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Username: nirandas

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Location: Kannur, India

Member since: September 2006



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My projects:

  • $1500 USD
    Profile image for Seller gracemunyirwa


    16 days ago

    This guy is patient and understands what he is doing.Am thoroughly and completely impressed.

    Project Description:We have been using an excel workbook in Google docs and collaborating with workmates.Challenge is that the workbook has been populated with alot of data and anyone can download it and pass it on to the competition...
  • $1750 USD
    Profile image for Seller bryanj0207


    Mar 19, 2014

    The project grew beyond the original scope and the freelancer and his team met the challenge and offered professional guidance throughout the development lifecycle. Highly recommended.

    Project Description:I have an existing (VB) web application running on an intranet with a MSSQL backend. The site is currently multi-user capable. I need to rewrite the application making it multi-company, multi-user capable...
  • $394 USD
    Profile image for Seller uktechpeople


    Dec 30, 2013

    does exactly what he said it would. Will be using again very soon.

    Project Description:In HTML5 This project is to create a visualizer for a basic game map (browser based). The map is constructed of tiles. All tiles will be provided, and the map can be given as JSON string (array), or other format if required, currently it's defined in a C++ array...
  • $526 USD
    Profile image for Seller luxaeterna


    Nov 27, 2013

    Excellent coder, knows his way around the latest web technologies...

    Project Description:Goal: create a HTML5 game site (PC & Mobile) with video puzzles. Technologies: MEAN site (Mongo, Express, Angular & Node.js). UI with Twitter Bootstrap 3. The webapp needs to allow the user to: 1...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller guybor


    Nov 2, 2013

    Did a great job of completing the project per the specs that I requested....even though I wasn't perfectly clear on what I was wanting. I wan't sure exactly what I wanted until he started coding and asking questions and showing me progress updates.

    Project Description:I am looking for someone that can rewrite a VB program that I developed to allow it to run via a web page or an android app / apple app. (app may be preferrable) The general premise is that an employee comes to the computer (or their phone) and types in their name...
  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller bringiton1


    Oct 13, 2013

    excellent. thank you.

    Project Description:As discussed in PM
  • $6600 USD
    Profile image for Seller bringiton1


    Sep 30, 2013

    Perfect execution. Very quality code. Will work with again and again.

    Project Description:The next version will be building on data from google analytics. I would like to add the following information automatically pulled from google:n1. pull the New:Used data dynamicallynThese are visits to...
  • $163 USD
    Profile image for Seller kemar89


    Sep 5, 2013

    great freelancer

    Project Description:I have an existing draughts game that needs developing by adding additional features such as; nice user interface, login widgets, leaders-board, and a tournament system). the game is active online at...
  • $421 USD
    Profile image for Seller ritamproject

    ritamproject [ Incomplete Report ]

    Aug 13, 2013

    Unprofessional , Haven't completed my project and when I asked him to discuss every time he told he is very busy . Asked money before completion of my project . Stay away from this freelancer.

    nirandas's reply:

    Horrible experience. Unclear requirements, poor communication skills and unwillingness to release milestones for the work done or to create new milestones. asked me to work without creating new milestone and when I asked to release milestone for the work done says I am asking for money without completing the project.Think 10 times before considering working with this client even if you have lots of hours to waste or don"t have any other active jobs as a good reputation here is important and Ive risked it by working with ritamproject. Note that this is my first incomplete project out of 77 ratings here. I have spend a lot of time on this project and got 0$ and a bad rating in return

    Project Description:The application we are looking to develop is that of simillar to Basic Information : SGDRIVERSHUB would be a site which would allow users to prepare for their pre-driving...
  • $1076 USD
    Profile image for Seller bringiton1


    Aug 1, 2013


    Project Description:I am looking for a web app to store the following data. I will enter data once a week. The data will store weekly from Sunday to Saturday. I should the be able to display the data week over week: Website...
    Thavorath Systems PVT LTD has not completed any projects.
  • $3000 USD In Progress

