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  • $2326 HKD
    Profile image for Seller FinanceApp


    Aug 13, 2012

    nice freelancer

    Project Description:We have designed the database schema and looking for a developer to implement the defined server api to support our mobile application, a loyalty system for retail shops. API specification of the server will be provided...
  • $1000 USD
    Profile image for Seller bigbank


    Jun 27, 2012

    they work till saturday so i can keep my work up faster..

    Project Description:Company background: We are the pioneer of the micro asian index(hangseng, kospi) online trading And we using itrade platform. our target is more to micro to mini account since the mission is to prepare the trader before they going to big account...
  • $75 USD
    Profile image for Seller DeniseBLawrence

    DeniseBLawrence [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 27, 2012

    Thie project is not completed according to the dispute<br/>

    Project Description:As per discussed on skype
  • €30 EUR
    Profile image for Seller Sorcermon


    Apr 27, 2012

    Excellent work, It was a hard problem, and it was solved quickly and efficiently.

    Project Description:I updated the PHP version on my osCommerce project, and i can&#039;t login now. When I enter user credentials it gives no login error, but keeps asking me to login.
  • $750 USD
    Profile image for Seller galaxyvac


    Dec 18, 2011

    Dev and his team got the job done.

    Project Description:Looking for design of amazon webstore including logo, theme, home page layout, design and inside page designs. Also to include amazon widgets like amazon associates
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller rezmedia


    Sep 6, 2011

    they done good job

    Project Description:hi all. i have website made from php and my sql. Professional php programmer needed to create self testing and self exam. in my website memebers can enter and test their skill and quality, it&#039;s almost similat to expert rating...
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller palmdevel


    Aug 29, 2011

    Dev worked on correcting issues for us without delay. I will work with him in the near future to correct other issues.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $140 USD
    Profile image for Seller oceansidenetwork


    Aug 24, 2011

    Dev did a great job in communicating and working with me until all portions of the project were completed. ;)

    Project Description:We need back office editing done for our replicating website: Need several pages deleted/modified. Should be a fairly quick project for someone who knows their way around FTP files and back offices...
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller alexanderman


    Aug 18, 2011

    When using a freelancer you have to be careful, I have used other freelancers but none have been more professional than Dev. Dev and his team exceeded expectations and by far over delivered. I will be contracting Dev again and will continue to use his services every few weeks. Thank you Dev and his team have excelled!

    Project Description:Hi there, I require an individual who is good with PHP &amp; Photoshop I need a toolbar to be created, for my website also I need a few php changes to take place, no major coding but changing the style and feel of it, so not starting from scratch, Looking forward to your bids...
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller reachnet


    Aug 17, 2011

    Quality work, went above and beyond.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
    Outsource Developer has not completed any projects.
  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Looking for somebody to help us setup amazon sns service.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • £190 GBP In Progress

    HiNeed website fix handyman profiles not showing up(payment section not working after handyman sign up)jobs section not showing jobs edit in admin not working.Any general upgrade you think need can i get a quote.Http://

  • £20 GBP In Progress

    I have tried to set up an Amazon account with new products in their Home &amp; Garden section and also a website through webstore - I am way over my head! I have products selling at NOTHS which was really easy to set up but Amazon is a completely different ball game. I just wanted to trial 12-15 items - fresh flower bq and thought I could benefit from a webstore as well. I think I need someone to set it up for me and show me how to update - I can&quot;t seem to upload images from my computer as it requires a url and can&quot;t get any sense out of Amazon responses. If you could give me a ring on 01628 310547 if you&quot;re interested that would be great. Trudy Evans

  • $300 USD In Progress

    I need to have a new design for my amazon webstore. I have an existing account on amazon so the products have been automatically loaded into the store, and everything is pretty well categorized already. I need the template/theme changed, banners, icons, buttons, landing pages.This will be for an electronics accessories store.Previous experience configuring amazon web store is REQUIRED. Do not bid if you do not have such experience and if you do bid, kindly send me at least 2 examples of the amazon webstores you have successfully configured, and designed.

