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Location: Shimla, India

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  • $10.00 USD
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    Rstanjim [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jan 22, 2013

    Not completed My work ,all fake followers and drop<br/>

    Project Description:as we need
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  • $155 USD In Progress

    Hello, Freelancers!I need someone to help me create product images for a new product line of mobile phone accessories. There is a template to follow with about 400 images that need to be altered.You will be provided with a list of mobile phone models.The easy part is cutting/paste the picture of the mobile on to the template and saving / naming the file.The part that will consume more time is looking for the pictures of the mobile phone online. Internet access is required as you will be looking for / downloading hi-res pictures of mobile phones via Google etc.Details will be further explained upon hiring. Looking forward to working with you!

  • $155 AUD In Progress

    I need a 15000+ PNG files resized and compressed to a smaller size. I have Sprites work that needs altering because there is many files that are repeated in the PNG file that need removing. all together i need a 1.4GB 15,000PNG files to decrease in size to around 100MB and keeping the same quality please let me know your thoughts on how you will do this.

  • $800 USD In Progress

    I am looking for a children&quot;s book illustrator. The project involves 100 illustrations in a time period of 4 months. The illustrations should be realistic and manga based. Vector based sketches , size 6 inches by 8 inches.

  • $555 USD 2 days ago

    Please don&quot;t reply with your history or other long notes. Your application will go to the basket if you do so. I need only serious and hardworking creative person who must have a good knowledge on photoshop. Attached is the image of a woman wearing a dress shirt. Instead of that shirt I need a male t shirt. So your task is to convert the dress shirt with a male tshirt. That means I want the woman is wearing a male tshirt. The edited final image must look professional and clean. That&quot;s why i am looking for a creative person. This is a sample image , there will be more than 2000 images and the work would very much the same. This is a month long contract , probably 3-4 months. I prefer workers from Bangladesh. No matter you are a newbie or an experienced- I don&quot;t care. I need the person who has the ability and can deliver. So apply with short detail about the work and queries. You also need to edit the attached image as i describe earlier and attach it with your application. Without the attachment your application will not be granted for review.

  • $555 USD 4 days ago

    Need designer to work with me to create a 3D illustration of our model showroom, logos and graphics can be provided. Also need art for model store front. These are conceptual, so some investigation on our company will be required to accurately display our products.

  • $555 USD 4 days ago

    Hello,basically i&quot;m wanting you to copy this video using drawn characters. I&quot;ll give you the designs in 3d for you to then draw 2d. this is the standard I&quot;m looking for whould please bid with reasonable amounts and only if you specialize in illustration as well as animation, thanks

  • $1250 USD 5 days ago

    I need someone with the right illustrative style and the same enthusiasm as myself to get a graphic novel published

  • £555 GBP 6 days ago

    Illustration for a book about memories... I want cartoony illustrations, I like Alice tait style of work, i need about 10 different a5 pages with different illustrations as the border, or if on the page there is a picture and text, then illustration to link it all together, looking fun, limited colours as also want it clean looking. Please email for more precise ideas I can send a picture

  • ₹33333 INR 10 days ago

    Looking for Delhi based Illustrator who are good in visualization and water color illustrations. Some one who can contribute in creative thinking and can translate ideas into impressive and engaging illustrations. (digital illustrations too are welcome as long as you are able to present it in a appealing and technically sound illustration)This s a full time work on project bases. A suitable candidate should be of at least 1-2 or more years of experience, a fresh fine art graduate is welcome. you can reach us on or call us on 9811888391.regardsSanjay

  • ₹7777 INR 11 days ago

    All you got to do is change the background of the cake photos to white so it looks professional and can be used on the website as products catalog. Quality should be 95% and we need each one of you who bid to do a sample work on any one of the files attached. There are 1000 images totally to be worked on and 7 working days would be given to deliver. Only freelancers and companies from Chennai, India are allowed to bid. As of now we are not looking to partner with people in other locations.

  • $500 SGD 12 days ago

    If the following describes you, we want you!- Creative illustration artist who can create awesome and original illustrations of cute cats and / or dogs- Good with Adobe Illustrator and / or PhotoshopWe pay $500 per project. Please email your contact details and sample illustrations of cats and / or dogs to .

