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  • $3125.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller RobinMcM


    Aug 26, 2013

    Great Project, will employ again

    Project Description:Directory Listings Website This project is for a listings directory where the user can add web listings. The listings must act a mini websites with Home | Products | Shop | Contact Us | Videos The Website must allow for Authentication to an external membership database Features....
  • $2563.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller mohammedbawazir


    Mar 16, 2013

    The project took longer than expected but, it was delivered with quality.The second project is already given iDevelopment.

    Project Description:Greeting Mark , I need you to build for me a powerful and fast website in 30 days and offer me support for six months. my project is mainly of four parts: 1- cars spec, features and photos database 2- cars market (no online sales, just showcase) 3- Q&A (just like 4- a blog...
  • £1350.50 GBP
    Profile image for Seller ChrisTWiseman


    Mar 15, 2013

    Very patient through project delays but have ultimately delivered a solid project on brief

    Project Description:We require a website to be built to allow 2 different tools to be used: 1: Training Needs analysis (currently in existence as a snap survey questionnaire – this needs to form the basis of the information...
  • $300.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller murdochjr


    Oct 30, 2012


    Project Description:I have a new Magento website,,that requires some general customisation, the two videos to be moved from the Product Information page . Under the catergory heading - LURES/SPRAYS/LOTIONS, I need to know how to arrange the products on the page into some order...
  • £1900.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller darrenlock


    Oct 22, 2012

    Mark provided the project on budget, took longer than expected but cannot fault the expertise of this team, every request was sorted. Happy with the end result Thanks

    Project Description:BLD are a motorcycle specialists dealing with Motorcycle insurance claims management, Credit Hire, repairs, MOTs, Bike transportation and selling accessories. BLD are in the process of re-developing its systems, from the claims management system to the on-line shop...
  • £750.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller charles40002002


    Sep 20, 2012

    Professional and good quality work. Easy to work with, innovative and understanding.

    Project Description:Website to sell and promote training services and materials. Business training courses and other services will be promoted, booked and paid for from the site. Books, ebooks and dvd's cd's will be...
  • $350.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller cyclestyle

    cyclestyle [ Incomplete Report ]

    Sep 12, 2012

    This was a disappointing provider. it took 2 months and cost us $350usd to find out they could not deliver what they promised. I would be wary of them, they blamed us even though we had paid up deposits as requested even if it was a little late.

    onelinewebdeUK's reply:

    The project stalled because the customer did not pay a deposit payment, he then raised a dispute dispite never releasing the agreed deposit.

    Project Description:Is it possible to develop software so a user can send sms messages from their computer but with the messages going from the users phone, using existing free text messages the user has with their provider...
  • $80.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller webtendholdings


    Aug 27, 2012

    Mark did a great job with communicating and getting the job done very efficiently and perfectly right the first time. I look forward to working with him again.

    Project Description:Hi, As per my private message, we need a great development partner and would like to give you a bit of basic PSD - HTML work first and then we can progress from there as we need constant updates to our online booking platform...
  • $4880.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller FSCAN


    May 2, 2012

    Mark and his team were great to work with. Although both parties underestimated the scope of what was entailed to accomplish our ultimate goal, Mark was great at working with us to expand the scope and fairly revise timelines and pricing. My new CTO tells me the PHP they developed from scratch is highly sophisticated and extremely well organized. In addition, Mark was great at designing and implementing our creative ideas into the site. Am very happy and will be using again for our future expansion modules.

    Project Description:We are looking for someone to develop us a sports website. Will need to have: - All functionality of - live updating and archiving of sport statistics (source of stats...
  • $1500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller cminarcin


    May 2, 2012

    Mark did an outstanding job for us. We had greatly underestimated the difficulty and scope of the project, yet Mark still completed it on budget and on time. I would highly recommend him and will most definitely hire him again for any future web related projects. THANKS!!!

    Project Description:We are a small firm looking to add a timekeeping system to our website. We need this system to be able to clock in/out around 100 employees in about 12 different departments (each with a different supervisor) with a unique username and password...
    iDevelopment_Team has not completed any projects.
  • £1600 GBP In Progress

    As per written correspondence (e-mails) between us the attached files features / points must be completed to a good working standard from the prior project phase. Secondly 3 new features are to be completed;-a "responsive" site with beautiful design and new technology as discussed.-multi-platform listing tool for optional product listing automatically, with api programming to be discussed with several platforms - Amazon / etsy / google products / and possibly a couple of others.-attractive visualization / previews of no more than 10 products (dress, curtains, sofa, bag etc) that I will provide as stock photos that will change preview depending on the uploaded pattern. They will look as if they were made from that fabric and contain 3D contours that look realistic. They will load quickly and be available to search by in the shop page, and as a preview when creating /editing an existing design.The project must also allow the existing quoted features to be implemented without total redesign at a later date.All above points will be discussed by phone and message until we are both clear what is required.I ask that the above features of the project be completed within a couple of months and no more than 3 months.15% initial deposit, 35% at 50% phase and remainder on total completion.

