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Namith J

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  • $34.00 CAD
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    May 26, 2014

    everything perfect

    Project Description:to namithj: update existing Product comparison Plugin to WP 3.9
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller SubmitSummit


    May 23, 2014

    Work was done way before schedule which scared me at first but the quality was outstanding and well beyond expectations. Can't wait to work with him again.

    Project Description:Basically here is how I would like the plugin to work, At the end of each week I will input the total amount of revenue earned. From that amount 25% will be deducted, 10% will go to the editors, and 65%...
  • $650.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller justinbersuder


    Apr 30, 2014

    Namith and his team did a wonderful job at delivering the expected product on budget. Will hire again.

    Project Description:Hi Namith, I opened a new project to avoid the 3% fees that we would have to pay to for the hourly project. This is the same project as
  • $189.00 USD
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    andrewsaenz [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 30, 2014

    Namithj never finished project. Need to relist. I am plan on recharging Namithj's payment but in the mean time I need to find someone else.

    Project Description:Please find the attached PDF for illustration. I am in need of a custom WordPress Reminder system. I am currently using Advanced Custom Fields. If you look at the attachment, I am needing to associate LEASE with a client's name and e-mail address...
  • $54.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Claudio77


    Apr 21, 2014

    Excellent work very good communication. 100% recommended

    Project Description:I need to transform a function that makes the first external image of a post as featured image but always hosted on external server. to do this i add a php tag into the seach and blogs templates in the same place of post thumbnail...
  • $189.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller clickbook


    Apr 18, 2014

    Surprisingly efficient and very high communication standard.

    Project is an online appointment booking system. It has a widget which comprises of a javascript call with a dynamic query parameter, indicating the profile which it should load. Please visit to view the widget...
  • $492.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller christianretreat


    Mar 25, 2014

    Namithj is a genius. Plugins install and work as expected. Hourly rate a little higher that most but worth it since he works so fast n accurate. Technical code expert and artistic design both.

    Project Description:Hello, I need a php programmer to build a plugin/widget for our prayer website. It would schedule prayer people over a week, 168 hours, and then display a photo and phone number of the person praying...
  • $772.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller moovemarketing


    Mar 24, 2014

    Another job well done.

    Project Description:Hi. Would like someone to improve upon a current wordpress plugin. Budget is $500.
  • $206.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller moovemarketing


    Mar 7, 2014

    Don't know how many projects I've had with Namith already. But this dude never fails every time. He could do with a little bit more communication though.

    Project Description:index page, inside page, and portfolio page. PSD mockups done. Need Wordpress template made from it. Needs to be responsive and support Retina graphics. Will provide all @2x and @1x png graphic required...
  • $818.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller moovemarketing


    Mar 1, 2014

    Again. Namith is the man.

    Project Description:I am building a event page with info about the event on Wordpress. I need a Registration and Management plugin to be made. Need the following functions: 1) Front end page with registration form, progress...
    Namith J has not completed any projects.
  • $200 USD In Progress

    Hi namith,I think it´s better to hire you directly than to reopen the previous project. So here´s just the description of the project again:I need to integrate several line charts in a wordpress site. Those charts contain a large number of graphs - please see attached example chart. Therefore I need two interactive functionalities:1. Select and deselect graphsThe user must be able to select or deselect which graphs are displayed2. Zoom inThe user must be able to zoom in and outI have the data for the charts in excel sheets. So I also need an easy way to transfer them.As attachment I am sending you an example chart to get an idea what it looks like (wihtout interction) and an excel-sheet with two example sets of data. The charts are basically about investment plans over different time periods with different investments. In the attached file you can find examples over 5 and 20 years. The charts will have to be inserted in existing wordpress pages - I guess with shortcodes would be the best way. They should have a width of 605px, so they will fit in the content-section of my theme. If you have any further questions, let me know.kind regards,Markus

  • $263 USD In Progress

    Based on mockup2-annotated.pdf, create a wordpress theme consisting of two page templates, Home page, and normal inside page. The layout must be responsive as described in the mockup as well.I need the popup javascript quiz to be just a lightbox with backend field to enter iframe or short code later. Haven"t decided how to do the quiz yet. Thanks.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    **ONLY BID WHEN YOU CAN GIVE US A REALISTIC TIMEFRAME AND CAN KEEP THE DEADLINE**Hello,We need a website for phone repairs. The site need to be wordpress based. We already have a lay-out for the website. (PSD mock up)One of the most important things of the site will be the agenda.There will be different stores (who do repairs) who can put on the website the day"s when they are free for appointments. They will need to be able to add those timeslots via the WP Dashboard.Then the client can go to the website, check which store they want to go to with their broken phone, and after that check when there are timeslots available for that store and make an appointment.This is an example of a repair site with a agenda:

