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Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Member since: April 2007



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  • $199 CAD
    Profile image for Seller mikaelkmikkelsen


    26 days ago

    Excellent work, made my page very professional and usable. Flexible and informative designer. Will absolutely recommend to friends and family. A+

    Project Description:I need someone with good php experience & a great understanding of English with a good attention to detail to finish off where the previous programmer stopped. I need to add additional phone selection...
  • $979 USD
    Profile image for Seller tkiloal


    Mar 14, 2014

    Very easy to communicate with, did a good job making my vision come to life, is the website, i will definitely work with him again. Very professional.

    Project Description:Need a social media website done with a unique payment system. Need it done from scratch.
  • $540 USD
    Profile image for Seller stockfight


    Jan 18, 2014

    Great work on converting a website design into a working site using html, js, and css. Thanks so much, would definitely hire again.

    Project Description:I ran a contest on Freelancer for a website design and implementation. The designer came up with a great winning design, but then didn't come through on the html files. I'll be hosting this site using...
  • $1050 USD
    Profile image for Seller nick3311


    Dec 12, 2013

    Titu is awesome! Very sincere, helpful, and always a great job!

    Project Description:Self sustaining website like or like which connects two students and charges a commission for connecting the people. For example, is a website where students post a study guide that they made for a test...
  • $2110 USD
    Profile image for Seller Projectsline


    Oct 24, 2013

    Very good developer, easy to get things done and always friendly.Will use him again for projects like this

    Project Description:We have a almost done website, with some features missing. We are behind in work so need this done asap. List of requirements will be send to the right bidder. We do not pay upfront but can agree...
  • $800 USD
    Profile image for Seller fastlaunch


    Sep 28, 2013

    I am so satisfied with this extraordinary work! The communication was perfect on evenings / days / anytime I liked i got intouch with him to answer my questions and the final result was great! I would strongly recommend for others using this freelancer!

    Project Description:We need to move our customer data etc from Oscommerce to Opencart and then create a new ecommerce in opencart with exclusive responsive design and fast checkout.
  • $270 USD
    Profile image for Seller DelicateCreation


    Sep 25, 2013

    In one word "CHAMATKAR" which means fantastic. Wihtout any doubt, will hire again.

    Project Description:We would like a website similar to What we require: 1. Totally custom simple CMS with custom template directory so that we can create themes later on. (we do have a 2nd option for drupal but not sure yet) 2...
  • $798 USD
    Profile image for Seller dcfitz


    Sep 9, 2013

    Complex project, handled professionally.

    Project Description:Free career site offering virtual assistant jobs and projects. Job seekers must register to apply. Employers must register to post. Virtual Assistant searchable 'directory' with profiles of available workers...
  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller DesignersB2B


    Aug 15, 2013

    This team is really good, did everything I ask for without any problems.Will use this developer again

    Project Description:This project is for PHPexp only. Plans aready send to him and it seem like he knows what he is doing so it will be a waste of time for anybody else to post a bid
  • $634 SGD
    Profile image for Seller blackboxes


    Aug 5, 2013

    Great work thanks.

    Project Description:To develop an opencart website based on the PSD provided. 2 week deadline, based on opencart features.
    phpexp has not completed any projects.
  • $550 USD In Progress

    Design a previewer for website.

  • $50 USD In Progress

    I need expert php,mysql,codeigniter programmer with minimum 5+ years of experience.Programmer will be part of ongoing project and should ensure code changes do not overlap other programmer changes.Only Full Time Freelancers should apply.Part timers don"t waste my time. I need at least 8 hours commitment per day for next 1 week.Initially would be assigned a module and based on the quality,sincerity and speed of work will assign more work.Should be available online in skype or gtalk.

