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PCB Design and Electronics Engineering

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My projects:

  • $65.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller edy62zy


    17 days ago

    Professional EE Engineer! Thank you!<br/>

    Project Description:Looking for someone to draw a basic electrical circuit schematic based on a simple PCB board design as attached. I&#039;ll be providing a lot more photos to show you more details to the one who takes this project...
  • $66.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mtheparitt


    23 days ago

    Good advise, Excellent in comunication

    Project Description:I finished a PCB ( schematics and layout) for ESC brushless motor using Eagle CADSOFT. ESC will run with 30-50A and the input voltage is less about 2S-6S LIPO. PCB is two-layer PCB 6cm x 3cm. Components are less than 20 pieces...
  • $855.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller flaviostutz


    Jun 6, 2014

    Very professional. We had problems with post office, but the job was well done.

    Project Description:Based on provided PCB layout and part list, do: - PCB Fabrication - Components acquisition - components available on Mouser or Digikey - connectors available at eBay - see vendor...
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller INVENTRONICS2010


    Jun 5, 2014

    Good work. Thank you.

    Project Description:We need source files (schematics and PCB) under Altium Designer of SMPS based on attached application note ANPS0038. It is simple single layer PCB, but we need this PCB in 3D (all components must be 3D modeled)...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tonybui


    May 10, 2014

    Great work! Delivery work on budget. very professional. Will hire again.

    Project Description:Hello everybody! Job description: I have a wiring diagram with a list of component needed to be in the circuit board. I need somebody that have experience in PCB layout to help me design a circuit board base on the diagram and the list...
  • $555.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Emplancer


    May 10, 2014

    Good work.

    Project Description:We have existing electronic board. Need modification to the board by removing some unnecessary component and addition of new components. All schematic details will be provided. Work involved PCB modification...
  • $130.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller flaviostutz


    May 7, 2014

    Lightlining fast job! I hired him on one day and on the another it was ready! Thanks.

    Project Description:Based on provided schematics, create a PCB Layout in EAGLE board. The board constraints are: - 2 layers - max 10cm x 8cm (may be smaller if you get to it) - maintain connectors placed...
  • $160.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller natile


    Apr 23, 2014

    very nice work, on time, on budget, I hope to have a new opportunity to work with him!

    Project Description:Hello, I need Eagle file for a small circular pcb described in the linked PDF for a SMD microphone. You can find more information on the microphone (SPU0410LR5H-QB) on the manufacturer web site (Knowles)...
  • $45.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller artimesh


    Apr 2, 2014

    one of the best freelancers i had the pleasure to work with

    Project Description:I need someone to make me a Gerber File for a little project. I already have the schematic, I just need the PCB files.
  • $260.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rvallecpx


    Mar 21, 2014

    Really pleased with the results, and the process. Very skill in communication also.Very quick, professional and understanding. Enclosure specs changed a bit while in the project, the freelancer didn't object at all even when some rework was required.I will surely rehire in our next HW project. I highly recommend.

    Project Description:Hi! We have built a prototype system based on iTeadStudio Gboard + a custom daughter PCB. It is basically a RF to GPRS gateway. The prototype is fully functional and is been tested by 20 customers successfully...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ttechnik


    Jan 24, 2014

    Great worker - like always!

    Contest Brief:Wer are looking for someone who can do this for us: - Eagle CAD Library Parts (Symbols, Packages and Devices) - SFH 4244-Z - TSL2561FN (FN 6 package version) - TSOP75238TR Please find data-sheets attached.
    pcbdcs has not completed any projects.
  • $150 USD In Progress

