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3d Artist

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Location: kollam, India

Member since: March 2009



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My projects:

  • $210 USD
    Profile image for Seller aleszvolanek


    4 days ago

    Panavila unlike others really tried to clear all issues ahead instead of spamming me with messages "I can do it even cheaper sire!". The work I got from him exceeded my expectations. Will hire again!

    Project Description:Greetings, I need a character rig for this model: in 3ds max (2010 latest). (the model will of course be delivered for free to the one who...
  • $160 USD
    Profile image for Seller KatanaSim


    10 days ago

    Delivered great animations; looking forward to next projects.<br/>

    Project Description:Hi Vinod, I am in need of more animations, based on the rigged character that you have worked with in my last project. Animation 1: idle sitting to writing The character is sitting in idle position, identical to the previous idle animation that you created...
  • $120 USD
    Profile image for Seller KatanaSim


    24 days ago

    Great work - would definitely hire again for animation needs.<br/>

    Project Description:Hi panavila, I am looking for a 3D animator for a game application. To give you some context, I am in need of animated young student characters to place in a virtual classroom. I work with characters...
  • €3000 EUR
    Profile image for Seller Benni003


    Mar 6, 2014

    Has done a good job... Thank you.

    Project Description:Hello, I am working on a new computergame for wich I need 24 characters wich will be made with a comic style. 12 male and 12 female. This includes children, teenager, adults and seniors. Every character need to be made in summer clothes and swimming clothes...
  • $206 USD
    Profile image for Seller FerxFX


    Feb 17, 2014

    Great freelance! Hiring him again is on the to do list of our enterprise.

    Project Description:Hi freelancers! We&#039;re searching someone who can model and rig a single character on Autodesk Maya 2011. Character desing is already done on a model sheet in color. The modelling is not extremely detailed it&#039;s important to stay on low poly in order to make animation easier...
  • €263 EUR
    Profile image for Seller chesterluck


    Nov 29, 2013

    Great job! Several QA steps were taken. Thank you again

    Project Description:Dear all, I’m working on my Master-Thesis and soon I’ll reach the experiment phase of my work. In this work I’m researching the effect of animations. The two domains for which I will need the animations are “Examination” and “Manufacturing”...
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller appmedical


    Nov 26, 2013

    Vinod did a great job again. He was patient and realized all our requests. It&acute;s always a pleasure to work with him.

    Project Description:Hi, we are looking for a 3dsmax specialist who can animate some scientific scenes for us. It´s very basic work. 1. The first animation shall show an artery with blood cells and leucocytes pulsating through it...
  • $257 USD
    Profile image for Seller Paggeot


    Nov 8, 2013

    Panavila work was done very well and met our requirements. We will be using him again for our 3D modeling work.

    Project Description:I need a 3D model of the attached image. If the model looks good, I will post a separate project for some animations.
  • $53 USD
    Profile image for Seller cjbi12


    Sep 17, 2013

    Brilliant - executed on time and on budget.

    Project Description:I have a project that consists of; - mobile phone - 4 lights - plane I need the phone to copy a rotation that has been filmed (which can be supplied so can be copied). The action is basically falling away from camera and rests up right after 4 secs...
  • £103 GBP
    Profile image for Seller bigkidcreations


    Aug 20, 2013

    Superb Job. Will be hiring again.

    Project Description:I require some animation work done to my main character. Model is complete with weapon and fully rigged. Animation List Note - Character is &quot;LEFT HANDED&quot; Note - Shotgun can be rescaled to suit character model...
    panavila has not completed any projects.
  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi Vinod,I have a few more animation requests and am hoping you have the time to take on this small project. The animations need to be in fbx format again and need to fit the rig that you worked on initially. All looping animations should be about 10 seconds, all others only as long as needed to show the transitions between states.When the animation “idle sitting” is mentioned, I refer to the idle animation that you did when you completed the first set of animations.Video references are linked after each description.1.Idle head on table:a.Transition idle sitting to idle head on table - idle animation with head on table - idle head on table to idle sitting - head on table, looking to side (sleeping)a.Transition idle head on table to looking to the side - idle animation with head on table, looking to side (sleeping) - head to the side back to head on table straight - sitting with head supported by handa.Transition idle sitting to idle head supported by hand - animation with head supported by hand - head supported by hand to idle sitting - sitting with hands folded - right hand with fingers snapping - left hand with fingers snapping (same video as right hand, just mirrored)7.Raise right hand to low position - left hand to low position (same video as right hand, just mirrored)9.Raise left hand (mirroring existing raise hand animation that you worked on in the past)10.Writing with left handa.Transition from idle sitting to writing with left hand - animation for writing with left hand - from writing with left hand to idle sitting - - - me know if you have any questions. As always, the animations need to fit together to blend from one state to the next.Looking forward to hearing from you. Let me know if you are available and how long you estimate completing the animations to take. I will adjust the milestone as needed.Best regards,Sebastian

