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  • $154 USD
    Profile image for Seller hellomasti


    4 days ago

    Finished off our third project, onto 4th one, and many more from here on. Great developer to work with...

    Project Description:I have couple of mnemonics app - I just want to mimic exactly the same, but just with different data, and different color scheme along with change in splash screen + icon.
  • $765 USD
    Profile image for Seller jschwartz794


    22 days ago

    Fantastic work, it was a pleasure to work with the team. They took a difficult project and mastered it.I would definitely recommend. I look forward to working with Param and his team again.

    Project Description:Arabic Home Android Application - Things to be done: 1) change the listview on the home screen to a dynamic listview so users can drag and drop their favorite apps onto the home screen and rearrange the order...
  • $779.81 USD
    Profile image for Seller davianne


    Mar 21, 2014

    I am happy about my new Apps

    Project Description:This will be an aplication for Ios, like an Yelow pages guide.
  • $510 USD
    Profile image for Seller sherifmak


    Mar 15, 2014

    Great work

    Project Description:We need to make some small changes to our app Glance Video, check it out We need to do simple ui changes ( we provide the designs) We...
  • $305 USD
    Profile image for Seller dravaah


    Mar 7, 2014

    Once again, excellent result from the best programming team I`ve encountered on Freelancer. They did an amazing job, and fulfilled all my wishes along the way. Awesome!

    Project Description:Custom work as previously discussed
  • $206 USD
    Profile image for Seller hellomasti


    Mar 6, 2014

    This was our second project with this team... It was delivered as expected.

    Project Description:- Create a mnemonics app, with similar functionality that I currently have but for a different subject - Add next/previous button to the favorite, search, and viewable detailed list
  • $160 AUD
    Profile image for Seller markpomeroy


    Mar 5, 2014

    I use Param for all of my Iphone and Android apps. Also great with Databases and webservers. I will definitely rehire.

    Project Description:Work according to discussions in Skype. 1- Make add admin user and view admin user in server. 2- Make separate admin area for admin users to operate. This area will allow admin users to view parts of server db and allow them to also Turn Out users by the use of a Turn Out section...
  • $823.9999999999999 USD
    Profile image for Seller andyadman


    Feb 14, 2014

    Good job thanks guys

    Project Description:Design and build a fully functional site for mobile devices based on existing site so when users visit the main site from a mobile device they get the "mobile site" an a good user experience. The existing...
  • $240 AUD
    Profile image for Seller markpomeroy


    Feb 13, 2014

    Thank you once again for a job well done.

    Project Description:See attached file for work.
  • $800 USD
    Profile image for Seller dravaah


    Jan 31, 2014

    Perfect as always from parambnb. Will use again for future projects!

    Project Description:Project as discussed earlier, and described in a PPTX-file
    BNB Infotech has not completed any projects.
  • $105 USD In Progress

    I need a simple ios7 demo app that displays a login button that allows someone to sign into LinkedIn, retrieves their name, title, photo, and list of connections via Linkedin API and displays it within the app. It doesn"t have to look good, it must just work.You must use your own Linkedin developer credentials to test it, and I"ll replace it with mine when you send the code.

  • $2061 USD In Progress

    Project where a multiple choice question will be posted up everyday who has the app. Once user gets the question right, explanation will follow. User can track his/her performance. The question could be in text/picture format. I will need a backend interface to type and store the questions, along with answers their descriptions. More information given on accepting the project.

