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Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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  • $875.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller gtguy


    18 days ago

    A true professional! He works hard to complete the task and is always attentive to requests. He has excellent communication skills. I highly recommend this worker!

    Project Description:This project is to port over my current desktop client into an HTML5 client that runs in the browser. It needs to function and look good on both smartphones/tablets and desktop pc. Attached is a movie that walks through our current client...
  • $25.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller blubirdsol


    Apr 1, 2014

    Great job once again. However, the turnaround time this time was a bit more than usual. Nevertheless I am gonna hire them again in future<br/>

    Project Description:Fix the tool as discussed and also send the updated source code once done
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller blubirdsol


    Jan 6, 2014

    Excellent programmer! Did exactly what we asked for and was always there to resolve any issues. He not only did a great job but also came up with out of the box solutions to overcome the challenges we faced. I wish I could give him 6 stars. Would definitely work with him for a long time. Highly recommended!

    Project Description:This is a private project for nitelfreelance only. The project deliverable are as follows:- 1. Completion of the Email Scraper as mentioned in the previous project with the freelancer (Project ID: 4936773) 2...
  • $500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller thinkdisrupt


    Dec 23, 2013

    Great contractor

    Project Description:Ambient assisted living application in two stages as previously discussed and agreed with Ulrich Scholten.
  • $145.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ian1107


    Dec 18, 2013

    Fully functional initial deliverable. Minor refinements were returned quickly. Never any confusion. Provided us with enhancements to completed project for a fair price. Solid work.

    Project Description:Please read the attached Specs Write-up carefully for detailed specifications. The following is an extract from the above-mentioned document: The purpose of the plug-in is to allow the user to recording of basic information on the web page into a tab-delimited file...
  • $485.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller salsicciaxxl


    Dec 13, 2013

    very good hugh quaity job

    Project Description:Algorithm reimplmentation and improvement, + very detailed documentation. It has to score some data. More infor in provate message because it is confidentaial data.
  • $75.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller nupur07


    Dec 12, 2013

    Outstanding work on time.

    Project Description:I have a little web application working using SQLite. I need the same application t work using mongodb. I need the code by tomorrow afternoon (within 15-20 hours).
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller twttrfanatics


    Nov 30, 2013

    Once again, amazing job! Will rehire him any time.

    Project Description:Iman helped me to install my VPS &amp; Application. Also he trained me on how to use the app.
  • $140.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller twttrfanatics


    Nov 14, 2013

    Well done guys. Thanks for the patience with us, really appreciated.

    Project Description:Hi there, I am working on a project here and for that I am looking for a person who could help me out with developing a web/online app. The app needs to do this: * Collect information from a website (different pages) as soon as it is put online, collect specific data and put it in a table...
  • $175.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mk2021


    Nov 11, 2013

    Did a good job, would definitely use again

    Project Description:Hi, Im looking for someone to build a simple spider using scrapy and python. All I&#039;m looking for is the spider to crawl multiple sites using the crawl spider option. The spider will look for all the links / email addresses on the site and then store them into an array associated to that site...
    nitelfreelance has not completed any projects.
  • $750 USD In Progress

    i have the requirement for help desk software and i need to design it and also Design Patterns better if we can talk

  • $750 USD In Progress

    We need a tool to scrap forums/bulletin board contents and convert them to RSS feed.Tools used must be Scrapy ( and python.Specific scraper (i.with specific XPATH expression and/or python code) for each forum should be developed to isolate author name, date, thread name, and each thread post. Each site will have a dedicated RSS feed.A way to update the RSS feed without re-parsing all the content should be implemented and special care should be used to avoid anti-robots rules.Price should be for 25 different forums and include the cost for any extra forum.

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi Mehdi,As discussed, here is our project requirement:Using the packages using the follwing programs:odtdat.pyfd3.pyWe want to:Input: Understand the input files and make them variables so we can feed any data file. We want to understand the required input file format.Processing: produce the same result in the paper: We want to produce understandable and readable format to my external programs. So we might make little script that produce these files.The process should go like the following:OpendTect => 3dx.dat => => 3d.dat => => the plots in the paperAs discussed also, for about every 7 hours work we should stop and discuss the current progress and decide how to proceed.Thank you very much,Marai

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello,again trouble with the upload of files to vreer. Are you interested in continous work?

  • $70 USD In Progress

    Looking for a developer to configure jwplayer plugin for my website. Need to be expert in streaming videos. following task needed to be configured.1:Play video is default . so when page load it will play by default.2: Pause with a keyboard event [ any key we can use at the moment may be ctr+p].3: re play with a keyboard event as well [ctr+r}4: need a keyboard button event , on click it go back to history(-1)5: get refresh token url if pause not played after a long time.

