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Location: Gurgaon, India

Member since: June 2011



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My projects:

  • £789.8 GBP
    Profile image for Seller jambomac


    21 days ago

    A very professional and comprehensively large and knowledgeable team, always responsive with a high understanding of the project variables.Very pleased with the service and the project outcomes.

    Project Description:We require a shipping calculator creating that will be displayed on the company website. The visitor will select options and enter information and the plugin will perform several functions: 1. Collect visitor information (Add the information to a database) 2...
  • $1942.6 USD
    Profile image for Seller FrankUray


    Mar 13, 2014

    +++ Very professional, everything well done, will hire again !

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller avicula


    Mar 5, 2014

    The project was completed in a professional way.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $4286 USD
    Profile image for Seller whythehardway


    Mar 4, 2014

    The company is very professional. Detailed and may be used for large project with your mind at ease. The crew did a fantastic job and continues to work for us with AA++ service and results.<br/>

    Project Description:We are in need of a freelancer company to change our current design of website. we are in need of a moderate level employment website. all aspects of webdesign proficiency is needed to complete the projects...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller dsdpadovasas


    Jan 23, 2014

    They did PHP code optimization and found some architecture problem too. Their team is huge. have really great skills, really fast and communicative. Will work togheter again !<br/>

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $315 USD
    Profile image for Seller cscerri


    Jan 10, 2014

    Great job ! work was ontime and very professional. We will rehire.

    Project Description:We are currently evaluating the alternative options of either outsourcing our vTiger customisation needs or developing them in-house. We are a consulting company that assists clients in the implementation of vtiger as part of their CRMS process...
  • $299.75 USD
    Profile image for Seller demela


    Jan 7, 2014

    Otssols have been very mature and professional in handling projects, they ensure they fully understand requirements before they commence. Communication is key and they've been excellent on that too. The final output is as desired. I will definitely consider them again for another project.

    Project Description:We have a functional oscommerce website ( Everything is working fine. we just need to improve on the look and feel and to make it responsive for mobile devices. You can come...
  • $210 USD
    Profile image for Seller gimmiles795


    Dec 11, 2013

    Highly Professional, good communication and overall great work..Love to work again with this company.

    Project Description:Dear All, I am having a small beverages company in US for which i need minimal changes on my website. Currently, i am having the development in corePHP with MySQL as database. I need to hire some company which has good portfolio in PHP and other e-commerce scripts...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller kevinmedia


    Dec 5, 2013

    &quot;As always great work! Will keep working together! &rdquo;.<br/>

    Project Description:I need a simple informational website where I can publish my articles, maintain blogs, sell products, interactive user interface etc. Mocks and wireframes are already designed. Looking for part time...
  • $197 USD
    Profile image for Seller fengteng


    Nov 21, 2013

    Good Work. Keep it up.

    Project Description:Its is an android apps that provide the users real-time information of the buses (e.g. distance from nearest bus-stop, speed, current location,etc.). One phone (driver&#039;s phone) will be constantly transmitting/sending...
    OTS Solutions has not completed any projects.
  • [Sealed] /hr In Progress

    This a follow up project to our other projects. Please do not bid, as this is a private project for OTS Solutions. Thank you.

  • $1546 USD In Progress

    I am looking to have a web-based interface created where clients can login and download finished images (25-50 image files/job). My website is very simple and I would like the client portal to maintain the same color scheme/design.My current website: For reference, I currently use as the hosting site for client images and send them .zip download links. Please post any additional questions you have that would make the quote process easier.

