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Location: Scranton, Belarus

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  • £315.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller grakka


    Apr 4, 2014

    Marvellous Service. Solved my problems.

    Project Description:We are suffering performance problems which are probably due to poor configuration. I have neither the skills nor time to diagnose the recurring issues which build up over time, and disappear on reboot...
  • $94.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jbacobits


    Dec 13, 2013

    Job done well and on time

    Project Description:I need to have a Drupal 6 Ubuntu development server set up in Virtualbox. On this server I need: 1) Ubuntu (whichever version after 11.04 is fine, the later the better) - I would prefer the desktop version rather than the server version because that is what I am more comfortable with...
  • $170.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller hostit1


    Nov 8, 2013

    Excellent work by a very knowledgeable professional. Line of communication was established day one. NKNK, was able to complete what others could not in less the time. I will be happy to use him in the future.<br/>

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $126.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller clubrrpp


    Aug 9, 2013

    Everything according to plan

    Project Description:Only experienced sysadmins please. Payment is done after testing the system and after checking the system works correctly. 1) Configuratuion APACHE (Nginx as reverse proxy), Mysql, CSF, PHP FPM,...
  • $180.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Brucec111


    May 10, 2013

    Nick was very professional and a expert when it comes to server management. He advised me about different options and benefits of setting up the server different ways. I would highly recommend him and will use him with out a doubt for all of my future server needs and issues.

    Project Description:Hello, I have two projects that have been developed and are ready to go live. I have obtained two linux cloud servers from I am looking for someone to set up and optimize the servers for each project...
  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller teamwenger


    May 8, 2013

    My second project with NKNK. I will use them when I have a third project and beyond!

    Project Description:I have two CentOS 6 servers with Postfix and other software installed. I need both of them updated in the following ways: Server #1: SpamAssassin/Clamav, DKIM and possible configuration changes. Server #2: DKIM, SSL, TLS and possible configuration changes...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller soonermicro


    May 3, 2013

    I definitely got what I needed from this project.<br/>

    Project Description:I need someone that can offer both consulting and perform system admin tasks for a server that will be used for storing a MySQL database with a PHP api connection to a mobile app. I am currently using...
  • $180.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rgbmaster


    Apr 29, 2013

    I love working with these guys, excellent service and price!!! will hire again!

    Project Description:Hello, Looking for advanced experienced Email Marketing administrator in configuring our Postfix SMTP server for email marketing newsletters and configure the best delivery options to avoid getting blacklisted with major mail servers (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc)...
  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller teamwenger


    Mar 29, 2013

    Excellent service, will hire again in the near future.

    Project Description:We have a web server on CentOS 6 that needs a mail server installed. It needs to be configured to use an existing MySQL db on a remote server. In addition, writing detailed enough notes about your install/config steps is required to be able to reproduce a similar setup in the future...
  • $380.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller limitlessent


    Mar 2, 2013

    Did a fantastic job.. delivered exactly what I asked for in a timely and professional manner. Would love to work with these guys again!!

    Project Description:Ok.. I am needing to setup a 4-node apache cluster and 2-node mysqld cluster or master/slave setup with replication. It will all run on 2 xenserver6.1 hosts in a pool... A lot of this ls already done....
    nknk has not completed any projects.
  • $31 USD/hr In Progress

    install cloudstack to proviosion vmware virtual machines,

  • $189 USD In Progress

    Install Zimbra Mail Server on Centos 6. Allowing web access, setting DNS, etc/host, etc

  • $31 USD/hr In Progress

    I&quot;m looking for someone that can integrate my interspire with a MTA to send bulk mail, and manage multiple SMTP servers. I need to be able to split one big list between many servers domains and IP&quot;s Must know how to handle bounces and get me into the inbox as well as integrate the MTA with DKIM,SPF,Domain Keys.I want interspire to control multiple servers and pick and choose the IP and domain I want to send from. It needs to have a send speed minimum of 250k per hour per server. Please don&quot;t contact me if you&quot;ve never built a system like this before. The budget is very tight.