  • $2842 USD Today

    I need a script that can run on a mobile browser than when executed, automatically installs an app on the android device. Basically the idea is when the user hits a specific url, an app from Google Play is installed on their android phone. No prepayment. No Milestone payments. 24 hour deadline.

  • $1263 AUD Today

    Hi, I need a quote on a website to be built, Im not sure if it will be e commerce,I own a home inspection company and I inspect Homes and buildings for a living, I want customers to be able to log onto my site and purchase my pdf reports through a shopping cart or simular,I want to be able to load my pdf reports onto site daily, The reports are valid for 30 days so after 30 days I will remove or delete the report.I need the site to look very professional as some of My customers don"t know me and need to be able to look at this site and think WOW!The site will need a home page with reports filed down the bottom of page, if there is 50 reports on there they wont all be on front page they will need street name search bar ect?? There will be 2 types of reports avalible to customers for the property customers can choose to buy 1 or both reports for the propertyLet Me know Your thoughts!

  • $52631 AUD Today

    Hello,I have an idea for a website, but have no idea what I am doing.I work in an industry where I can see a need, and want to build a website to support a new business idea.It will be a site where users can input/upload data they already know which will include volumes and prices.The users data will be saved and password protected. The data that is uploaded will then be manipulated to provide free relevant information to the user that they do not already have. The user will be able to access summary data on a smart phone.Total number of users uploading data is

  • $1368 USD Today

    I need an online store designed and coded. The site should be built using Joomla!.

  • $3157 USD Today

    I need two freelancer ( to design and code) or a team to develop and re-make a game based on the old 2d version of it which could be find here : will select the game and let you know in PM to discuss about time and price cause it depends on that.ONLY high ranked freelancers bid . show us your past works to proof you can do it.

  • $5263 USD Today

    Job DescriptionLooking for an developer with rich CRM experience. The existent CRM data must be migrated from Vtiger to SugarCRM Professional. So, I need an expert to do it properly. Currently, we disappointed in the quality and possibilities of Vtiger, and it seems that SugarCRM Professional is much better. Current CRM version - Vtiger 5.4.0.Need to:Perform Vtiger to SugarCRM professional migrationintegrate SugarCRM with ERP(offer some alternatives), JoomlaInstall extra extensions for expand opportunity and improve usability. Create workflowFor data migration like leads, contacts, opportunities, accounts use this free tool - Thanks in advance!

  • $5263 AUD Today

    Facial recognition projectAccess to 24 Gyms.We want to implement a tailgating system to entrance doors to 24hrs gyms. This tailgating system will use facial recognition to monitor the access activity to each premises alerting the manager on detection of an event. Our system will use a facial recognition software to provide the following:1. Upon swiping an access card, the card number will be extracted and identified (non-recognition software)2. If there is no facial recognition data associated with this access card number, the images from a CCTV camera will be used to map the facial features of the person accessing the premises and store this data under the associated access card number.3. Once this process has been completed, each time the access card number is identified as accessing the tenancy the facial data will be matched to the face of the person accessing through the door.4. If the facial data stored to the card number doesn"t match the data of the features of the person accessing through the door, an event is triggered.If the data matches, no event, if the data does not match an event is registered.An event being 1 of 2 things.1. Multiple people entering the gym off 1 card scan. This could be the result of a couple of things.1. There is more than one member arriving at the same time and only 1 member scans their card and the door remains open for the other members to enter. We want the system to recognise the other people also and match them to a database. 2. The other alternative is that members are letting non members in for free and this is when we want to alert the manager.Ideally, what would happen is that the facial recognition software would pick up all faces that enter and match them to a database and highlight any that it didn"t recognise. If the database, didn"t recognise a face. An alert is created for the manager as to the time of the event so he can check the footage and see what happened. 2. Once the ID Card is swiped, the software detects the face associated with the card and if it doesn"t match the face that is associated, an alert is created. The alerts to the manager don"t need to be done live but rather at the end of the day and sent all as one email. Alerting the manager of exact times of when each event occurred so he can quickly review the footage and issue fines accordingly. When the owner of the card enters next time and a better view is made of their features, this will be added to the data stored to create a stronger image. This will happen automatically until the profile of the face associated with the card number is solid. As this system is not for security but rather for the detection of non-member access, the levels of accuracy is not critical. Events that are created will be emailed to the club manager for action. The club manager will ultimately determine the identification of the card holder and either agree or disagree with the alert. I would hope that the more times the same person enters the gym the greater the accuracy of the information gathered, reducing the number of false events. We have over 150 sites that we want to install this system into and are looking for a software provider to work with. Ultimately we will also adapt this to retail and service industries. I appreciate the software development of facial recognition is aimed at high end users however to implement this into multiple locations we require a simple cost effective solution that can be rolled out easily to the market. We want to sell this system as a going concern. Eg. Hardware, Software, Installation and ongoing monthly fees to keep the system updated and live. We need all HID card and Facial data to be stored on our VMS Server for matching purposes. We need the system to be smart enough to be implemented across multiple sites. Eg. Members of the franchised gyms can enter another location of their gym and not create an alert to that locations manager.

