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  • $100.00 USD
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    andresrt [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 20, 2012

    The work never completed ...

    mywebdeveloper's reply:

    Sir, i have defined you that my health was not fine at that time, its too cold here in Delhi and because of night hour working i got sick, please sir remove this feedback or make it good. I know it may be done by mistake. But i am loosing my client. Hope you can understand all :). I retraced from bid so that you can hire someone else and get your project done on time...

    Project Description:To replace manual entering 'city name' in user registeration form, address book, customers, Shipping, etc with automatic selection city name from database like as country and zone. I have this for 1.4.9...
  • $200.00 AUD
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    Oct 29, 2012

    Mr Ahuja was great to work with. He delivered what we needed and has offered to fix any bugs in the future. I highly recommend Mr Ahuja and his ability to code in PHP.

    Project Description:Team, We need to upgrade our OpenCart from v1.5.2.1 to v1.5.4.1. We have a customer template and a few extensions. 1. Upgrade our OpenCart from v1.5.2.1 to v1.5.4.1. 2. Unsure there are not coding errors and all pages work correctly...
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  • $222 USD 5 days ago

    Looking for a developer who can integrate XML and API for booking system.

  • £1000 GBP 5 days ago

    I am starting a new business selling clothing . I wish to sell online. I would like a very eye catching website that is very up to date and very example is

  • $555 USD 11 days ago

    Write simple phonegap app. Will provide graphics and all necessary php code, but you will need to convert it to json to create app. Have the json for login/signup. Should use phonegap, html5, css, js. App involves posting text, image, video, and displaying content. Very simple. Compile for android and iphone/ipad and provide all source code.

  • £944 GBP 11 days ago

    i want to know if anyone here can create a directory like or i would need website +cms as easy as we can. any ideas ? Thank you

  • $1666 USD 11 days ago

    I need help building a website that will pull information of a certain genre and display it on our website. For example, Cole Haan shoes. Any new Cole Haan shoes will automatically appear on our website. I would prefer to use our own database to do that, but currently we don"t have data collected to do so.So to make it short, I require you to help me develop a process of extracting information from 3rd party sources, break the data in to relevant terms for displaying reasons on my own website by name, description and price, and have it automatically added to our database, hence uploading it to our website.If you are interested in delivering a clean solutions, start your proposal with the word dividend so I know that you actually read this description before replying. Price is not a factor, as long as it is competitive and work can be executed in the right fashion, I am comfortable working with you.Requirements:-List your experience-Ask at least 2 questions to get more detail about the project-Tell us anything else that will help us lean towards you

  • $2222 USD 11 days ago

    I need some one to do me the below project,A vacation booking app, my view is the following. 1- The user access the app, he will fill the following information: (number of people, destination, departure date, return date)2- The app should be able to build a vacation package for the user, this will include airline reservation, and hotel accommodating, with low price.3- The user will browse the result and will be able to edit the result, so he may change the hotel while keeping the air reservation, or change both.4- When the user is satisfied with the package, he can check out and pay using payment gateway "I suggest PayPal".5- When the payment is done, the user should received a confirmation "include the airline tickets & hotel confirmation", these confirmation will be received by email, SMS "needs SMS gateway" and thru the app it self.6- The user will be able later on to access the app to browse his old or coming reservations.7- The user will access the app using his email, twitter, facebook or linkedin account.8- The user will be able to write a review about his travel package, these reviews will be shown on the app under "What our clients says"9- The user will be able to ask for refund based on the admin configurations.10- I am open for any more suggestion on the regards. 11- The app will be supported by a website, that will reflect the app and work exact same. and the site should be designed as "parallax scrolling website"12- The result for hotel accommodation should include (maps location, hotel rate "stars", hotel information "name, phone etc" and a third party customer rating "such as TripAdvisor", booking condition)13- The result of the airline tickets, should contain (airlines name, traveling time, seat location, airport name and location, booking condition)This project should be delivered on the following:1- Project plan.2- Technical Plan about how the app will work and how the data will move and interact and saved. also need to include a screen mockup "This need to be approved before the second step"3- Business Plan about how this project will success and access the market and what it the proper way to drive revenue of it.4- Mobile app and the website.5- Using manual for both user and admin, with print screens.The project should be build to support two languages (Arabic/English)Please ask me if you have any questions,

  • $555 USD 11 days ago

    I already have a good template project will consists of a developer taking this skin and connecting it with my existing API/JSON to make apps for IOS/APK files.1. Will create forms, navigation and link to existing API/JSON2. Will help install all files on my local and web server 3. Will help training me in the installation process of local and web server.

