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Medical doctor studying electrical engineering in search of a place in top-tier science.

Username: ognjen011

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Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Member since: November 2013



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My projects:

  • €29.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller heather31189


    Jun 8, 2014

    Did a great job!

    Project Description:I am having problems with a matlab project which consists of two parts: 1. Linear Equations 2. Ordinary Differential Equations I have the majority of the code of the first part and just need it to be altered...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller nurulhuda21


    May 29, 2014

    One of the best freelancers out there. Highly recommend~ :)

    Project Description:solve the question
  • $283.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller myccapital


    May 28, 2014

    Og put in an outstanding effort on this project, and went above and beyond to make sure it was done satisfactorily. His diligence and attention to detail is to be commended, I would highly recommend.<br/>

    Project Description:I am looking for someone with strong MATLAB skills to code up an intraday stock trading strategy for me to conduct backtesting.
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller faheemmiq


    May 23, 2014

    great guy a bit difficult to get a hold of but very dedicated indeed

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller etechlancer


    May 13, 2014

    He's a dedicated and serious professional. Delivers high quality work and before deadline. Thanks

    Project Description:I have 4 questions related to Numerical and statistical methods and needs to solve using matlab. Please get abck to me if you know this subject for more details. THanks
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Alyouhah


    May 8, 2014

    He is the best. will hire him again for sure

    Project Description:I need the solution within 3 days in a word file.
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Eng001


    May 7, 2014

    professional, smart, expert, and easy to work with. He is the best!!

    Project Description:I talked to you about this project before and you told me you can do it. I don&#039;t want to post the project online because I want YOU to do it.
  • $147.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kdevries


    May 4, 2014

    good communication, good understanding of the aim of the project, on time and accurate.

    Project Description:N/A
  • $299.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller esteghlali


    May 2, 2014

    Great quality of work and amazing communication.

    Project Description:As discussed As discussed As discussed As discussed
  • $23.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller zharenkov


    Apr 29, 2014

    Very good freelancer! Communicative and experienced.

    Project Description:I&#039;ve got a Matlab code that solves the system of PDEs in polar coordinates. As a result I&#039;ve got matrix with values in different angle and radius. The problem is to visualize the results. I need a function that will plot the polar plot on fixed time layer with coloring of values...
    ognjen011 has not completed any projects.
  • $189 USD In Progress

    I need an expert in signal processing to write Matlab code that implements the algorithm for Parsons code described in the attached research paper entitled &quot;The Encoding of Individual Identity in Dolphin Signature Whistles: How Much Information Is Needed?&quot; or you can find it at this link

  • $100 USD In Progress

    We have discussed it.Bid up to $100, with bonus available as usual. Glad to be working w/ you again.

  • $515 USD In Progress

    We are looking for a mathematical modeling / financial modeling expert to solve an assignment in GAMS software and write an academical report after the assignment was solved. IT NEEDS TO BE DONE IN 10 DAYS solved+written. SEE ATTACHMENT.DON&quot;T BID PLEASE IF YOU DON&quot;T HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE TO DO IT!

  • $35 USD In Progress

    Please find the attached files. The first one is the project itself, while the second contains a lot of functions that should be used in the project. It is a very easy and straightforward project.In addition, please provide COMMENTS in the code, just enough to make sure I understand what each block of code does.

  • $34 USD 3 days ago

    need help failing math in the worst way I have 4 weeks to turn it around

  • $189 USD 3 days ago

    A university mini Lab-project, may be the most of you have already done a similar lab, so it won´t be diffcult. You are an expert or very good matlab user with strong bakground in computer science /-or computer engineering, and in App development as well.I will uppload work material that you are gonna need under this mini-project. The given time for this porject is 3 days but you will have 4 days to finish it.

  • $14 USD/hr 3 days ago

    We need a person having a very good knowledge of statistics (testing goodness of fit, chi quadrat test, building test statistics, etc.)You will do Matlab experiments + writing of technical reports (preferably Latex).