  • $13 USD/hr In Progress

    This solution should be done using Framework .NET 4.0 (C# language) and ASP.NET (web application) (Visual Studio 2012); the DBMS should by Mysql; the website should use dynamic HTML5 control (Jquery UI).The software solution is composed by 3 components: 1) The web site that should have all the information shown in the attached files2) Integration with DHL XML PI web services to Create a Shipment, Pickup Service and Label Printing (New XML-PI Toolkit (US).zip) 3) integration with Paypalcomponent 2 and 3 should be implemented into class that are used by the website.The use case should follow this process:- the user request a new shipping- the user put all information on the web site- the system based on a price table calculate the amount of the shipping- the user accept the price- the system transfer the user to paypal - when paypal authorize the payment the system put all information on the DB- the system use the DHL web service to create the shipment and if the user has request a pickup the system use the DHL web service to create the pick up- the system put DHL information (ex AWD) on the DB - the system send the shipping label to the user - the user can print the shipping label from the web site

  • $12 USD/hr In Progress

    Recently we launched a new webstore using Magento. The store is running on a VPS and several types of caching are in place. However, the performance of the site is quite poor on some pages. Our front page loads in less than 2 seconds, but our catalog page can load in 4 to 20 seconds depending on the number of products on it and from checkout to payment provider is also a very slow process. The store uses only a handful of external modules, so the site complexity is fairly low.We would like to have somebody to take a look at the performance issues on a low level. The regular tweaks like reducing image sizes we can handle our selves. Then based on the outcome of the findings what causes the slow downs we would like to have these slow downs fixed.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Hello. A small company based in Latvia, which does not have much knowledge in website making, is looking for a group or one professional who could make two websites for us from templates. The first and main website has a google map, adding stuff to your shopping cart, logging in through Facebook or Gmail, sharing or tweeting information and much more. The second one needs to be simple one, there needs to be login and it needs to be attached to the main, so if we put in information in the second one it appears in the first one. Of course we need server under both websites. So we are looking for a person or a group who could do all of this, it is a big project but we are willing to pay a good amount of money for this to be made.

  • $14 USD/hr In Progress

    In the next month&quot;s I will have some website projectsand I would like to keep on working with you :-)

  • $520 USD In Progress

    Hi,As dicussed 40 hours of work and you should complete fully responsive design of for all devices and fix the bug in &quot;om os&quot; in the footer.Best regards,Jonas

  • $350 USD In Progress

    I need someone to write a component for Delphi 2010 (source code needed for inclusion into another project) which allows me to post articles into using the LinkedIn API. Fixed Budget 150 USD.

  • $412 USD Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $721 USD Today

    I am building a new online store using Zen cart. I am looking for a Zen Cart programmer that can build a very professional template. Below are my initial requirements, and I am opened to suggestions:-Includes all standard features native to Zen cart-support both English and French.-optimized for mobile commerce-built-in integration with social Media tools like Facebook and twitter-Ability to zoom images-Open to suggestions

  • $25 USD/hr Today

    I urgently need a competent team of developers to help me with my Wordpress projects.You need to be very familiar with PHP. I need to transfer functions from my old site to new website. Some of these features were hard coded so you need to replicate the functions too.Also need you to build new features for us. Payment by hiur and need to start work immediately. Entire project needs to be done within a week. Changes must be made within 24 hours.

  • $206 USD Today

    Hi: a) there is a text field that currently shows in quote, sales order and invoice then exporting this templates in vtiger ... this line (upper right) must be eliminated and replaces by a text field from vtiger database .. we moved some time ago and still the old office data is shown. Please see image on attached file, it shows invoice as an example but has to be done on invoice, quote and salesorder .. b) also I would like to eliminate old data from document tab and mail tab .. there are too many .. also I would like to improve server performance, procesor is running far too high so it is probably slow because of that .. c) and you may suggest ways to handle/improve mail sending (we use vtiger webmail interface) .. unfortunatly mail sending is very slow and while the mail si send users cannot open or work on other windows .. maybe there is a way to improve that .. actually it does not matter how long it takes to send the mail but users should be able to work on other tabs in vtiger during transmision.. also NOT PART OF THIS PROJECT: if you show a good job, I might be interested to improve other aspects on vtiger: maybe upgrade to other version, move to a different server, regardsKlaus Amrehn