  • $263 USD In Progress

    I need you to- Create a Wordpress plugin that provides "exit popup" functionality- the actual exit pop is the traditional "browser" based exit-pop (i.e. no fancy graphics required), we need this thing to be unblockable. the user can enter the text for that exit pop.- a second option is a "coloured" bar similar to - this is a bar that appears/slides-in after a giventime-interval (either top or bottom of page). This is custimizable (colour & text that"s on the bar), when the visitor clicks on the bar, then they"re either taken straight to the exit-page (see below), or the normal "exit popup window" pops up (in other words: it"s either an alternative to the exit popup window described above, or it goes just "before" the exit pop, and the visitor then gets funneled through therest of the workflow as usual.- the novel thing is that the page on which the exit pop fires is opened in an iframe: - the user provides a target URL "X" - the plugin embeds that target page inside an iframe, and gives the user a new target URL "Y" (which is on the domain on which the plugin is hosted). Just like pretty-link, this "local" URL is either auto-generated, or it is user-definable. - when the visitor tries to EXIT page "X", the exit pop is shown, and if accepted (yes, stay on page), then the user is redirected to the "exit-page" "Y" (user-definable).- the user can provide scripts that are added to the header/footer (before closing or tag. These scripts MUST be executed when the iframe is opened!- I"m putting this in here because half the people on free lancer don"t actually read the instructions: if you send me a "generic" "we develop websites" application, it goes straight in the bin! I need to see that you"ve actually read this. You do this by mentioning the word "peanut butter" in the first sentence of your proposal, and then give me an idea and examples of what other Wordpress plugins you have developed!- all code MUST be 100% original (i.e. the copyright is mine), meaning: you can NOT use e.g. wp-topbar and simply extend it! please confirm in your bid that all work will be original work and that you will not be using existing code that forces me to release my plugin under some GNU-license- the exit-behaviour can be controlled: only fire after x seconds (user-definable) of the visitor staying on the site, toggle on/off: show for "hitting back-navigation", "close browser window/tab", ... (and any other ones that can be easily controlled)- the plugin provides split-testing functionality for exit-pages "Y" (say up to 5 different offers are rotated, the plugin tracks click-rates for each, and reports them)- URL-parameters are passed through to the exit-pages "Y".- the individual exit pops can be geo-targeted at country level. Meaning: the user can define which exit pops are shown to visitors from specific countries (simply drop-down box where one/multiple countries can be selected). There"s also an option for a "catchall" or default exit-pop.- option to show to mobile/desktop/both (text may well have to be entered differently for mobile exit-pops!)- the functionality of the exit-pop can be controlled from the central dashboard, meaning the pretty-link-like URLs created by the plugin are "clever" plugins: e.g. if the user chooses to de-activate the exit pop on a particular link, then the link will still go to destination page "X", but when the visitor then exits the page, the exit-pop will no longer show. Similarly, the (up to 5) exit-pages "Y" can be changed "on the fly" inside the dashboard. Or: the user may want to change the destination URL "X" ... again, the "smart-URL" that"s created does NOT change, but the destination does, simply by changing the value in the dashboard.CheersVeit

  • $29 USD In Progress

    Hi. I would like an additional page template built for my site.PM me to discuss details.

  • $40 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi namith,I would need some more extra features for the shop directory at I need an extra field for the shops, that has an "expiration date". This is meant for coupons or special offers from the shops, which have an expiration date. So I need to be able to set an expiration date, that this line only appears until this date.2. There is one field at the shops ("text"), which should only be displayed in the category "Shop des Tages". Right now I´m always creating two shops - one for "Shop des Tages", where I include this line and one for the other categories without that line. If you can make it in a way, that the line is only displayed in "Shop des Tages" I wouldn´t have to double every shop.3. The empty fields, which should not be displayed, are now delivered with a -tag. I´m not too happy with that solution. Is it possible, that these fields are not displayed at all (also not in the source code of the page)?4. I would like to enable user reviews to the shops. The plugin "Wordpress Customer Reviews" ( would be fine, but I would need two extras for that:a) Users should only be able to give a review over their facebook login. By a checkbox they should be able to choose, of their review is also posted on their facebook-site. The profile picture and name should appear with the review. Is that possible?b) In some cases I have created several shops in the directory for just one Online-Shop. For example I did that for Amazon, so that in each category of the directory the link goes directly to the matching category at Amazon. Now if someboday writes a review about Amazon, this review should be displayed at all the Amazon-shops in the different categories. Not sure what would be the easiest way to achieve that. Either I could select at every review, if this review should also be displayed at other shops, or I should be able to "link" shops somehow beforehand, so that this works automatically (this would certainly be the better solution - but not sure, if it´s possible).I´m not sure, if all the features are possible as described above. So please let me know, if you could do that and what the price would be.Kind regards, Markus