    This is flexible printed circuit (FPC) work for a meteorological miniature radiosonde.I need a FPC Eagle part with footprint from PDF specs for two connectors and a mating FPC part that fits both:** need the 8 position versions.Instruction from the FPC manufacturer iTead how to include the stiffener for strengthening the FPC under the connector: &quot;You can place the stiffener in the copper layer, please mark the stiffener area clearly.&quot; The Freelancer may suggest alternative prototype manufacturing.I also need updated design for this FPC (1x10cm). It sticks out from the radiosonde and holds the temperature&humidity sensor. I attach the current design. The FPC needs the following changes:* mate with the FPC connector instead of current through-hole connector* remove the ground plane, to lower the I2C capacitance* arrange the traces to avoid incoming and radiated radio interference* If viable, single-sided tracesRequired competence: Eagle 6.6 CAD and library. Routing to avoid interference.Desired competence: Advisor on FPC design. Contacts in FPC prototype manufacturing and PCB manufacturing and assembling. Microcontroller and I2C. Design of measurement instruments and accurate ADC.Future work includes updating the PCB itself.

  • $833 USD In Progress

    RequirementWe’re looking for someone to modify an existing PCB to include some changes. The freelancer will be expected to update the design, provide complete schematics, PCB CAD design and fabrication files, arrange for the circuit to be made and test the first PCB.Schematics, OrCAD PCB Design, Bill of Materials and Gerber files related with the current state of the project will be suppliedPCB Function overviewThe current PCB connects to a PC using a USB cable. The main functions of the current PCB, which are currently designed, are:•Power supply of all the components.•Piezoelectric actuators driver.•Two Serial ports.•Sensors conditioning and reading through external DAQ cards.•Drive a resistive power heater.•Configuration files storage.•Servomotor driver.Schematics, OrCAD PCB Design, Bill of Materials and Gerber files related with the current state of the project will be supplied.Additional featuresIn addition to the previous functions we will like to add to the new design:•Additional connectors to collect unused DAQ Card I/O ports and power supplies.•Replace current piezoelectric actuators drivers with a custom one.•Replace resistor heater driver with a custom one.Changes to be implemented•Replace the off-the-shelf analogue voltage amplifiers with our own design. We will provide a schematic of an OpAmp circuit which we have already designed and tested successfully. •Replace an OEM PID controller used to heat a resistive heater to a constant temperature with a custom designed circuit.•Add an EEPROM memory for a Dual FTDI chip (a schematic will be provided)•Maintain dimensions of the PCB below 250mm length, 130mm wide. The height of the PCB plus the components attached to it, plus the length of the spacers should be limited to 30mm. In order to fulfill this requirement it will be necessary to apply changes in the placement and election of circuits, components and connectors. •Rearrange connections to DAQ Cards.•Addition of some connectors gathering signals in the PCB.•Rearrange and select power supplies in the PCB.Milestones 1.Design of the alternative PID controller for the resistive heater. Design of piezoelectric power supply and drivers (a solution will be suggested). Complete schematics of project. The schematics should be sent to us. Expected time for this milestone is 1 week. We will make a milestone payment at this stage.2.Once the schematics are approved, the next step will be to complete the PCB design; provide a full set of Gerber, drill, placement and BOM files. Expected time for this milestone 1 week. We will make a milestone payment at this stage.3.Once PCB and BOM are ready, the freelancer will arrange for the fabrication and population of the PCB. Costs will be covered by the previous payment.4.In the final step, the freelancer is expected to test and guarantee the functionality of this PCB. Expected time for this milestone is 1 week from the reception of the PCB. Remaining fees paid to freelancer.

  • kr110 SEK/hr In Progress

    The project consists of designing a Spartan 6 FPGA board with LPDDR memory, power supply and a couple A/D converters.The FPGA power supply, memory and FPGA are basically identical to Digilent FMC Carrier S6. In addition there are a fewTexas Instruments A/D converters ADC128S102 and a temperature sensor LM75BD (see attached schematic). About 100 I/O pins from the FPGA should be available at the board connector (240 pin DIMM connector)The project tasks are:1) designing a circuit2) create footprints3) designing a pcb layoutThe project should be reviewed every week. PCB footprints must be approved before use.Preferable design tools are Cadence Capture and Cadence Allegro or Cadence PCB Editor.Deliveries are a schematic drawing, PCB layout files and gerber files.The board layout should be 4-8 layers, with components on primary and secondary sides.

