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Nazmul Kabir

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Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

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  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller johnnygiampapa


    Mar 15, 2014

    Nazmulcb Did a wonderful job! He was respectful and professional and got the project done very quickly with everything I asked.. I would recommend him to anyone looking to hire.

    Project Description:I need a list comprised of 100 Angel Investors in Southern California. With name and phone number/or email
  • $195 USD
    Profile image for Seller greenslope


    Mar 11, 2014

    Nazmul is a pleasure to work with once again. Very efficient worker.

    Project Description:Fill in spreadsheet with names and addresses of locations for various activities in U.S.
  • $23 USD
    Profile image for Seller greenslope


    Mar 6, 2014

    Nazmul is a pleasure to work with, very professional and efficient. The work was delivered on time and exceeded my expectations. I will be seeking his help again in the future.<br/>

    Project Description:I need someone to help me build a list of emails of editors, &amp; news staff of US publications using this website - - as a resource. Data is to be entered into a spreadhseet, which...
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller bartazo


    Feb 20, 2014

    great job! will hire again!

    Project Description:I need a list in excel of 500 European forums regarding students/travels/jobs/career with high Page Rank. Very easy job. Just sites in English.
  • $610 AUD
    Profile image for Seller sanosverd


    Dec 28, 2013

    Great To Work So Far... We will be working again soon.

    Project Description:G&#039;day. I will need someone to find and write 100 interesting Lists for me. Some of them may be funny, some of them sad and some of them just interesting. 700 Words for each list. 7 Items per list... No more no less.....
  • $111 AUD
    Profile image for Seller TizonD


    Nov 25, 2013

    Naz was able to deliver the work after numerous conversations, however the tasks requested were not always followed leaving some gaps in the required work on completion. Overall a diligent worker but tasks need to be agreed upfront to get the desired outcome.

    Project Description:I am looking to populate a list with Australia public &amp; private school &amp; clubs(swimming,sailing etc) with contact details and email addresses which can be used for marketing. More details on exact clubs...
  • $125 AUD
    Profile image for Seller BevanDooley


    Oct 31, 2013

    Good work, will use again

    Project Description:N/A
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller AMirow


    Oct 24, 2013

    Not an easy experience.<br/>

    Project Description:We are building a database of arena naming rights, in order to describe and evaluate trends. Therefore we have built an initial excel spreadsheet, which we filled in with data coming mainly from Wikipedia...
  • $12 USD
    Profile image for Seller supic


    Oct 18, 2013

    Good job, the worker can get better at this kind of job with more experience.<br/>

    Project Description:Find photo collections online that show large scale scenes captured from the same viewpoint under many illumination conditions. An example of a small scale indoor scene can be seen here: ...
  • $563.6 USD
    Profile image for Seller PegasusICS


    Oct 6, 2013

    Very good Freelancer

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
    Nazmul Kabir has not completed any projects.
    Nazmul Kabir does not have any work in progress.
  • $2 USD/hr Today

    Hello,I am posting this project because I am in need of someone who can do some advertising that will be very simple to data entry. You will copy and paste data into a website and advertise. This is a very simple job however there are a few requirements:Requirements:Must understand English wellHave a high speed internetand... a keyboard :)Thank you!

  • $50 USD Today

    We are looking for someone to search a list of websites and find contact details of a series of people on the sites. These sites will be mainly academic university web sites so some knowledge of academia would be welcome. We will initially supply you with a list of Universities and cities and recommend the types of people we are looking for. We will require you to find the people, their contact details, email address, physical address (mailing address) and their area of research.This job would suit someone with good English skills and may be long term. We will be looking for lists initially from the English speaking world so good English is a requirement.We will pay based on the number of contacts found, around 5$ per 100 although this will be negotiable. We will cross reference and test the contacts supplied and will only pay for contacts that meet our requirement.You can either use Webscraping techniques or basic searching, copy and pasting. We will be paying for the contacts supplied so we don&quot;t mind how it is done.Thanks