  • $1159 USD In Progress

    I need a website developed which has a user account system (Sign up and Login) in which they can integrate their Twitter account. A network of Twitter accounts will be made in which users can easily follow and retweet others via the website on two separate pages. Anytime a user follows or retweets via the website it will be noted on the database and on their account, if the user later un-follows the database will recognise this. During signing up, there are requirements which the user"s Twitter account must meet before signing up, if the Twitter account doesn"t meet these standards they cannot have access to the site. The accounts must also be unique, users cannot create a new account with the same Twitter account, nor can they create another account with the same email.The website also requires a contact method, in which a contact form is submitted and can easily be responded to via email. A "News" feature is also needed, which can be easily updated whilst the website is live. I already have a web template in which to work on, most CSS and basic web layout has already been completed, suggestions for change are welcome however. When the project is finished it should look professional, simplistic and organised, with simple and easy Twitter functionality to follow and retweet other users.

  • $412 USD In Progress

    Company Details: XYZ Information SystemsOur BusinessWe are Low Current system integration company, started business in 2005 with a team of two people, who had the will and motivation to provide an outstanding service in Abu Dhabi"s demanding market.System Requirements:We are requiring a system for our internal use to be able track all the inquiries once received until it reach the customer with the final prices (Proposal).Definitions:•Initial Item Description:•Brand Item Description:•Quotation•ProposalSystem Users:1)Administration Officer: Responsible of Registering the Inquiry, prepare for the sales manager to approve it or not, and then collect all the required information to be forwarded to Presales department.2)Sales Manager: accept or reject a project, finalize prices, quotations and proposal.3)Presales (Could be more than one user): how is responsible about assigning the quantities, part numbers, initial item description and Brand Item Description. System Viewers: 1)General Manager: only to view reports and follow up with the sales manager.2)Purchasing Department: Only to View reports to order materials on later stages.  System Description:1)Inquiry Registration: as mentioned in the Mockup Page 1, this form will be filled by system administration officer every time we receive an inquiry. Once the application is filled and saved a notification email will be sent to the sales manager.2)Accept/ Reject Inquiry: as mentioned in the Mockup Page 2, The sales manager then log into the system and go to Accept/ Reject Inquiry. so he would accept or reject this job upon the data that was provided by the administration officer and filled up in the previous form.•In case of rejection: a notification email (Can Be Edited) will be sent automatically to the Project Owner as Mockup Page 3. Also the project now will be listed in the rejected projects as Mockup Page 4•In Case of Approval an Automatic Thank you email will be sent to project owner (Can Be Edited), Also a Notification to the Administration Officer will be sent to inform her of this step.3)Documents Verifications: The Administration Officer log into the system, upload any missing documents or enter any missing data, Choose a Presales from the presales menu and then click notify presales. As Mockup Page 54)Launch The Project: all the Projects that were sent by the Administration Officer now will be showing in this page, The Presales can now pick a one of the systems of the project from his list and Launch it to start pricing it. As Mockup page 6.5)Quotation: Pre sales will now prepare a quotation (Estimate) as per Mockup page 7Please note that each system can be quoted in different brands (Vendor, Page1 Mockup)

  • $257 USD In Progress

    I need a website with few pages, text is french and english which is provided ( same in french and english except . The pictures are provided as well. Very simple website with a contact form.If we are satisfied, we will also redo our website. We need someone that can use keyword and any other tricks so we can be first on google with out product in Canada area. We need this done quite fast , no freelancers that will runaway. Would need someone that can do update from time to time. So this is a chance to get a long time webmaster work as well. We need something that will represent our product. NO online store at all. Quite easy work I think as I would do it but dont have time.

  • $567 USD In Progress

    we are looking for companies and very reputed developers with the reference of their portfolio to develop a data website for the companyit should be mobile responsive with coding in for iPhone and android looking forward to have very reasonable price and timeline , only very professionals should contactRegards

  • $300 USD In Progress

    Hi, I need some developer to create script php for music download & listening song online with search function and design, the url for each folder need to contain SEO and button html5 to play the song in website,I prefer to bid only professional developers, the project is urgent thank you.

