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Bao Nguyen


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Location: Peterborough, Canada

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My projects:

  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller abalta


    Mar 26, 2014

    Nice, clean work, looking forward working with him again!<br/>

    Project Description:Hello, a customer of mine has 3 extensions for the time being (maybe more in the future). What he wants is to be able to login into one page and click on a button and have his 2 extensions redirect calls to the other...
  • $16.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller doublett


    Jan 19, 2014

    Excellent, as usual. This guy is very good, has a nice knowledge and also is very professional :)<br/>

    Project Description:We have one issue with asterisk / freepbx and a2billing password. We just need an expert some minutes to fixx this. In freepbx (I guess it&#039;s called amportal) appears asterisk as &quot;down&quot; but it&#039;s up, and this is a password issue...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller olod


    Jan 18, 2014

    i was glad to hire nttranbao for the project. job was done with professionalism. definitely will hire again.

    Project Description:Secure elastix on VPS with iptables and fail2ban.
  • $45.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Mangoo6


    Jul 4, 2013

    ★★★★★ - 5 Star Review! ★★★★★Helped me installed Mac OSX 10.83 with no problems on my PC though VMware.A bit expensive, but you get what you pay for.I would recommend this guy, his English is very good.

    Project Description:I need to have installed Mac OSX 10.8 or higher on my PC. In VirtualBox or VMware workstation - both already installed on my Windows 7 PC. You NEED to have tried this before, because it can be a...
  • $133.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller houdenis


    Jun 27, 2013

    Excellent job done in time and with a good communication. Will definitly hire again.

    Project Description:Need code to make an autodialer to work properly on Call center based on Asterisk PBX server. Already have base code but need some tweeking to basically permit customer to dial a key anytime during the playing message and also autodetect answering machine...
  • $111.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller rlservices


    Jun 20, 2013

    Awesome work, great worker!

    Project Description:Hello, We need a Windows server expert to verify our Windows VPS for disk usage and perform a cleanup where possible. We&#039;re looking for an ongoing contractor to perform the work approx once a month...
  • $108.90 USD
    Profile image for Seller irisintegration


    Feb 10, 2013

    nttranbao was very knowledgeable and efficient. Every part of our project was completed at very high quality.

    Project Description:We&#039;re looking for a technician who has experience with Asterisk IS800 appliances to configure some changes to an already working system. Tasks are:...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kevindonovan

    kevindonovan [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jan 9, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:Connect Windows 7 into Hyper-V 2012 Server, when I try to do it, I got the error message attached. I only have until day 14 with the server, so be fast to fix the problem otherwise I will get refund...
  • $450.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller residentresearch


    Sep 18, 2012

    The best Freelancer that I have ever worked with, I would definitely recommend him for any project.

    Project Description:I just purchased a new server and some software for my small business and need someone to help me set it up. Here are the specifications of what I have purchased: HP ProLiant ML350p Gen8 - Xeon E5-2620...
  • $66.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller pkjansma


    Sep 15, 2012

    Bao was very detailed in making sure he understood what the job requirements where before he accepted the job. I like that. There were no surprises. Bao was able to easily fix this solution and conducted himself in a professional manner and used very good English which I do not see very often on Congrats, Bao! Will definately call you again when the need arises on our Asterisk/Elastix server.

    Project Description:We have a trial Elastix Server in Place and need someone to login and setup a SIP trunk to be able to be used with our Broadvoice voip package.. 1/2 payed on acceptance and the rest only when the system is working satisfactorily...
    Bao Nguyen has not completed any projects.
  • $66 USD In Progress

    Hello,we have an IPBX (FREEPBX) up and running fine, however we need to insert a PSTN land line on it. In order to make it we purchased 2 gateways grandstream to receive the line and make it available to voip phones.So we need to:0) receive calls directed to the land line, ringing in a asterisk extension.1) to have extensions in asterisk able to call over the land line.