  • $500 USD In Progress

    Hi there, I am looking to create a custom wordpress plugin or use an existing plugin in conjunction with a new product that would do the following:- show the listing price and show the rebate for the property for example: there are 3 plugins that can pull data from IDX server those could be used as base plugins and the new product would calculate the discounted price automatically from the price that the existing plug in pulls.If you would like to set up a vm let me know. the price can be negotiated.Thanks,Michael

  • $257 USD In Progress

    **I am not excepting any bids if you bid before requesting website url***this project can not be reposted anywhere else or be given to another to complete***I will not except any bid without a message specifically written for this project. Generic template messages will be ignored.****I am looking for someone with a greater understanding of wordpress them how to change a template. I am looking for an individual that can create custom responsive theme development. I am looking for someone that can create custom modules with backend access to edit. I need an individual that is fast at adapting to new technologies, frameworks and libraries. Someone with an extensive knowledge of api"s. Someone who knows bootstrap very well and is able to remove all the unnecessary markup in the boot strap framework so there is no code bloat. Someone with a good working knowledge and is able to multitask a fine eye for design, light, optimized code and markup, Ui, and anticipating future changes so large changes are not needed to add extensive new features. I need a responsive well marked up theme, created from my html5, css3 website. my site uses the latest bootstrap framework but there is a lot of unnecessary markup from bootstrap framework, redundant positioning etc. However it is responsive over all devices in any position except at media below a certain screen size on an image on the homepage which will need to be fixed during final development into wordpress theme. I expect high quality work, an exceptional eye for detail, quick response time, not to be im, or Skype late at night over all respect for me and my time zone change. Please don"t bid so low you are not able to complete with perfection in a short timeframe and do not bid some outrages amount, I am responsible for a lot of similar and more and less complex projects of this nature on an on going basis.the bids that will be considered first are the ones with a message that relative only to this project and clearly convoys your understanding of the details and your ability to complete these task as clearly as possible. If time was not taken to read details, and compose a clear concise message your bid will be ignored.

  • $185 USD In Progress

    Need to create exact clone/migrate to Wordpress.Full access to original website data (CMS/PMA/FTP) will be provided.Moving of template, WP instalation is almost done or ready

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    We need a Site Coded from a PSD to Wordpress. Both Home Page and Inner page PSD are ready. You"ll need to code the PSD to Wordpress and deliver a theme for us to upload to the server.Theme Rights will be ours 100% and you cannot put your name anywhere in the Theme Code or use the them online for anyone else or in your portfolio.By bidding on this project You agree that all work product is ours 100%.The theme should allow ALL pages and sections of the site to be edited /modified via CMS . No part of the site should require html knowledge to update.We should be able to use the theme on multiple sites by allowing us to change the LOGO.Site will have Home Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 FormPageRemoval Request PagePrivacy PolicyContact us pageSitemapSite will have Google adsense embeded on certain preset places in the theme.This should be done in 3 days max as its a simple site. Place your exact bid and timeframe with just 1 WP site that you have coded.ThanksOST

  • $126 USD Today

    I currently have a revenue sharing plugin that was build for me but I need an upgrade. The plugin I have now allows me to input the amount I am paying out and the percentages that I am paying to writers (90%) and editors (10%) and then divides that amount of money by total pageviews.What I need to have implemented is a threshold so that writers who don"t make enough money will be carried over to the next pay period.Depending on cost I would like to look into how much it would cost to have a "pay all" button for paypal. Right now I have to pay each person individually.

  • $494 USD 8 days ago

    Hello - I am developing a website for a custom t-shirt/apparel printer. We are looking a "quick quote" tool plugin. Haven"t been able to find. We would like customers to be able to generate quotes by selecting multiple criteria - garment type, color, size, quantity, and printing specs (# of colors, # of imprints). Looking for advice on selecting a plugin that will provide what we need, and can be customized to our specs.Ryan

  • $231 USD 8 days ago

    Looking for a developer to help with development of a Wordpress theme.We currently have the designs in PSDs, and are formatted for the 1170 Bootstrap grid system. We"re looking for the final development to be responsive via Bootstrap.Please apply and I"ll send over the full specifications before hiring.Thank You!