  • $1159 USD In Progress

    I need someone to design a website for online course reservation channel for my training business. The site should be CMS and should be HTML5 . Clients should be able to make reservations online , pay by paypal and credit cards . These are websites that offer my related services: ,,, and

  • $701 USD In Progress

    NO Bid before Read - will wait a few days to shortlist. Quality is my first priority.NEWS Project. ( and demo www. I bought bluestyle theme from them. 1. Make sure current script is working fine ( written in PHP, specially RSS feed, Ads, type of news etc. if not configure it from admin and write it down so that later can be installed and do the same changes to new installed) - write a simple 1 to 2 pages manual. I installed it, took me 2 minutes.2. Number of views count on each news. Admin will define how much per views will be paid to the submitter of the news. All our publisher will be paid automatically ( See #9 how)3. Log-in options (Register, Facebook, Linked-in, g+) , make sure profile picture is taken from those site or can be taken from computer.4. Right side currently showing latest news, also add “Most Popular” news (based on umber of views) and “Related news”. This could be as tab. Default always LATEST.5. Show 3 or 4 FEATURED WRITERS based on total views of total news (total scores).6. Comment on the news would be facebook like comment that would be visible to facebook (Currently every login users can comment, not wanted)7. On the top, Select which COUNTRY, by default “WORLD”, have all the country listed and based on IP address get the default country. (From admin panel, this features can be on and off). Next to each country, another option is Area, Example, for India - it would be Mumbai or Delhi, for USA- State: New York, or Texas or other. Have them in admin panel to manage countries, areas to add/remove.8. “Submit story” - Customize it from current. Choose option a) Create new news with picture OR Video b) submit by url c) Video (youtube like) in video sections only, not all at a time. Users can select news from which country, which area or “WORLD” or users can select both, In that case story will be shown for that location as well as to the WORLD. Submitting story will not go to NEWS directly, admin will approve it also admin will define how much per view will that news earn. (i.e: .10 cents per view). Upload videos not only from youtube, but also from computer, all different formats (also add view count). Go to, See videos have options latest, most popular. Videos are always global or country based only, not area based. 9. Each User profile - Add more robust information about when news was submitted, how much was the total earn at the end. User click on GET PAID (Users will be redirected to PAYPAL pay), currently paypal for ad submitting is working on the site, see code can be re-used. Basically, our company will pay to the publisher for the number of views of his NEWS. (Let’s discuss)10. Add “ad” at the bottom as well (Using styleblue theme) - I have google adsense ID, let me know when need the code/publisher id from google. For now you can use yours to test if you have.11. Language features (Admin), Shows Languages options on the top right, see other websites. In admin panel, more languages can be added. This can be done on later version, but let’s see other changes first.***** Most of the things should be customizable via Admin panel ****** so add them in admin panel.

  • $1159 USD In Progress

    Hey there!We are aiming the creation of a website consisting of a buying/selling marketplace-like software.So the website would be like this:When the potential users register themselves in our website, they are able to create their personal profile and sell their clothes posting pictures inside this profile they are provided with (they would not have their personal stores but profiles) ,and also of course buying clothing from the other users they are interacting with.It will be something similar to , , or a little ebay, for us to understand each other better, with the singularity that here the users would have more importance.Is crucial that the design of this website is exquisite: must be minimalistic and clean but also very modern and with a deep sense of harmony and aesthetics.It is important also that you provide us with an easy interface so that we are able to upload some content or modify some things.Paypal API knowledge is required to create this website. And knowing how to implement an auction system is important too. And we also have other several features that we want to include but these will be explained once we privately talk.Please only message me freelancers interested, no robots please.

  • $526 USD Today

    We are searching for a programmer, website designer to make us a new website. We would like a website that is looking much like this, our own website which is made in wordpress.Please go to our website and see which kind of look we are searching for.Contact us asap if you want to do the jobWe look forward to hear from you!

