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  • $35.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller markmeixner


    12 days ago

    Fast and professional! Will hire again.

    Project Description:Szia! Van egy lista excelben facebook felhasználókról. 11.000 sor. Magyar keresztnevek szerint kellene szűrni a listát úgy, hogy minden keresztnév és annak becézett formái, beleértve az ékezet mentesen rosszul megadott neveket is, egy külön munkalapon legyenek...
  • $10.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller priyal1997


    Feb 6, 2014

    Grate freelancer and highly capable of handling any excel project. Thanks for your great work!!!!!<br/>

    Project Description:Please convert bellow attached PDF file to excel tables I will offer and pay to the 1st person It will take only 5 minutes if you have the software
  • $10.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller CS01

    CS01 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 3, 2014

    The freelancer had worked for me before, and I was quite satisfied with the results and communication during the prior project.This project, however, was a disaster. It seemed that he first did not fully work for the project. Then he delivered an incomplete piece of work. Later he informed me that he got sick. This happens, of course, but as an employer I expect to get a brief information from time to time how he is doing, especially if I inform the freelancer that he/she is working on a time-critical project.After a while I approached the freelancer with several messages, geeting no feedback after he was online again. I send him a final note that I would cancel the project if I would not receive any piece of work soon - which I finally did after three days of no response. I am disappointed as I could not meet the deadline of a project myself since the freelancer failed to deliver his piece of the puzzle.<br/>

    nagybatonyi's reply:

    Sorry, I was in hospital for a long time with a disease much worse than a flu and had no access to the web. Very sorry again.

    Project Description:The Pivot table looks very much the same, but there is a major difference: while in the case you worked with there were just 1 or &quot;nothing&quot; in the cells, here, the values can be larger than one. But what counts is that there is anything in the cell (1 or 2 or 3 or ...) could be considered as one...
  • $36.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller CS01


    Feb 3, 2014

    Professional freelancer, delivered high-quality work. Will hire him again.<br/>Overall, great work and excellent communication. I am negotiating with the freelancer for a follow-on project.

    Project Description:I am looking for an macro that calculates an index = 1 minus the Herfindahl Index for companies listed in a pivot table. More specifically, the index shall be computed based on the distribution of drugs across different classes...
  • $950.00 MXN
    Profile image for Seller corberanetw


    Jul 22, 2013

    Profesionalism, expertise. I would hire him again for sure.

    Project Description:I need to calculate some stadistics and make some grafics on a spreadshet. Also some conditional color have to be applied. Attached, it is the file. The second tag contains details about the data processing...
  • €88.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller tkrombac


    Jun 26, 2013

    Great work, thank you very much!

    Project Description:We received several hundred Excel files from a client which represent individual invoices. In order to be able to do statistics on these invoices we would like to extract the relevant information (client number, date, client name, amounts) and list them in a separate aggregated file...
  • $165.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller JRReynolds


    Jun 19, 2013

    I really appreciate your work istvan. I'll be in touch for any future work.

    Project Description:I have several large excel spreadsheets that have data going back 10 years for a 64 site caravan park in Brisbane Australia. The data has each site&#039;s details with names and charges for each week for the last 10 years...
  • $2.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller priyal1997


    Jun 11, 2013

    This was a complex formula... Lots of ppl try to solve it. But nagybatonyi is the only person who solved that formula.. if you need anything to be done in excel don't go anywhere SOLUTION is here.. thank you very much!!<br/>

    Project Description:Help on attached formula Please send me the answer and i will pay to very 1st correct answer Budget is $2. Only take 5 minutes Thanks
  • $41.25 USD
    Profile image for Seller Jmackie


    May 30, 2013

    Excellent person to work with. Good comprehension, he did it right first time and nothing was to much trouble. Will definitely use again!