  • £198 GBP 12 days ago

    We need a plugin writing to display content both on this page and also on selected sidebars such as or the moment you can add to the quickfacts page but the sidebar facts are images and we need to have the following functionality - to be able to add / edit & delete a new fact and select whether it goes on the quickfacts page and also whether it goes into the quickfacts on the sidebar and if it does to be able to select which pages it appears on and the admin needs to be simple as the user doesn"t have any html knowledge so they would need to be able to reproduce the existing fonts that you can see with shortcode or another solution that is simpleA developer started work on the dev site but hasn"t completed the work and struggled to get it displaying correctly especially as it is a responsive site plus the admin for the quickfacts page and the sidebar are seperate. So you may be able to work with this partial development although I suspect you may be better starting the whole thing again.We are behind with this project already and I really need the project completing by sunday night uk time so I can test it and set it live ready for monday morning So I will pick someone withing the next few hours and need the work completing within 24 hours from acceptance

  • $189 AUD 19 days ago

    Hi,I have a theme design that needs to be converted from JPEG to wordpress responsive theme theme has a 1 x Homepage and 2 x Subpage layouts. It has drop down menu at the top and image slider on the homepage. Please make a bid if you are experienced wordpress theme developer with high feedback rating. I will then share the design files.Thankyou

  • [Sealed] 20 days ago

    I need a someone to develop a Wordpress theme based on already created design mockups. I have all pages designed and ready in PSD. there are around 20 - 22 pages, home pages are ready and coded (will show that to a selected number of applicants), I need the developer to build all inner pages of front end and back-end as well.- The theme must be SEO-friendly.- The theme must be developed using the latest web technologies html5, css3 and Javascript.- The theme must be developed according to the latest Wordpress theme development and coding standards.- We will need some plugins to be installed and configured properly.- We may also need a custom plugin to be developedI would prefer individuals rather than companies as there is a chance to make the winner our permanent developer and an ongoing contract will be provided.The winner will get the opportunity to work with us for a long time and there are multiple projects lined up.Please provide short and to the point application, provide your recent work you have done (only work you have done, we do check!).More information will be provided to a selected number of applicants.Thanks in advance.

  • $231 USD 24 days ago

    Develop a low weight Visual Composer plugin extension/ Wordpress plugin which fetch metadata from added links and shows them as "posts" in the grid layout.Funcionalities:- Admin area where user can add links. - Search field. - Limit showed post/links amount in grid.- Show random posts. Easy task for a good Wordpress developer.

  • $496 USD 24 days ago

    Hello,I am looking to build a simple wordpress plugin that uses a really simple API from an external site. The plugin will just make one simple GET and POST calls.Please let me know if you need more details.

  • $126 USD 24 days ago

    PSD to Worspress ConcersionHomepage LayoutContent Page Layout - full width and with sidebar.Must be dynamic and easily edit and add widgets in backenda of wordpress.Clean coding and work closely with our requests.We will supply server and working environment along with all plugins used.No content to be added - we will do all content. Must be responsive and can use an existing CLEAN wordpress template.LOOKING for long term developer as have more projects. Developer must have more than 95% completion rate an accept project immediately after discussion.Project due: 7 daysBudget: $120

  • $1649 USD Feb 20, 2014

    Our website was redesigned 2 years ago for use on the "WhippleHill" platform, and it needs to be moved to WordPress for cost savings and ease of use. Only the "public facing" part of the website needs to be moved to WordPress, as the rest is moving to other platforms. I need someone who can help migrate the existing design by creating WordPress page templates, perhaps with a few design tweaks and optimizations. Depending on pricing, I might choose to do the actual content migration in-house rather than paying a developer to do the rote migration work.

  • $175 USD Jan 28, 2014

    I have a 5 PSD files which I want to convert into wordpress templates. I have included one file at the bottom. All the content must be editable in wordpress, for example header/footer and each page"s content. It must look like the PSD but be easily maintained by myself through WordPress. Quite urgent work so need quick turnaround times. I have purchased the Flawless theme to be used . I want to use the theme as it is all ready well integrated into wordpress. But am open to feedback. Type "I understand" in top of your bid so I know you have read this.