  • $350 USD In Progress

    We had a custom AGI script written by a freelancer here which needs a &quot;fix... Via a Asterisk AGI Python script initiated from a web page button, a queue agent can &quot;transfer a caller&quot; into a custom extension. The script works by seizing the active channel from the agent, sending the caller to the custom extension script, and releasing the agent to take another call. The problem is that when this is done, the queue agent typically gets the &quot;next possible call&quot; in their queue, instead of being placed into the last in line position which would be appropriate under our &quot;leastrecent&quot; ring strategy. After some investigation, we believe that the problem is that the agent&quot;s &quot;idle time&quot; timer is not being reset during the call-seizure-and-transfer script, thus Asterisk believes that agent to be idle far longer then is true.We are running the FreePBX v. distro with Asterisk 11.4.0.The contents of the Python script (/var/www/cgi-bin/ used to seize the call is:==========================================#!/usr/bin/pythonimport cgiimport sysimport reimport telnetlibMANAGER_HOST=&quot;;MANAGER_PORT=&quot;5038&quot;MANAGER_USER=&quot;xxxREDACTEDxxx&quot;MANAGER_PASSWORD=&quot;xxxREDACTEDxxx&quot;form = cgi.FieldStorage()print &quot;Content-Type: text/plain\n\n&quot;if &quot;callID&quot; not in form: print &quot;There is no callid&quot; sys.exit()if &quot;ptID&quot; not in form: print &quot;There is no ptid&quot; sys.exit()if &quot;agentID&quot; not in form: print &quot;There is no agentid&quot; sys.exit()callid = form.getvalue(&quot;callID&quot;)ptid = form.getvalue(&quot;ptID&quot;)agentid = form.getvalue(&quot;agentID&quot;)print &quot;Parse the request&quot;line = agentidmanager = telnetlib.Telnet(), MANAGER_PORT)manager.write(&quot;Action: login\n&quot;)manager.write(&quot;Username: %(MANAGER_USER)s\n&quot; %vars())manager.write(&quot;Secret: %(MANAGER_PASSWORD)s\n&quot; %vars())manager.write(&quot;Events: off\n\n&quot;)manager.write(&quot;Action: coreshowchannels\n\n&quot;)events = manager.read_until(&quot;CoreShowChannelsComplete&quot;).split(&quot;Event&quot;)data = 0for i in events: if;ConnectedLineNum: %(line)s&quot; %vars(), i): data = iif data == 0:print &quot;No channel up.&quot; sys.exit()result =;Channel: (.*)&quot;, data)channel = channelmanager.write(&quot;\n&quot;)manager.write(&quot;Action: redirect\n&quot;)manager.write(&quot;Channel: %(channel)s\n&quot; %vars())manager.write(&quot;Context: ivr\n&quot;)manager.write(&quot;Exten: s\n&quot;)manager.write(&quot;Priority: 1\n\n&quot;)manager.write(&quot;Action: setvar\n&quot;)manager.write(&quot;Channel: %(channel)s\n&quot; %vars())manager.write(&quot;Variable: callid\n&quot;)manager.write(&quot;Value: %(callid)s\n\n&quot; %vars())manager.write(&quot;Action: setvar\n&quot;)manager.write(&quot;Channel: %(channel)s\n&quot; %vars())manager.write(&quot;Variable: agentid\n&quot;)manager.write(&quot;Value: %(agentid)s\n\n&quot; %vars())manager.write(&quot;Action: setvar\n&quot;)manager.write(&quot;Channel: %(channel)s\n&quot; %vars())manager.write(&quot;Variable: ptid\n&quot;)manager.write(&quot;Value: %(ptid)s\n\n&quot; %vars())===============================================There are 2 other files/scripts used for this system (but they are for handling the call after &quot;transfer&quot;):/etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf/var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/ivr.pyWe will provide access to copies of our other scripts as needed, but will cannot provide direct access to our PBX due to U.S. Federal privacy regulations. We have competent PBX administrators available to provide support and answer questions about our system as well.