  • [Sealed] Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $2268 CAD Today

    We need to create a website from a Wordpress template: already buy the template.The integration is already done. We will start this website only Wednesday of next week. During the week, I will give all informations about functionalities to the winner, so he will be ready to start Wednesday April 30th.We need to develop the functionalities of this website:There is 2 section in this website: one public and one private.The public section is classic.In the private section, you have two possibilities:- Customer (you can create an account)- Employee (the admin will create an account for you)If you log in as a customer:- You can track your package (via You can see your bills (past and current)- You can see news exclusive to registered customersIf you log in as an employee:- You can see news exclusive to employees (and there will be a checkbox that employees have to check to tell the admin that they read the new)- You can see your payroll. The admin will have to put it in the wordpressThe admin should receive emails when an employee check the box when he reads the new.the website will be bilingual (FR + EN).

  • [Sealed] /hr Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1185 AUD Today

    Movvve Online Fitness’ main aim is to become one of the leading online fitness Companies in the world by providing affordable fitness classes online anywhere in the world, without the commitment, but with the full fitness experience. We need the website to be built around the idea that people will pay to view fitness videos. - Full video integration will be very important- Full social media integration, emphasizing on facebook sign ins - Payment system to view fitness videos - Banner set up - Back end support

  • $13 USD/hr Today

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project &quot;Codeignitor API, HTML 5 Mobile App & Phonegap&quot;

  • $15 USD/hr Today

    We are looking for a programmer who is able to build our responsive corporate website.You will receive our complete psd design including fonts, colors etc. We expect that you:- use the purecss framework ( and mediaqueries for responsiveness- use PHP to include headers, footers etc. so that recreation and duplication of pages is easy (modular website)- test on all major browsers including IE8 and mobile- know how to build/use an animated categorie switch for portfolio (for example without a page refresh- know how to build a sticky scroll (example: know how to build a responsive slider with navigation- use Skype for contact and updatesWe will create a fixed fee based on estimated hours needed for the project.Please feel free to aks for more info, design should be ready on april 24th.If have something to show us, we are very interested.

  • £1340 GBP Today

    Hi GuysJust had an awful experience with a supplier and really looking for someone who can commit to their commitments and actually deliver what we asking for. The last supplier has cost us a month in go-live and actually produced nothing - so desperate to find someone reliable and with professional integrity. This is the start of an exciting Journey for our company, with someone with a mindset for the bigger picture to be on board. We are funding this out of pocket for now, but once the basic vanilla version is up and running - we will be acquiring substantial capital for ongoing development and if you are the right developer - this will be a rewarding ongoing project over the next 12 months. But I genuinely need someone with professional integrity as we have been left with two companies promising us the world, and delivering zero. Ben and myself have outsourced the design section, so all the PSD&quot;s will be delivered, he was paid upfront and he will be a long term resource for us as he has been brilliant. I am now looking for the brilliant developer. So - PSD&quot;s will be delivered, I have paid for someone to do Mobile Wire-frames for you to work with. Below is a summary of what we need, I have a functional specs document with all the Milestones broken down into 5 categories. Guys, if you are reliable, ethical and operate in a very professional manner and deliver on your promises, this is a long terms contracting role which will last the year. We just need the POC up and running as quickly as possible. Simply described.1. People are allowed to post their own product ideas. They can attach images, documents to each submission and can edit their &quot;idea page&quot; freely. The user can also set a guideline price for their product. 2. People can then vote out of &quot;five stars&quot; and comment on this persons product idea page.3. People can then commit to buy this product. If the top &quot;x&quot; number of products within a 30 day period (within a calendar month) achieve a minimum commit number, or are within the top 20 products committed to buy within that month that product will then be created. The people who committed to the product will then be charged for that product. Within the commit option a customer will state their preferences i.e. colour, size, if clothing.4. Product designers and manufactures can sign-up to the site. Once the commit is completed, product designers and manufacturers have one week to produce their fees to produce that product within a given budget. The budget will be &quot;x%&quot; of the commit value. The person will then select their preferred designer/manufacturer to produce the product. The designer will submit their timelines for completion, delivery and a mock-up of the product.5. The person who&quot;s idea gets selected gets &quot;x%&quot; of the revenue from the product sales. 6. All designs / PSD&quot;s created, Mobile Wireframe created - just needs development now. Preference is to be off WordPress, if not, I will need something agnostic and well known. Thanks GuysPeter