    I am looking for coder to build a website for our new company that will be opening up once the site is complete. The site will be for staff and customers to come to and gets IT pc repair services. Staff will be able to login, post the times available for work on their own secure portal page. The page will be integrated into a master scheduler for the supervisor so he or she can see who is available in a geological area with in the united states to go do a service call. Once an appointment is made for a staff member, the system will scan through a database that holds all field staff data, ie: skills, hours available, closest to the appointment and appoint the service call automatically to thus tech. A text message will be sent to the staff member on their cell phone informing them of a service call has been scheduled. They will be able to respond to the text by putting in a code to confirm the call. A new text message will be sent with a new code so when the staff member is at the location, he will text that code to confirm he or she is onsite.Within the staff members schedule screen, he or she will be able to see the appointment and be able to process the invoice for the customer while onsite with a credit card. There will be a place to make notes in the invoice before processing so that the tech can explain what was done, or parts purchased. Once the invoice has been paid, an email receipt will be sent to the customer via email with all regular credit card processing information on it. There has to be a page where staff can download some files for work purposes, after they login to their own secure portal.There has to be a page where the staff can send and receive an email from the site domain. After they login to their own secure portal.There will be some other generic pages that will be for informational purposes only for customers. IE Company, Services, ContactThe master scheduler screen where all staff members are listed I will need to know the staff members qualifications on the fly on the control maters screen. So I will have to see their skills by clicking on the staff for that area.The site can not be right clicked to be copied or see the page code. THIS IS A MUST.After staff login, all pages have to be secure. THIS IS A MUST.The site has to be tested, and approved by us prior to payment release.Site has to be build with in a reasonable and realistic time frame.Serious inquiries only as this is my second go at this as the last bidder wasted 3 months of my time and money as he was not qualified to do the automation. Please post your questions, time frame, and amount needed to build the site.

  • $2000 USD In Progress

    an Android game app.i have the artwork the game works: each game can be played by 4 to 8 people at a time. (it would be good to allow players to play multiple games at the same time.)1. in each game there will be one player (the judge) whose job is to pick a winner- this position is rotated each game2. to begin each game the app will shuffle a set of cards and show all players the card3. the app will then randomly assign each player 7 words of text each4. each player has their turn by choosing a line of text to fit the card shown5. once all players have had their turn, the judge will pick their winner. the game is then finished and a new game can would be good to allow other people not playing to cast their vote for the winning text.integration with Facebook users would also be good to achieve (like Draw Something).the successful bidder would be hired on a long-term basis for updates etc.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    DO NOT BID - ALREADY SELECTED FREELANCER.OVERVIEWLooking for skilled developers to create a dynamic website with CMS. Website will allow 3rd-party users to create accounts and post articles that update automatically on the homepage. Viewers will also be allowed to create accounts to follow specific posters and receive recommendations on articles to read. This project does not involve artistic design but rather just the creation of the base website and functionality.WEBSITE OVERVIEWHome PageDynamic front page which automatically displays posts made by individual users. Look to PDF Layout file for details.Post LightboxLightbox that pops up directly from the homepage, displays the full post.Poster DashboardDynamic page that allows the user to add new posts and edit or remove previous posts. Layout and article writing utility tools should be like Wordpress.Poster & Viewer Account Creation PageSign-up page for visitors who want to become active users. There are two types of active user, a viewer and a poster.Viewer Frontend Template PageDynamic page that displays articles from posters that the viewer follows.Poster Frontend Template PageDynamic page that displays the poster’s information such as a picture, description, and then all of their posts (organized as they are on the homepage, but for this individual poster’s articles only)Category Frontend Template PageDynamic page similar to the homepage but displays posts only for specific categories of post.Webmaster BackendPage that allows the webmaster to monitor posts, edit & delete posts, add or remove users and monitor page analytics. All users must be personally approved via the webmaster backend before they can post. There should also be the option for all posts to require approval before they appear on the homepage. Webmaster backend should have tools that allow the webmaster to add / remove categories and edit their descriptions & iconography (the icon which is displayed in the lower right hand corner of the posts).Please look through the two attached PDF files for full details and layout.