  • $120 USD In Progress

    We are running Active Directory on Windows Server 2003 with about 40 agents. We recently have a situation where the agents are getting logged out with an error and we have to reboot the server before they will be able to get back in. This happens every couple of hours and we need someone to log in to our system and troubleshoot and help us determine what is causing this and find a solution. We do have a backup Active Directory that should be replicating but not sure if the errors are affecting this or not. We have been using the Active Directory with this set up for over 6 months with no issues and suddenly we have this issue. We need someone that can work with us during our hours of operation 7:30AM-5:00PM CST M-F to work on this. We need someone as quickly as possible (tomorrow morning if possible)

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Hi thereThis is a simple project to configure an existing Asterix Now server on (we will use a test VoIP account first, make sure the pbx works and then switch to a live account)We need to configure 5 or 6 extensions, ring-group and greeting message (already recorded as mp3)We need to record all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as easy management of the system with user manual of how to do thisThere will be an opportunity to maintain the system and enhance it into a full crm system laterIf you have experience with G 729 codec - this is a plus. thanks

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    i&quot;m looking for a trust worthy and dynamic IT person to be my IT support and IT advisor. I use my computer for business and personal purpose. The work load is ad hoc and task is general - helping a non-technical person to remotely complete some IT tasks, for example to install some software on my Mac and show me how to use them, set up my email account. Help me make minor changes on my Wordpress website. The person needs to be familiar with Mac. Help for my colleagues might be required sometimes.

  • $125 USD In Progress

    we need an expert to check our server and the modes required as in the title.Asterisk and Freepbx, add whisper mode to recorded calls server, there is IVR we need to make caller able to lsn to a live call.Thanks

  • $35 USD/hr 8 days ago

    Asterisk fraud protectionWe are looking for asterisk (version 1.2 (1.4)) a very powerful fraud protection.The possibilities are 1.Only certain IP Range 2.Numbers to Somalia, Sierra Leone etc. to be blocked3.Statistic with warning Email and blocker mechanism. We are certainly consider and realise other suggestions.Please quote us a price for programming and a extra price for installation in clients pbxThanks and regards

  • $35 USD 24 days ago

    Check that basis settings for Windows Server 2012 are correctSetup static / public IP on system - Router & Windows Server 2012Insure Firewalls are configured correctlyEnable Remote Desktop is operationalOngoing work maybe avaivable

  • $150 USD 24 days ago

    Hi i have a project which is named as the title it is based on linux and windows please if you can help contact me thanks

  • $222 USD 26 days ago

    Hello, i have some few Cisco phones(CP-8831 and CP-8961) that are not working with FreePBX as they are not yet supported by endpoint, could you please be of help?

  • $277 USD 26 days ago

    we have a Lync server runing, we need to ad sip trunks but the provider does not support TLS or TCP, so we need an Asterisk to work as a gatewaythis asterisk can recieve multiple trunks and can be forwarede to multiple Lync servers.the freelancer will have to guive us a step by step document of how to add more trunks to the asterisk and how to setup this trunks in to the lync server.

  • $38 USD/hr 26 days ago

    setting up osdialer 3.02 predictive dialer. need help with carrier configuration, should have familiarity with voip, generic sip, calling patterns, etc.

  • £70 GBP Jun 7, 2014

    i have to repair my computer as some softwares are stoppedvirus forundhackers foundmalware removal

  • $625 USD Feb 13, 2014

    I already have a website for international service call, however, I need the following pages:-1. Contact Page2. Order Page3. Access Number Page4. UK Rate Page5. Update dialplan (So that customer will be charge different rate depending on destination and feature used, e.g Call Recording and Spoof)6. On the Add Balance Page( I need for the customer to provide their address which would be updated in &quot;Profile” page).The website is sammytel.comPlease note that A2billing experience is required.