  • $4000 USD Today

    All bidder, excuse me if i am not clear about my requirements as i am now to this portal but happy to give detailed information to right candidate.We are seeking a programmer to implement Magento e-commerce or opencart for our shop. We are footwear company based in Madison, WI. Initially, we expect to offer up to 120 styles of shoes.We are looking for someone who can continue to maintain and support expansion of the e-commerce platform, oversee the web site, and integrate social media outlets as well. also most impotent we want to have ability for credit card processing on our site, we don&quot;t want paypal.Experience in area is essential. thank you take care

  • $2577 SGD Today

    I am looking for someone to do up a web application. This website is a bus-pooling website and it shall allow users to request for routes and accept routes.In this website, it will allow users to request for a route and stay as pending route till admin approved it. User will have to state the postal codes of their pick up point and destination during the request.Based on the number of applications, the admin will then decide if they do want to start the route. If approved, the system will automatically select the pick up points by grouping requester by their distance away from each other. System will pin-point the pick up point/ drop off point of the route by setting a meeting point so that the group of requester only need to walk less than 100m to the pick up point. Each group will have at least 2 requester if not, the system will send email to suggest a nearest pick up point (distance between 500m -1km) to the requester. Upon approval of the route, system will send an email to the requester to confirm the service and pay the service via paypal.I need a developer to stay with me thru this project and after this project. Do read and understand before bidding. TQ.

  • $4123 USD Today

    Dears,I want to Make website same as with online reservation system. like the visitors can do the search for any airline from ... to and then make the booking and pay by visa.

  • $1134 USD Today

    I am need a Website ( restaurant directory ) and i need somebody who can build it in Flat UI Design. Please contact me for more details.I am also looking for a Co-founder for this Idea. So this is maybe your Chance to go Big!!

  • $536 AUD Today

    build a web site for bullntong have logos already

  • $1030 USD Today

    hi ,I am looking for a web developer to business directory . In short, I want the developers to give me a range of benefits and be my partner in a long time .The Portal- Can share the selected directory- Can you comment- Can provide a rating .b ) Business Owners .- Can the business list- Can edit lists made.- Can fresh dealc ) Owners Portal- Can know the list ,- Edit / change.delete listing , unnecessary comment .- Provide ad to the advertiser .- etcSerious bidders and can work with minimum cost to the first come first serve .Apply for this which have completed 20 plus jobs.

  • $670 USD Today

    Web Application where actors/models can come and register. Others can search for them. Multiple image uploading in profile, Payment gateways integration in registration form and social media login, Admin can manage user accounts from back end.We started developing already but the project launch postponed many times since we could not complete the project.We want an experienced wordpress developer for doing similar project like within 4 days.We can provide you the files what we already developed and you can start developing from there.It includes custom coding and plug-ins. Also we have amember plugin which can be helpful for registration.We want to make the application responsive, multi-browser compatible and complete the pending features.

  • $15 USD/hr Today

    I need Web-based accounting and ERP solution, who can manage Sales and Orders, Taxes, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, My Banks, General Ledger and Fixed Assets.No time waster’s Please.

  • [Sealed] Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

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OTS Solutions

In terms of technologies, we work in five core technical areas:<br /><br />1. .Net - C#, ASP, VB, Sharepoint, Silverlight<br />2. Java - coreJava, Struts, Spring, J2EE<br />3. PHP - MVC, CakePHP, Zend, Smarty, Open Source CMS, e-commerce<br />4. Delphi - coreDeplhi, XE<br />5. Mobile - Android, iOS, Titanium<br />


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