  • $100 USD 11 days ago

    I have a report that is displaying perfectly on the web BUT when we try to export or print it the format is all wrong. We need a custom CSS StyleSheet that we can use for our Print/Export page.** We are using HighCharts -** We are also using Bootstrap 3DO NOT SEND ME A THOUSAND LINKS TO YOUR WORK. SEND ME 2 SPECIFIC EXAMPLES ONLY!!!

  • $40 USD/hr 11 days ago

    I have a 4 page microsite intended for mobile use only that I need coded for mobile devices. The 4 pages are completed and I will hand off 4 separate .PSDs to the person selected.The template for this design has a navigation menu at the bottom of the page, as well as a "hamburger" menu at the top that needs to match the bottom navigation.I am looking to have this project completed by Wednesday, so I am looking for someone/a team ready to work today. If you would like to apply for this job, please write "MOBILE MONDAY" at the beginning of your proposal.

  • $1500 USD 11 days ago

    We currently have a simple and working CRUD professional mobile HTML5 app with jQuery Mobile. It lists customers "around me", allowing the employee to filter the list, edit & upload the customer"s information, and create a new customer not found on the list. All this information is retrieved in real time from a JSON web services layer in our servers, which provides the basic methods: list, getInfo, and save. It also provides authentication via user, password, and delivering a temporary token that must be sent on each WS call.The problem with this architecture is that the app is rendered useless when there is no mobile coverage.What we require is to modify this app so that it: - Loads information when there is coverage and stores it locally in the phone / mobile device. Loading should be a background process. It should start with those records "closest around me" (that is, asking the WS with my current position and a lower radius, for example 200m), and proceed with farther away records (500meters, 1 km, 2km, 5km...). Closest records should also be updated frequently in case another user changes their information. - The above should have a limit on the number of records based on the available local memory, not on distance. The idea is that users with few records per city, can download hundreds or thousands of kilometers wide, whereas users with many records will only be able to download to their devices few kilometers. - Saving & updating should first change local information, plus create an "upload queue" to send this information to the server via WS calls - Updating the local database for records that have been changed locally should only happen after they have been properly updated in the server (the queue has been emptied). - A new page should be added to the app to manage pending "upload queue" messages, as well as for checking current download status.Please don"t hesitate to propose variations of the above idea.We are also interested in further developing this app, so if we find a good freelancer for this project, we would go on working with him or her on future developments.

  • $25 USD 11 days ago

    I want to convert URL to APK (Android) but no free converter use. it should Created by Anroid developer not by free converter. No AD on APK.I will provide you responsive website url you must create APK without any AD.Never use free converter url to apk.I want to publish APK on Google market place so that you must understand. --Nishant

  • $2222 USD 24 days ago

    Mevzubahis.net1.Turkish language support for Turkish users.2.Site will be a sports news site, based on membership with award-winning contests.3.Must get the match schedules and match results from site: 4. reference site has to be CAREFULLY REVIEWED.5.Site has to be compatible and has conection with Twitter , facebook.6.Compatible with mobile devices.7.Seo must be fulfilled.8.Full information of members ( Log-in date/time, IP information, matches played, history ,access to current and oncoming tickets etc. )9.Sending SMS and E-mail when the members win.10.CONTROL PANEL ( ADMIN PANEL )11.Writing comments on tickets.12.Memberhip cancellation, Membership suspension with explanation ( inappropriate behavior etc... )13.Banner management.14. Other details and design specifications will be discussed

  • $500 USD 24 days ago

    Good Day Every one .. I am looking for a Classified Website such as " or" with good look.I dont need to reinvent the wheel it should be some ready made application plug and play and customize the theme only. i preferred solution to be under wordpress or any other CMS. thank you

  • $2500 USD 24 days ago

    Need to build an online store to go with my brick and mortar store. I need a user friendly platform, so it can be edited with ease. There will be hundreds of products with many different option for the customer to choose. My current website is please look it over and give me a quote as to how much and how long it may take you to create a real classy, user-friendly e-commerce website.Thanks for looking

  • ₹30000 INR May 9, 2014

    There will be 3 divisions the of project :First partAdmin Area with following feature 1. Database Design2. User Management add/edit/delete4. UPload your socks ip detail through a file. It will be inserted into databaseSecond part1. Admin panel add Package detail for user2. Developer content page module so that Admin can add information page like about us, polices or any other information dynically3. IP socks testing(Script will be provided by me.)Third part1. Front end design and HTML2. User login/Registeration3. User payment gateway integration to buy package4. User dashboard to access his socks ips5. User account/profiledemo website : www.vip72.comkindly bid only if u could approve my all features....thanks

  • $2250 USD Apr 11, 2013

    looking for similar website with full functions and back end , with the exact same functions ...