  • $55 USD Jun 25, 2013

    I have a pfSense firewall. My ISP uses PPTP connections. pfSense supports WAN PPTP, but I can&quot;t get it configured to work. I need someone who understands pfSense at a deeper level than I do to get it working.

  • $2500 USD May 18, 2013

    I am looking for voice application developers to build an IVR/ chatline system using C and asterisk for voip integration.The system would consist of a voice personals section , a live chat section , and a multi user conference section.every new caller would get a 6 digit mail box number and password to use on each login. The system would have voice mail and live 1on1 connect features. There are lots more features and rules associated wit this program and will be explained to to best qualified person/s .If you are an expert at building IVR systems you would already have an idea of what is involved in this project. To be considered, you must have a portfolio of similar work to show me and you must be able to communicate 24/7.

  • $30 USD Mar 25, 2013

    hi!i need something like that: want to unmask privat call. can you help me? thanks!we can talk about the price.. tell me how much.

  • $36 USD/hr Mar 22, 2013

    i have skill following details.if agree 2 hire me by mail i will respond u as soon as possible

  • $36 USD/hr Mar 17, 2013

    ashit bhusan mistry

  • $150 USD Jan 25, 2013

    Dear friends, I need someone with VOIP skills in order to finish an VOIP project. I will explain in few words what exactly this VOIP specialist should do: In this moment I have installed on my server software Free PBX, and I need to finish the configuration in this way: - I need to configurate FREE PBX for calling routes - for this I have 3 FXO operators connected to server using an FXO CARD TDM400 from Digium. - FXO CARD Digium is installed but need to be configurated - to make Trunks - and also calling routes , setup IVR am voice mail. - Regarding calling routes: I have 3 operators: Orange,Vodafone and a local fix provider (for Orange and Vodafone I&quot;m using premicell for connecting them with Digium Card) so for example if I&quot;m calling a orange number the pbx server should automatically use the Orange line,the same thing should be used for Vodafone line,if SIP account want to call a vodafone number,server should automatically use the vodafone line and so on... - Also the Voip system should be reachable from internet,because this client is not in the same location... Waiting your answer,Regards,R.

  • $300 USD Nov 10, 2012

    To Configure Two Quintums, AXT-4800 Quintm And AFT-800

  • $1999 USD Oct 25, 2012

    Program should catch incoming/outgoing phone call events and start recording audio streams to the web server (through restful API provided) or memory or file. Phone call should not be interfered with this new functionality. Program should not be platform-specific and should work for, at least (but not limited to) android and iOS. One possible way to do this would be make a simultaneous call to a pre-configured machine using VOIP and put the three parties in a conference. It is upto the programmer(s) to implement a better technical solution, if possible.Working on this project requires solid understanding of how mobile telephony works. Knowledge of Objective C or Android Java is not at all required, nor is any experience in creating mobile apps mandatory.Development of mobile applications (Android and iOS) and web server (with rest-style services) are done separately and should not be part of this project. Please include details of requirements from telephony service providers or others so that we can facilitate these without any delay. Please include brief description of your technical solution so we can assess the scalability and maintenance costs of the solution for our future requirement.

  • $36 USD/hr Oct 25, 2012

    I have 5 year experiance in linux and windows skills windows server management,linux configurations..etc...

  • $200 USD Sep 24, 2012

    I want to set up multitenant pbx with web interface

  • $150 USD Sep 15, 2012

    I need someone to Configure H323 Trunk in Asterisk. I have a provider that receives traffic via H323 , I Need to be able to send them my traffic from my Asterisk A2Billing Box.

  • $36 USD Aug 23, 2012

    we have a sip server which is using media proxy asterisk and audiocodes mp118 fxo. We have problem on configuration mp118 fxo to asterisk for outbound calls.Asterisk is auto configured as using sippy but have problems on Audiocodes calling and starting billing before the call. Can you give me a offer for solve this issue ?

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Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)

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MCP/MCSA/MCSE Microsoft Windows Server 2003