  • $531 USD 3 days ago

    This is a two-phase project:PHASE IA windows application is needed to be developed in any language (java, .Net or Matlab). The main form should include an upload feature, where the user is supposed to upload a txt file and select a technique from the following: Genetic Algorithm, Simulated Annealing, Tabu Search, Particle Swarm Optimization and Ant Colony Optimization. We have 4 files and every file stands for a specific case study. Each file has a number of lines (test cases) and every test case is composed of a sequence of events/actions such as:_.Add(1).Remove().Front()As every file (case study) has a different group of events and specs, the system is supposed to identify the case study and handle it based on its procedure. An algorithm is used for that.Then, the system should apply the specified technique on the uploaded file and produce the results in txt files too. The output includes optimized test suites that have an optimum number of test cases. it is assumed that the number of test cases after generation should be less than the ones in the original input files.PHASE IIAn evaluation should be conducted. We’ll have to apply mutation testing to evaluate the test cases in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Consequently, we can identify the technique that produces the best results which will be part of statistical analysis.Kindly, if anybody interested please contact me for further details.

  • $210 USD 3 days ago

    Writing a Matlab code using Monte Carlo method for gamma interaction to predict what types of interaction and how many photons were interacted with the material. For more details please read the attached file and contact me.

  • $1526 USD 5 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $389 USD 5 days ago

    research analysis of the paper and having numerical analysis and report of 50 pages and work with me parallel

  • $147 USD 5 days ago

    Hello,I am currently working on my Dissertation for the MSc in engineering. My project is about a Battery Pulse Charging (fast-charging) technology. Therefore, I need to model a Lithium Battery to investigate the charging performance and heat-development. The modeling should be done with Matlab Simulink.However, my background is in mechanical engineering and I have no experience with this softwares. I need support for the modeling the Charging system circuit.The battery that should be modeld is a NCR-18650 Panasonic. I want to simulate the following.- Charging the Battery at very high current pulses. The pulse has a short duration (the duration should be adjustable, e.g. between 0.01sec - 2sec)- Between the pulse is a pause of some seconds, in order to cool down the battery.- I want so show a graph of the Voltage and the current during charging- And I want to show a graph of the Temperature during the charging process. This is dependent on the internal resictance of the battery.-The Idea behind it is to optimise to pulse and the pause duration in order not to overheat the battery. Two related papers are atteched. Thank you in advance.Regards,Leo

  • £142 GBP 5 days ago

    In this assignment. there are questions about the transfer functions. if it possible to get this answers ?

  • $189 USD 5 days ago

    Iris recognition system with GUI in Matlab.

  • €221 EUR 5 days ago

    Hello,a complete Vehicle Model in Matlab/Simulink is provided with a Fuzzy Controller.The aim is to create an adaptive fuzzy controller or to create a &quot;learning&quot; fuzzy controller (for example based on neuronal network).The fuzzy controller adjusts the damper coefficient of each wheel. All fuzzy rules are provided.

  • $54 USD 7 days ago

    I would like somebody to write a programming code in MATLAB for this fairly simple task, its to model an insulin regimen, that simply takes a value of an impulse in insulin U unit and the plots the insulin flow concentration over time Iex (U/min). Don&quot;t get put down on the unfamiliar units the regimen works fairly the same as when you take your meal (this is the impulse) and then your blood glucose starts increasing over time and decrease at the end (the concentration). This involves a coupled partial differential equation of which I&quot;m not at all very familiar with. There are 2 types of insulin which is Rapid Acting (R) and Long Acting (L) insulin, the former will produce a rapid response while the latter with a steady and longer response. This depends as well on the value of insulin which varies between 3 to 20 U/ml. The plot should follow fairly or more or less the plot in Figure 3.15 in &quot;Insulin Regimen&quot; paper attached with the correct unit of time (minutes/hours) and exogenous insulin flow Iex (U/min).I attach the papers which explains all the parameters and constants. One named &quot;Insulin Regimen&quot; is already sufficient for this task but I attach as well the original paper referred from it named &quot;Comprehensive Pharmacokinetics&quot;. They only need a proper programming, an impulse and you should get the simulated graph shown in the article when modelling this. I prefer that with the code I can set the input to be just the type of insulin whether it is R or L and value of insulin applied.It&quot;s very doable, I have done it with the carbohydrate regimen but I don&quot;t have much time for this one especially since I don&quot;t know much about PDEs.Please do ask anything if you are unsure.Thanks a lot and I appreciate anyone who can help with this.

