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Location: Bhopal, India

Member since: May 2005



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  • $2220.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller thomasboerre


    10 days ago

    The company haven't worked with this kind of systems before even tho the told us. They delivered 1.5 months to late, and we used countless hours correcting faults and functions.<br/>

    Project Description:We are an online company, that´s operating with online marketing and lead generation through Email Marketing. We now want to expand and need our own tool to create Surveys, and lead generation through...
  • $1105.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jhnshealy


    Apr 19, 2014

    It is always a pleasure to work with them. The delivered work always meets expectation.

    Project Description:Need Bootstrap work and fixing bugs.
  • $2876.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller lcpthomas


    Apr 1, 2014

    the project has taken much more time than expected. but in general, they have pretty good customer services; fast response time. just make sure everything you want is on the SRS.

    Project Description:I am looking for someone to rebuild my website for me. is an auction website with two types of auctions: Unique Auction and Penny Auction. This website is in 3 languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English...
  • $180.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hhhansen


    Mar 11, 2014

    Great performance, quick delivery, flawless communication +++++++

    Project Description:I need test cases to be generated and documented (in a word document) for an existing site. The test cases must cover all major functions in the site, which consists of some personal settings pages and a few data visualization pages...
  • $2061.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mfzrk


    Mar 11, 2014

    OMS was late to deliver the project but the final product was worth the waiting. The development team - more notably Sourabh- was very supportive, communicative and creative. Already re-hired the guys

    Project Description:For customers in the Middle East, Africa and exotic countries, E-shopping from US websites, where all good and affordable products are displayed, is difficult if not impossible; and when it is possible, it is expensive and takes a long time to reach destination...
  • $3092.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller golficy


    Mar 4, 2014

    Wonderful Team. Would hire again in a heart beat. Raj and Sourabh provided excellent communication during the entire project. Pleased with the final product.

    Project Description:Need Someone to create a Mobile application for both Android and Apple platforms. (quickly) Skills Required: -Expierence coding for both Android and Apple Platforms. (Expert level prefered) -Previous work of both types of applications...
  • $3234.70 USD
    Profile image for Seller jhnshealy


    Feb 15, 2014

    They were very accurate and the work delivered had very few issues. My experience to date has been different. When we QA a site we normally find a lot of issues and work that is not delivered based on the requirements. With this project we experienced just the opposite. I would highly recommend them and will defiantly continue to work with them on other projects.

    Project Description:This project will utilize nopCommerce ( The project will duplicate an existing site taking all design elements and functionality over to the nopCommerce plateform. Most of the work will be skinning where all of the design elements will be provided...
  • $1133.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hhhansen


    Feb 14, 2014

    Great work +++++

    Project Description:We need a corporate web site developed using a standard CMS like Yii, Drupal or similar. We are the customer, it will not be resold to a 3rd party, but used by my personal company. The web site must developed in such a way that it is easy to maintain, i.e...
  • $5545.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Brave2013


    Feb 13, 2014

    Will hire again, definitely.

    Project Description:Good Day Contractors, Due to requirement from my management team, I have to re-post this project again. We will select the contractor within a week. Please study carefully our requirement and please place your price and duration to complete the job...
  • $1720.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Rogge


    Feb 12, 2014

    Excellent provider! thank you!<br/>

    Project Description:Private Project for Raj only! private only!
    OMSOFTWARE has not completed any projects.
  • $1546 USD In Progress

    Hi,I have the content developed but need someone who can make my site look &quot;professional&quot;. Small business that also wants to convert its word forms into data forms on the website that feeds into the mySQL db. I need someone that can help me customize some plugins that I want to use to add functionality. I.E. gravity forms, a client portal, etc. Again, just need assistance getting the look and feel down...I&quot;m sure we can do all of this remotely....thanks for taking the time to respond :)

  • $1649 USD In Progress

    Looking for a developer to add functionality to our wordpress ecommerce site. Need to implement a way for our site to automatically create an individual page for specific registered users that people can visit (in our case artists). The artist needs to be able to upload audio and video files to their individual pages through an easy front end dashboard and set prices for their audio files using a paypal plugin. This all has to work within our current theme. The artist pages then need to be viewable to other customers on the site.