  • $515 USD In Progress

    I need a simple iphone, ipad app that has the following functions:- push out one way communications, like a news feed or a one directional whatsapp- the communications should also appear as notifications- the app needs to contain two company logo picsThanks

  • $927 USD In Progress

    i want a crossplatform mobile app that will run on ipad/iphone/android which will do the following====1) admin account: *add new superusers *accept new users , modify users detials *watch performance of each user , *backup quesions *send notifications to all users *cheak flagged quesion , that needs review *add new catergoeries *modify any quesion , pre-assign quize , view result of pre-assiged quiz=====2)superuser account that can *add new quesions to the bank. *modify their questions only. *add preassigned quize and edit them. ===== 3) Quesions and Pre-assigned quizes *quesion are several lines text +/- one picture that will be showed below the quesion *each quesion have 8 values attached to it 1- four choices. 2- the correct answer. 3- explaination of the correct answer( ONLY TEXT no pictures ) 4- who added the quesion. 5- when he added the quesion. 6- when last modified. 7- catogery of this quesion. 8- Quesion unique ID number *pre-assigned test 1-PASS CODE. 2-TITLE of pre-assigned quesion. 3-quesions just like the discribed above.====== 4) User Inferface *new registration -> you will recieved an email once ur account is activated. -title:Resident,Consultant,Specialist,Medical Officer,Others -first/last name -username -password -email -phone number -institutionOR *users login -> after which a box will appear showing notification popup sent by admin .user now can navigate throught these options: *questions via catorgiery -> *random quiz -> number of qusions -> start (( quiz mode , answer will be shown before going to next quesion , details how it should work explained below)) *random test -> number of quesions -> start (( test mode , results will be showed at the end , with review of right answers after fininshing,details how it should work explained below)) * pre-assinged test -> enter secret code -> start , when finish it will show the result of the quize. * review progess -> tests , pre-assiogned tests , total number of quesion viewed * review flagged quesions. * setting -> change password , personal details , send quick feedback to admin , reset flagged quesions.===== 5)how it works ,* quesions via catorgey: -user will choose the catergoery he want to practice from list of catorgies available -user will choose the number of quesions he wants to practice -user will choose whather quesions viewed previously are allowed to be reviewed again -quize will start , qusion with the 4multiple choices , there should be 2 icons up , one to flag this quesion so it will be added in user flagged quesions , second icon to flag this quesion to admin ( small box will appear so user can write his complain , whats wrong with the quesion this will be send to admin and it will appear in admin panel : complains , quesion ID, user who sent it , when he sended it ) -once ur click in the choice a red cross should appear next to the answer if it was wrong , user can choose another answer if he didnt get the correct answer , if he choose the correct answer then green tick appear next to the answer and explaination box appear down showing brief explaination of the right answer.* random quiz mode: -user will choose number of qustions to be inculded in the quize -user will choose whather quesions viewed previously in previous quizes are allowed to be inculded in the quiz -quiz will start exactly the same as mention above. * pre-assigned test mode: -user will enter special PASS CODE , -title of the pre-assign test will appear somewhere inside the test. -a collection of quesions pre-assigned by a superuser previously will astart in a mode exactly like (TEST MODE) , i.e: no instant feedback of the correct answer , user will get the result at the end of the pre-assigned quesions. -score record will be kept in the "review progress section" under "pre-assigned quizes" , with name of that pre-assiogned test and the date and time he took it.

  • $1340 USD In Progress

    Description:- When you open the app both Revmob & Chartboost will open at the same time. This will also happen when a user exits the app.- Once the app is opened for the first time, the user will be able to login via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or with a username and password created along with the persons first name. Once they have logged in, it will not require them to enter this information again.- Once they are logged in they will have the option to have the app automatically launch at start up. Have this default to YES. I would like the app to open as much as possible.- Once they are done completing this, the app will say "Welcome "name of person", please look at the camera". I would like this in a Robot sounding voice. - The camera function should automatically adjust to the self camera so the individual can see the screen.- The app will scan the persons image with a line scanning up and down the picture.- Once the image is scanned. The Robot voice will say. Thank you "persons name" your phone is now secure.Requirements:- I would like this built for both Android and IOS (IOS including IPAD, IPOD all versions)- All graphics and design included.- Integrating my ads into the code.- Keyword research and multiple language translation integration- Launch in both my Apple and Android accounts.Turnaround time in 3-4 weeks launched in store.