  • $8 USD/hr Today

    i will give more information for project 4 or 5 hours this job

  • $100 USD Today

    I need a quick and THOROUGH web scrape\\\/crawl export of links into an EXCEL DOC. One column is fine. I am doing a redirect to another site for each of the links, but for me to do manual data entry for each of these links is taking FOREVER.Please do the following:1) Do queries of -,, site:http:\\\/\\\/, site:http:\\\/\\\/ (see screenshot below)2) Do web scrape of URLs from search queries and record in Excel spreadsheet (one column to list all URLs)3) Only record unique URLs...**Be sure to record all unique URLs from each query in #1.**Be sure that the URL list contains no duplicates.**Record URLs on one sheet in one column....Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • $30 USD Today

    I need a fast worker to pull categories names and images from the following website. will have to enter the names in excel file and save the images as png/jpg files in specific size.Resizing may be needed.

  • $8 USD/hr Today

    I am migrating my static website to a Content Management System (Using Wordpress). However, all the data is not being transferred over. I need someone to do the following- Help find related picture to the article and put them in the articles within our CMS. There is about 200 articles. But I just need 75 articles to have photos.- Help find pictures online to put in other main sections- Help clean up the site for any issues they might find- Help with data entryThe person needs to be good with- Wordpress- Finding photos online- Adjusting text if neededHours: Probably 15 hours maybe more.

  • $3 CAD/hr Today

    We are looking for somebody to perform research to find online/distance degrees from lists of universities that we specify. Your role will be to find the university&quot;s official website, and find whether it offers any online/distance degrees. If there are online/distance degrees (full degrees offered 100% online), we will need certain information for each degree. If there are no online degrees offered for a certain university, please note that the university has been researched and that there are no online degrees offered through that university.Details for what information is required can be found in the file attached to this project. Once accepted to work on this project, you will receive login information where you will be able to upload the required information to the site, and submit it to us for approval. We will then check the information, and either approve it or mark it as requiring corrections, and provide feedback on what changes need to be made. Once all degrees for a certain university are uploaded and ready for approval, please let us know and we will review the items that have been uploaded. This will also keep track of the number of degrees uploaded, and how many have been approved/in progresss/require corrections. Payments will be sent once all degrees for a certain university are uploaded and approved, after any corrections have been made. The number of online degrees offered by each univesrity varies from about 5-50 degrees, depending on the university.We will begin with a project of about 20 universities as a test project. This will allow time to check the work, and provide feedback to about the work, and to answer any questions you may have in case of how the information is presented and what to do with it.Please note that all of hte information that is to be found must be from the school&quot;s official website, and not from any aggregator sites, in order to ensure accuracy. The source page for every degree will need to be included with each one.We are looking to hire on a per degree basis, so a fixed price for each degree that is approved, plus compensation for time spent researching a university if one does not offer any online degrees. We are looknig to pay between $0.30-$0.35 per degree, and $2 for if a university does not offer any online degrees. At the beginning it may take a bit of time to find the first degrees, but then additional degrees from the same university will be much faster as the information is typically presented in the same format. It will also be going faster as your questions are answered, and you know how to treat certain situations that you may encounter while doing the research. We think these should be fair prices as the time required per degree averages out, please include in your bid description the price per degree you are bidding.The first project will be of 20 universities based in the UK.Thanks for reading, I look forward to your bids.Thomas