  • $6701 USD In Progress

    Hello,I need new template for my website, with the new template I want to launch the mobile version of my website.The template must be multilanguage.I don&quot;t use some ClipShare functions, so there&quot;re less pages to template.My website is: (Blocked to US visitors)

  • $1200 USD In Progress

    This is my first job posting but I have many ideas with getting my pictures off of my phone exactly in the same format/ layout/ design as it is in on my iPhone 5s to be immediately made into a website when my phone is plugged into my computer. The idea is suppose to work the same with whichever software version of OS your phone is updated with. The website that is created off of the photos is membership and password accessed then uploaded and managed exactly the way and with the simplicity of the application on the phone. Grouping, Date, Map, Editing, Etc. but it is online, easy to access through your computer and stored photos online. This project is what i hope to only be the start of a much more complex and imaginative creation of just having exactly what you see and like on your phone exactly on the computer with faster and easier and more efficient viewing. The idea is to be able to publish on the website in following style We have own cpanel server . If needed we can provide root access. Looking for turn solution. Time frame 48-72 hours

  • $3350 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1422 USD In Progress

    Hi everyone,My company is looking to redesign its existing website to give it a more streamlined look and add a little functionality (password protected material etc). We already have a logo and a colour scheme in mind.There&quot;s already a custom built CMS backend for the site but it does have limited functionality so perhaps it would be easier to have that recoded from scratch or use another backend.The new site must have a very professional look and feel to it. The freelancer chosen will have to demonstrate a portfolio of sites which fits that criterion.The current website is (take out the spaces): www. dra sht acapi tal .comLooking forward to hearing from you and working with you!

  • $5154 SGD In Progress

    The app is created for companies to register & showcase their company profile and service provided, in order for interested parties to view and choose from the options available, then pay through app to receive the service.I) for example, part-time maid service company- They can display info like their company intro, service package options, pictures of Maids with their available dates, timing, duration (no direct contact to the Maid individuals)- Users can then view the company profile from the app and select the which part-time maid they wanted.- Once approved by the Maid company, User will need to make payment through this app

  • $3608 USD In Progress

    Require a Fitness Website with Responsive Web Design to run on mobile phones, tablet and PCDesignAlready built a fitness website on a custom CMS system with MySQL which is used for conceptual testing. This can be used as a design reference. The design includes the following key features:Web Interface1. Workout page2. Calendar Page for workouts3. Product Gallery Page4. Advertisement Banner displayed in Gallery and Product pages5. Goal Chart Page6. User Profile Page7. Messaging Page for users message each otherCustom CMS1. Admin Page that controls user, exercise, workout and product contentCore Data Model1. Exercise Table, Workout Table, Product Table, User Table2. MySQLRequirementsThe new fitness website is to be built separately based on the existing design. It is required to run on:1. WordPress - New Web Interface and CMS system. Must include Responsive Web Design2. MySQL - Retain current database and data model3. Incude a Shopping Cart - New feature to buy products with payment gateway

  • $4123 USD In Progress

    I am looking to build a p2p community market place. it is NOT physical product market place.. it is to trade online currency between users.and I should provide escrow. and set comissions.and in order for me to provide escrow, I should provide &quot;points&quot; for users to use between trades. e.g) buying user should buy &quot;points&quot; to buy currencies. selling user will receive &quot;points&quot; for selling currencies. and be able to cash out the &quot;points&quot; when transaction is completed.. So this is system that requires good strucure and security.. so I would prefer using software or solution available. Please bid when you have experience in similar project. please provide me the project link..Thank you.

  • $3100 USD In Progress

    I am looking for an experienced wordpress developer who can make the theme provided into fully functional auction website with the following features:- Custom user registration with email authentification and possible registering through google and Facebook- User control panel (not wp-cockpit) where user can change his password, shipping info etc.)- User balance : user can deposit or withdraw money to the accout (just like in the bank), it will be possible to see the history- Possiblilty to steup auctions from admin panel- Since the auctions are only provided by adminsitration, user can only bid (there&quot;s no buy now option)- Proxy bid function - user can setup the maximum amount of money to bid and the system will bid automatically for him.- Bidding history page- Won/Lost item page- Approval of the auction result by administrationand few more...i will give an example of a similar websites that I would like to follow.