    Project Description:OVERVIEW We require an excel expert to add a discount field to our price list which will automatically add the discount % entered on to the spreadsheet BACKGROUND We currently have a spreadsheet that...
  • $45.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tbeevers20


    May 24, 2013

    An excellent freelancer. He is a genius with excel and it seems nothing is beyond him! He is quietly efficient and I ended up saving time versus a less experienced person because he understood what I was trying to do very quickly and delivered it promptly. This was worth a lot to me so I was glad I paid a little extra for him. I would definitely hire him again!<br/>

    Project Description:Have an excel spreadsheet that requires some tricky manipulation. I have two sets of data - one set is in columns C-F and one set in columns H-K Then there are 520 companies in rows with 4000 lines (i.e...
    nagybatonyi has not completed any projects.
  • $35 AUD In Progress

    I have a number of .csv that needs to combined into one .csv file, and that can easily be managed ongoing e.g. I could just copy and paste these 9+ .csv files into a directory and the macros would run the complex formulas and then that would be it. I need someone with advanced excel skills to interpret my data & output requirements - so I need someone with fluent english & decent analyst skills.This should be an easy job for any advanced analyst with great excel skills.

  • €88 EUR In Progress

    I need a macro which inserts data in a workbook from a master workbook. The master workbook can&quot;t be openend and we must be able to change it.

  • $45 USD In Progress

    I am in the military and every morning 6 separate platoon commanders gather fill out a &quot;count sheet&quot; which includes a the total weapons we have in the barracks and an attendance roster.. From there, each individual platoon commanders (commanders 1 - 6) turn their count sheets into their boss, who then hand copies all of that information on to one sheet. I would like a spreadsheet created where each individual platoon commander enters their info on their count sheet, and from their that information is automatically populated into their boss&quot;s &quot;Master Count Sheet&quot;.

  • $61 AUD In Progress

    Hi, I need this work to be completed in the next 4 hours.I need to create a collapsible table on the Summary sheet with amounts found in Data sheet. The columns will come from the Stores sheet. And the rows from the Accounts sheet.These need to be dynamic macros as the Store and Account data will be loaded daily and may change.Accounts have levels (this is where they will sub total and expand/ collapse)Each store will have 5 (configurable) columns of data.Stores have levels (this is where they will sub total and expand/ collapse). Each store will be represented across the top of the reportThe Summary sheet will have some configuration data as well.Please let me know if you are able to do this job. I have a sample file ready to go, see attachment.Thank you

  • $35 USD In Progress

    We have an exel file with 15.000 rows. In every row there is the Name of a City. We need someone who fill in a word before the City. Example: source data: citynew data: hotel city 1hotel city 2hotel city 3hotel city ...hotel City 15.000

  • $19 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello, we require someone to assist with analyzing MS Excel spreadsheets. This work will range from basic requests such as computing outcomes from existing data (ranks, averages) through to more complex VB scripts and preparation of graphical reports. The work will be ongoing on a casual basis as needed. Immediate start.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    i would like to talk to you about the data, i concerned about the security of our data base..

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Create a workboook in excel with more advanced options. You will be required to compile into a master summary for the day. Will give you more information

  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    I have a spreadsheet with two sheets. Each sheet has the same columns with the SKU column containing the unified identifier record. I would like sheet 1 to compare itself to sheet 2 and highlight new rows from sheet 2 (not currently present in sheet 1) in green and highlight rows no long present in sheet 2 (but still present in sheet 1) in red. Ideally I would like to copy and paste in data into each sheet every week so this spreadsheet needs to be set up to use continuously.Thanks!

  • $35 USD In Progress

    I need someone to create an Excel spreadsheet to help me streamline my sports betting hobby. I would like to be able to paste a couple of tables with cities and values associated with these cities on a worksheet and then be able to type in these city names in &quot;Matchup&quot; fields where information will be extracted out of the pasted tables, that correspond with those city names. There will be some light math involved to get some predicted point spreads and winning percentages, but that can be found on the spreadsheet provided. The important thing is that the information in the tables will change everyday, including the order of the cities listed but the tables themselves will always be the same size. I just want to type in a city in a field and have selected info pulled from a table I will paste in everyday.