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    We have clean, just created Amazon EC2 instances (Ubuntu 13.04 x64). This is a small instance with 1GB RAM, no videocards. What we need to do is to set up a platform for GUI testing. This must be done 100% automatically, we only should run a script (let&quot;s call it Main Script) that will prepare all the things. In short, we will run it from Terminal on our system, pass IP, login, and password of the EC2 instance, and this Main Script will perform everything in pure automatic mode. As the result, we should have a running EC2 instance with graphical environment (xfce4) and installed sikuli IDE (we use it for performing actual tests).It is important that you have a good experience with linux administration, Python (or Ruby), VNC, and remote command execution. We use Fabric so it would be great if you write everything using it. But if you know Ruby very well you can do something similar.Long description. You need to create that Main Script (preferrable using Python and Fabric) that will:1) install all necessary software packages and dependencies, including packages xfce4 and xfce4-goodies, as well as java and tightvncserver, firefox.2) set up vnc password (just use any string you like), and run vnc using desktop size 1366x768 or (if not working for some reasons) 1280x1024. Color depths is 24 bit or (if, again, not possible) - 16. This is important, we&quot;re going to test GUI so it should meet our requirements otherwise our Sikuli scripts won&quot;t work.3) turn off software system updates, screensavers, display power off (it must be always &quot;on&quot;), firefox updates. XFCE should be configured as a normal installation with default 2 panels, top panel is the menu bar with the &quot;application menu&quot; button, the bottom panel is the default panel with &quot;show desktop&quot; button (&quot;minimize all windows&quot;).4) make sure vnc works! this is very important! sometimes we got strange issues, vnc servers was running but when we connected to the server, a gray screen with disabled cursor appears. Maybe we should execute &quot;startx&quot; command. Anyway it&quot;s up to you to find the reason out. You should make sure VNC works and XFCE graph environment is displayed properly.5) install Sikuli IDE version not less than 1.0.0 ( after all, the script should download a sikuli script package and execute it. You can create a simple Sikuli script (just 5 minutes) and upload it somewhere. And make sure (visually, using VNC) that this Sikuli script is downloaded and executed properly.7) (optionally) create an automation script using Sikuli and this graphic environment that you&quot;ve created. This is not necessary but it&quot;s really easy (just select elements you need to click). And you may have a lot of fun, this is Jython and just clicking elements\input some text etc. Again, this is really easy, but if you don&quot;t want to do that for some reasons, we can stop before (on the paragraph 6).Your script should be reliable and fail-safe. For example, you should handle some possible situations as text inputs in terminals, missing software packages (you should run apt-get update) and so on. It&quot;s not required to set up 100% of all instances, sometimes Amazon plays dirty tricks, but at least 19 of 20 &quot;clean&quot; instances should perform well.You should create an Amazon account if needed. You will be probably out of the free tier constraints, no worries, we will compensate all the money you&quot;ll spend for it. But, please, don&quot;t create hundreds of running instances. 3-4 running instances at the same time should be more than enough for this job.I&quot;m attaching a file with some drafts (Python and Fabric). You just need to finish the VNC part, and install sikuli and run it 20 times on brand-new, clean Amazon instances to make sure everything works well.Please provide some examples of similar jobs you&quot;ve done.I&quot;d really like to finish this task as soon as possible. Please write your rate and when you guarantee you finish this job if we hire you.

  • $70 USD In Progress

    need slide show.will pm more detail

  • £5 GBP/hr In Progress

    Hi, We have a client with a website that wants the users UK location to be picked up and depending on which region they&quot;re in it will display a specific advert for that region. The regions are: North East North West Yorkshire and The Humber East Midlands West Midlands East of England London South East South WestAnd if the user isn&quot;t in any of those / in another country it will default to &quot;London&quot; The website is built + designs are given we just need this functionality integrating. Thank you

  • $300 USD In Progress

    Information defined in the XML node with hyperbolic tree displayed, c + + builder to complete, so long as hyperbolic tree can be completed

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    Agreed previously

  • $1000 USD Today

    Insurance policy administration/sales management

  • $1500 USD Today

    Looking to build a health app backend and API.NoSQL database, PHP background required.Type of application development required:New ApplicationIntegration requirements:Standalone ApplicationPurpose or functionality of application:Application is a health records application. Needs to track statistics such as vitals, and allow for doctor notes, lab results, pictures, etc.Platform(s) desired for application:OtherGraphical User Interface requirements:NoApplication to run over network:Yes please bid with your fast work (similar to our requirements) and start the Bid with &quot;API Specialists&quot;

