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  • $160 USD
    Profile image for Seller WDMarketing


    Feb 21, 2014

    Good communication and professionalism

    Project Description:Khabir, Per our previous conversation about optimizing URL for HUHT
  • $796.25 USD
    Profile image for Seller amlkyc


    May 7, 2013

    This Freelancer can only be described as Excellent. Very good understanding of English and requirements of project. They remained flexible with changes. Will definitely be hiring this Freelancer again. Highly recommended.

    Project Description:I am creating a website for the purpose of access public data. Some of this data is large and contained in XML scheme or csv. I would like to provide a searchable data table so that a name can be entered...
  • $121 USD
    Profile image for Seller researchguyvw


    May 2, 2013

    phpplay worked hard to get the project done on time and on budget. I will hire him again for a future project.

    Project Description:1) Using jQuery, Ajax, json and PHP pull stock data from Yahoo when user enters a stock symbol. 2) Store the data in a Mysql database. (See sample code in attached PDF) 3) Display data on a page. ...
  • $114 USD
    Profile image for Seller maryleehk


    Feb 20, 2013

    very good, thanks a lot

    Project Description:We would like some expertise which are strong on codeigniter to help us to do the PHP program. Please quote clearly on the hourly rate. Thanks!
  • $476 USD
    Profile image for Seller WDMarketing


    Dec 20, 2012

    Experienced and delivered as promised. Will hire again.

    Project Description:
  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller identita


    Jun 19, 2012

    Fast & Perfect job.

    Project Description:Purpose of the job is to create little form with php to send local video to youtube account ( from server to youtube ). In our part, we just need to enter login/password, or youtube api key (you'll...
  • $35 USD
    Profile image for Seller JonLanclos


    Oct 28, 2011

    He completed it and let me see it before purchasing - great

    Project Description:I have an existing page written in html and some javascript. ( ) When you click the google map, it shows you the nearest address to where you clicked...
  • $1850 USD
    Profile image for Seller schoerie


    Jul 18, 2011

    Very good job, thanks for your help.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller kandersonST


    Dec 21, 2010

    He does great work. Code is clean and works great. Project took alot longer than expected but we were busy with other projects anyways so it was fine.

    Project Description:I am the head PHP developer for a search engine marketing company. We are working on a PHP project and are looking to outsource some sections of the code. SYSTEM SETUP: PHP 5.3 Mysql/5.1.37 Apache/2.2.12...
  • $75 USD
    Profile image for Seller dispratt


    Oct 20, 2010

    The script worked and we incorporated it into our project.

    Project Description:We are building a website with a CMS using Codeigniter and we need to integrate jQuery Sortable (demo here: Some pages in the CMS display a list of items in an unordered list...
    phpplay has not completed any projects.
  • $422 USD In Progress

    User registration by log on and email notification. Access to sanctions data search.Web page has a manual search engine and the other page has bulk upload capability to screen

  • $566 USD In Progress

    We are looking to develop an online tool that can be used by sales people in selecting a product for a customer, entering a series of answers to the customers needs, then generating a quotation which can be emailed to the customer and kept in a database for follow up. This system may be used in a browser or an app.A more detailed spec is attached as a word document

  • $555 AUD 12 days ago

    There are 2 interfaces one for customer and 1 for admin.Customer:- Make a booking for repair, it will be mobile phone to start with then will expand to other devices like laptop, game consoles, etc, so the system must be extendable.- Customer can select Brand, Models which can be dynamically added.- Customer then can select some pre-defined issues of the devices and can add them manually- The system then provide estimated cost for the repair, if customer is happy with the quote, they can go ahead with the booking.- The system will provide available time and estimated working time until the repair is done to add into the booking, the customer can select which time they prefer and/or which technician they prefer for the booking (not essential) which can be updated from the admin interface- After the booking is finalized, the customer will be provided with a booking number and all details will be send to their email or phone- This interface also allow customer to check the progress of the booking.Admin- Allow admin to add or change available time and technician for the week- Admin can manually update the booking progress and update customer if necessary- Admin can assign booking to a tech or move them between tech and techs will be notified by email or phone- Admin can add more devices into the system: model, name- Admin can change prices for repair for system to calculate quotes- Admin can update the stocks so system can produce stocking advise when stock is lowAbove is something just come on top of my head, so please contact for any questions. The idea is to have something effective about functionality, not much about design in this stage. I want to see something works before making it pretty.I really want simple design, fool proof and performance. I will need to see detailed plan in stages and weekly reports.