  • $1500 USD Apr 11, 2013

    SOCIAL NETWORK UPDATER SITESUMMARY: Create a simple website to update multiple social networks.DETAILS: A brief summary of the project is that a person would arrive at the website. It would then offer them the option to type in the message they wish to post to all the social networks they have existing accounts with.They would then be prompted to create an account on the website. Followed by connecting (linking up) their social networks to this website using the authorization app or api for each. Then they could send there message. They click "send" and the website function will be to automatically post it to all there social networks.I have the the whole project mapped out already, I have a basic demo of it that I will show to the winning bid.REQUIREMENTS:You need to an expert in .PHPSo far I haven"t had much luck with this. This is the 4th time I"m posting this. Along the way I realized that I"m going to need a very strong programmer, Someone who"s a .php expert in order to solve some of the obsticles we were running into in trying to build this. Also have a good understanding of working with the various authorization apps for social networks. As an example of this you could have a look at this video: at about (2:00+) into the video it basically shows a similar process of how users will "add" social networks on this project, using a similar functionality.I"d want this site to be able to run on godaddy shared hosting. Some alternative to Oauth will be needed. WORK ALREADY DONE:About 25% of the project is already done. We have twitter and facebook working already. And I will provide you with the work that the previous programmer already did.COMPLETION DATE:14 days max.We already have the domain name, hosting and the complete layout of how it will all function. So it will be very easy to create as you"ll have a blueprint to follow, and I"ve created a video presentation outlining everything. I"ll provide that info to the winning bid.This project is very complex. This is probably not for the amateur .php programmer. After you complete the project, we might be interested in re-hiring you to expand this project into a "phase 2". In which we plan to add some more functionality to it.Again this project is best suited for an experienced team, and or a master / expert .php programmer. We look forward to your bid. Following which we will show you our demo that we have built so you can gain a better understanding of how it will all function.

  • $2500 NZD Mar 17, 2013

    Project Description: I am after a website that is similar to TaskRabbit ( can post Profiles, and or Jobs/Tasks (separate areas of the site) Unlike Task Rabbit this will be more public, however still have the same functionality as TaskRabbit towards listing and accepting tasks (please review TaskRabbit).At a high level what I think I need are;1.Open ID Login (Facebook, Google, or by email address)2.People will have an Account on the Website where they can manage their own online CV, Business profile, as well as any jobs or tasks they may have. The Account will also manage any monies, earned or needed to pay for posting their Profile, Business Ad and or Job/Task.3.Posting of Profiles, Business Ads and or Jobs/Tasks can have multiple display levelsa.Basic, text and 1 image, low spec = Freeb.Bold Title = +small feec.Increase size of listing space = +feed.Add more images = + feee.Feature (top of list) = +feef.Upgrade to Ad Space, with customised banner = +feeg.Time of listing, weekly/monthly/annual… user defined (costing model for each)4.Built in email/SMS/RSS (i.e. to Facebook or Twitter) integration system, based on members watch list. The ability to share listings onto Facebook, Twitter, Google+…)5.A reverse Auction needs to be available however may not be used, for people looking to do tasks6.The job/task poster can accept the bid from task/job doers.7.Payment to be made via the site, using a recommended trusted online payment system (PayPal, DPS…) which will hold the funds until the job or task is completed8.Once the task/job is completed the job/task poster can release the funds to the person whom performed the task/job, a percentage will be taken by the website as commission.9.Commission needs to be adjustable based on category of task/job. i.e. a Charity may not get charged any commission, while a professional placement may get charged a higher commission than a casual task…10.Like Task Rabbit there needs to be the facility to compensate the people doing the job/tasks if they had to buy stuff on behalf of the job/task poster.11. All monies are to be paid to their website account, there will need to be a function that people can then withdraw to their own accounts any earned or credited funds.12.On completion of task both the Job/task poster and doer are invited to post rating and feedback, the rating system will be matrix style rating measuring timeliness, quality and service (similar to as well as a comments field. A summary of the total accrued ratings to be displayed on the user’s personal public CV or Business page.13.Searching is crucial for both the job/task poster and the doer, on listing their profiles and or job/tasks the site should feedback recommendations based on selected fields, such as Location, Category of task, time and price…14.A Google API is desired to display via different icons, people who are posting profiles for jobs, approved people who can perform tasks, locations of tasks, and locations of jobs. These should display a mouse over brief of the information, then link back to the page in the website. ( will need to be an incentive programme in place for both the poster and doer, which can be selected based on activity and or feedback ratings.16.A online email form to be in place17.A online reporting page showing, number of members, number of tasks and jobs, highest amount earned in a period, top location…18.A Blog function19.Back End Administration is crucial and needs to be user friendly to perform reports, manage automated incentives, costing models, manage Advertising and manage various pages and listings…Proven examples of similar Auction, eCommerce type websites with Admin would be required to ensure I am able to make an informed decision.On-going development is likely to the successful developerPlease contact me for any questions