  • £555 GBP 12 days ago

    Hi we are a brand new lingerie company.we are looking for a designer to create a full range of exclusive designs for our line:

  • €155 EUR 12 days ago

    I am looking an photo editor with good eye - who would be able to edit wedding and family photos.I need to see first your portfolio and I would need you to do me some example work (few photos).All files are in RAW and needed to edit with photoshop or lightroom (or both).What I can pay?For example, full day wedding (up to 700 Pictures) - aprox 100-200 eur. Depends, how may beauty shots, how many Pictures are from party and so one - as these do not need much work.As my wish is not too-over photoshoped photos, I think this will not täke too lõng time.I edit one lõng-wedding aprox 7-8 hours (max 10). And I am not professional in photoshop.Contact:

  • $1250 AUD 13 days ago

    Editing images for a professional photographic studio. Children and Family Portraits for print.Clean Up & For Print:See below specific details:CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS:1 minute per imageUp to 4000 &quot;CLEANING&quot; images a week, daily turn around (Exposure / Contrast and Colour)1. Images must be consistent in colour tone and contrast2. They are to be contrasty, however with a full tonal range- Highlights are not to be blown out- Detail is still visible in the blacks/ shadow areas3. Skin tone is to be natural and neutral in tone. Is is important to avoid overly warm or cool tonesBackground1. White backgrounds must be pure white with any lights, stands, or boards removed2. Grey or coloured backgrounds must be free of dust spots, lines, lights, stands, and boards3. Intentional shadows to be kept in4. People need to look natural in the setting and not cut out (even if they have been)Skin Retouching1. Natural skin retouching keeping the texture of skin and shape under eyes2. Pimples and blemishes (scratches, bruises) to be fully removed3. Wrinkles, scars, and bags under eyes to be softened by approximately 50%.4. Patchy skin to softened and blended5. Intense redness of the skin to be neutralized6. Any snot or dribble to be removed completely from childrenOutput image size1. Jpgʼs to be saved at optimum quality @ 3,000 x 2,000 pixels with a resolution of 200 ppi.PRINT READY &quot;SPECIAL RETOUCH&quot;Up to 400 &quot;&quot;special retouch&quot; images a week.Print-Ready Procedure - Clean background - White backgrounds must be clean white, no marks. But if there is a shadow by people feet or if they are leaning on a wall a small shadow must be left - Colour/grey background – must be clean and smooth, any wall lines must be removed• Clean skin, remove blemishes. But leave all freckles, moles and scars• Soften eye bags and wrinkles• Whiten teeth if discoloured / remove stains• Whiten the whites of the eyes if discoloured or bloodshot.• Remove snot/ dribble from noses, mouths and clothes• Remove fluff and pet hairs on clothes• Remove stray hairs over face where possible, and also smooth fly away hairs• Remove scratches and bruises!• Remove chromatic aberration!• Ensure all images for the same client match in colour and tones

  • $555 USD 13 days ago

    I want 100 illustrations to be made. I would provide you description for the illustration and you have to draw as per the description. I would require you to submit first line art of the sketch and after approval will ask you to color the images. I can pay only 3$ - 4$ per illustration. Please share the link of your portfolio.

  • $2500 USD 13 days ago

    To design a floor plan ,front elevation ,side elevation, and section for a 13 story hospital

  • $266 CAD 13 days ago

    42 illustrations for a video production about historical events involving men and ships in Arctic exploration. We looking for a sketch artist with a realistic style - a series of monochrome drawings with a similar colour scheme.

  • $500 AUD 14 days ago

    We require a highly creative and professional graphic designer/artist to create a design to advertise our shows on our Company Van. You will need to create a design for the front of the Van, the side of the van and the back of the Van (photos of the Van are attached). Here are the details.The Van Dimensions are:Length = 5.15 metresWidth = 1.69 metresHeight = 2.22 metres.The design must fit the entire area of the van, except for where we have put a X on it or where it is colored red.There are 3 sections that need to be designed. A front section of the car, the entire side and the rear of the car.VERY IMPORTANT:When selecting a photo or photos, do not just put a photo somewhere. We want this to be pleasing to the eye, captivating and worth a million dollars (so to say). So photo editing, manipulating, illustrating, etc must be present or we won&quot;t even consider it. The photos attached are just offered to help assist your creative skills in making a masterpiece. Kids faces MUST BE CHANGED so that they are not easily recognised. Our performers faces are okay as they are. We do not want to see the photos being just used. Illustration and Artistic Impression will win the Contest. Also feel free to use other images or photos to create the Advertisement we are looking for.IMPORTANT BACKGROUND INFORMATION FOR SHOWS:The Colonial Show and the Gold Show are live interactive theatre based productions that are performed in front of large audiences in schools, festivals and malls. It is highly interactive, where members of the audience are selected to be characters and part of the show. The shows are entertaining, hilarious and a great day or night out.The Artwork/Design needs to have this portrayed. We are promoting the shows and so, this has to be a high-end illustration of the shows, not just a placehold for our photos.VERY IMPORTANT IN THE SIDE VAN PANEL DESIGN:1) Must have both Shows being Advertised.2) On the Colonial Show part, must say in big letters &quot;Colonial Show&quot; and in small letters &quot;based on British Colonisation&quot;3) On the Gold Show part, must say in big Letters &quot;Gold Show&quot; and in small letters &quot;based on the Discovery of Gold in Australia&quot;4) Must have the words, &quot;Live Interactive Theatre Shows and Productions&quot;5) Must have the Words &quot;Ideal for Primary & High School Students&quot;.6) Must have the words &quot;A hilarious Entertainment Show for Corporate Functions, Parties, Events, Festivals and Live Dinner Theatre&quot;.7) Must have the Company National Number 1300 860 0748) Must have the Company Website 9) Must have the Company booking website There must be no white space at all. The entire side of the van will be painted with the Graphic Design, so be very creative.VERY IMPORTANT IN THE REAR VAN PANEL DESIGN:1) Must promote both elements of the show.2) Must have the Company Name &quot;Iconic Performances&quot; and the Logo.3) Must have the Company Number 1300 860 0744) Must have one of the website addresses.VERY IMPORTANT IN THE FRONT VAN PANEL DESIGN: 1) Nothing really here, except be very creative with the small space. Again leave no white space.Please note, that the attached images, are of the resolution that is attached. Whatever we give you is what we have. So when designing the artwork, bare in mind that this will be printed out for a very large van. If you feel that the image we provide you is to small, then either illustrate it yourself to be of high resolution or make it work. Don&quot;t use a photo if you feel it will look bad on the final print.Also please note, that the final product must be provided to us with the PSD or illustration files, in case the painters need to make slight changes. The final product must be provided with all raw data and mock-ups and we must received a HIGH RES pdf file with a minimum of 3mm bleed for the painters.If there are any questions