  • $5 USD/hr Jan 19, 2014

    I can explain in Skype

  • $412 USD Jan 17, 2014

    I am looking for a skilled html developer who can take an illustrator file and turn in into a wordpress theme.The theme is pretty basic with just about 5 pages.The small tricks needed are:- Responsive design: one single html output that looks just as good on mobile as desktop, similar to wordpress" default theme, with the menu coming together as a dropdown.- Cross-browser compatibility, down to internet explorer 6 (hardest part haha)- Some javascript/ajax for pages transitions using window.history.pushState(), see is for a fashion brand, so this means that I don"t need many pages or advanced content functions. However the little that has to be done needs to be absolutely beautiful.If you think that you can do it, please write to me with some ideas and examples of jobs that you have done in the past.Andrew

  • $185 USD Jan 13, 2014

    Hello guys,I have attached the JPGs files, and I"ll send the PSDs after awarding. I need you guys to transform the PSD into a functional Wordpress blog. It has to be a clean, well organized and professional code. All the requirements are described at the JPGs files and here. The layout doesn"t need to be responsive for small devices. You can use twitter bootstrap if you think that will speed the development.Please download the zip attached here, take a look at all the pictures and read all the instructions needed. I won"t accept amateurs here. I"m the owner of a big publicity company in Brazil and I"ll have lots of jobs in the next weeks. I"m looking for a professional and long-term relationship.Five important things:- I"ll validate your HTML, CSS and Javascript code within the W3C rules at The layout will have to be pixel-perfect copy from the PSD- All the description of each page must be completed.- I need it working on IE 10, IE 11, Chrome, FIrefox and Safari.- The Portfólio item on menu will be a special category for the posts inside it. They should only appear on that section of the website.That"s it. Please only bid after checking all the files.Thanks,

  • $164 AUD Jan 12, 2014

    We have 3 .psd file that we need to be coverted into a word press themes.

  • $185 USD Dec 28, 2013

    I will be providing PSD files of a responsive design, and you would need to take those and convert it to Wordpress. Please do remember, I am looking for someone who can create an INSTALLABLE theme, not a hack job. Also note that I will under no condition release any milestones till the project is complete and tested by my team 100%.

  • $144 USD Dec 19, 2013

    Hello,I would like to convert 2 HTML pages to WordPress (Version 3.8).Here are the 2 HTML pages that I need converted. wordpress theme should look and behave the as the HTML templates. Please keep in mind the HTML pages are responsive and use Bootstrap 3.

  • $20 USD/hr Dec 11, 2013

    I am looking for a long term partner to work on projects mainly relating to wordpress.I am a good employer and would like to find someone who:a) Has a high level of English - advanced level comprehension and writing abilityb) An expert who delivers bug free code, finds problems themselves and does not submit code with errors.c) Someone who is proud of their work - not interested in finishing job quickly with minimum hoursd) Long term partnership built on trust, I trust that you are billing honestly for your hours, you trust that I will always pay you on time and keep giving you more consistent work.e) Attention to detail and design. Understanding that the sites need to be perfect and we do not want to put 50,60,70 or even 95% completed work on live servers. ----This project will be based on an hourly estimate, so please estimate your hours to complete the project. If it works and things go well I am looking to continue with continuous work.Wordpress tasks:- Add Popular Posts Widget to right sidebarWe need a popular posts widget added to the sidebar of the two wordpress sites. This should include an image and title and be based on most visited posts, not most commented. 3 Add some buttons to sharing barWe have a sharing bar, we need to add 2 more buttons. -Add sharing buttons to the top of the posts.We need to add sharing buttons to the top of every post. -Investigate CDN images issueWe have a CDN configured on one site to deliver images via subdomain. But the CDN snyc plugin we are using is outdated and causing errors, 1/50 images seems not be loaded. Investigate and fix so it is 100% reliable. - Add sharing buttons onto images as exampleAdd social sharing buttons onto images, as shown in example. Migrate wordpress site from one server to another. Without any disruptions and also migrate 2 custom developed apps (android app control centre hosted on the same domain and another custom app).- Modify post template Modify the post template so the featured image does not display at the top of every post. - Change post display on homepageMake some modifications to our theme homepage template so the post list is displayed differently. Details supplied to successful bidder.

  • $154 USD Dec 6, 2013

    I need a developer to convert a PSD file to a Wordpress Theme

  • $113 USD Dec 4, 2013

    Hi, This should be a very simple job for an experienced coder.I need to have a page in Wordpress (plugin or script in iFrame?) where user can select some parameters and then input text in a text box. The script then takes these inputs and fill them in an xml file with a predetermined format.This is to change text files into XML quiz files.There are a number of quiz formats, e.g. multichoice, cloze, fill in the blank, etc. each with a slighlty different xml format because of slightly different input parameters.I will provide you with sample text files as well as sample xml files for each question type.I"d be glad to answer any questions you have.Thanks,Deon

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