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develop customized system , mobile application, API etc

Username: padang

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Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Member since: July 2008



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My projects:

  • $180.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller gator516


    Apr 21, 2011

    Very prompt at responding and delivered good data.

    Project Description:I am looking for somebody with experience pulling data from eBay databases using their API. I need data on several specific products and to export them into an easy to analyze format. I need sale price...
  • $60.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller bradley1983


    Apr 16, 2011

    padang was great to work with on this project! He was quick to respond to my requests and he gave me the opportunity to provide feedback and get the project where I needed it to be. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

    Project Description:Hi, I need to create a form with multiple layers using javascript and or ajax so that the user is never redirected to a new url. I'll try to walk you through the process below... Note: table references can be found in the attached file...
  • $490.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Takoding


    Nov 1, 2010

    Good availability

    Project Description:This project is mainly to see if we can work together in view of a full-time assignment.
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller WXS


    Sep 21, 2010

    A+++ Very thorough, fast and complete! Would work with again!

    Project Description:Convert two files from javascript to java. Such that calling the Java function SPH_HashedPassword(string,string) is all that is required to return a string of with the hashed password. Code needs to...
  • $112.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ampmp


    Sep 16, 2010

    Did exactly what we needed on time and on budget.

    Project Description:We currently have a SOAP API that is written in C# and .NET. We need a PHP version so we can access the API. We have attached the existing API to this project for your review. The end-point is here:...
  • $46.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller arudam


    Apr 1, 2010

    Good communication, start and finish work on time. Nice to work with him again. Thanks

    Project Description:Hello, I need a standard Complete POS system With Complete Inventory or Store Management, This is a server client system, All Client PCs will access the POS system only, and the server will access...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller arudam


    Jan 26, 2010

    Good communication, excellent service provider. I trust him, Nice to work in future project. Thanks

    Project Description:I need money to send to Indonesia via Western Union the amount is $27 USD, the time is 08.00 am Indian Time (date is january, 14th 2010), charge includes. Once Money have been accepted. I'll give $30 by...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller Rocket976

    Rocket976 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Dec 2, 2009

    Project never proceeded, no fault of either - timing I guess

    padang's reply:

    none of selected providers can fulfill what the provider wants.. (see the project page)

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $38.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wyett

    wyett [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 18, 2009

    This guy is amazing, but wasn't able to get it done. I allowed him the extra 12 hours because he was tired, but have yet to hear from him. Since I needed this ASAP I had to go with another provider. It's my own fault. I think I rushed him.

    padang's reply:

    he came to me in a rush (less than 24 hours before deadline) ; i was giving a try but couldnt fulfill it..

    Project Description:Your task is to improve program 2 (which will be provided upon selecting you to complete this project) and make it bigger and better in the following ways. First, a fraction will now have a sign, a whole part, a numerator and a denominator...
  • $33.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wyett


    Oct 1, 2009

    Excellent work and very fast/efficient! Will definitely work with you again. :)

    Project Description:Write a header file, implementation file, and main program in which you create a Student class, and then use your class in a menu-driven program. The menu should contain: 1) Create New Student 2) Delete...
    padang has not completed any projects.
  • $700 USD In Progress

    Hi!I deal with eBay store designs.I need a simple eBay application (eBay API) created for us so that we will be able to create 4 widgets for my customers:1. automatically updated cross selling gallery with scroll customer products (horizontal or vertical)2. automatically updated display gallery (up to 4 rows and up to 4 columns - max. 4x4)3. automatically updated dynamically displayed store categories on our customers listing4. automatically updated feedback panelHere is the perfect example of the display gallery: best simple example is (make and style our gallery: background colour, border colour, size) and eBay tool should follow the following process:1. I will login within the system .. only for me2. then I can create/edit/save and delete account for my customer3. by using eBay ID - I can create automatically update from eBay:- cross selling scroll gallery- or/and display gallery- or/and store categories to display on my customer listings- or/and my customer feedback (scroll panel)4. I can generate the HTML or java or php code (not iframe) - Must be ebay compatible5. I copy and past this code to our designsTechnology does not matter (Flash, java, php), the most important is functionality.The application must be placed on my server and copy-protected. Each item must have my company small link.Please apply if you have experience within ebay and already have 100% understanding of this project.Regards,