  • $5000 USD Today

    Looking for a well rounded developer capable of designing, developing and maintaining a custom web application.This web application will have the ability to have custom accounts for each user that signs up.There will be documents on the site and must have the ability to fill in the form electronically.Also will include e-signature option, so people can sign the document with esignature.This iproject for A-Z development, design and testing.

  • $300 USD Yesterday

    Need a great looking website for our charity group which is exposing the fact that marijuana is a harmless drug. We need to get across how marijuana use is destroying millions of people, especially children many of who are smoking before the of thirteen. We need to be able to present facts, have videos, put up updates about rallies, and accept donations.

  • $1200 USD Yesterday

    Hello,Need to develop an web application for warehouse management. Database need to be created in MS sql server.Front-enda.Product search: The users can have feasibility to search for the required product/item instead of going through the list of all items. User can review about the product description and availability.b.Product Order : User has a choice to request the admin regarding the necessary item of his choice. And the admin can order the products to the vendors when they are out of inventory.c.Check Order Status: User can check the status of his product request sent to admin. Admin will monitor to maintain the status of user"s request. Similarly, admin can view the order status which is maintained by the merchant. 4.1.2. Back-enda.Product Information: The system will provide information regarding the product name, description, cost of item, available quantity, supplier information. This information is very important for user such that it makes the job easy for both user and admin.b.Order Information: The system will have a record about the product requests from user i.e. faculty and product orders from admin to vendors. This helps the admin to know pending requests and orders. And can update the information once requests and orders are completed.c.Vendor Information: The system maintains the record of vendors that are supplying the products to UMKC. This information helps the admin to make orders easier for a particular vendor of a particular product.d.User Information: The system contains the user details like id, password, name, address, phone number, and email Id. This information is needed to maintain security of the system. No one else can login to the account other than the registered user.Features:Service Specification:Admin Login, User Login, Inventory Functionality, Product search Functionality, Order Functionality, Request Product, Payment, Order Status, Request Status etc.

  • $5000 USD 2 days ago

    We are looking for help developing a medication reminder app where people who take multiple medications can manage their schedules easily. There are hundreds of these out their and we have received a patent protection for our gamification concept.We are seeking a full stack developer to create our MVP version. The developer must by either php , ruby developer and also experience in healthcare and specifically experience building similar healthcare apps. The developer must be cross platform HTML5 developer NOT NATIVE IOS.preferences given to those developers who have build similar reminder apps. This aspect of app is easy part to a much more exciting product. Developer MUST be fluent in English.

  • [Sealed] 2 days ago

    We are a property development company opening a chain of hotels.We require a website that can handle -1) Web booking engine 2) Channel manager 3) Pricing and availability is controlled in one central point4) Accounting 5) Billing & payments6) Accountables for inventory levels7) Corporate customer login for preferential business rates8) Promotional codes9) Multiple simultaneous staff access, logging ‘who-did-what’ with different access levels for managers and staff.10) Create minimum stay requirements for peak periods or weekends11) Easy to view guest accounts, capable of entering our bookings on one screen in seconds & automatically adding guests to the customer database, and retrieve their contact information on rebooking.Design-wise we want it like will require more websites in the future as we open more hotels.

  • $700 USD 2 days ago

    Hi,I need someone to code a survey script, mobile responsive would be great, jquery would be best option I guess. The survey presents 1 question and multiple answers on each page (multiple-choice), on clicking the answer the survey goes to the next question. At last the user gets presented with a set of gifts he can choose from for completing the survey. The script should be focused on fast load-times, has to be easy to edit (change answers/questions, change gifts (image, description, url to gift) and in the end should have encrypted elements, so nobody else an just copy it and use it themselves if possible!I have an example!

  • $4000 USD 3 days ago

    Build a functioning website and APP which allow one set of members#1 to create profiles including photos, Audio and videos for a different set of members #2 to view. Members #2 will have the ability to question and hire members #1. The website and APP will allow for the hiring of member #1 for selected services, payment will be made though the website and app. Members #1 should have different categories and sub categories which they can list themselves under. Members #2 should have the ability to search for Members #1 through the different categories. I envision the website to be user friendly with a simple GUI.