  • $2577 USD Today

    I am seeking IOS app developer to create this app for me. This app is for people to find and meet new people in nearby sport spot in order to form team to play different sports. Features of the app:1) filters: distance, language spoken, permission, free or pay, etc.2) registering with Facebook, Chinese wechat, twitter and Linkedin. 3) levels and score system (to indicate he or she is in good credit to play on time and play well)4) group chat features, time selection, mapping and alerts.5) geo location (invite people near me)

  • $4381 USD Today

    A mobile and native website similar to an online dating website

  • $3608 USD Today

    Looking to develop a mobile application that should work on both iOS and Android. Will make heavy use of Bluetooth, Location Services and Social Network integration. Must use social network APIs to connect to Facebook, LinkedIn, and a few other networks. Total app will have less than 15 pages. Wireframe will be shared once NDA is signed.

  • $5154 CAD Today

    linking families together through an app

  • $1546 USD Today

    I need help from a skilled app developer with 250 hours of work. Please bid on this project if u have the time for it and talent.

  • $1546 USD Today

    I need help from a skilled app developer with 250 hours of work. Please bid on this project if u have the time for it and talent.

  • $1855 USD Today

    Seeking an iOS app that has the following properties:Device / Platform Supporta.iOS (v6.x) platforms must be supported.b.The app must scale to different screen sizes from 4” phone to 10” tablet on both platforms.c.The app must be available for free on Apple Store.Rebrandinga.It must be possible to create re-branded versions of the app with the following changes:i.App name, icon and home screen bannerii.Inclusion of a token or key that enables the app to display products from one vendor (for whom the rebranded version of the app is created). b.The app should simply pull its data from a specified website where the vendor data exists. Website Interactiona.On launch, the app should connect to the website and download all content necessary to display the screens. This information should be cached on the device so that subsequent launches display the content quickly.b.When a user initiates checkout with items in their cart, the app will open the website in the device’s default browser and the contents of their cart will be preserved, ready for the payment process already implemented in the website to proceed.c.Sign in and sign up must be possible from the app and integrated with the website.Screensa.A home screen is displayed when the app is launched and consists of three sections stacked vertically: i.Banner graphic and welcome text.ii.Shop by options.iii.Featured productsb.A cart screen is accessible from a menu and displays the list of products the user has added (if any) and their total cost. It also has a checkout buttonc.A shop screen that display a scrolled list of vertically stacked products. When a product is pressed, its details are display on a product screen.i.The list can be filtered by categories.ii.The list can be search with a free-text search.iii.The list is sorted by price, defaulting to lowest price first.d.A product screen that displays detailed information about a single product:i.Photo, name, description, price.ii.Add to cart button.iii.List of comments made by other users.iv.Ability to add new comments.e.A signup / login screen is displayed when the user attempts to either add a comment or like a product, unless the user has already logged in previously, in which case no signup / login screen is displayed. The signup / login screen must have the following options:f.Sign up for new users can be done either manually (by supplying full name, user name, email address and password).g.Password reset.h.Sign-in can be done using email and password specified above.A profile / user settings screen is accessible from a menu and allows setting the photo, and changing the user’s display name.

  • $8247 USD Today

    Looking for a chat app like KiK.All the same functions as KiK

  • $3659 CAD Today

    Hi, We want to hire someone that will be able to creat us an similar app as happysale the app : can download the app to see the requirement.thanks

  • $4896 USD Today

    I need a tourist based app for android and iOS. Similiar to foursquare and tripadvisor but for only one town.

  • $2061 USD Today

    I would like a program that is web based that I can track sports bets. The software should be able to scrape data from websites and be automated. I would like a section(maybe a different page for each sport and each website that the betting data was obtained from) as well as a summery page that would compile all the bets and final outcomes that can be sorted by wind loses in a day, week, month 3 month 6 month. year and any combination of those. Data would include but not limited to home and away teams that are playing each other, betting lines, the odds, what the outcome of each bet was, how often a certain bet is won compared to lost, a page where I can enter what I bet on and the out come of that as well. the data will be from several different sites and several different sports. also the ability to add more sites once i locate them of they come available. Some of the sites that I would like to scrape data from are, and similar sites. I would also like to be able to manually enter certain bets that I can only get from a iphone app. unless the program can be setup to scrape them as well. I would like this to be as automated as possible. I would also like daily updates as part of the agreement. Also install a emulator to scrape some data from and iPhone app.