  • $3000 USD Today

    Looking for a web based application for Case Management System (Social Workers) Must include scheduling / calendaring, clinical notes, service planning, service delivery tracking, billing, outcomes evaluation, reporting, referrals, wait-listing and document management, Ad HOC searching. Must be graphical, user friendly and customizable as needed. Must have security for login of different case workers (Manage Users). Some of the features should include which are available on this video

  • $25 USD/hr Today

    I am looking to built the software with good graphics interface and looking to move further with apple and android app. There are few websites you can view such as (you can view this demo version)Please do let me know if you need any more information. Kind regardsManmeet Abrol

  • $30 USD/hr Today

    To develop a piece of software that will have versions able to run on the main OS, Windows (all versions), OS X, Android, iPhone / iPad (whatever that is known as) and Linux.The software will store information on a persons computer related to their usage. It will also be able to provide usage data on an array of devices the individual wishes to link, through the software.I am cautious to give too much detail away at this stage.The software will be relatively simple (however I am not a software engineer so I have no reference for what simple actually is). The end product is pretty simple.I need someone who is an experienced programmer, is able to develop across multiple platforms, and can create the design elements require for a GUI.

  • [Sealed] /hr Today

    I am building a new kind of social media website.The details of the site will only be released under Non-Disclosure Agreement.I am an experienced product developer with 16 years experience working with a very well resolved concept that I am creating to fill a need. I have gone through the process of creating a mock website which I used to help test and refine the concept. I used the help of some test groups I gathered together to get feedback. This has shaped the direction I will take. I am knowledgeable about the workings of computer technology and have coded in the past but my knowledge of programming is about 15 years out of date. My knowledge of big data systems is limited but current. I expect this will be relevant.I need a very skilled and knowledgeable Python programmer with experience developing web applications from scratch. Someone who has worked on the development of Class diagrams and who can use other software design/development techniques.When I say a &quot;new kind&quot; of social media website, I mean it. Although certain parts of it may be similar to other websites, the combination and representation of those parts is key. Because of this, we will need to go from ground-up with the design. Unfortunately we can&quot;t be starting with pre-existing social media software and tweak it to do what we want. We must instead start from the planning stages and go right through to an implemented social-media platform. So until all of the details of the intended operation of the site are communicated, I will need someone with an open mind who can wait for understanding about the bigger picture to come.In the early stages, you must act as a consultant, helping me to develop the modular programming Class diagrams. Advising me on what you and perhaps other programmers will need in order to create the software exactly as I need it to work. As we move through the different design stages, you will become a worker writing code.So ideally you will be someone who can be a collaborative teacher and consultant but also someone that can take direction in order to achieve a desired outcome.

  • $15 USD Today

    Technical skills:• 4+ years Python experience.• 2+ years Django• 2+ years JS with experience on MV* frameworks such as backbone.js or angular.js• Release to Production Experience. • 2+Years RDBMS experience.• Experience in developing REST APIs.

  • €20 EUR/hr Today

    Development of a Business APP which can be used for consulting and project business

  • $250 USD Today

    Build an advanced uploader application with http request for a specified website. If you have experience in building software with http request please apply for this project.This project is for individuals only. If you are a company, please do not apply.

  • $250 AUD Today

    Listed below are the changes and functions that I need done:1.I want to change the words &quot;Text1 & Text2&quot; to longer words. Possibly 10 characters each. The reason I want to do this is so that it creates a larger area space for the automated text to be placed into. The issue with the words text1 & text2 is that they are very short, which creates a very small area for the text. When a name with more characters than &quot;Text#&quot; is automated it shrinks too small2. A report at the end of the script run is made. The report needs to tell us which orders have or have not been made. 3. I want to be able to have the script running over night, and whenever a new job comes in it will automatically program it. The script needs to ultimately run so that all I need to do is turn it ON and jobs will program as soon as they are ordered.I also want some functions done for the Auto Scheduler (excel) Script that you made for me:1. I want the schedule to come out in the exact format I want. I can send you a file that can exactly replicate the format in which I want it.2. A function where the schedule prints out at midnight everyday. Please email me back as soon as you can. i would also like these done as son as possible, so if you can let me know when you can work on it that would be great.