  • $999 USD In Progress

    I am after a programmer (c# preferred) that knows how to work with API"s extensively and is able to create a powerful and similar software to DRT ( will use a lot of API"s: adwordsgoogle insightetc etcPlease download: and study it carefully.Most of the functions on DRT is not needed but we will add other similar functions instead.(Google addwords, Google insight etc etc)If you are able to develop a similar and powerful software please feel free to bid.Please PM me your questions and concerns as i do have a couple of questions to that needs clear answers too, so we can work accordingly.More clear instructions and examples will be given once PM Received.Please study DRT first before sending a PM...PROFESSIONAL ,RELIABLE and EXPERIENCED coders ONLY!

  • $444 USD In Progress

    I need a guy that can work that has experice with classic ASP, Ajax and MS SQL express 2008 java and c# to finish a application that i am working on, i will give about from 10 to 30 hrs a week for a long period of time. i will raise $1.00 every 4 months automaticly. skills:.ASPAJAXJAVAC++ C#MS SQL 2005 2008Visual Studio 2008work is avaiable Immidiatly.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Search the web and trace blogs that meet a specific pre-defined profile, meet certain criteria.Proficiency in the Internet world; search engines, Directories.Proficiency in one or more of the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

  • $42 USD In Progress

    project11. project11

  • $400 USD In Progress

    I"m looking or a reverse engennering of c code.There are 2 indipendent linux executables.Payment will be done after sucsecsfull work.I cans end you executable to take a look.Only professional people.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    using GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering) for Text extractionand Jave programming for generating UML diagram from the tokenize text (.txt / xml)eg: User enters pin number [noun][verb][noun] [actor][message][parameter] Output: Sequence diagram

  • $80 USD In Progress

    I need 50 PVAs weekly with replacement guarantee. If satisfied will increase the numbers to 100.1) Each account made from unique U.S. IP addresses2) Each account must be verified with a unique U.S. land line phone number (You are responsible for obtaining the phone numbers)3) Each account must have a unique and new Yahoo (or) hotmail account4) Passwords for each CL account must be different from account to account.CL accounts should be sent in a text file containing the following:(Text File Contents)CL username:CL/Yahoo (or) Hotmail passwordCL username:CL/Yahoo (or) Hotmail passwordCL username:CL/Yahoo (or) Hotmail passwordPlease pm me your best price per PVA and delivery time.

  • $210 USD In Progress

    I have an affiliate website that post affiliate products from affiliate provider websites like Commission Junction. I need someone to set the API from Commission Junction. Here is a link to that gives more information on Commission Junctions API: website is currently hosted with Yahoo, but I am willing to move hosting if neededto complete the above.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • [Sealed] Mar 24, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • [Sealed] Oct 2, 2010

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $250 USD Sep 29, 2010

    Hello,I would like to make a rss feed aggregator.The features of the portal will broadly be the same as or without having a complex backend.

  • $250 USD Sep 24, 2010

    We need to convert almost unstructured data, stored in 1 SQL Server table, to another SQL Server table (see attachment). The first table - "zakazky_zmazane" contains all the data to be converted, in the "popis" column. One single cell contains merged/joined data for 1 row, and the "columns" are separated by asterisk character ("*"). You must take each cell, and convert it into table with structure of table "zakazky" in the example. The problem is, that after splitting the data by "*" character, you"ll get different number of columns. So, your job will be to match the data with the right columns in the resulting table. It"s about 15.000 records.One more remark - the dates are stored in Slovak format (e.g. "24. 1. 2008 17:32:56") in the first 13-14.000 records, but then the format gets mixed with English dates (some records contain Slovak format only, some contain English format only). So you must be careful when converting such dates to datetime columns in the resulting table. Also, the database uses Slovak_CI_AS collation, so the diacritics must be preserved also in the resulting table.