  • $236 USD Today

    I am looking to create a simple PHP webpage for a physics and chemistry tutoring service for Northern New Jersey[, USA].There are currently two tutors: one chemistry tutor, and one physics tutor; and the contact form should know which tutor should be contacted. Additional tutors may be added in the future, but we are not looking for an extensive backend/login system.The webpage should:-Be responsive to the browser (Desktop/tablet/smart phone)-Look modern and comfortable to a student or parent (use of parallax scrolling, high resolution pictures of students in a classroom setting)-Have a contact form which forwards an email [and/or text message] to the given tutor-Use the Twilio library and send a text message to the proper tutor when the contact form is submittedI have attached the contact form (docx,pdf) for the necessary questions to be filled out.Please post below if you require clarifications or are interested!

  • £1736 GBP Today

    We’re cleaning company based in London, providing cleaning services to Commercial and domestic properties.I need a website for marketing purpose and for our customers to be able book online.. i.e Self-services online/ requesting services online.

  • $1184 USD Today

    I need a guy who can create a secure online shopping

  • $578 USD Today

    I need a simple store designed with twitter bootstap

  • $1184 USD Today

    Hye everyone,We are looking for someone that could take our webpage to another level.We are an online portal that started 2 months ago. With some fairly good success we would like to take our webpage to another stage.(More features)Our webpage is this one: www.findinvest.comAfter your work we would like to have a similar webpage in features and looking as this one: should be able to insert advertisements by choosing different price packages and so have different options o chose.To register and manage their advertisements from their account. Receive messages thrue that account. We need a real blog (not tumblr). We need our clients to have the possibility to choose from different options (payable) in a way that if he for example pays xxx$ His logo would appear on our main page. We have the general design idea, how we would like it to look ready.We need to have the possibility for direct paying on our website without us being forced to create our invoices manually.All this is the reason why i copied webpage. I think it is easier fro you to see the final result that we wish forContact me for further questions please

  • $789 USD Today

    hi ,I am looking for a web developer to business directory . Simply put these directories will be used throughout the world . I would like to note that there are 2 versions of the free listings and paid . For paid listings there are some packages that can be chosen by the business owner . I want this directory has multilanguage , can be accessed in a variety of platforms , support paypal payment , 2CO , and bank transfer , Money Order . In short, I want the developers to give me a range of benefits and be my partner in a long time .The Portal- Can share the selected directory- Can you comment- Can provide a rating .b ) Business Owners .- Can the business list- Can edit lists made.- Can fresh dealc ) Owners Portal- Can know the list ,- Edit / change.delete listing , unnecessary comment .- Provide ad to the advertiser .- etc* I hope the developer can provide more feature to be judged by me . I hope the bidders can sample and gave the white paper. Sharing a commission will be given to developers who succeed by offering comprehensive Wesel .Serious bidders and can work with minimum cost to the first come first serve . It did not matter which platform you will use to develop the portal directory , but it must be appealing and marketable and efficient use of bandwidth storanddan . My focus is to sell premium package listing .

  • $368 AUD Today

    We are a production company from Sydney, Australia. Currently working on several projects with clients which consist of building website and mobile applications. We are after a freelancer who can turn over websites in a short period of time. Currently we have 4 websites needing to be completed however our developer is away on vacation for 6 weeks. Our website budget is $250-$350 per website. For more information please private message as we are looking to get started with a new freelancer ASAP.Warm Regards

  • $300 USD Today

    Server Type: Linux VPSExample: http://www.kickstarter.comWe are looking for an experienced PHP developer to create a message board/forum style website built using Twitter Bootstrap responsive template.Quick overview: Admins should be able to create contests & users should be able to submit their ideas for the contest.Example: http://www.kickstarter.comNeed be usable on the following devices:DesktopMobileTabletSite should be fully responsive. No graphics will be providedFull Documentation will be provided.Budget: $300

  • ₹31578 INR Today

    We plan to launch a website in India where people would be able to search for caterers as per their requirements. We"re currently in the data collection stage & wish to get the website work done in parallel. Our product contains 3 major parts :(1) The website design (the way everything looks & feels, search options, filters, sorting facility, etc)(2) The module which fetches the data from the database & displays it to the user as per the request(3) The database which stores the caterer"s profile (details, photos, etc)As the website will be used by users looking for caterers for their marriages / weddings or corporate functions, so we plan to keep the color scheme according to that, say "reddish / maroon". So, basically, what we want is the design, back-end (database connectivity) engine and other website modules up & running. We"ll provide sample data to test the website.The website will not have any online payment option. In one line, its an "online catering guide" to help people find the right caterer as per their requirements (budget, type of event, no. of guests, onsite/offsite, etc).