  • $25 CAD In Progress

    animating 3 balls, a basketball, tennis ball and a bowling ball interacting with each other. around 10-12 seconds of animation

  • $309 USD In Progress

    Starting with a photograph of two wrestlers, I would like two 3-d figures set up in the same pose, so that we can rotate them, change viewpoints, and possibly adjust their positions slightly to use the figures as the basis for an oil painting. The result will be a still photo, not a moving picture.

  • $412 USD In Progress

    The goal is to build a rigged 3D model (head and upper body) starting from pictures and videos of a public person for a satirical video production project, that will be animated in real-time using faceshift or brekel proface and the unity maya plugin.The end result we are trying to achieve is very similar to this: rigging tutorial is here: delivery is a model and a unity project, that can be launched with the unity player, that can be animated with a kinect mocap plugged in and control the avatars face movement using the mocap in real time like in the demo.If the end result if satisfactory we will order 3D models for other characters.

  • $154 USD In Progress

    I want a 3d soccer goalkeeper to use in a penalty shoot game. The ball model is not required to be in the model. As a sample, i put an image in the attached files. These are the required animations.- Jump Up- Stay Low- Idle- Gate left bottom- Gate left middle- Gate left up- Gate right bottom- Gate right middle- Gate right up

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    Previous freelancer cancelled: Here is their previous project with me: I want to try and follow their lead and continue with something similar.I am attaching some files. forward to your reply

  • $103 USD In Progress

    Hi,I have 2 types of characters with mocap animations that need to be optimized for computer games.(meaning that I don&quot;t need every frame with its own key). Also the rig has 58bones, which is too much. A good number for the rig should be around 32 bones.This should take much for an experienced animator so it kinda easy money.Happy bidding!

  • $154 USD In Progress

    I am an Indie developer that needs to improve my App store Game to improve downloads.The game needs a 3D model of a character that I call &quot;Ballman&quot;. He is a ball with feet, eyes and mouth that I have used in my game. The current model is 2D.I need him into a 3D model and WITH arms. He must be able to:- Running animation (running across screen - 16 frames)- Stand and watch you (eyes blinking, breathing motion - 5 to 8 frames)- Talk to you (mouth moving, breath motion - 5 to 8 frames)- Make &quot;PRRR&quot;-sound mouth (lips vibrating - 3 to 5 frames) - Throw a ball/object across screen (not towards you - 10 frames)As long as you make the basic model in 3ds Max, the rest should be simple. Basic ballman animations must be rendered with the &quot;ball&quot; of his body at 300x300 pixels.You can see the current 3D ballman in action here: - The 3ds Max model plus the above five animations in any image format.If result looks good I will continue to use you to make more animations with this (and other) characters.

  • $210 USD Today

    Want to create a banner where the stick figures in my Logo do a little dance around the banner, maybe jump rope or something fun like that and then assume their respective positions in the Logo. Shouldn&quot;t be more than 30 seconds. Thanks!

  • $210 USD Today

    I have some exercises videos as the attached file. I need 3d animation for these videos.