  • ₹1500 INR In Progress

    Im attaching some files i want the pcb in single layer and the board size should be in 6*4 inch and using any of the two softwares, alitum designer or eagle cad, i need the layout file, pcb file, gerber file and the nc drill file. if u have any doubts regarding the circuit i will tell u.

  • ₹12500 INR In Progress

    We want a PCB layout to drawn for AC to DC voltage converter

  • £333 GBP In Progress

    The purpose of this project in brief would be to design the printed circuit board for a large (industrial/professional spec) USB 3 hub. This hub would provide 127 powered USB ports (127 being the maximum supported number of devices on a host) each port being able to provide 900 mA (0.9 A) the maximum specified by the USB 3 specification. For this reason this hub will require four external power supplies. Due to the current throughput and the number of ports the final PCB is expected to be quite large (approx 33 x 158 cm).Further details and a preliminary design will furnished to the successful bidder.The required end product would be a CAD/CAM file and bill of materials etc. that could be taken to a PCB house and used by them to fabricate a working prototype.

  • ₹12500 INR 7 days ago

    Need to get designs on protel software.

  • €250 EUR 8 days ago

    Manufacture a PCB for me. Tecnical Details: -> PCB Size: 30x30mm-> Part Count: Arroud 90 SMD PARTS / no THT Parts-> Material: you must order this for the PCB

  • ₹13888 INR 10 days ago

    I need 2 PCB designs to do the followingfirst let me explain the complete system the system includes a web server, Smartphone app, Controller module, node module--it is shown in the picture how the communication is happeningyou need to design 2 PCB&quot;s for the controller and node module.the controller module will have -ability to connect to wifi and ping the web server for new commands the node and controller are on rf network (something like X bee will do--but not you need to give the schematic for that to)and node contains 12 SMD RGB leds which will be controlled with the commands send by the controllerboth the circuits will contain wireless battery charging circuit for the lipo battery that will power the circuit.i only need you to design the schematic for the PCB&quot;s and i will do the layout,routing and codeyou are requested to use atmega microcontrollers and eagle software and you will deliver the .sch files for both the circuitsplease qoute your price for this job as i want delivery in 3 days on at least on of the circuits and complete delivery in a month.

  • $13 USD/hr 11 days ago

    The job is quite simple. You will be required to be primarily working within the Altium Designer workspace.This job will be an ongoing role. So the first job may take a little longer, but each job will be following the same proceedure.Sub divisions of the job are as follows.1) Enter schematics from the web and PDF files you receive. Including BOM.2) Build library items and footprints from a previous gerber package (ie reverse engineer) Once of only 3x parts.3) Locate web datasheets for IC&quot;s and import as library items inc footprints4) Create simple Schematics of PINOUT arrangements, for example ATX Mainboard Audio and ATX USB headers.I will upload the Spreadsheet today, and feel free to have a quick look. Once you apply, I will send you the complete package for review. The budget for this job is below our normal rate, however next payments will increase if the work is above average.For the first job, payment will be on completion. Further work will be on a 50/50 payment upfront.

  • $30 USD 13 days ago

    Here is the schema:

  • $450 USD 15 days ago

    Project Description: I have a very simple PCB that I need to have reverse engineered (See attached picture) so that it is ready for production:-PCB Layout & Design-Gerber Files-BOM with Manufacturer Name & PN as well as recommended distributors for that item-Basically the requirement here is I need a set of files I can hand to a PCB & Assembly company and have them provide a quote for manufacturingRequirements1) The PCB needs to have the same shape and mounting holes as the original 2) Set of files I can hand to a PCB & Assembly company and have them provide a quote for manufacturing