  • $155 USD Yesterday

    I work with multiple stores. We have databases with millions of products that are being sold online using the amazon webstore platform. We need someone to work directly with the information to keep the information accurate, up to date, and analyze the data for buying opportunities. This work does not require any prior experience, though you must be able to type well and have a decent knowledge of excel. The person will be trained on what to do, so we are primarily looking for someone who is willing to work full time (not take on other projects), and for a low monthly cost. This is a job that can be filled in the united states by part time workers for minimum wage so the value of listing on freelancer is the low monthly cost, strong independent work ethic, and\\\/or a long term commitment. Please address these key values in your proposal and make your price quote would be your monthly salary. The agreement would be expected to be long term with regular increases in salary.The person will specifically be doing the following tasks:1. Identify missing information in the database and fill in that information. For Example, you would download a table from our database, identify the listings missing image information, find the appropriate information either in another table or online, add the image information to the table and upload the new information to our database and to our webstores.2. Add new products to database and to our webstores. We have database tables that get updated daily with feeds from our suppliers. There are scripts that compare these tables with our webstore listing tables and if the item exists in supplier table but not in webstore table, then it is a new product and a listing needs to be created. The person would create the listing by filling out the required fields, including finding the necessary information from any available source and saving the data to the database.3. Identify buying opportunities. With these millions of products, we have to constantly be expanding the number of products to sell, and identifying products to repurchase. The individual would regularly analyze the inventory quantities of our current listings and create a recommended repurchase order for each supplier. The individual would also analyze new products and create a recommended new product list for each supplier.4. Run regular inventory updates. We get inventory updates daily from our suppliers which need to be imported into our database prior to the start of each business day. The person would be responsible to importing tables into the database and using the information to update our webstore tables.5. Prepare a daily report of the work being accomplished.Requirement:1. Able to communicate in Written English and understand instructions in English.2. Work solely on our project full time.3. Work independently (find things to do and suggest things to do when no work has been assigned).4. Good internet access

  • $155 USD Yesterday

    I am looking for someone who can create product listing on my ecommerce website. The job includes creating a product with name, descriptions, pricing, images, category mappings, attribute mappings. Most of the time we will provide details on the images and they will need to be edited to match the size for site or a better quality image will need to be searched and edited. Editing of images can including cropping, removing background and placing on a standard background, adding shadows. The product descriptions are normally provided by if not they will need to be created.These are all the tasks that are required and this can become regular work if this job is done righ

  • $50 USD Yesterday

    DON&quot;T BID THOSE FREELANCER WHO ARE ALREADY WORKING THIS PROJECTUSA shop url research (Name and Email) [ Please review bellow attached sample file and work instruction]========== We are looking for full time and part time freelancer =========Freelancers must agree to work 5 days per week and daily at least 5 hours. Will choose multiple freelancer for this project.Will pay daily end of the work now, but from next week will pay weekly. Its long time work.We pay good $(amount) for this work and will share payment information only those freelancer who provide us good sample.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We will only select skilled freelancers with a sound experience to research USA leads in a deep web research. So only bid if you have experience in finding out information on Google, Jigsaw, Linkedin, and U.S. related directories like Any ideas of better options or how to find out the contact name, email and phone numbers of USA leads is very welcome. You may also share a sample USA research work, you have done before. It will help me choosing you.Work Description==============We need to find out:1.) the contact name2.) email and 3.) phone number in a list of URLs. Work process : 1.) Contact NameResearch one responsible contact name from an URL, such as the shop owner / founder, CEO, President etc. - You should try to find out the appropriate name in the top management.2.) EmailYour need to find out the email of the contact person you researched in (1). This research is mostly done on Google.3.) PhoneWant also need one phone number. The phone number is research on &quot;Contact Us&quot; or &quot;About&quot; sites of an URL. Phone format should be like “xxx xxx xxxx “[[[ I have share a sample file and instruction work format. You can find both file bottom of project description &quot;additional file&quot; attached section ]]]--------------------------------------------------------------------Your need to provide us at least 5 sample data sets, if you want to work in this project. We will only select freelancers able to show quality samples. Please also put a note where you found the result contact name, email and phone number. ---------------------------------------------------------------------[Please write &quot;I love Shops&quot; in your bid proposal area. By this you confirm that you&quot;ve read our project description carefully.]*Without sample bid are not accepted*