  • $22 USD/hr 14 days ago

    I have an excel workbook that I will add information in daily. The workbook contains 5 sheets, 3 of which are data input, the last two are what I want to be created. I need one to be a report format, where it provides me a list of names from sheets 1-3, and will generate data based on what name is selected. The second report page is just each one of the columns presented as a graph over time.

  • $94 USD 16 days ago

    Hello,I am looking for someone to create a macro for me.I have a source file with raw data and a template file that serves as the destination file. The source file is filled with data while the destination template file only has column headers.The source file has column headers which are similar but not exact to the template file. The headers vary in their order and in their existence for both source and template files. That is to say some files have a few columns while others are more comprehensive. As of now, there is a manual copy and pasting of the source file into the template file as such: If a column header in the source matches a column header in the destination template, the data from the rows in that source column are pasted into the destination template.If a column header in the source does not exist in the destination template, a new column is created.Matches are not exact, so Date of Birth could appear as Birth Date or D.o.b, for instance, in the source file but still need to be placed into the Date of Birth column of the destination template file.I would like the macro to scale so that it works on any new source and template combination.If any clarification is needed please ask.

  • $25 USD 18 days ago

    I&quot;m looking for an excel sheet that I can use for calculating a price quote. Attached is a spreadsheet of what I am looking for but is coded incorrectly.

  • $66 AUD 19 days ago

    Hi We need a spreadsheet designing with several different fields and variables in it. We want it to quickly calculate our pricing from the various fields height, width to calculate m2, product type, different usage of one of the products if it is selected ( we may add more). We need the Cost price and the RRP calculated from this info

  • $35 AUD 20 days ago

    I am looking for an Excel expert who can link two Excel spreadsheets: &quot;Financial&quot; and &quot;Divisional&quot; sheet, into the &quot;Database&quot; sheet. All spreadsheets are located in one file. The Database spreadsheet contains ~250 unique fields, which needs to be linked correctly to specific cells in both Financial and Divisional spreadsheets. Please find attached two file for review before accepting the job:1) Template file. This file is the final product that we want to achieve: all the fields in the Database spreadsheets are linked correctly to cells in both spreadsheets. 2) Model file. This is the file that you will work on. FreelancerIt will be an ongoing project, with more model to be worked on. Please let me know if additional information is needed before you make a bid. High accuracy is essential for this project and freelancer is expected to cross-reference with the template and triple check accuracy of the link in the model.

  • $55 AUD 23 days ago

    I would like a large csv file containing the contact details for everyone in Sydney that is business related. (No homes etc)The excel file is attached. The columns highlighted are the onle ones required.Basically i only need the first name, last name, and email but the others would be good. if possible, i would also like the city and postcode.

  • $388 AUD 26 days ago

    We are a small recruitment company, We wish to use relevant information from our spreadsheets to build and automatically populate Expression of Interest forms for different companies. These forms of the different companies are always in a slightly different format, but the information required is generally the same.

  • $333 USD 28 days ago

    i&quot;d like to create a very advanced excel file using only formulas to analyze a set of data from a set time period over another time would involve vlookups, index/match, time, conditional formatting to name a few....i imagine it being as involved as the dashboard seen here:

  • $111 USD Jun 28, 2014

    Hello all! I am looking for Excel Wizard who can build a 4 sheet spreadsheet (idea drafted on attached board with post it notes)1) Input sheetWe receive sales order email with orders for a few days ahead; (sample email: Today we require 3 pallets of Oinkers) Please refer to Product and Coversion chart attached. Products we pack are marked on there. Numbers in Quantity column represent the amount of boxes (unit each) per pallet. I need to input received order in first sheet and get automatic calculation on how many pallets are requested based on each unit; for example in this case 3 pallets would mean 432 units. So, first sheet would be where I input info from email. I&quot;d like to have option of input of either pallets or boxes. In either way spreadsheet would need to tell me if I input boxes how many pallets that equate to and vice versa.2) Work Order with Delivery DocketOnce information from the email is placed into Input sheet, it is copied onto second sheet &quot;Work Order with Delivery Docket&quot;. A work order or job order (sometimes job ticket or work ticket) spreadsheet will create &quot;Work Order&quot; for me for the day (green post it notes) which I can print out and give to leading hand so he / she can start packing for the dayWork Order needs to have info on what needs to be done for the day and delivery docket or something similar so foreman can confirm that job was finished and sign off on delivery to dispatch of what was actually ordered.In Work Order sheet, information that should automatically come from Input sheet:For exampleOrder is 3 pallets of Oinkers3 pallets of Oinkers is 144 x 3=432o on Work Order I will have date and order of 432 Oinkers And delivery docket where foreman can confirm with signature that packing line actually delivered 432 boxes on 3 palettes3) VariablesAs you can see n the Products and Conversion chart, we are packing 7 different products. Each product have a different cost per unit and that can change at any give time. So I need to have sheet where I am able to input cost per unit (box).Second variance is labour cost. We pay fix cost per hour, but amount of people on the job changes. We can have 10 people one day and 4 next day. So I need to be able to input (this is me guessing)1) Cost per unit that we are packing as per work order2) Amount units ordered3) Amount of people packing that job and their cost per hour4) Measure the time from start to finish for the current work order**Explanation: Order is for 3 pallets of Oinkers which is 432 cartons. We start packing at 7:30 in the morning and packing supervisors inform me at 11:30 that order is done. I can record that timing so a) I can get report on average times per productb) know when my labour is sitting idle and I&quot;m paying them to do pretty much nothing (they are very good at looking busy) 4) Dashboard Report SheetLast sheet in Spreadsheet that would give me instant view of order and did we break even, made profit or have loss. (In dashboard we have fixed costs as well to understand break even or profit/loss)My fixed cost is labour. I know how much I&quot;m paying them per hour. What varies is how much time they spend on the job, product they are packing and prices we are getting paid to pack the product (price per each unit)For example, I get $ 100 dollars for a product and I pay $10 per hour. I should complete job in 10 hrs to break even. So dashboard should tell usme upfront if we are at loss/profit etcand help me decide if job is worth doing or ask the labour to speed up packing process.Complete spreadsheet needs to be on a weekly level, Monday to Friday. Please feel free to ask any questions if you don’t understand any of the above. Budget is $80Looking forward hearing from you!

  • $11 USD/hr Jun 28, 2014

    i need to write only two functions in excel it&quot;s easy to make take less than 5 min from u

  • $25 USD Jun 28, 2014

    We require the services of an excel expert to consolidate and cleanup excel files on a weekly basis as well as generate reports on the data.