  • $2631 USD Today

    A new colour cosmetics line - Wanting to build an online store that allows national & international customers to buy too. The site is of basic design, but needs to be detailed in the display of products ( e.g foundations - need to display 15 shades ).Looking for quotes now, and want to start dialogue with people interested in working with me on this. Many thanks.

  • $2105 USD Today

    We have 2 OpenCart stores. We require an all in one system that will manage stock and orders from both OpenCart stores externally.The system must have an Add Stock feature, which will allow us to add stock to OpenCart 1 and a Transfer Stock feature which will allow us to match a product on OpenCart 1 with OpenCart 2 and transfer stock.We will need to be able to add several custom fields when adding products to our OpenCart website. One of these fields will be for "best before date" which the system must be able to track.We must be able to collate and print invoices from the system.We require an order picking section, where our staff can verify orders are correctly picked and packaged by scanning each item with a barcode scanner.The system must be able to add and manage stock, transfer stock between OpenCart systems (one site is for wholesale, one site is for retail), view and print orders with barcode, retrieve orders by barcode, verify orders are picked correctly by barcode, and have the ability to complete stock audits.The system must also compile charts based on sales statistics, traffic and conversion.This system is relatively complex and will require a competent and experienced PHP expert with knowledge of ecommerce, in particular OpenCart, with a good knowledge of English and capable of carrying out extra tasks. A strong knowledge of mathematics is essential.This is just a simple explaination of the job. The job will have more detail.

  • $1578 USD Today

    Hi We need to build from scratch a CRM that will have the possibility to :- Upload Lead list- Check if the email of the lead are good- Compare it to a blacklist databaseThen once the list is cleaned and uploaded , we need few functions that will be explained in private , connected to few auto responderRequirement :PHP/Mysql/Javascript

  • $1473 USD Today

    hi there, I"m looking for graphic designer in following sector for different projects price range of (150USD-8000USD)Logo DesignerPhotography & Photoshopping expertIllustration designer Banners & Headers designerWeb DesignCartoons artCaricatures artBusiness Cards DesignEbook Covers designerFlyers ,Brochures designerLanding Pages If you are interested bid on this project for further info Kind RegardsWinston

  • £684 GBP Today

    We currently use the payment processor Zombaio, our site has been approved by them and ready fro full integration.---PLEASE NOTE - DUE TO BAD EXPERIENCES WITH POORLY EXPERIENCES FREELANCERS , WE ONLY WILL PAY ON COMPLETION AND FULLY FUNCTIONAL TESTING OF OUR PAYMENT SYSTEM!- The last freelancer we highered we paid milestone and the work was terrible, so before placing bid you must state ""we accept payment will be made only on 100% sucessfull competio0n and testing, we will also not require you to send a ""milestone payment""" If this is not stated in response Bid will be ignored!-ThanksOur website is in the development stages and we need a freelancer ideally with experience of Zombaio integration .- Our preferred option is a programer who has previously integrated zombaio, however a developer who has significant experience in payment gateways will be good.Currently our site has no member types, e.g Basic, or VIP, so we will make by default persons who have not paid "" Basic users""After they have purchased a subscription they will then become a VIP and this will be visible to them via there member panel, and of course be stored in the database, once the subscription is cancelled , or some problem we re-bill (as most of these subscriptions are recurring, the VIP member must then be downgraded)I will show an image of a page i want making into HTML, then the page will be developed into PHP based on the subscriptions shown above, the subscriptions shown in the image match the subscription mentioned above.Users will be presented with this upgrade account page when theya) loginb) first joinThey can however skip this step, so there will be small button at bottom.Two different membership types-Basic=unpaid (default)-VIP-Paid (must have active subscription, when subscription expires downgraded to Basic )---------------------Subscription Options3 Day trial $2.97, then $39.95 per month1 month -$29.95 Per month3 months, $ 24.95- BILLED IN ONE GO @ $74.856 MONTHS- Only 19.95$ Per month-BILLED IN ONE GO @ $119.70