  • $526 USD 8 days ago

    I want to have algorithm that can describe an object using fourier descriptor. You can use this paper as your reference.3D Shape Descriptor Based on 3D Fourier Transform

  • $21 USD/hr 9 days ago

    please have a look at this project

  • $94 USD 9 days ago

    it is about linear algebra and differential eq. transform functions and ilaplace in matlab

  • $21 USD/hr 9 days ago

    Need a professional to help set up a system in Matlab; Need skype access

  • $2368 USD 10 days ago

    Hello,I will just give you hints of what I want to do, so that you could tell if you can do it or not:1. I will bring historical and real time financial tick for one security &quot;subject&quot; through an API to you;2. You will put these data on a chart that you make to let me see them visually;3. From this chart you prepared, I will draw lines &quot;horizontal and diametric&quot; subjectively;a. You will transform my subjectivity into objectivity to publicize my way of drawing to all of the chart;b. You will code this in FIX;c. You will back test this with Matlab, using their financial tool box and GUI feature to let me see your work visually and modify it;4. I will draw other lines for another purpose &quot;horizontal and diametric&quot; subjectively;a. You will transform my subjectivity into objectivity to publicize my way of drawing to all of the chart;b. You will code this in FIX;c. You will back test this with Matlab, using their financial tool box and GUI feature to let me see your work visually and modify it;5. You know indicators: RSI, Stochastic, CCI and MACD. You will back test item 3 and 4 with every indicator of these indicators;a. You will use every possible setting to every indicator to tell which is the best among those indicators in terms of the time that we shall use that indicator on the chart;b. You will identify the best over bought area and the best over sold area in every indicator;c. You will come up with one result in terms of indicators: you will choose one of them as the best but with settings that you know.6. You will gather item 3,4 and 5 to be back tested once again together;7. Once they are compatible, I tell you that this is Spot FX buy and sell plan. I will there give you my strategy to buy if so and so, and to sell if so and so, etc8. You will put my plan and monitor trading through a demo account that I can bring;9. You will modify wherever needed and I will see your modifications;10. I will let this new system works by putting money but on a small base, just to try the reality.11. You will modify wherever needed and I will see your modifications.12. Once we finish, I will give you my risk management. Thanks.I want you to tell me if you can do this and how much is it.Regards,Fadi.

  • $200 USD 10 days ago

    Hi I need matlab code for application of skeleton image extractionHere: ten of these features is a group of four feature distance or resultsdistance measurement is as follows:• Distance of the front foot to back foot heel (F7)• Hands up the front of the shaft center of the chest (F8)• Hand back up the shaft center of the chest (F9)• Hand front to the back of the hand (F10)As for the other six features a corner group or outcomeangle measurement is as follows:• Front knee angle (F1)• Front ankle angle (F2)• Rear ankle angle (F3)• Rear knee angle (F4)• Front arm elbow angle (F5)• Rear arm elbow angle (F6)

  • $126 USD 11 days ago

    Writing a code in Matlab using Monte Carlo method for gamma interaction to predict what types of interaction and how many photons were interacted with the material. For more details please read the attached file and contact me by email for more information.

  • ₹7368 INR 11 days ago

    hi Work is on implementing Signal Procesisng Algorithms .Needs people with background of Computer Vision/Pattern Recognition/Audio Signal processingPlease email for project details: thankssantos

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Expert Translator

Mar 2009 - Jul 2012 (3 years)

Institute of Ophthalmology Belgrade

I worked with several scientific teams in helping them organize, put together, translate and publish medical papers of different scientific grade. I have lots of experience in the field of medical and technical terminology.


Doctor of Medicine


Bachelor in Electrical Engineering



National medical practice licence

Serbian Medical Society