  • $250 AUD Yesterday

    List the street addresses of all houses with swimming pools in the suburbs of Castlecrag and Northbridge New South Wales. Both suburbs are close to the CBD in Sydney. All swimming pools can be seen on Google EarthAn address would be 9 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag for example. The address should be presented in a Microsoft Excel speadsheeet with each part of the address in separate columns There should be an additional column stating if the pool is small, medium or largeSmall pools are 8 meters by 3 meters approximatelyMedium pools are 10 meters by 4 meters approximatelyLarge pools are larger than 10 meters long

  • [Sealed] /hr 2 days ago

    I&quot;d like to hire someone for an ongoing project where every week you will plan out my diet plan for the coming week AND order my groceries for me online. Duties are to include:1. Search my local Price Chopper grocery store for specials every Sunday at this website: Prepare and email me a diet plan every Sunday with healthy options WITHIN my budget.3. Order the groceries through my local Price Chopper and schedule them to be picked up at the time I designate to you. That&quot;s it, pretty easy. If it works out this could be a lasting opportunity for you to get an hour or two of work every week. I&quot;m looking to hire someone for between $3 and $5 per hour. If you&quot;re serious about this, please add the word &quot;SNAG&quot; to the beginning of your bid. Thanks and good luck!-Dan

  • $155 USD 2 days ago

    We are looking for a freelancer to provide us with the contact details of Marketing & Communication team responsible for international marketing of universities’ overseas student admission programs. These should be the contact details of marketing team dealing with media, web publications at overseas to attract international students for respective universities. Contact list should cover all universities and business schools in UK, Australia and US.Data field must include University name, Address, Contact Name, Department, Job Role, Contact Email, Contact Phone number (landlines /mobile/ both). There should not be any duplicates; we are looking for 15000 contacts created within 30days period .500 contacts to be submitted every day.1st week – 3750 contacts for UK2nd Week – 3750 contacts for Australia3rd Week - 3750 contacts for US4th Week - Remaining 3750 contacts altogether from UK, Australia & USIf there is no enough contacts available in these regions to make 15000 contacts lists relevant contacts (as mentioned above) from Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Singapore can also be includedWe are only looking for contact details specified above. No office contacts reception contacts are acceptable.Data provided will be validated every day and payments will be made end of every week ($25). Incorrect data will not be accepted and those will be deducted from the total count.This is fixed price project for $100 to be complete within 30days.So while placing bid consider the span of 30 days.Those who can start immediately should only be considered.

  • $277 AUD 2 days ago

    The project is for a retail business. The business website needs new products updated via a .xls spread sheet. You will be supplied with a .xls spreadsheet template with approximately 300 products covering multiple brands listed on it. Budget is $90. For each product there needs to be a correct description filled in and the correct image downloaded and saved with the corresponding name. This first field is the &quot;Product Description&quot;.It is to be filled with a complete description & specifications taken from the official product website. Once job accepted will supply product details site details. (About five cut & pastes as there are several descriptions broken down into categories on the left hand side for each product). Html formatting need to remain intact. Best option would be to paste into Dreamweaver style WYSIWYG program first and once formatted nicely paste all five cuts as one entire description & specifications along with html into .xls template description field. The template already has the product heading tags inserted as a starting point. Description is to be inserted after the heading tags.Image EditingEach description must be accompanied with a photo.The photo must be of a large high quality, Large sharp hign quality images, not blurred.Not include not competitors watermarksThe official website most likely will be too small. If you do a Google image search make sure the product is the correct image.Product photo must be loaded into the supplied &quot;Web-Product-Template.psd&quot; template 1200x1200px and be saved as the name in the &quot;Image Name&quot; field found in the xls template.If it is long like a keyboard please place diagonally from corner to corner to maximize it&quot;s size. Otherwise product image is to be aligned center top. See SOP Example.Image to be saved as a .jpg at 100% compression quality. 300kb or larger.All images to be zipped up into a single folder per brands once job is complete. Total of five folders.All images to have white background.The first product has been completed as an example included in the template, with image included.I will be checking the images and descriptions to confirm they are correct. Please ensure the images and descriptions are current and correct.