  • $3684 USD 3 days ago

    I currently work at a ATM dealer. We deal with whole machines and parts. Parts are currently being put into the MAS90 but all audits and strip downs are written by hand with way too much guessing. I am looking for a way to take all the parts and place them into a database by Manufacture, Part type, Condition ect. Each part should be able to be traced back to the original ATM. (via tracer number)We do audits on ATMS when they come in. All is done on paper. Mistakes are made all the time. We are looking into using ipads linked to a SQL db using WAMP. Each part type such as a NCR thermal printer will have "only" those part numbers that apply. The auditor should not be able to choose the wrong part number. We would like to incorporate pictures but must be made optional. Each audit or stripping will be done by one person on one Ipad logged into with his creds. Mistakes should be able to be traced back to the user and or ATM. We have blank paperwork for Audits, striping (atm adjustment) and part adjustment sheets. All are faxed to California for entry into the BD. We have atms for NCR, Diebold, Wincor and others. We would like to start with NCR terminals. I have some ideas of how this should be done but I am a hardware guy. Lacking in PHP. I am to see the owner on Monday. He is willing to do this but I am not sure what his bottom line is. Either way, I would like to learn this and build this app with anyone who would like too work with me.

  • $4736 AUD 3 days ago

    I am looking for someone who is an expert in eCommerce websites. I have a website that needs a major overhaul including adding a new shopping cart system. The products I sell are all personalised. Each product can have so many variables depending on what the customer wants so I really need someone who has experience in advanced shopping cart systems. I also need someone with a really good eye for design and a good problem solver that can make this personalised product simple to order. It would be a bonus if you lived in Sydney, Australia so that we can meet to discuss this project.

  • $600 USD 3 days ago

    hi,i need a blog where i can place you-tube videos. i need a blog similar to latest movie information blog. i will put all imformation and videos manually it would be a cms. as i am a non technical girl so i dont want any technical stuff. simply post videos and content related to movie and funn etc.reference link is follwing. (for movie trailors) (for comedy videos)if you have any query please let me know.thanks.

  • ₹2631578 INR 5 days ago

    I need a Complete Rummy Gaming Website one that will be similar to any one of the below RummyCircle PreferedReferance:rummycircle.comace2three.comTournaments Group Table Two player TablePractice MatchesPayment Gateway integrationCoders who have built site same as rummycircle or ace2three or similar previously will get preferenceAll bidders must show their previous work on Online Rummy Game. There is lot of projects in Online Gaming Domain so we need a reliable & long term companies for further services or maintenance. New or fresher coders are strictly not applicable for this project. Be specific about your previous works and of which will you be able to create a copy of Rummycircle or ace2threeclarify if there are any gaming licence or any other charges apart from the web development! For this Project. Experience in the same type of job prefered!

  • £1578 GBP 8 days ago

    I am the co-owner of new business start up Snap Academy, a member of a new company called Snap Group, which has been setup by myself and a partner after becoming disillusioned by the lack of modernisation in our current employment. Snap Academy will mainly be catering for the School Photographer market, and we require one or two people to write photo capture, upload and proof print software. We also require a Wordpress based template that will generate a whitelabel online store for each photographer, that can be integrated with a photo lab so parents can order their photos and prints online. We will select the person that is best for the job on ability rather than price, although we are on a tight budget. As the business grows, we will certainly have a lot more work for you in the future (maintenance/upgrades and well paid) with the addition of some very exciting projects.Capture Software requirements: - The camera will be tethered to a laptop. Once each shot has been taken, the photographer needs the ability to assign a password to each image or a group of images (this password will be used by the parent to login to the photographers page on the website and order the prints).- A thumbnail of each shot (or group of shots) needs to be printed onto a individual slip, with the password and web address. It needs to be watermarked and have the ability to be printed by the photographer more than once (for group shots etc). Essentially it"s a simple proof card.- The passwords need to be unique to each photographer, to prevent duplication- Once the photographer has edited their images via PhotoShop if required, they need to be able to upload the images to their store on the website, with the attached password informationWebsite Requirements:- Wordpress based if possible, although we are open to recommendations- The ability to create a White Label store for each photographer with the photographers branding- Subscription payment system so the photographers can pay to use our services on a monthly basis- The ability for the photographer to set their own print prices- The ability for the photographer to create packages (if possible)- Photo lab integration (labs yet to be decided) with payment system. The lab will need to be paid for their costs, a percentage commission paid to ourselves and the rest of the monies paid to the photographer- The ability for the customer to also upload their own images to be printed by the fulfillment lab with prices set by the photographer Hopefully there is enough information above to give you some idea as to what we are after. It may be that some off the shelf solutions are available, and if these can be adapted to our needs then that is acceptable, as long as it can be made as unique as possible to Snap Academy.We are aiming to launch the business by June 2014