  • $2371 AUD In Progress

    Simple Social Application, Without exposing much, simply an application which is based on an individuals locality and appearance. I have written and drawn the GUI"s up and need help with the coding, which would be either a cross-platform application or an individual-platform application. The application would cross-match locations, and what the individual has inputted into their profile at a certain day (e.g what they are wearing), connecting to either their in-app profile or other social profile (due to privacy issues).

  • $4123 USD In Progress

    Hello,I need to develop an On-line TV application for 2 platforms: Android and iOS.The application should connect to a backend web-service for user registration, authentication. This web-service will return based on user credentials the list of the channels with their URLs (HLS), that should be available for this user. For each channel, an EPG web-service can be used for showing current program list. Also, there should be implemented the time-shifting feature (the EPG web-service will return the URL of the files for the programs already ended).The application will send back to other web-service the user activity (channel switching, and so on).The simpliest models of the web-services and backend database should also be provided for testing and acceptance of the application.

  • $412 USD In Progress

    Top Tier Studio"s Android mobile application "Checkpoint Wingman" and "Checkpoint Wingman Lite" needs an upgrade. The application is currently on Google Play and has freezing and crash issues that need to be fixed (Crash report attached). Used Google maps with multiple locations, custom icons, and pulls locations from database. Used AdMob for advertising and want to add more ads. Both applications need to be upgraded to latest 4 Android os versions and add the following screens and features. (Mockup screen shots and db model will be supplied along with custom graphics). Please download and use the app prior to submitting proposal. new registration screenadd new login screen and password reset featuresadd new User Profile screen (shows users current posts and allows user to delete post they created) add push notification Feature. --- Users are notified when a new post is entered within there zip code area --- Users can disable notifications (ON / OFF feature) --- Users can customize the notification distant ( 5 miles, 10 miles, 15 miles, 20 miles) ******** Paid version only ********* integrate app to share data to Facebook, Twitter (text and email share features are already working) Will need a few mySQL Database fields added for the new registration data that users will input at registration. (Hosted on a Linux server)

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    We need to launch our mobile apps in 2014,we need someone with experience of coding, launching the apps on site that user will be able to download it, You must have a mobile site for testing - we only have a hosting server holding our db records (no apps testing site)We need apps version developed first before blackberry, android etcPls read the attached document before biddingThere is a max budget so bid wiselyregards

  • $824 USD In Progress

    Make an iPhone and Android applications in mobiles (Android / IPhone / I Pad / Blackberry) App should follow these steps and features 1) List of service and its prices 2) Register and get user name and password and sent by email 3) Payment - visa payment - PayPal - 2checkout success 4) order list (order status - completed / pending) 5) Send messages to admin / writer through the order 6) In case of completed user can download his file after 15 day compilation ha can"t send messaged through this order 7) Download the order after compilation

  • $2105 USD Today

    A communication service that facilitates effective connections between a school and parents through a mobile application.Allows users to receive customized content directly to their phone. Users can access school schedules, view parent communication, directly send emails to both administrators and teachers, all from their smart phone device. Helps the parent stay connected and have school information at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere. The app would allow for a read receipt or confirmation of receipt when parents opens the alert or message. The app’s capability doesn’t end there, the app would translate the information sent or receive in 10 or more languages.

  • $1578 USD Today

    The project is building a relatively simple iOS application that pulls in 3 open APIs (Alexa, Google Alerts, SocialMention and HootSuite) in a single application interface.

  • $526 AUD Today

    Develop a native Mac application and IOS app that is for video play back.The application will receive a JSON from our API that will provide content and category listing, then play back via the native apple player.Build in Subscription fee for the app via the app store. API ad DB is fully functional and straight forward to use.

  • $210 USD Today

    I would like to make an application for ios devices that emulates a web server with php and sqlite support .The application will run on not jailbroken devices and must be compatible with the apple store.You can use open source components that are already running on ios devices with jailbreak.You can use any web server without limitation:example:http://www.lighttpd.nethttp://www.nitroware.org am open to alternative solutions.You can request more information.