  • $250 USD Sep 20, 2010

    Hi bidders,I need a senior .net developer to build a special CRM software.- The bidder should be senior to be responsible about choosing the right software architecture.- The bidder should also make a detailed requirements list according to a Business analysis.- The bidder should provide neat commented code and well organized.It s not an easy project. The CRM needed is very tricky in its calculations RegardsHussien Sharaf

  • $250 USD Sep 17, 2010

    PMB for further information.

  • [Sealed] Sep 12, 2010

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1100 USD Jun 26, 2010

    We are looking for a comprehensive Inventory Management system. If you have never created business applications, please skip this listing!This is a general SaaS style, strictly PHP (with Javascript validations) and MySQL-driven Inventory system for small businesses to utilize online. The system must allow for Inventory Tracking – across multiple Locations. Items are either Products (manufactured assembled items) or Parts. Products are composed of specific quantities of Parts. These Items are named and described independently, but need to have Manufacturer details as well as Vendors, which have these Items available for sale. Production Orders consist of a series of Products and/or Parts to prepare for sale. Orders have status – “Open” – Check against available Inventory, “Reserve” – Mark Products and Parts as Reserved for Shipment, “Fulfill” – Remove Items from Inventory, “Cancel” – Free Products and Parts from Reserve, “Cancel” – Return Items back to Inventory. Orders should show any Products or Parts that need to be ordered and create Purchase Orders from Vendors of those Items.Price Books – simple collection of Products and Parts, either from Vendors, or for Customers, with Costs and Sale Price and discount details. Reporting - Analytical and monthly inventory stock figures and sales data (along with margins and cost %) need to tabulated and produced to PDF using Production Orders as well as Inventory stock.Code style and template will be given and must be followed. Code must be “check-in” every few days. 3-4 Milestones will be set depending on progress. Please ask questions.

  • $77 USD Apr 29, 2010

    We are looking for someone to design a homepage top header for our new website. ***Our expections are high. It is important that the graphics need to be very rich in content, attractive and creative*** - A logo will be provided.- We would expect at least 4 mock-up design options for our selection.- Please attach at least two of your best similar works you have designed in the past. - Further details like the theme of the website, color preferences, and desired styles will be provided to awarded provider later.- Competitive pricing is an important selection criteria. Successful candidate will stand in a good postion to win more works from us in the future. Happy bidding and good luck.

  • [Sealed] Mar 30, 2010

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • [Sealed] Feb 28, 2010

    I"ve a software that extract datas from a website and the aout put will be in excel-sheet.I need some who can run the software for extracting, the script could be run as backround. You should have high speed internet conection for this script.If you"ve any question or more details, let me know.

  • $303 USD Feb 4, 2010

    Hello!We"re searching for a group or person who can write us an invoicing program (for using and selling it)It must be in hungarian language. We can help to translate from english.Our requests are:- we are a creative agency, we will design the interface of the program. You must use the design (we do not like the basic designs of softwares)- very nice printed invoice (using its own font is a must! - we don"t like arial, trebuchet and others...)- easy usable program with not much possibilities (easy software for little companies and contractors)- regular invoices (hungarian rules will be attached)- working without any other programs installed (like mysql or any other database programs)- it must have database included- it must have database backup auto saving and exporting-importing- easy installer (one file)- trial or demo mode possibility (working versions with time limited serial numbers)- some other things...We want to cooperate for long time for doing updates and fixing any problems!If you are able to do this job, feel free to bid on it.Please include some of your works (it is best you have a same working program)We would like to test your skills, so if we request it, we please you to make a basic program to show you can do this.Bid around 300 $ for the basic program, and in the future we will pay more for work.Regards, Peter Rovid

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IT Trainer

Jun 2011 - Present (3 years)


Deliver IT training for university students and corporate employee.<br />Topics covered : ASP .NET , UML ,Blackberry , Code Igniter, J2ME etc



Institut Teknologi Bandung



Microsoft Certified Professional Developer


especially in ASP. NET


Online Trading Advisor

Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest

multi-agent intelligent system to help online trader to decide the price of a good