  • $2268 USD Today

    Need to create an e-commerce site selling promotional products. Must include extensive backend and user friendly front end. Order management, shopping cart, shipping module, product management, seo/ppc content. Please provide portfolio of ecommerce site work.

  • $1494 CAD Today

    Looking for a designer and HTML programmer to build HTML website no WordPress, Joomla etc.The website must be able to fit in mobile devices and have to be integrated with a back end database that users can use to query information like Year, Make and Model of Cars.

  • $51 AUD/hr Today

    We are in the process on launching an online database business. It will sell annual subscriptions to &quot;members&quot; who will be able to access the company&quot;s propriety database on the history of 60,000 classic cars. Given the targeted market we expect between 100-500 clients. Our client base will be global mostky coming from the US, UK and Europe. The project is to help management choose billing and payment systems. Basically we need help in choosing an &quot;off the shelf&quot; billing system that creates custom invoices with our logo and automatically generate receipts of payment. We also need tracking of clients with their annual billing cycle. We also need an &quot;off the shelf&quot; online payment system where members can pay their annual members fees online through providers like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa etc. Our bills will be in Australian dollars but most clients will be based in the US, UK and Europe. GST tracking is not that important.

  • $1546 USD Today

    i need a local swap site with options for classifed ads eg of sites

  • $30 USD/hr Today

    We need quick php work - Fix &quot; apostrophe issue- content is not displaying because of apostrophe&quot;s appearingNeed recaptcha installed on a form. Immediate start when hired required

  • $8247 USD Today

    need a local freelance website, for east africa region, where people can post jobs or gigs for various occupations, eg designers, programmer,s carpentors, cooks, plumbers, drivers,lawyers, teachers and so many more. ratings and comments available for both workers and employers..

  • $2319 USD Today

    Seeking a WordPress developer with experience in the following:Framework: Comment plugin: Video hosting: http://www.infusionsoft.comFacebook & Google Plus Open Graph Protocol - - add-on for Woo Commerce - requirements:1.WordPress to be built on the SeoDesignFramework.2.Source code encrypted (so it can’t be stolen from the browser).3.Opt-in on home page for free offer. (Email collector) Opt-in should be quarter-page size with a drop down box for the user to select a condition before submitting the form. (See branding logo and color scheme. Logo should be available in varying sizes so that it can be used across the entire WordPress site and future products/sites.5.Ability to add affiliate links.6.Navigation – broken down in categories (recipes, fitness, etc. – color coded rollover); Start Here (overview of best content) (See 7.Connect to Facebook private group, Twitter feed and other social media8.SEO optimization9.Ability to have multiple opt-ins for specific/unique give aways.10.Opt-in subscribers are automatically entered into a drawing for a free offer. (plugin?) 11.Ability to handle recurring payments -’ area (for paying members - Restrict Content – plugin) and free area. Automatic member access after payment.13.Recipe section (recipe plugin?)14.Knowledgebase - searchable15.Blog posts16.E-book section for download17.Newsletter – using collected emails (plugin?)18.Programs offered section - similar to these and 19.Disclaimer – blurb in footer on every page20.Must be mobile ready - work well on iOS, Droid, Windows phones/tablets.21.Fast loading site22.Easily updated and configurable23.Footer should display Copyright © Envision the Future Inc. All Rights Reserved.24.Post-production support for three months. (8 hours per week max)Sites to imitate: to the winning bidder:Pictures of CoachBranding examplesSloganAll plugins will be purchased by the client.All developed content becomes the property of the client.Timeframe: must be completed in 30 days once project is awarded.

  • $1546 AUD Today

    Hi Freelancers,We require the conversion of an existing fully functional website to wordpress. Obviously we will require the design of a wordpress template that matches the current website, however we are willing for some creative input form your team and if you feel the website can be improved we would like to hear and see your ideas. The forms are currently included in the website should also be included in the new wordpress design. The CMS obviously needs to be implemented using wordpress. We need to be able to manage this website 90% in-house and don&quot;t want to be reliant on 3rd party&quot;s to make frequent changes to the site. The website needs to support google analytics.The website is freelances who can take the time to write a meaningful and not generic brief will be considered. We are specifically interested in your previous wordpress designs and capabilities.Thanks,

  • $4639 USD Today

    Hello, I manage site about www.viralpresent.comthat is related on rate of food, cafe, etc either woo commerce and affiliate programbut I need to customizing and app, could you consider it?

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