  • $155 USD 15 days ago

    Hi, i have 2 website, i wana make a simple backend to input some text easly without edit html code, its possible ?The objective is have boxes of text and a buton to submit to change the text on website,

  • $16 AUD/hr 15 days ago

    We are creating a conversion service from one piece of software to another. Firstly I have software that pulls information from the first of piece software and creates a MySQL database containing all the data. What we need, is someone with the capability to create a program that manipulates data based on a set of rules I"ve developed in a manual. The data will then need to be pushed into an online software application using their very developer friendly API. The manual I"ve created maps the the fields in the MySQL database to the fields in the online software application API. Once this software is successfully built there may be further development required.

  • $500 USD 16 days ago

    I"m working on a dynamick webproject.and I need a good coder who can code it for me.

  • $722 USD 17 days ago

    INTRODUCTION:I want you to create a listing website in Bootstrap. I want to list items relating to the niche I"m targetting. I plan on establishing a network of sites all within this niche but each serving its own specific audience for more specific markets. My websites will be based on the same code which I want you to create based on the criterias below.DESCRIPTION OF EACH FEATURE:TOP LINKS (header)On the top of the website I want to display all the website links within my network of sites. I intend for it to look like this:Knoss Network - Website 1 - Website 2 - Website 3 - etc.Each of these links are SEPERATE DOMAINS but with one main website in the network where advertising info and other information about the network is displayed. I will host these websites on the same (new) IP on my VPS at KnownHost.SECTION MENU LINKS (header)Below the top menu displaying the network websites the page starts. First of all there should be a menu with a few different options; start, etc. Above the menu there should be a logo. These logos should be using the same type of design. I intend to use the Fiverr-designer for this.OPT-IN FORM + LEAD GENERATOR (ALL IN ONE)Below the main menu links there should be a large opt-in form with fields for Name, Lastname, Email, Tel, Land.The opt-in form should act as a way for me to gather email addresses. I should be offering specialnews through email and alike. But one of the key ingredients is also to let it act as a leadgenerator.By LEAD GENERATOR I mean I want to be able to sell each lead generated through the form. Thereshould be a check box able to fill in called "I want to be contacted by X"or something along the line. If the box is checked new fields should show up (Lastname, Tel nr & Land)To be COMPLETELY LAWFUL about the email list and lead generator there should be a verificationprocess through email. Simply a verfication link.Save time stamps + IPStore all opt-in"s no matter they are verified or not but make it clear when exportingwhich is which.It should be possible to know on which website the opt-in was used; website 1, website 2, website 3, etcCONTENTThe main page (index) should consist of several boxes (for example 3 on each row). Perhaps show5 rows per page and then have a pagination to go to the next.The content for each box should consist of an image. It"s important that these are fairly largeto make it visually appealing. The name of the item should be displayed clearly as well asprice and other small bits of interesting information.SORT FUNCTIONAbove the boxes there should be a sort function (not taking up too much space); price, region,views/recent (price descending/ascending), (and some more.. more given upon request)FADED OPT-IN/LEAD GENERATORAt the end of the page page for main content at the pagniation an opt-in/lead generator (sameas displayed above the content) should appear. It should be faded in or similar which catchesyour attention.SUB PAGES FOR ITEMSSlider images (similar to slider here X given upon request),description of item, info (price, size, x), marked on a google map.Contact details + link back to where the item was found website. Make sure to credit the images withlinks back to the page where it was given. Perhaps there can be a credit button on the slider andwhen clicked a lightbox will show up with all information about the img credits.DESIGNA responsible theme from Here is a basic image of what type of design I"d like: Quite simple you see.MEMBERSRegistration, login system and profile accessible when logged in. Should be able to login with same details on all websites.ADMINI want to have a control panel where I can easily add/edit items and access other necessary information suchas see/export emails, see/export leads. Use the panel theme here:

  • R6111 ZAR 17 days ago

    Good Day,My colleagues and I want to put together a crowd funding site for education. By this I mean that either your peers, or corporates can invest in an individual’s education. It will also have a social networking aspect where members on the site can interact/message each other. We came up with this idea for many reasons. Firstly; as a student I found that my peers and I would complain about the cost of text books (one book alone can cost as much as R1000 – in South Africa). We created a second hand books market for students at our campuses. On campus; a student needing a book (which they could not afford) would pay us R20 for our time to run around and seek out books and funding from fellow students (through campaigning for the individual); so we got fellow students to contribute small cash amounts to help assist these students to pay for the exorbitant costs of books (some could not be bought second hand due to new editions). So that is how we made small profits and still helped students. This idea has been working really well; so we want to take it online and extend it. The attached is just to give you a rough idea of what we are looking for; but needs some fixing up (I resorted to photoshop when I got frustrated with the coding). We are trying to find someone to help us with this. If you provide me with your EMAIL i can give you a more detailed breakdown.Regards,Kirsten.

  • $1111 USD 17 days ago

    If you want to be part of a project that REALLY improves people"s lives & is challenging from programming point of view, then we want to hear from you.We have various tasks/jobs related to the platform we have developed and are still expanding. It"s a long term cooperation.Please keep in mind we"re looking for full time programmer (women programmers are welcome!). Proposed salary is 1000 USD (including all taxes).BID only if your knowledge of PHP and JavaScript is very good. We well test your skills before hiring. Do not waste your and our time!DO NOT BID if you"re company. You"ll be automatically declined.

  • $555 USD 23 days ago

    I am after an incident management system/website. Please respond if you"ve created an incident management system before and I can provide further requirements.

  • $1250 CAD 23 days ago

    I am looking for a single page website that will perform 3 functions.1) Allow users to login using a social login script ( Allow logged in users to post their "Good Deed" which will include a "Country of origin" drop down menu and 150 character description.The "Deeds" will be posted to a blog as they come in.Every successful submission will increase the tally displayed at the top of the page.The tally should also have a graphic, like a thermometer that shows how close to the target the campaign is.3) Allow users to nominate other people via facebook, twitter, email, etc...This project is only for the scripting of these functions, all graphics will be provided.Please message me for clarification on any of these points.Please specify price and turnaround time.Thanks for your interest!

  • $111 CAD 24 days ago

    We currently have a database set up and operating and need to have some changes and improvements made to its usability. Inquire for details! Job should be completed in one week max

  • [Sealed] 24 days ago

    I need an online form. Processor runs server side on my server. It should Includes about 4 fields on the "top level" (Name, email, address etc). Number of fields TBD, but won"t be more than 4 or 5, the most. Then we need 1 to n number of lines with 2 or 3 fields (TBD). ,Fields may be free form (note) or a pull-down. Below that line, give user ability to hit a + sign to add another line (for as many as he wants to). When he does, another + sign will appear after that line. This way he can add as many lines as he wants. Include a hidden field with client ID. My client(s) will enter that when placing the html code on their web site. When user hits Submit:1) Content gets formatted into a PDF file (layout to be provided later - nothing complicated)2) email goes to admin"s email, with that PDF as attachment. Admin"s email will be part of the html code. 3) data gets written to a flat file on the server (comma delimited). Include All "top level" user data, plus each row. Include client ID of course. I am OK with writing to SQL db if it does not make the project more expensive.4) A "thank you" email goes to user.Form Processor Should run on my server, where my client(s) will embed the html inside his (their) web site. Pull down values should be on the html side (not server side) for ease of customization by each client.

  • $194 USD 24 days ago

    Hello FreelancersMy company needs a backend office to do our day to day financials. As Phase one of the projectt, we want someone to write up some codes to develop our costing platform which should be web based. This is not a very complicated system. Just a few forms to enter in data and a few reports to display out the date. Most importantly this should be web based so my staff and I can access it from anywhere using a username and password.I"ve done some lazy sketches to give you an idea of what I want. Please check the attached files to get a brief idea. More details along with a sample of our excel file will be given to the winning bidder. This is just phase one so we will be needing the code and it should not be a problem to add in other parts of our financial into the system. If the winning bidder does a fantastic job, all other phases will be awarded to them as well. So this is going to be a long term relationship.Send us a proposal along with your bid and type in these words into your bid "I AM THE MAN FOR THE JOB"Bid On!!!

