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Username: nitinjaiman

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Location: Jaipur, India

Member since: July 2013



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  • £14.00 GBP
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    Nov 21, 2013

    Very skilled, very talented, very strong understanding of what was needed. worked beyond my expectation and before time limit.Amazing work - highly recommend - I hope to be able to continue business with him.

    Project Description:I am looking for a java project with 50 pages of good quality report. this is for my uni project, as am a student.
  • $25.00 USD
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    Oct 3, 2013

    Excellent freelancer. He is really talent in Java and matlab programming. He has finished my project very earlier as a professional freelancer. Would like to hire him in future.

    Project Description:I need a matlab code which can make a gui window of generated from matlab program at top of any windows . I think you can use that using java code in matlab. It is really a very simple work for the guy...
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  • $266 USD 9 days ago

    I require someone who has written applications using twitter api. Require someone urgently will discuss project when PM.

  • $35 USD 26 days ago

    i need a very low cost ( max 20$) but very high range( min 3.4 km) walky talky pair . i need complete porduct the circuit diagram , part list , pcb , part cost everything . if possible you have to send a specimen of product in my address.

  • $53 USD 26 days ago

    Hi,I would need someone to code me an java (using swing-class and graphical simple GUI) ATM.More info:When you open program, it show"s at gui: "Welcome, insert your bank/credit card and enter PIN-code. After entering correct PIN code it let"s you login, if code wrong it says wrong PIN.User-id at database is: pin code (5 pre-defined pin codes(user-ids) can be writed to code: 1:8754 2:0934 3:6887 4:3335 5:2398 . Every action need to be done whenever possible with object-oriented programming.Database would be an virtual table inside the java-file.I will need all source (etc files that i can make changes easilly with Eclipse).(All of the currency marked/showed at Euros (€))After successful login comes main menu where you can choose following:- Open new bank account (asks: Bank account name, Your Name, Generates 10number Account number (middle of numbers have "-" mark) and date/Time and before generation asks confirmation. So at the database under userid (pin code) other saved details are bank account name, your name, Bank Account Number and Generation Time/Date)- Save money to your account (asks how much to put to the account: and from dropdown box choose to what account number and before action asks confirmation. Database: At userids transactions show: Money added: amount and add"s to selected account"s balance the specified amount)- Show your account balance (after choose from dropdown box what accountnumbers balance to show. Reads from database selected account balance)- Take money from your account (asks how much to take from the account: and from dropdown box choose from what account number (shows also selected bank account balance) and let users choose: 20€, 40€, 60€, 80€, 100€, Other amount=user specifies amount. Before action asks confirmation and check that account have enough money for action. Database: Reduces selected bank accounts balance)- Pay bills (Asks receivers account number, name and amount. Also user need to choose from dropdown that from what account money is taken. Before action asks confirmation and checks that account have enough money) Database: Marks receivers account number, name and amount to userids selected bank account numbers transactions Uses with object-oriented mthod.- Show transactions (user selects from dropdown box that from which account number to show transactions).- Exit (Save main account object-oriented, log-outs and cloces the program/gui)I can"t offer more than about 60-70$ and project would need to be done in 10 days.

  • £38 GBP Oct 7, 2013

    I need a java project to be created including a excellent report. It is for my university last year project. It doesn"t have to be extremely complicated. I would like the report to be at a very high quality report. I also cannot afford to much money as am a student, but like i said project can be very simple.I can send what is needed in the report through email as well.

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