  • £80 GBP In Progress

    Hello, I have made my own website and because I have very litlle understanding of html and php and ebsites i have made my website in html, and thus I need someone to convert the html to php. Also I need someone to add a paypal subscription manager in my website, it is used for people to purchase subscriptions from my website and pay with paypal.I will require to see a demo and test the files on my server first before I make any milestone or payments.I need this to be done as soon as possible so first appropriate freelancer will be chosenAny more info please pm me.Thanks.

  • $350 USD In Progress

    I need someone with good visual skills and someone who will be able to work affectively with little guidance. My website needs changing slightly to look more visually attracting, so if you&quot;re good with website design and coding without affecting what is already there, contact me. Thankyou.

  • $500 USD In Progress

    I need someone to integrate plimus 1click upsell into my website, basically what it allows people to do is only fill there details in once on the main product, then when they purchase the upsells on the next few pages they only have to click a button once.Please only bid on this if you have done this before and know EXACTLY how to do it becuase I need it doing perfectly and quickly.Thanks

  • $100 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $150 USD 29 days ago

    Hello i need to post my products on ebay with good seller account rating. let me know if you can do that.

  • $2500 USD May 17, 2013

    I have built a pretty simple PHP/mysql CRM and need help finishing the last few parts. Id like to look into hiring you for a month at a time to help me with development. Im looking for a long term relationship. If things go well id like to hire your company in a perm position.

  • $154 USD May 3, 2013

    I need to export VW, Seat, Skoda and Audi models and engines from ETKA catalogue. If anyone has working connection to ETKA db it will be fast job.

