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Programmer Since 2007

Username: parama4u

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Location: Tirunelveli, India

Member since: September 2007



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  • $75.00 USD
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    emique [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 31, 2012

    Waited 3 weeks for the project to be completed, when Param said it was complete it still lacked to accomplish what it intended and the project was not completed as asked for. Better communication from his side would have avoided having to search for someone else to complete the project and wasted time.

    Project Description:Install star rating script, commercial license will be provided. Install database to sort and categorize the ratings by category, rating up/down, amount of ratings, and alphabetical to display on separate...
  • $50.00 USD
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    Mar 22, 2012

    Great work, done quickly and efficiently! Thanks Param.

    Project Description:I need a simple external javascript that displays 12 links, split up into two rows side by side, with social media icons in the third row, that are rollover images that can be clicked and open in a new window...
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  • $100 USD In Progress

    So i have this Software which is a sort of toolbar adware which displays advertising intext links in every mozilla page. Since i am an advertiser i"d love to "spy" others people campaigns by alterate/edit this Adware. I took a look at the adware installation folder and there"re some JS files, so i guess you need to modifiy these files.. What i mean with Alterate? The toolbar adware is set to display only few keywords/intext links, ex. max 2 ads links per page. I want to get rid of this limit and show as many ads as possible. ** BID ON THIS PROJECT ONLY IF YOU HAVE READ THE DESCRIPTION PLEASE, BIDS WITHOUT MESSAGES/DESC WILL BE IGNORED **

  • $25 AUD 6 days ago

    a resource spread sheet currently based on 1 tab, will require a admin table with search :For the resources tab I am needingdrop downs/DATA VALIDATION lists or anything like that saving manual error/input for the task, skill, team, position & location column to stop manual error In resources tab you will note columns H - NH has everyone"s work tasks for the whole year. Whichever date you open the workbook in will populate column "F" with todays task from the H:NHSearch Item on the ADMIN TABThere will never be more than 15 teams, same with position, and task, AS PER ABOVE all drop downs or something to that effect so there can be no errors:if I am searching by single date or multiple dates by "TEAM" EG: i may select blabla or any other team and then their NAME AND "tasks" for that search day or dates will show upif i am searching by skill -- no date required - perhaps just drop down of skills to search from showing peoples name and team and existing task on those datesIf i am searching for name and date, just their name, and team and for those dateSIf i am searching by task then just the name, team and task for those datesLastly in admin tab line 27 - this will show date the spreadsheet is open on eg: todays dateline 28 - this will show the date it was last edited and line 29 - this will show any editor name if possiblethere is another sheet with tables and filters setup but this is not how we want to data represented... hence searches, macros may work better

  • $25 USD 7 days ago

    Hii want you to modify excel with conditional formattingi will compare 2 excel sheets with products which have unique id, i want to get values on excel sheet 3 with common products and colored with red/green if cheaper or expensivethis may be usefull for you

  • $155 CAD 7 days ago

    Hello,I need a cost calculator to figure out what my recipes cost me to make. This project has been started; you only need to tweak it to make it better! There is a mastersheet and all of the recipes get their data from that. This is already filled in for you.My problem is that I put the recipes all in one sheet, and I would like them each in their own worksheet (within the same document). So, there may end up being 20 tabs or more in the document but it should be easier for me to read than one great big long worksheet with all of the recipes on it, as it currently is.You may have to do some calculations, as the product comes in kg but the recipe uses other measurements, like oz. So, conversions are sometimes needed.Are you available to take this on? You can also give me an estimate once I upload the file.Again, you"re not making it from scratch but modifying it to a more usable document. Thank you so much!

  • $25 USD 7 days ago

    I"m looking for an excel sheet that I can use for calculating a price quote. Attached is a spreadsheet of what I am looking for but is coded incorrectly.

  • $5 USD/hr 7 days ago

    General information for the business: Create an Access file and Migrate an excel file raw data to it. Industry: Healthcare Description of support work: Find attached two excel sheets, 1- "DrugDB.xls" which contains the tables description for the 7 tables which you will create in the access file, making the tables in the access file in relational to ensure the integrity using the fields name. 2- "Drug directory Ver 2.0.xls" which contain the raw data to be filled in the access file 7 tables you have created, Using the "Description" sheet in the "DrugDB.xlsx" file If you need any inquiry,please contact me. Thanks