  • $122 USD 24 days ago

    Hello freelancers,I"m looking for an expert in PHP/MySQL. I"m building a website for my customer using PHP/SmySQL and Bootstrap 3. It"s a football match website. Members of this website will come and fill out a form where they predict which football team will win, or draw. Each week there are 9 matches and members will select their predictions. There will be winners from 7 correct answers (3rd place) 8 correct answers (2nd place) and 9 correct answers (first place). I already created about 80% of the website, i have user login and registration and admin area. THE ONLY thing that needs to be done is:Part 1create a form (in admin area) where my customer (owner of the website)will select what matches will be that weekend. Part 2When the admin clicks on the button, all the teams info will go toa new table maybe? and from there it will be displayed in the frontpage where members can select the results of the matches Part 3When the members select their results and click a submit button, theirresults will go into a new db that will hold all the members results. from there a list can be created to see how many members are participating that week and see their game selections.Part 4There will be an area where the owner can input the results of eachmatch. When all the results have been input, he can create a listof winners (first place[9 correct answers], second place[8 correct ansers], third place[7 correct answers])I have a table in DB with the team names and team logosNOTE: my budget is from $100-$150 dollars. Please bid and let me know how many days you need to have this completed. Payment will be made once my customer approves functionality. So I know you"re not a bot, please include the line, i love football. That way I know you understand what needs to be done. I will provide more details uppon request. Please only honest freelancers. Thank you

  • $416 USD 24 days ago

    Hello,I"m looking for experienced company to write a guideline for building a software. It should cover all aspect of software developments stages and requirements. This guideline will be given to another company to develop the software based on the given guidelines.thanks

  • $138 USD 24 days ago

    Hello,Simple project that needs to be completed within a day if possibleWe have a ringtone app that is done in larvel framework needs to add a User/Login feature as well as a feature for artists to integrate paypal to get paid for the ringtone. The user can also change the price upon which the ringtone costs.

  • $305 CAD Mar 20, 2014

    Need someone to create a website for window cleaning business (+sitemap). I do have approximate template of what i want.Reagards

  • $833 USD Mar 19, 2014

    I want a website built it will be a relatively easy project for some one who has the skills and the talent to do it .

  • $15 USD Mar 19, 2014

    Hello freelancers. We are a branding/software development company and want to hire one more person in our team.We are looking to hire a PHP programmer with experience in MYSQL, javascript, ajax etc. Surely not a PHP newbie who read 2-3 books and thinks he knows how to code. We are looking to establish a long-term relationship with such a programmer. We will start with small tasks, and then move on to larger projects. I am looking at a per-task payment or a monthly payment (you will work 8 hours per day or less, depending on the volume of work - but you will be paid for 8 hours, whatever happens!).We are looking for people from countries such as India, China, Pakistan etc, so that we can afford to pay them, since we are a start-up company. Whoever does a good job will "increase" together with us, and will be able to gain even more benefits.You will work from your home"s comfort. We don"t care if you are a male or female, we just care that you are a honest, passionate and hard-working person, and you have the needed knowledge.If you think you qualify to work with us, please send me a message (place a bid holder) telling us a bit more about you:a. nameb. age & locationc. the work you"ve done until nowd. your coding experiencee. english levelIMPORTANT: we are looking for 1 individual that can work with us 8h/day, not a company!IMPORTANT 2: you must have proper English language skills, since all the communication will be done in English

  • $1250 USD Mar 19, 2014

    Need great PHP/MySQL developer to make extensive custom changes and additions to this open source PHP/MySQL software know GIT. We use bitbucket git repository for code.Please send message to get full detailed info what must be done

  • $122 USD Mar 19, 2014

    Have an automated product purchasing program running on PHP. Need a diagnostic to help identify some issues and fix those issues. The current problem arises because some of programs are failing when trying to purchase an item, while others are succeeding trying to purchase the exact same item. We may also need to work with with someone to help optimize the software. There is a great opportunity for long term programmer-business relationship.

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