  • $266 USD Today

    I have a linux server running on Amazon EC2. It is a AMI Linux image that I&quot;ve configured to run as an application server.Now I need to include a complete mail server in this machine, which includes:- MTA: Postfix- Pop/IMAP: Courier IMAP- Content Check: Amavisd-new- Anti-Spam: SpamAssassin- Anti-Virus: ClamAV- Authentication: Cyrus SASL- PostGrey- Encryption: TLS- WebMail: SquirrelMail or RoundcubeThere is a guide on how to configure all these packages, however it is intended for Ubuntu or Debian based distros: Linux is based on Red hat, so some of the rpm are not available in the amazon repositories and maybe you&quot;ll need to build them from source. I have multiple domains pointing to this host, so the mail server have to be able to send/receive mails from/to all the domains.I don&quot;t need you only to configure the software packages listed above, but also write an installation guide containing all the steps and commands to re-configure everything, if needed.I&quot;ll give you access to one of my instances and you&quot;ll be able to play and configure whatever you need. After you have everything working, I&quot;ll test all the features and try to configure everything by myself in my Production instance, using the guide you&quot;ve written. If everything works fine then you get paid. :)

  • $35 CAD 4 days ago


  • [Sealed] 4 days ago

    hello,i&quot;m looking for someone to install and configure POSTFIX, and ROUNDCUBE on my NGINX / CENTOS.I already have NGINX and CENTOS installed, running a subdomain, and a domain.POSTFIX needs to be configured with the web admin panel enabled, and supporting my two domains (subdomain, and domain).They are both running off the same IP.

  • $150 USD 9 days ago

    I need to create a mail server on a linux amazon ec2 instance already running. The server must be configured with antispam to send mail to the most popular sites like gmail, hotmail etc. avoiding spam and blacklists. I also need to have the opportunity to validate senders from users. Currently we leave approximately 500 thousand mails per month. Maybe, postfix is the best choice to do that. We appreciate the speaker &quot;s English, French or&quot; Italian.

  • $133 USD 15 days ago

    1) I&quot;ve postfix server. I want to rotate the ip address every 1 hour.2) I&quot;ve another postfix server, and have 5 ip addresses, i need to send mail from individual domain to individual IP address.

  • $300 USD 15 days ago

    I am looking for someone that can make some quick configurations for me. i have in the past had configuration done on a server which i am unable to get working on this server and i need expert help. i have two internet uplinks. with two different ranges of IP. i have two servers - run a service on master - master modei have 1 IP from each network (so two static IP on each server) i have heartbeat running on both servers and having a floating UP - one on each network (two IP)so a server with active heartbeat will have 4 IPs 2 on each network. we have the following network setup, if data comes from one network it will go back out the same network. not matter what the default gateway is set to. when the server itself needs to connect to the internet it will use its own default gateway setting to connect to the internet. THIS IS WHERE I NEED HELP when one network goes down, all IP except 1 floating IP become ping able from the internet. i am looking for an expert who knows about this and can configure it correctly so i have peace of mind. if this is your area please contact me. many thanks

  • $126 USD 20 days ago

    I have a VPS running CentOS. I need PostFix + Dovecot + MySQL + No SSL/TLS on this VPS.

  • $284 USD 24 days ago

    We have a web application that we need to place in a cloud based scalable environment.

  • $3000 USD 26 days ago

    Hi, I require hosting for my server, these are the details :Based in US (east)Linux based4GB RAM4 shared CPU cores100GB SSD storage4TB Transfer40Gbit Network in500 Mbit Network outPlease contact me with offers and I will require an official invoice for this. Price should be based on yearly.Cheers,Desmond

  • $34 USD 26 days ago

    I&quot;m looking for a cheap VPS or Dedicated hosting. I&quot;m currently using a go daddy dexule hosting but even after that, the site is quite slow(9 seconds at average for homepage) , probably because of large number of javascripts. I&quot;m not looking to spend much on hosting since the website is non-profit based. The best offer I found yet was $8/month for a VPS.Let me know if you can offer anything better and I&quot;ll select the best bid,Cheers.