  • $1000 USD Mar 1, 2013

    Hey,I am looking for someone that can help me with a pay and go system in a platform for gps tracking. Iff you have expierence with platform that are working with pay and go system, then you can contact me.Bye

  • $50 USD Jan 15, 2013

    I have had a website designed and built by a graphic designer and i need a few of the elements changed! The link to the website is the issues i have is when i clicked onto the services and projects tabs they move away from the standard format of the site and when trying to uploads images and text to the site i get a blank page on his weblink. the projects pages links must also change to link to projects that can be uploaded through the backend i need this rectified and i also need the logo redesigned a little.Thanks

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Aug 2006 - Present (7 years)

Infotonics Media

Being a proprietor my duty is not to handle firm or do marketing stuffs. I also do software/application development work, SEO-OFFPAGE optimization (My USP).<br />My known technologies are listed below: -<br />Worked as a freelancer<br />PHP PHP/AJAX,JAVA JAVA/JSF/AJAX,OPENLASZLO FOR RIA'S DEVELOPMENT,ADOBE FLEX,EXT JS,JQUERY,DOJO TOOLKIT,Moo tools,Mocha UI

My Technical Expertise

Aug 2005 - Dec 2011 (6 years)

My Web Developer

Till today i worked on more then 2000 plus OSS softwares including CMS, PORTALS,BLOGS, BUSINESS APPLICATION etc.<br /><br />Technical Experience<br />1. Web Designing<br />2. Flash Development for web<br />3. Service Support<br />4. Website maintenance<br />5. Web application development in the following languages and framework<br />5.1. PHP PHP/AJAX<br />5.2. JAVA JAVA/JSF/AJAX<br />5.3. OPENLASZLO FOR RIA'S DEVELOPMENT<br />5.4. ADOBE FLEX<br />5.5. EXT JS<br />5.6. JQUERY<br />5.7. DOJO TOOLKIT<br />5.8. Moo tools<br />5.9. Mocha UI<br />5.10. Currently trying

Web Application Development and SEO Project Head

Apr 2005 - Dec 2011 (6 years)

My Web Developer

As a Web Application Development and SEO Project Head i have: <br />1) Created reputation of MWD by gaining projects of big players like MH1 MEDIA NETWORK, LONDON DISTRICT GOVERNER MR.VIJAY ARORA, SYMBISYS PUNE, FARIDABAD POLICE, DREAMWORKS and Many more...<br />2) Developed setup to give service support to more then 2000 open source software's.<br />3) Create tie up with Daffodils software's, SILEX CMS, MAHARA.<br />4) Started a new venture of GPS tracking solution for a very big giant whose product are like s

My Self Work

Jan 2005 - Dec 2011 (6 years)

My Web Developer

MY Self work<br />1) Did three year self research work on Search Engine Optimization Techniques.<br />2) Knows more then 300 algorithms of Google.<br />3) Knows single shot optimization technique which optimizes a site for all search engines at once and many more...<br />4) Did three year self research work in JAVA and PHP technologies (web based) and developed a concept of Hybrid Java/PHP language<br />5) Developed many projects on Open Laszlo and on Adobe Flex.<br />6) Taken lectures on SEO in MBA (Lingaya's Institute of M


B.E (I.T)

Maharshi Dayanand University



I didn't feel to have

Self study the best way :), the reason i am MASTER...

I learn ALL MY SELF, and having best skills in PHP, AJAX, HTML5, JAVA, extjs, dthmlx, erp, crm, ecom, portals development


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Shailender Ahuja

Google Blogger<br /><br /><br />here ill post so many things that MOTIVATE all of you and also you will see some code samples or hacks to make DEVELOPERS to work fast :)