  • $4210 USD Today

    I need a app that find pizzerias around me by gps, and have an option to order a pizza in 3 steps.1º step - find and select pizza by gps or zip code.2º step - order a pizza by openning the pizzeria menu3º step - pay by paypal or other payments methods.if the user do not receive the confirmation by email or sms in 5 minutes, the order will be cancelled automatically.Features:- kilometer range- featured pizzerias - like button on the pizzeria- comment button on the pizzeria- order history- facebook apiMust have an easy system in order to fill the list of pizzerias. I need a solution for the pizzeria receive the order and confirm directly to the user cellphone and email.i need a control panel for the orders by pizzeria, date, location, completed and cancelled. I"ll charge by order to the pizzerias.

  • $210 USD Today

    I need someone to create a design layout and logo for the mobile application and webpage. The app should be functional, simple, elegant yet colourful and vibrant. The app is about social events.Please message me if you have any questions.

  • $1578 USD Yesterday

    Hi Guys! I need a full custom mobile app made (Quickly)I need someone who is very experience in coding for IOS and design to create a nice, useful and rich mobile app.Description of the app: ( Basic until DNA signed) The app is simple enough. I want to make a similar app of snapchat with more features! I want the full snapchat app but with different options available to the users.Requirements:-5 stars rating-good englishHere"s what to do next!Reply with example of your previous work**** Important*** When you reply start by typing the code word: SnapchatThis way i know you took the time the read the full description instead of just replying to all submissionThank everyone hope to work with u!Pierre-Olivier

  • [Sealed] Yesterday

    3 items are needed for this project. 1.Web design & development of a website which will be used by members. Needs to have heavy social media integration & discussion forums. Up to 20 pages, must be fully responsive & retina screen optimized. 2. Web app for internal staff. (back end of the website) The web app will be used by internal staff to moderate the site, keep track of demographic data and analytics, which all must be built in. This web app must be responsive & retina screen optimized as well. 3. Mobile App for Android and iOS devices. This app will be an mobile app version of desktop version. We will only consider bids from companies that have a portfolio of all 3.

  • $526 USD Yesterday

    i need a professional developer to build an easy and simple QR reader to be uploaded in Google play and app store the functions- scaning from camera, screen, image file- generating QR of (url, vscard, text).- testing qr - design simple and plain - need it to finish in 3 days worki know there are plenty of free QR readers and it is an easy job to do so please don"t bid high

  • $4210 HKD Yesterday

    I need someone to create an iOS app for my business. The app should be functional and professional. The app should also follow the branding of message me if you have any questions.

  • $1052 USD Yesterday

    I am looking for someone or preferably a small team of mobile app developers that can put together a few app ideas that I cannot produce myself. The first app idea, specifically speaking on this one, has a very simple concept. A more technical form of inviting a guest over. I will only give full details upon hire. I am looking for someone skilled in execution overall. Thank you guys for taking your time to review my project.

  • $3157 USD Yesterday

    Hi allI need to create an application which allows simultaneous translation during conferences.One "Server" application (iOS and Android) will broadcast the translation in different languages and one "Client" application (iOS and Android) will receive (listen) the translation.. each user in the conference will select the language to listen the presentation and use the speakers.Both "Server" and "Client" applications will be using the same WiFi network, so, I"m assuming there is no need a "streaming server" between the apps. Correct me if I"m wrong.So, need quotation to receive:- One server app iOS version- One server app Android version- One client app iOS version- One client app Android version- Design for application (screen design)VERY IMPORTANT: I will not accept change in the bid price. Bid only after you are sure about the price.Regards

  • $2631 USD Yesterday

    It is an iPhone/iPad app that should have a small database to store data (SQLLite required), should allow integration with Dropbox, allow for login/password authentication plus Google Authenticator or iPhone Pin dual authentication. The app will have about 8 master-detail (list of records _ when click on row display details) screens through a look-and-feel similar to Flipboard (tiles in front to get to the detail). Graphics + icons must be supplied by developer. Data must be loaded encrypted to Dropbox with the ability to store and retrieve data from Dropbox. I will provide initial design of database and screen flows.