  • £5263 GBP 8 days ago

    We were due to approach a number of agencies to do this work and it was suggested we try this too, hence our advert. We are not going to release all the details publicly, but safe to say all the briefs will be sent to you prior to quote. I am prepared to judge you by your previous work in the first instance. We need something fast, but something substantial yet beautiful…in fact the best piece of wok you have ever done! Sp please get in touch and we will take it from there.

  • $2000 USD 9 days ago

    I want a products and resources download page like the HMA UNIVERSITY PRODUCTS DOWNLOAD PAGE FOR MEMBERS to be created for trade exchange. Here are the features:1. There will be user panel and admin panel. The admin panel is the section where the content of the members area can be edited, added or uploaded and members can be added, or removed etc2. The users panel is where the users can login in with username and password to download html, pdf, audio, video, powerpoint, word docs, and different types of files etc3. User can register for membership and be given username and password in their email after registering. But user registration has to be approved by admin before user can have access to the members download area4. users can also be added manually by the admin5. There should be password retrieval option in case user forgets password, they can enter the email address in the system and password will be resent to them6. The user panel will display major category links for different types of products, resources or files that the user can download. Each category will have options for uploading files by admin and option for downloading files by user, like hma university download links7. The category of files in the panel will display in rectangular boxes. Whenever a new category is created it will also have its own rectangular box8. There will be super admin that can create other admins9. Super admin can add new admin, edit profile of admin, delete admin, restrict admin"s access, block admin"s access etc10. admin or super admin can do the following-create new category of files-can rearrange the category of files to make one be on top, at the bottom or in any order in which admin wants the category of files boxes to appear to the users in their panels-upload any type of files like image, word doc, text file, audio, video, PowerPoint, pdf, etc-when files are uploaded they get arranged in order of upload. Though admin can also rearrange files by selecting which files should come first, and which files should be next etc-delete files one by one or in bulk-add content on top of file, beside or under file.-add content on top ,beside or under each category box-format content like bold, italized, color, resize, underline-add user manually to have password, username etc-delete user-edit user profile like username, password, name, email address-select the access level of user. Can select the resources user can have access to and can state the resources that user is not allowed to gain access to.-Admin can make any resource restricted, inaccessible or to require admin password for anyone to access such resource.-can create a new page for a different set of resources where new categories of products, new admins, new users can be createdIn your own words, describe or restate exactly what you understand by what I want in this projectI look forward to receiving your bid and prove that you understand what I want in this project.