  • $1263 AUD Today

    We are opening a new business and need the following designed:* our company cartoon mascot who will be used in the logo, along with text* a small brochure to be posted to new clients* company business card template* stationary such as letterhead, stickers etc* a website to launch the business. Long term goal to have website sales, but basic website to start with

  • £2526 GBP Today

    Hi im looking for UK based freelancer (please do not apply if your not in the UK) for help with a project i"ve got based on the codeigniter framework.What i"m looking to do is develop a multi-use booking system. Im not looking for other scripts to be used on this but if there is one which will do the same job and can be easily adapted that could work.The app will be module based and need:- User registration system and auth system including an admin area.- In the frontend i want the customer to be able to make a booking and also search a date to see if it is booked or not.- User will need to be able to pay via paypal or stripe.- In the admin there will be an area to view the bookings and accept or approve a booking or if they"ve payed then auto approve.- Also it will be based on a CMS design so it needs to be able to do the basic CRUD of pages and posts- Will need to be able to integrate google analytics into it also.This project will be done in modules so as long as you don"t mind doing this on a module to module basis.

  • $2736 CAD Today

    Basics. User creates advertising campaign and capture page for this campaign.When someone fills capture page form he receives email to confirm his requst.After that he receives campaign letters scheduled to arrive every day or every 2 days or whatever user decides.Flow1. user creates advertising campaign-name-Your Return E-mail Name: (required) Your Return E-mail Address:(required)Campaign Title: (required) Helpuser full address (for antispam policy)capture form data to choose - name, email, country etcconfirmation msg2. user creates advertising letters. 1,2,3.... and defines how they delivered to subscriber. For example1st - immediately after subscriber confirms subscription2nd - next day3rd - next day or in 2 day......3. user needs capture form code to put it on capture page.4. list of subscribers.5. adtracking. User can create tracking link for capture page and see the amount of views it getsWhen I see bidders interest I will provide an existing example of what I need

  • $5263 AUD Today

    I require a web designer with strong programming skills to help build 3 websites for non-for profit organisations.The projects need to be built off a Wordpress platform (using a template) and will require maintenance from time to time, which will be billed separately.Currently, 2 of the websites exist, but need an overhaul which will be done by the UI designer & Developer.Programming skills are essential as the sites will require encrypted authorisation portals to an intranet system already in place and also permissions created for different uses access different part of the sites, (newsfeed, blog, etc).The applicant MUST be Melbourne or Sydney based, and available for face-to-face meetings in Melbourne through the development process. Strong verbal and written english skills are also required.

  • $1052 AUD Today

    I am looking for a very clean modern home appraisal website/contact form where potential home sellers put in all there details and the receive an auto report plus then their details will be stored in a database so we can then contact them. The website must have suburb and postcode auto fill.Please see homeguru dot com dot au or ozhomevalues dot com dot au for ideas.In your quote I need a desktop site, mobile website and iphone and android apps.The quote will include the total design and function and logo for all of the above.Previous experience with similar website is a must.

  • $1368 AUD Today

    We are an online fashion retail store. We need help customizing a Wordpress theme to our specific needs. These will be layout and design changes. The theme has a blog section and an online store section. We also require plugins for WooCommerce, SEO, landing pages need to be installed and configured. This is an urgent project that needs to be completed within a month maximum. We will only work with reputable developers with high attention to detail, please send me your Wordpress portfolio. Thank you.

  • $1473 AUD Today

    HiThe current website is up at and needs updating. I want to use one of these templates and will purchase them, they are WordPress Templates. I will supply information. WP site will need a Blog Plug In, Newsletter Plugin and needs the plugin from this website main Logo also needs to be renewed, similar but modernised, file attached.I also need a quote for 3 months SEO included.The site will have similar information to these 2 sites:

  • $5263 CAD Today

    We need a seasoned and proven HTML5 developer to help us develop an enterprise level SaaS application.

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