  • $555 USD 18 days ago

    Ultra realistic Portraits. Female subject&quot;s photo will be provided and will need to be drawn in very fine detail.Please send me samples of your work to help me make the decision on who to award the project to.Good luck everyone.

  • $277 SGD 18 days ago

    Cosmetic boxes reprint. Need a designer to redesign the packaging skincare boxes in the attachment for printing so we have working files to send to the printer.Payout: $300 for redesigning all.

  • $100 USD 18 days ago

    hi I&quot;m a photographer looking to post a contest who can do the best photo editing job for this photo I&quot;m doing this competition to also find a skilled professional to employ to take on all my work in the future good luckwhat I&quot;m looking for to be done is vibrant color, skin correction wrinkles, remove unwanted reflections in background, make the girl in the photo look thiner but natural

  • $155 CAD 18 days ago

    We need a graphic designer quote for sample magazine, 24 pages, finished size 5.25 x 10&quot;.This is a prototype magazine which will be presented to potential clients in the food industry, specializing in restaurants, clubs and lifestyle, targeted advertisers in the Greater Toronto Area.The cover page will be provided by us.We need unreal/sample ads as mentioned above, in half page and full page.

  • $41 USD/hr 18 days ago

    This project design for human magazine.

  • $1250 USD 18 days ago

    Dear all,For the wedding presenation of two friends I have a bunch of old photos of them two together but I want them to look closer, more affectionate (potentially huging or kissing) on these photos. I have added an example picture.They cannot look photoshopped since they also go on the invitation cards.Can you please let me know if you could undertake this job and actually do what I was thinking about.Thank you,Gilles

  • ₹27777 INR 19 days ago

    Hi, We are looking for Dedicated photoshop Designer and Illustrator for our Mobile Games, Apps and Website Related Work.Interested Professional must know sketching, Illustrations, Image edit and other 2D Design work involve during Games and Website making. They would have responsibility to design assets for our upcoming projects.We&quot;d provide detail of each job during the project though, we expect our professional designer to be expert in depicting things. Interested Professional would be working with us for long term and as we have stated that we need dedicated designer working with us, not contract basis and hence Propose you bid on monthly basis. As we have high work load now so you&quot;d have to work 6 days a week for a month and two, then after it would be 5 days week.We&quot;d like to know how much time you&quot;d take to Illustrate and design character like below attached file with Job description.Thanks

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Jan 2000 - Present (14 years)

webtech Planet

Hello<br /><br />we are expert in AI and Photoshop. we have 10+ year experience in this field. We are expert in jewellery images, clothes, accessories etc to make them more attractive. For sample please check our portfolio we already working for many big jewellery brands in US and Germany.<br />And now we are searching for new long term client. we are very hard working and sincere to our work, our samples can tell you what i can do. So please give us one chance to prove our talent.<br /><br /><br /><br />we have very low rate with bes



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I got best online marking manager award from my previous company webcom in 2005 because i made 200+ sales to my company through online marketing.


Children book

webtech planet

Hello<br /><br />we are expert in AI and Photoshop. we have 10+ year experience in this field. We are expert in jewellery images, clothes, accessories etc to make them more attractive. For sample please check our portfolio we already working for many big jewellery brands in US and Germany.<br /><br />Please check out our portfolio at -<br /><br /><br />