  • $6315 USD 9 days ago

    Similar to Udemy, we want to build an Online Education platform, that allows teachers to upload their content to our servers, which can then be streamed by students for a set fee. IMPORTANT NOTE: Since we will be hosting the video content ourselves, we would require someone who has experience with developing self-hosting websites. Someone with experience with dedicated servers, VMs etc is CRITICAL.We require an experienced, original, professional who can develop a bespoke website within an agreed timeframe. We want our site to be found easily, therefore our developer(s) would need to understand the importance of building search-engine friendly webpages. Fluent english speaking candidates are a must, since we have experienced translation issues in the past. Our website could potentially become complex, therefore we need a developer who is very creative and could find innovative ways to solving our current problems. As a result of the potential complexities, we cannot accept developers who cut corners or develop mediocre code.We wish to develop an iPhone & iPad application.Job Description: We"re looking for a Web Developer.Your responsibilities:- Review business requirements- Perform a technical analysis of requirements - Produce a solid, detailed technical design- Write clean, modular, robust code to implement the desired requirements- Contribute ideas for making the application better and easier to useYour qualifications: - A work style that is extremely detail oriented - A complete Elance profile- References or an established reputation on Elance preferredMain Website Functionality- Innovative Webpages- Autoplay (similar to Netflix)- Social aspect (follow, message, like etc.)- Payment system that can handle Commission- Management of uploading large video content- (Potentially) page viewing statistics for clients- Automated emails- mobile friendly- Smart search functionalityDesign Type:New WebsitePurpose of the Website:EcommerceAdditional Comments:Useful sites to get a good idea of the type of solution we are looking for (in ranking of preference):- www.coursera.orgProject Scope:Design and Code

  • $1184 USD 9 days ago

    I am an owner of a company specialising in Food. I have 2 main product ranges and would like to build a website showcasing my products. First product is - Nut Snack. There are 6 different flavours in this range. So I would like sub pages for each flavoursSecond product is - Pretzels. There is presently only one flavour, though I would like the flexibility to add additonal flavours in the future. I would like the website to be very flashy and trendy. Something that does not like a job thats done on a budget. If anyone can assist it will be greatly appreciated. Also if you can send me some portfolios of your previous works, that will be highly beneficial.

  • £631 GBP 9 days ago

    Hello,I´m looking for someone who can build my website. It´s going to be a nanny agency, I want to bring people from Spain to London.I have the content in English and in Spanish, I know I will have to adapt this content depending on the theme, maybe will have to be sorter. I wrote all I consider is good to know if you are an aupair, nanny or family. Some things could just not go in the web.The domain I bought is called see the menu like this: Proccess for the candidate for the familyAupairNannyFamilyOur TeamContactThe theme that I like is: agencies in London could be: last one is the one I most like from the agencies I show.I wish I could tell you examples of other webs I would like to copy but I don´t have it at the moment. I like the theme how it is, I would like the icons in the section of services to be work, to click on them and take you to Info or process or ...I thought to use a CRM, free of course, as we are stanting our budget is low, but I think we will use Excell until we have enough candiates.That´s all, hope this is what you need to make a proposal for us.Thanks againBegoña Rubio

  • €3157 EUR 9 days ago

    Looking for a dynamic website designer with excellent skills of making a bug free product. This project needs knowledge on multiple resources and databases. A social networking site with multiple pages.Need this project finished within 1 month.

  • $2736 USD 9 days ago

    Looking to add a ton of new features to my website Below are the features I would like implemented. I would like them nicely designed with beautiful code!-Hashtags-Comment System (With Up/Down Votes) with ability to hashtag and mention people-Favorite System (with ability to add to lists)-Private Albums/Photos that are unsearchable to search engines and other members cannot view them-Able to add other members to upload to existing albums -Add ability to put short biography-Ability to follow other users and receive updates when new photos are uploaded

  • $4210 AUD 9 days ago

    Dear Freelancer,We are a Marketing company that strives to deliver our clients the best service possible.We are looking for an individual/ group of specialists to build our company a platform that will provideour clients with the convenience, interest and value of using our services.The foundation of our project is our company website, which must be professional and user friendly.The functions we need our website to have are:- Profiling System- Facebook Connectivity- Location Services (Open Maps or other)- Client Membership - Online Payments- Custom database (to be developed)- Ability for client to make changes to his/her profile in real time- User feedback system- Customised Website designOur company already has made designs of what the website should look like, all we need is the brainpower to build it.Our company is determined to further progress into platforms such as social media and mobile applications, thus further contracts may be available upon completion of the website.With Kind Regards,Management of Alemaks ltd.

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    Thavorath Systems PVT LTD does not have any work in progress.
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