  • $25 USD/hr Today

    I need a pythonexpert for my website I need a pythonexpert for my website

  • $250 USD Yesterday

    Looking for a *nix command line perl/python script to compare and score a company name and website domain for similarity. Levenshtein edit distance would be a good start, but I would want some additional nuances included like the string length to be factored into the equation. I would also want options for omitting or including company name suffixes like &quot;LLC, Inc, Company, LTD, LP&quot; and others. A reference file can be provided. Perhaps testing abrreviations, such as International Business Machines and e.g. Options for omitting or including the top level domain of the website as well. We have a basic distance edit algorithm now, but we want to go beyond that. Here are some examples.Edit Distance|Company Name|Domain16|Prover Technology, Inc.|prover.com11|Pearson Pearson||Autoqual|autoqual.com22|AFLAC Insurance Associate|aflac.com9|Internet University, Inc.|internetuniversity.com31|ZALORA SOUTH EAST ASIA PTE. LTD.|zalora.sg14|Mueller Supply Co Inc|muellerinc.com15|Universal Am-CAM|uacl.comLet me know if this is something you can assist with.

  • €20 EUR/hr Yesterday

    Hi,We are a startup company building up a web application for the real estate market in France co-founded by me and a lawyer in Paris.We are looking for motivated full stack developers ready to contribute as soon as possible, capable of suggesting design ideas and with strong problem solving abilities (formal algorithmic problems).The technical stack is composed of a web frontend (JS, JQuery, BackboneJS, d3), a data REST Web service (Django, Django REST Framework), asynchronous worker node (manage with a queuing system with Celery), and Postgresql and Neo4j (Graph DB ) for the persistence layer.The work will be done under the supervision of the company&quot;s CTO responsible for the architecture and design of the application.We are targeting a Beta Release at the beginning of September 2014cheers,Julien AbegaMatchmanage CTO

  • $5000 USD 3 days ago

    We need a Roambi Analitycs ( similar application.It will use a Node.js server with a Mysql database for storing user logins, audits, and aplication data.It will be able to connect to :Sql ServerMySqlMondrian cubesMSAS cubesCSV FilesExcel Filesfor analysis.It will be developed in javascript using D3 as graphics library and angular for data binding.We need all 10 visualizations Roambi analitycs is able to perform.The application should be able to work in a web site and also be touch optimized (just as HTML5 APP, not as native IOS or Android APP).

  • $25 SGD/hr 3 days ago

    Create Charting displays using Sencha Ext JS or similar charting software1. Create a database. Transfer data from EXCEL too database2. Create cron job that updates the database from a daily email attachment3. Use an available charting software and codes from TA-Lib to generate:a. Screens to shortlist trending fundsb. Display back-tested strategies4. Write code for logics related to back-testing strategiesPM me for more info

  • $50 USD/hr 3 days ago

    * Develop & maintain web applications in Python and Open Source.* BS Degree or higher in Computer Science or related. * Strong Communication skills * Fluency in English Language

  • $25 USD/hr 3 days ago

    Create a recruitment application formLinksHomeVacanciesRegisterLoginAfter registration, you should get confirmation email with user name and passwordUser login access levelsafter application, get confirmation email with form filled (include all form info)if you login after application, you should be able to reedit your formuse header from id for each applicantSend us links to past python projects

  • $18 USD/hr Apr 28, 2014

    We are looking for an awesome backend developer to help us with our new website.Backend developer requirements.Expert with Google App Engine with Python. Experience developing complex web applications. Will be required to develop a web apps backend architecture and implementation. Must know how to use:- Python- Google App Engine Python- Git- BitbucketOther Requirements:- Someone with over 300+ hours- Someone with a 4.5+ star rating- Someone who takes pride in their work and makes polished looking products- Someone who speaks English wellYou must be able to deliver extremely high quality work, and your turnaround must be fast.You will be required to sign a NDA.IMPORTANT: Your reply must have the words *Nomad Living* in the beginning of your reply so we know you read through the entire post. Otherwise your reply will be ignored - this avoids generic replies.Please reply with examples of your previous work. If your work and oDesk profile matches our requirements, we will send you more details.

  • $25 USD/hr Apr 9, 2014

    I&quot;ll be a project manager and would like you to come on board and make an existing scraping utility more user-friendly and functional according to client&quot;s standards. Will need to communicate on Skype / through chat. The scraping part is already mostly done, so this would be more manipulating how we show the data, front-end fixes, and applying a nice template on top of the website. Will explain more on Skype!

  • $20 CAD Feb 23, 2014

    Programming 3 is the main project file. Other files are just for support to those. to check if the output are going good. but it should work alongwith those files.All files are supposed to be .py only help is .txt file. Please convert others to .py files. Routing table mentioned in assignment is also table.txt file. Please read help and programming3.pdf file for further details. Let me know if you can do this project. Thank you.

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