  • $35 USD 7 days ago

    I have a spreadsheet program that needs a little macro work (attached). It would be pretty easy to look it over and then read the rest of this. The purpose of the spreadsheet is that a user will be limited to selecting only 4 fruits or vegetables out of a total of about 20 in the list and they must stay under the amount of money they have available (say $100.00). The purpose is for them to maximize their point totals. Here is what I need accomplished with this spreadsheet: 1. There are columns off to the right with different currency data in them (columns S, T, U). Depending on which currency the user selects in a drop-down box (Dollars, Euro, GBP), I would like those currency figures to appear in column C. 2. The formulas in cells C5 and C7 currently work off of 1"s or 0"s in column F. I would like these to work off of check-boxes in column F instead. 3. Most importantly, I would like the user to select which ranking method they would like applied, (either Rank A, Rank B, Rank C or manual). Ranks A, B and C are located off to the right in columns P,Q and R. If they select either Rank A, Rank B, or Rank C I would like this data supplied to column A and have Colums A, B and C sorted in ascending order on Column A. I realize that the columns off to the right (O through U) would need to sort as well to keep the data from getting all jumbled. 4. If they select manual, I would like a pop-up listbox to appear (I"m open to other methods)and allow them to manually rank the fruits and vegetables. Here again, when they are finished I would like their ranking to appear in Column A and have all the right descriptions and currency figures appear in columns B and C as well. This data set would also be sorted in ascending order on column A. This is all that I need accomplished on this spreadsheet. ## Deliverables1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## PlatformWindows (excel spreadsheet)

  • $83 USD 7 days ago

    Hello,I am looking for someone to create a macro for me.I have a source file with raw data and a template file that serves as the destination file. The source file is filled with data while the destination template file only has column headers.The source file has column headers which are similar but not exact to the template file. The headers vary in their order and in their existence for both source and template files. That is to say some files have a few columns while others are more comprehensive. As of now, there is a manual copy and pasting of the source file into the template file as such: If a column header in the source matches a column header in the destination template, the data from the rows in that source column are pasted into the destination template.If a column header in the source does not exist in the destination template, a new column is created.Matches are not exact, so Date of Birth could appear as Birth Date or D.o.b, for instance, in the source file but still need to be placed into the Date of Birth column of the destination template file.I would like the macro to scale so that it works on any new source and template combination.If any clarification is needed please ask.

  • $83 USD 7 days ago

    I need a VBA that, in the press of a button on excel, will search my outlook inbox for a specific email and then extract the content of the email into excel spreadsheet.

  • R1000 ZAR Aug 25, 2013

    We have a report that show payroll for our contractors. This report changes regularly as contractor are added and removed. Each contractor has a block in which all the rates and allowances are set out and added to get a final salary amount.We need to ability to sum these blocks and pull some of the data into a line item per contractor on a new sheet.We also need this to be intuitive for us to add new contractors, so that it will sum them and add them to the line item page. This is quite urgent.

  • £100 GBP Aug 25, 2013

    We have an excel workbook that has a GUI to enter / update values in a number of sheets. We would like to use the same user interface in a different workbook that is structured in exactly the same way, and therefore need the existing GUI and associated macros to be modified to work with the other workbook. The following would need to be modified.The GUI in a master file (in excel 2010)An identical GUI that is used in a standalone version in excel 2003 A macro that copies the values from the standalone GUI to the master fileThe GUI / macros have been created and only need to be adapted to work with the other workbook.The GUI consists of 9 screens (10 for the adapted version), that each contain 4-8 tabs. Each screen corresponds to a sheet in excel. Each tab consists of 6 (2 in the new version) static fields that need to be read from excel sheets and 5 dynamic field that read / write to cells in excel.The stand alone GUI (in excel 2003, so it can be used on different platforms) is identical, and additionally includes a function to have the file expire after a certain date and a protected macro to hide / unhide sheets to protect the content.The import macro copies the (dynamic) fields from the stand alone GUI to the master file.All GUI components / macros have been created and only need to be adapted to work in the other workbook. There are some screenshots in the attachment. The deadline for the project (including testing and bug-fixing if required) is 3 September.

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Programmer Analyst

Dec 2007 - Present (6 years)

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Working as QA Automation Programmer Analyst since 2007 with the following fields of exposure<br /><br />Webtesting and Penetration Testing for client Projects<br />Designing Automation Scripts using QTP<br />Developing Intranet sites<br />Developing Banners / Logos for internal seminars, client visits


Master in Computer Applications

Madurai Kamaraj University



Professional Certificate


HP Certified Professional in QTP Automation Tool