Tehran ACM-ICPC Regional Contest

Association for Computing Machinery

Gained second place in 2011 Tehran regional contest among 80 teams