  • $368 USD Today

    We need a website that will be a platform for buying and selling of products and services.Much easier than Ebay, no e-commerce,no auctioning.Just the ability of people to post an item or service for sale and leaving some contact information and description of the item and a few other options.

  • $15 NZD/hr Today

    The project: To create a complete website including consultation, design and development. Functionality requirements: > Unlimited user profiles with a comprehensive front-end user dashboard. > Agent login (as per the attached mock-ups) > General content pages > Fully customisable form pagesBack-end functionality requirements: > Tracking and reporting on user submissionsPlease see the attached document for a better understanding. A more comprehensive document outlining the function and requirements of the website will be provided to the successful freelancer.

  • $1052 USD Today

    I need a full eCommerce website with all the bells and whistles. Has to be also cellphone friendly.

  • [Sealed] Today

    i want php shopping script to sell computers and laptops.the script in 2 parts front end and control paneli will provide a web templates for front end and control panel this mean you will write code only.i will give more details for the awarded freelancer

  • $263 USD Yesterday

    i want someone to build a website with PHP+Mysql.The website is about trading business focus on promotional products. The website should have some functions as below:1. logo showing & company introduction/ connections2. product showing & management3. product searching4. live chat5. inquiry & quotation functionThe host for this website has been set. So you just provide your script and test on the host.If you are interested in this case, please send your bid

  • [Sealed] Yesterday

    Hi I am a graphic designer so I don"t know the techy side of things. Anyway I am looking for someone to help me develop a website for a client of mine. It would involve the html coding, css, some java and php.Job Description: We"re looking for a Web Developer.Your responsibilities:- Review business requirements- Perform a technical analysis of requirements - Produce a solid, detailed technical design- Write clean, modular, robust code to implement the desired requirements- Contribute ideas for making the application better and easier to useYour qualifications: - A work style that is extremely detail oriented - A complete Elance profile- References or an established reputation on Elance preferred

  • $1184 USD Yesterday

    I need an expert developer who can able to create a social network that can be able to chat, video, post and will let more detail later. Thanks,sapman

  • [Sealed] /hr Yesterday

    I need an expert developer of codegniter.The developer should have good experience in it. I need some one who is full time freelancer should bid in it. I need a long time work of 2-3 years.So please bid if you can deliver me 100.

  • $184 USD Yesterday

    I have a PSD that need to be convert to HTML, including images and CSS.

  • $631 USD Yesterday

    I need a social networking site for a semi-adult related site. It must have the ability for users to upload pictures and videos and ideally incorporate a Moderator function in the site to allow me to ban troublesome users. It has to include a payment section for users to upgrade their free accounts (the payment processing would be handled by me, just requiring a link to that processing)

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Project Manager and CEO

Jul 2009 - Present (4 years)

Webzoney Technolog

This is my own Company. I have total 6 employee. We have been developing website using PHP,mySql, Ajax.<br /><br />We develop Ecommerce site, CMS, any dynamic website using core PHP, Codeigniter framework etc..<br /><br />I am the chief project manager.

Software Engineer

Jul 2006 - Aug 2009 (3 years)


EVOKONW Inc. is an America based software development company. I worked there for 3 years and then i established a software company my myself and i left the EVOKNOW.

Web Developer

Aug 2005 - Jun 2006 (10 months)

Web Contact

That was my first job. I joined here after 1 month to complete my graduation. I worked there as web developer in PHP, mySql.


Bsc Engineering in CSE

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology



BSC Enginnering in Computer Science and Enginnering

Shahjalal University in Science and Technology

I have certified by Shahjalal University in Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh in Computer Science and Enginnering in 2005