  • £160 GBP 17 days ago

    We require a full design service for a small prototype Printed Circuit Board.The design must meet the requirements of the PCB manufacturer, Seeedstudio. Payment in full will not be made until Seeedstudio have accepted and approved all designs.The design required is for a small PCB that will include a Bluegiga BLE121LR module, voltage regulator, programming pins and the recommended components shown in the BLE121LR Datasheet. Provision for an optional battery connector will be required. A final circuit will be provided.It is important that the design complies with the RF requirements set out in the datasheet.Quotations should include price for each item required by the PCB manufacturer as well as an estimated completion time for the work.Previous examples of work to be provided

  • $600 USD 17 days ago

    only for Indian. I need a complete product . a pair of walky talky . very low cost ( not more than 500 rs) but optimum range ( min 3 km liner at any condition) .power supply 6 to 9 volt .i need complete pcb , part list ,circuit diagram and a specimen product in my address .

  • $250 USD 19 days ago

    Look for someone to edit a PCB that will have the SIM900 GSM module on it.all the peripherals for it to work (power supply, printed antenna etc... if needed of course) the circuit will work from lithium battery (no need to add charging circuitry)it will have audio (speaker, microphone) and single power switch that turn all the thing (connect the battery)also need to write script that will run on the module it self , simple script that after the GSM module join any network it makes a voice call to predefined number - open voice session.! please bid only if you already did such thing on the specific module!the awarded freelancer will need to provide all the necessary files (schematics, layout, gerber, script project files etc...) p.s. the PCB design should consider as cheap solution as possible

  • ₹1000 INR/hr 20 days ago

    Looking for someone to draw a basic electrical circuit schematic based on a simple PCB board design as attached. I&quot;ll be providing a lot more photos to show you more details to the one who takes this project.Work is expected to be done as soon as possible - within a day (24 hrs) would be perfect.Much thanks in advance!

  • $27 USD/hr 20 days ago

    Looking for someone to create OrCad schematics files and PCB layout design.the final product is:1. Schematics files2. design files ready for production.The circuit and additional information will be provided as needed for the appropriate person.mainly, the circuit is a signal condition circuit (filters, gain (op-amps, ins-amps)). It contains approximately 120 parts (parts of the circuit are duplicated).

  • $200 USD 23 days ago

    I have a schematic design and a BOM ready and I need someone to draw the schematic design for me on Eagle, and also to create the layout for it according to my requirements.

  • $277 USD 27 days ago

    Im looking for an electronics developer as a partner, Im not hiring. Im looking for partnership

  • $277 USD 28 days ago

    hello there i need a person who can finish my PCB schematics add more and put them into a right order.

  • $50 AUD 28 days ago

    Convert ORCAD schematic DSN files version 16.3 or higher to v16.2 to allow import to Altium v14

  • $500 USD Jun 20, 2014

    I have a product I am wanting to build and need some assistance with the schematic and pcb board design. I also need to fabricate the enclosure. Send me details of work you have done - show me examples and tell me your availability. Thank You.

  • $100 USD Jun 19, 2014

    I have schematic and parts list as well as parts placement done. Need the 4 layer board routed and files created to have pcbs made.Part placement critical. Part count is less than 100 parts. mostly SMT. Board is about 1.5&quot; x 2.5&quot;. Will provide parts list, Schematic, And part placement with general routing.

  • $500 USD Jun 18, 2014

    I require the design of a couple of simple PCB add-on boards.The boards will attach to Olimex A20 and AM3352Initial project (This project) requires the design and manufacture of 2 boards for Olimex A20Components required for the first board(5x main components):1. ufl smd connector3. required for the second board (3x main components):1. UFL SMD Connector3. Most of these components have existing example schematics and will connect to SPI, I2C or Serial I prefer the design be delivered in Alitium format, however I will also accept eagle. I will also require working protoypeboards, the costs of which will be paid separately (or combined into project if you prefer)

  • ₹1500 INR Jun 17, 2014

    We are looking for a person to help us develop the PCB layout in our project. Schematic drawings would be provided, and we require the Gerber File for the PCB layout.

  • $100 USD May 3, 2014

    hi i want a to design pcb&quot;s on urgent basis it&quot;s Bluetooth low energy PCB multiple layer please add me on s k y gunjan86mathur thanks

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