  • $2800 USD May 8, 2012

    The application needs to be able to do the following:a page Add/Edit an employee database with the following fields:(with an autoID)employee nameemployee surnamesex (1=male; 2=femaleheight (in cm)DOBnationality (Taiwanese, Japanese, chinese, north Korean, south Korean, hong kongese, other)passport numbervisa type (1=working holiday, dependant visa full work rights=2, PR/citizen=3, limited=4,other=5)entry datefirst visa start date (only applicable to working holiday visa, add/edit page must reflect this)first visa end date (only applicable to working holiday visa)second visa start date (only applicable to working holiday visa)second visa end date (only applicable to working holiday visa)Holiday visa term (1=first visa; 2=second visa;3=NA)visa end date (via data entry, applicable when visa type not equal 1)contact numberemailstatus of ABN application (Yes/no)ABN numberbank of bank accountBSB of bank account account number of bank accountplace of work (as a ID with a link to a seperate table)start employment datehourly rate descriptionhourly rate (taken from the site tables-siterate, but with a textbox for other hourly rates) deductionsplace of stay (taken from houses table-houseIDweekly rent rate (entered via textbox)status of bond payment (yes/no)amount of bond payment (entered via text box)status of issued equipment (yes/no)equipment name1equipment value1paid for by1 (1=company; 2=employee)equipment name2equipment value2paid for by2 (1=company; 2=employee)equipment name3equipment value3paid for by3 (1=company; 2=employee)equipment name4equipment value4paid for by4 (1=company; 2=employee)vaccination status (yes/no)future employment (yes/no)employed (yes/no)description of final positionnotes----a page that can Add/edit an worksites database with the following fields:AutoIDsite name site locationsite rate 1site rate 2site rate 3site rate 4site rate 5site rate 6site rate 7site rate 8site rate 9a worksite details pageswhich displays the following informationthe total number of employees employed at the sitea list of all employees (where employees name can be drilled down upon)a list of all the houses assignment to the worksiteId (where the address can be drilled down upon)------a payment processing page that can do the following:calculate an weekly wage from each worksiteId than each employeeID within worksiteID and would have the following fields for display and entry into a database tableemployeeIDworksiteIDfull nameratehours worked (from textbox)calculated gross wage amount (rate x hours worked)10% of gross wage amount displayed as 10% GST (Tax)net wage (gross + 10 GST)rent deductionstransport deductionsother deductions (with a text box for data entry)total payment amount (gross wage + 10% GST - rent deductions - transport deductions - other deductions)other paymentsthis data entry page must utilise an dataset for easier data entry, each payment must be entered into an payments database with the above fields as a minimum plus an additional transactionsID (autonumber) for each payment.all payments of a given worksiteID must be made in one go within a single long webpage.after all wage payments for given worksiteid is calculated, the webpage must generate a ABA file that complies with Australia banking accoication&quot;s format requirements see: only when each payment is marked paid on this page can each transaction be entered into the transactions database.-----the employees database must also be able to generate a printable page close to the attached letter templatesee: attached letter templatea invoice creation page where it has the following information:the full name of the employeethe employee&quot;s ABNan generated invoice numberan invoice date (based on date of creatation)a list of transactions/payments with the employee in a list formata gross total amount of all transactions (pre GST amount)a 10% GST amounta net amount (gross+GST)a total amount of all deductions.transaction database must also be able to generate a printable page close to the attached invoice templateSee template----an employee applications tracking feature which includes:a page that can add/edit a applicants with the following fieldsapplicant nameapplicant surnameapplicant mobile numberapplicant email addressapplicant referer (based on employee id)applicant sexapplicant heightapplicant passport numberappicant status (1 for seeking, 2 for employed, 3 terminated)-----a page that can add/edit and a page that can then view a houses management database (display page will be grouped by the siteID) with the following fields:houseID (autonumber)addressrent amount per weekpayment cycle (weekly=1/fortnightly=2/monthly=3)rent due date(a dedicated page for recording rent payments (every rent payment recorded must update the rent due date in accordance with the rent payment cycle))tenant1 (each tenant contains a employeeId, each employeeId is a hyperlink to the employee details pages)tenant2tenant3tenant4tenant5tenant6tenant7tenant8tenant9tenant10tenant11tenant12tenant13tenant14tenant15tenant16tenant17tenant18tenant19tenant20)realtor company namerealtor contact numberrealtor fax numberrealtor bankrealtor account namerealtor account numberrealtor account bsbthe rent payments database must contain the following fields:an autoIDthe houseIDthe payment amountthe payment datethe rent payments must contain the following:the ability to record rent payment transactions, while also updating the rent due date field from the house table, a datalist which its populated on 2 conditions (droplists)first dropdown list=list of all site namessecond dropdown list (populated by selection of first dropdown) = all house address within a relevant siteID (the house address must be a hyperlink to a page with lists all rent payments associated with the relevant houseIDon the page that displays the houses database, add a link (with the address as the hyperlink) where it can drill down on the address to display all the householditems associated with the houseID---householditemsID (autonumber) Category (number as ID)(1=bed2=mattress 3=wardrobe4=bedside table5=table6=chair7=cabinet8=tv9=vcr/dvd player10=toaster11=stove electrice/gas small12=microwave13=kettle14=other)shortdescriptionpurchased timehouseID----a page with the ability to add/edit and them view a car management database with the following fieldscarId (autonumber)car makecar modelcar yearcar purchase pricecar insurance companycar policy number car insurance cover start datecar insurance cover end datecar insurance cover costcar insurance cover amountcar use location (siteID)----add a page for administering resignation of employees (edit employment status)this page must display the following fields:emplyoeeIDemployee Full nameemployee work site (worksites-siteID)employee house of stay (houses-houseID)employee start dateall equipment issued to employee where issued equipment=yes, status of paid for by=companyemployee bond amount---the website must have a simple login featurethe front/home page after login must contain the following itemseach dataset much contain a link to a relevant pagea dataset that displays a list of certain types of employees (taken from visa type field=working holiday) who have been employed 4.5 months or more, where future employment field = yes.a dataset that displays all employees names (link to edit employees details page; employee name as hyperlink, where ABN status = no A dataset that displays all the houses with rent due within 3 days (link to the dedicated rent payment page)A dataset that displays all the cars with insurance policies within 2 weeks (link to edit insurance database pagean employee search/find feature (searches based on employee name, also from a dropdown list of worksites that then populates a datalist with employee names)on the search results page, each returned search result must contain a link to the employees detailed information page, which contains all the information from the employees table, the name of the worksite the employee is employed at and all of the transaction for the given employee (displayed in a dataset) going back in selectable options of 3/6/12 months.