  • $30 USD 2 days ago

    We are looking for a list of all minor hockey Teams in North America, We got a list of all leagues here => then you can find the Teams and than you have to look for the responsible Person for the teams Data have to includeName of the team, League, Webpage, Head of Icehockey Department, trainer for each team, Contact Data of section icehockey, email adress to each person

  • $3 USD/hr 2 days ago

    I need the details of every owner and manager of every pub, independent pub, hotel and liquor store in Australia Name and email essential, phone numbers also essentials and I need it done asapWilling to pay $4 an hour, need a quote of how many hours required! Even if it&quot;s a rough estimate

  • $155 USD 2 days ago

    The project has two parts:Part 1: I need a list of publications (ideally magazines and newsletters) that connect with people who have disabilities. For example these publications may include monthly letters from organisations or charities, or magazines that are released and sold every week. Any publication that has to do with old age, physical disabilities, or products for disabled people. An example of a magazine is &quot;Arthritis Today&quot; ( I would like results from all over the world however would like to focus on USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe and China & Japan. The list will be sorted by the region that their readership/audience base is located. For each publication I need as many of the following details:1. The name, 2. Publishing organisation,3. Press and advertising contact person name and email address 4. General contact email address5. Postal address.Part 2: I need a list of shops (both online and physical) that sell disability related products or products that provide assistance to elderly people or people who have a disability. I need these details for the same areas as listed above. For each shop I need:1. Name2. Address3. Website4. Email addressPlease tell me how you will search and how you will compile results. Excel file preferred.

  • $88 USD 3 days ago

    I have a spreadsheet with several businesses listed. I need someone to call these businesses and retrieve missing data such as emails, point of contacts, fax numbers, etc.This does not require any knowledge of my work. It&quot;s simply calling, introducing yourself and stating you work for my company, and then asking for their information so they can be sent a flier about an upcoming. This is not sales work. Most of these companies need this class, and we&quot;re merely informing them that there&quot;s one in their area.I have 150-200 businesses to call. I expect to see bids in the $60-90 range. Native english speakers only.

  • $50 USD 3 days ago

    Good DayI am looking for a freelancer that can provide me with contact leads in Italy. Contact information must contain:Business NameEmail AddressWebsite AddressLeads MUST be a firearms dealer (NOT a manufacturer!!!!)Leads CANNOT be air gun or air soft dealerLeads MUST be a defense equipment broker to the Italian Government and/or local Italian Government Entities.Must BID in what amount of money you want per 100 qualified leads. I will check the leads for accuracy before payment.

  • $555 USD 4 days ago

    We need the name and addresses of all franchisee&quot;s / locations as well as the state offce in each of the following cities in Australia; Brisbane; Sydney; Melbourne; Adelaide and Perth for each of the following businesses specifically...Jims MowingHire A HubbyKennards HireCoates HireDargills HireAnd in general all Nursery&quot;s and Landscapers in each of the capital cities

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Web Reseacher and Data entry Proffesional

Jan 2012 - Present (2 years)

Computer Operator

Feb 2010 - Aug 2011 (1 year)

Shadhin Group Bangladesh

Day to day Ledger Posting in worksheet, drafting, Photoshop, illustrator, email corresponding etc.

Computer Operator

Mar 2008 - Mar 2010 (2 years)

Express One Ltd Bangladesh

Drafting & day to Day Invoice data entry in Worksheet.<br />


ACCA Part 1



Secondery School Certificate

South Halishar High School


Top 7 World’s Most Wanted Criminals

If you watch the news, you understand that the world can be a scary place filled with murder and mayhem. Of course, there are many positive stories out there, stories that show hope in humanity. However, this is not one of them. There are men and women out there who are not only known for committing horrible atrocities against humanity, but they actually get away with these acts. We do feel frustrated over the failures of justice system, and feel empathy for the victims and their families as they wait for c