  • $263 USD Yesterday

    Minor programming to tweak an iPhone/iPad compatible game app that is already in the App Store.Scope of Project:Update advertisement SDK filesMinor code adjustments to eliminate issues like image spacing, adjust score tally, and two similar issuesAdd 1 screen (graphics provided)Replace existing in app purchase graphics with new (graphics provided)Change 1 button (graphic provided)Add achievements to leaderboard for game center.No need to apply if you have a rating LESS than 4.0 or a completion percentage LESS than 85%.Thank you for your time.

  • $1578 USD 2 days ago

    Hi.I have an app that i would like to launch for both iOS and Android. I will provide graphics, but all functionality is for you to program.I will provide a more detailed specification, but i don’t want to waste my time, and would like a realistic offer for an app with the functions below.Function list: - Standard "Connect the Dots" drawings - "Connect the Dots"-drawings creator, where users can create their own drawings, and share with friends. - Snapchat-like feature where you can convert the picture you"ve taken into a Connect-The-Dots drawing, where the original picture reveals itself when connect-the-dots has been completed. - Connect to facebook - - iAD commercials - in-app purchase to remove iAD’s - Back end for all of the aboveProvide me with a price and time estimate.My own price estimate is around 1000 USD

  • $1263 USD 2 days ago

    Need an app with the same functions and similar layout as rightmove co uk app that is the best way to describe what I am looking for rater than a direct replicaneed the ability to search additional multiple features and location at the same timethe map feature is essential part of new appwould need to work from my own website for the content but this is yet to be uploaded to web

  • $315 USD 2 days ago

    We are looking for a professional mobile app builder. This may very well be a complicated app to build so we are looking for someone that is serious and tired of building less than great apps and would like to challenge themselves to create an extremely successful app. We require a person that lives day by day building apps, and knows everything there is to know about Objective C and its capabilities. All coding must be done properly without bugs, or flaws. For someone that builds apps consistently, this may be something you can do quite quickly but we are only interested in someone that can do it right, work efficiently and give us the sole copyright privilege for being the designing engineer and owner of the app. If you feel you are qualified for this, please respond with a message and please explain in some detail how you are qualified for this project? We would also like to see some "proof" of the work you have done and it must be credible and verifiable work. Please only respond if building Apps is your specialty and you have built something worth bragging about, and/or are ready and capable of doing so... We are starting this project and want to hear from professionals that can get this launched soon and give us a salable APP hardcopy for the starting project price of $200-$300. If you can build what we need built, we will all financially benefit very well from this project. Thank you :)

  • $15 USD/hr 3 days ago

    support and help coding application. pay by the hour.

  • $947 USD 3 days ago

    Hello, I am looking to get a app coded for the iOS platform. The app is very simple, it will be a goal dominating app. I already mocked it up in keynote that i will send over. It"s basic function would be to set a goal you want completed, then set the steps up for that goal, integrating the goals steps into your todo list which you can plan ahead as far as you"d like. There are a few other benefits as well. Inquire about any question you have.

  • [Sealed] /hr 5 days ago

    We require a simple iPad application that will display a number between 0 and 9,999,999 full screen (white text on black background). The size of the digits will automatically scale to be full screen - see example images. The displayed number can be adjusted by the user by either swiping up or down in the central area of the screen (the lowest point being 0 and the highest 9,999,999) or pressing in the top right corner of the screen to increase the number by 1 or pressing in the top left to decrease the number by 1. These button areas would be hidden/invisible. See attached image showing these active areas. When bidding for this project please highlight previous iOS work and indicate how quickly you would be available to complete please.

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