  • $2500 AUD Dec 29, 2011

    Hi, I am here to find a few of reliable people to sell my products on eBay.We are a wholesale trading company looking for good experienced ebay sellers with their own good ebay and paypal account. it is preferable that you have some experience with this kind of work and that you have an ebay account with at least some existing positive 100% feedback, plus that your paypal account is verified and with no limitations. We will take in consideration all applicants that contact us with all their full details of Ebay id and selling experience. The job will proceed as an ebay assistant, simular to drop shipping. we sell very high requested items which sell a lot and you may sell plenty daily. we only want reliable and honest people with original accounts in their name we may ask for proof documents.I can provide proof of inventory &amp; recent shipment records if you want.Please also provide the following details:- Ebay id- Feedback- Location- Your email (You can simply provide ur email id and domain sparetely here)You will get 20% Commission from each sale.Thanks

  • £5000 GBP Dec 6, 2011

    Hello we are a startup company based in london and have 12 .Net developers working for us on our new website/app.we need someone to help us with integrating into amazon in a unique way:we have users on our site that had e&quot;wallets&quot; with credit in we need to reskin amazon as a &quot;wishgenie store&quot; (we have no product ourselves to sell we just resell amazon products) then we need to pay for them from a central wishgenie account and populate delivery details in amazon from our user account details held in our website !please call Ranjet on 07788 214501

  • $750 USD Oct 9, 2011

    Create site similar to Users will have to subscribe via email and i will provide them with 100% free stock picks. The design must also be very attractive and look better than itself.Its a simple website and therefore i have set my budget at 750-1500 dollars.Thanks for looking!

  • $250 USD Sep 17, 2011

    I&quot;ve a big website idea in my mind I need a well experienced coder to implement it.. It&quot;s very much similar to twiends but not exactly the twiends. Functions are bit different. I will hold the full right on the website and source code upon successful completion. You cannot list this website in your portfolio or cannot claim it&quot;s your work. Only bid if you are agree with above conditions.I will give you more information on personal messages. New freelancers are welcome as long as they can prove their skills.

  • $750 AUD Jul 16, 2011

    Hi I am currently looking for a developer with PHP and My SQL skills that is happy to look at small bits of work on an ad-hoc basis to begin with. Someone who can also think outside the square and make recommendations.I have become to small for my current development company, and the new phase of my site is being launced next week with a new reskin and a couple of added functionality.I would like an hourly rate, or a fixed price on scoped workI currently have a site that has been built in PHP and My SQL... I am looking at adding another page to the site, which will require set data fields a drop down feature and will need to email 2 seperate organisations from this it will require data to be stored.I currently have a backend content management systemThe site is hosted with AmazonPERSONAL INFORMATION DETAILReorganisation of Settings TabsImplementation and validation of form fieldsDesignI can supply a more detailed specification of the Personal Information Record and the other future development with the right person.Thanks in advance

  • $250 USD Jul 5, 2011

    I need a php developer who can finish up two forms that submits payments to and sends the info to database and admin can view all the sign ups in the backend. It shouldn&quot;t take more then a few hours. I need this person to jump on it today! Also, if you have knowledge of using the API that is a big plus! I need to know hourly rates and will be using this person for projects in the future.

  • $700 USD Jan 24, 2010

    I need a replicated sales page set up. I have a new product that I want to sell and offer affiliate opportunity. I need to have this set up so new affiliates will get a replicated sales page and I need a way for the affiliates to be paid. Therefore, some kind of tracking so that affiliates will get credit for their marketing efforts.I may need to get a merchant account for this to all tie together. If you can assist me through setting this all up: Replicated sales pageTracking system so I can credit new affiliates.

  • $200 USD Apr 27, 2009

    Looking for a talented Graphic Designer and Web Designer to work on muliple projects. Current requirement is for a forms based application with an application screen front page and few admin screens. We will also work with you on several future website projects that are approved. Please email me your portfolio. Expecting professionals with min 3-5 years of expereince in Web Design and Graphic Design.

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Jan 2006 - Present (8 years)

For more than 6 years, I have been providing high quality services for clients coming from different parts of the globe.


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