  • $72 USD Jun 28, 2014

    Hey everyone,I have an inventory sheet that I need to update daily. I have several excel files that need to talk to each other. Basically I just need a button that will create an &quot;End File&quot; which is just a file that will tell my sales channel what listings need to be removed. I think it is called a macro but I am not sure that is the correct term. Every day I will download the most up to date Products file and Active Listings file, then I will click the button you are creating.3 Workbooks / Files:MasterFile (Contains older inventory items)Products (Contains up to date inventory items)ActiveListings (Contains Listings for Products)Button Actions:a) Finds Item IDs that ARE in MasterFile but NOT in Products (meaning that they are no longer offered by the supplier). The Item IDs need to be added to a list of Item IDs to remove from ActiveListings (let&quot;s call this LIST A), then the row needs to be deleted on the MasterFileb) Adds all Item IDs that have the stock value as &quot;N&quot; within Products file in LIST Ac) Finds all listing#s within ActiveListings sheet, then Creates an &quot;end file&quot; which is a CSV file that has the listing# of products that are out of stockExample:MasterFile File (NOTE - These are the old inventory from the previous day)TITLE, ITEM IDBaseball, 001Basketball, 002SoccerBall, 003Football, 004Products File (NOTE - 001 and 002 are out of stock. 003 is missing, meaning it is discontinued. Row corresponding to 003 needs to be removed from the master file)TITLE, ITEM ID, IN STOCK?Baseball, 001, NBasketball, 002, NFootball, 004, YActiveListings File (NOTE - I currently have 2 active listings for 001 which is out of stock, and 1 listing for 003 which is discontinued)LISTING ID, ITEM IDLISTING#1, 001LISTING#2, 001LISTING#3, 004LISTING#4, 004LISTING#5, 003Created EndFile CSV (NOTE - This CSV file contains which listings need to be removed)ACTION (STATIC), LISTING ID, REASON (STATIC)End, LISTING#1, NotAvailableEnd, LISTING#2, NotAvailableEnd, LISTING#5, NotAvailableThis is the first job of many, so I would love to work with someone who can help me with more macros / buttons / Excel work in the future. If you are interested, please let me know a price estimate and if it is a good price then we can talk further and I can provide more details. If you need clarification, please ask. Thanks!

  • $25 USD Jun 26, 2014

    I have up to 7,000 duplicates in my excel database that I need deduped. How long would that take?

  • $25 USD Jun 25, 2014

    I need a User Form (I think that is what will work for this) that will open automatically when the file is clicked that will allow user to input certain known numbers and then calculate those numbers using basic formulas (sum, time calculations, division) so we can record them.I am open to any form of a file that will work for this calculator. All data will be recorded manually and does not need to be saved to the file.

  • €77 EUR Jun 24, 2014

    For a client I have to manage a transfer from one CRM system to another.Attached are:- example of export files- example of file format to be deliveredThis will be tested with few records.Afterwards we will make merge of full database (+/- 3500 ctcs)URGENT PROJECT !!!

  • $25 USD Jun 24, 2014

    HI, I managed to create an Excel macro. It is working now, but I want to have it optimized since right now it is being copied 14 times to control each sheet. Basically I need the correct loops within the macro to run it from a single module/sub routine and reduce the numbers of lines.Need to create arrays and loops for the following variables: My_Range.AutoFilter Field:=14, Criteria1:=&quot;=Can&quot; &quot;This is not always the same name as the sheet, for example &quot;Fed&quot; My_Range.AutoFilter Field:=7, Criteria1:=&quot;=No&quot; &quot;Other Option is yes Sheets(&quot;Canada&quot;).Select &quot; This is the name of the sheet, some times it matches the filter criteria, some others don&quot;t.What I am thinking you can do is an Array, something like this but you can decide the best way to do it: Dim region(1 To 14) As String Dim sh(1 To 14) As String region(1) = &quot;=SE&quot; region(2) = &quot;=NE&quot; etc sh(1) = &quot;Southeast&quot; sh(2) = &quot;Northeast&quot; etc For r = 1 To 14 All lines of code... My_Range.AutoFilter Field:=14, Criteria1:=region My_Range.AutoFilter Field:=7, Criteria1:=decision More code... Sheets(sh).Select next r

  • $30 USD Jun 23, 2014

    I need a vb program in excel made that will calculate many formulas and create a cvs file from all the sizes that I give it.Here is what the output file looks like

  • €250 EUR Jun 23, 2014

    i need someone to look at 4 data models (in excel) and translate these into a number of formulas so my development team can work on the application

  • $25 AUD Feb 2, 2014

    i urgently need a macro written. I need a macro to have lines duplicated one under another 10 columns across. 20000 rows long. I will send an example when the project is awarded.

  • $50 USD Nov 5, 2013

    We currently have an Excel data base of our products and pricing. We need a Quote Sheet template to enter item part number and the template will pull the price and description from the existing Excel data base that we have created.

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