  • $526 USD Yesterday

    looking for a simple animation to be done , i have a idea which need to be convert into animation

  • $150 USD 5 days ago

    Dear Mr Panavila.2 figures , they&quot;re 2 traditional charachters to be modeled , I am using poser 10 platform ,one picture is similare to what I am saying has attached.B.regards.S.eddin

  • $315 USD 6 days ago

    Hi, We are looking to hire an individual with excellent 3D skills, capable of creating high quality models and animations and with a bit of experience using Unity 3D.We need to create a short animation of a person playing the violin (1 min duration)We will only review those bids that contain links to previous work.Best,Carlos Marruffo

  • ₹26315 INR 7 days ago

    HI i need some one to work on project which requires 3d character designing like lion, tiger some effects like rain fire and 3d animation such that we can add this character animation in some video playback just provide your samples to us will judge an allocate work according to that.

  • $210 USD 8 days ago

    Hi im looking for an animator that can work with Maya 3D Autodesk. I am currently building a character creation game and I am looking for someone to animate my 3D models. I am looking for simple animations and need to be done within the week. The animator will also need to add bones, skin the models and pose it. The animations will be idle animation, blinking, smiling and rotation animation. If you are interested in this project, please contact me and we can discuss more. Thank you!

  • $150 USD 10 days ago

    I would like to have small size 3d max animation which shows sea side , florance , a bit fireworks. I would like to outsource this immediately. plase contact ASAP. contact on gmail -

  • $2368 USD 15 days ago

    I am currently working on a 5 min pilot for a kids learning cartoon. I am looking for a experienced 3d animator that I can collaborate ideas with as far as look and emotions. I would also need 3d motion alphabet letters from A to Z that would move in a dance like motion.

  • $1184 USD 16 days ago

    I want to make a film and need animation worker to help me to include a animated creature into my digital film, it is something like small person

  • [Sealed] 19 days ago

    I have 3 characters 3D model in Maya .I want to rig all 3 model with IK and FK, facial expression and morph target also we want. Winner bidder will get chance to work with our company contentiously. please find the character images in attachment. lower bid amount and quality rig will be win this project. fresher also can apply. please do not bid if you don&quot;t have sample.

  • ₹118421 INR 20 days ago

    We intend to create good quality 3D animation for 10-12 kids songs and rhymes.The total duration will be around 20 minutes.Looking for animators who can do end to end 3D animation project.Music will be provided.We need exclusive Props,BG&quot;s and Characters. Find the links below for the quality we are looking send some samples while replying.

  • ₹7368 INR 21 days ago

    Have to model the character blend shapes , have to complete it very fast Righ Uv everyting is done.Just have to do the Facials without distrubing the UV&quot;sAttaching the image ref.

  • $20 USD 27 days ago

    We require 2 models (same model with different head) based on a mercenary. This model should be wearing Kevlar and have a holster on his hip. But should be wearing civilian clothes underneath. It must be rigged and ready to be used within source. (Garry&quot;s mod) for use within a gaming community.

  • $515 AUD 29 days ago

    Simple short animation, made from moderately detailed, sequenced black and white line drawings. Segments made to repeat, each only a few seconds long.-A bird flying from side on.-A bird flying from below.-2 snakes intertwining like a double helix.-DNA strand rotating.-A star tetrahedron rotating.-A tree growing.-An eye opening and shutting.-The 5 platonic solids rotating.

  • $515 USD Mar 24, 2014

    I would like characters created for my up-coming website.I would like for them to look like all shapes, sizes and colors.

  • $257 USD Mar 24, 2014

    3D character, environment, weapons, and pretty much everything inside a video game and someone who can animate it.

  • $206 USD Mar 23, 2014

    I need someone to create 3d models of characters for me for a game I am creating. please contact me asap.

  • $4123 USD Mar 22, 2014

    I am a school teacher. I would like to make a short 3D animation movie of Smurfs characters to deliver the subject &quot;obesity&quot; to KG children in an easy way to digest. I already have written the script.

  • $154 USD Mar 21, 2014

    I have a Maya 3D rigged model/character that needs to be properly converted to Unity 3D. Also, a copy of this model has simple key-frame animation that should be converted as well.Ultimately, have the Maya model converted to Unity 3D as a humanoid (to be able to attach standard animations), and also a version as legacy with the keyframe animation working.

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Animation supervisor

Aug 2010 - Present (3 years)

ViewCube Digital Media

Working as Animation supervisor in ViewCube Digital Media ,Karunagappally,Kerala







Advanced Diploma in Digital Multimedia(AMRITA Institute,kollam)