  • $126 USD Jun 10, 2014

    We are currently on Shared Hosting.We need bandwidth and are interested in VPS with minimum 2-Gigs Ram, 2000 Gigs, Storage 60 Gigs per month. Or more.We need it set up and managed.Tell me what you ca do for us.

  • $15 USD/hr Jun 6, 2014

    Hello -We currently have an opening for a versatile and well experienced Systems Engineer with a primacy towards Server Management.We have a Dedicated Server and several server farming goals in the next several months. As a result we will need a dedicated contractor to assist us with a variety of project over the course of a year or so after starting.You should be experienced in server migration, familiar with the various hosting operating systems, well capable in SQL, SSH, among others.We&quot;re open to hourly rates as long as the duration of time is agreed upon in advance of a project. Anything beyond that is a bonus as per our discretion if we feel it applies.Feel free to share as much about yourself as you like.Thanks for your interest.Phil

  • $15 USD/hr Jun 6, 2014

    We are looking for a few System Admin to take over management of our vds system&quot;s. We use Onapp. The job details are you will need to manage and maintain the onapp system,servers , raid checks , storage system and Vps management it will be a full time position we have around 1000 Vps servers for our clients. You will need to have good English language skill.

  • $126 USD Jan 22, 2014

    The apche server overloading for CPU usage

  • $150 USD Dec 18, 2013

    Сделать поправки по собранному в joomla сайту, так как на данный момент сайт в очень неопрятном состоянии

  • $284 USD Sep 6, 2013

    We need a linux server admin to help built our setup, manage it and continue develope. We need a setup for video sites with units for hosting videos, for encoding etc. You should have experience in this area of sites/setups. No placeholder/fake bids. Bid for 3 months work, no advance payments

  • $31 USD/hr Sep 3, 2013

    Looking for a PowerDNS professional.I want / and that clients can use DNS via our panel (we have already powerdns module)Please don`t bid if you have not much experience.

  • $189 USD Sep 3, 2013

    We need you to implement a comprehensive and all round server monitoring platform by using existing free and open source technologies like Cacti, Nagios, Zenoss, Zabbix, etc, etc.You are free to choose any platform you wish to and may need to integrate a few together as well.The idea behind the project is to monitor an entire fleet of our server as well as client server. We as a web hosting provider need to keep an eye on various aspects of the server. The parameters to be monitored are:Standard services: HTTP, MySQL, FTP, DNS, etcNetworkDisk I/OServer Load / CPURAID (support for both HW RAID as well as SW RAID is a must)Disk SpaceRAMothersThe backend can consist of anything you wish to use. The interface the client and employees will access must be simple and easy to use. It should have user levels (like in observium) where in Users can be assigned servers whose graphs he can view. On logging only the most essential info like the server load and network traffic for the server assigned to the user must be shown. The user can then opt to view indepth details of the server. Graphing ability is a must. The platform should also have alerting abilities. Such that when a specific value for a specific parameter is excedeed, a predefinied email contacts will be alerted.This is the basic idea. More details on contact.

  • $126 USD Aug 13, 2013

    We&quot;re looking for SMTP server installation with dedicated ip address. We need to send more than 500,000K emails a day.Tasks needed:1. Help us select a VPS provider2. Install SMTP on servers

  • $31 USD/hr Jul 17, 2013

    I need help migrating 20 sites from one server to another. Both servers are located in the same datacenter, same provider. The reason for migrating is that I currently have an expensive plan and I&quot;m not allowed to downgrade to a cheaper plan. Instead I have to order the cheaper one and then migrate all my stuff to it.This task should be pretty easy for someone experienced.Also, if I&quot;m satisfied with the results I will definitely send more work in the future.

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