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My projects:

  • $100 AUD
    Profile image for Seller mullfitzted



    Great work on my business report was very professional and a expert in his field

    Project Description: I am a business and looking to win a project and need roughly a 3 page report made up It is a company of 800 users who work with Windows Vistas and XP workstations. The company wants to upgrade...
  • $33 AUD
    Profile image for Seller ausphone



    The great job was done in time and highly proficient. Definitely would like to hire again.

    Project Description:Hello All, I need to rewrite Terms and conditions from the attached file by paraphrasing every paragraph, but meaning must be keep the same. I will check upon completion with a tool:
  • $35 USD
    Profile image for Seller lutorres07


    4 days ago

    Once again very satisfied. Will keep hiring.

    Project Description:Academic writing
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller karimdvl


    9 days ago

    Very good writing and releases it on time. A+ writing

    Project Description:I need a research paper of at least 10-12 pages about the main school shootings in the United States. This research paper will not be focus only on one tragedy but about the many tragedies that has happened...
  • $35 USD
    Profile image for Seller karimdvl


    16 days ago

    Very good writing

    Project Description:N/A
  • $122 USD
    Profile image for Seller mathsgeo


    Feb 22, 2014

    Was really cooperative and understanding .

    Project Description:Hi Just inviting for another 2 assignments to rewrite my budget for them is 110 USD . If you agree I can send you the files to rewrite Kind Regards. Mathew
  • $30 CAD
    Profile image for Seller demeshach


    Jan 29, 2014

    Good Work. Delivered on time.

    Project Description:Instructions in file sent.
  • $35 USD
    Profile image for Seller lutorres07


    Jan 26, 2014

    Thanks for the effort good job!

    Project Description:Asnswer question
  • $55 USD
    Profile image for Seller arcadinn


    Jan 13, 2014

    Nice job. Many thanks!

    Project Description:Project Description: I need 1500 – 2000 words about Information Systems in Organisations, I will provide you with the Scenario and tasks. Harvard reference style. Scenario: You are the engineers in charge with designing and implementing the communication infrastructure of an organisation...
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller vondrakk


    Jan 8, 2014

    Very easy to work with, did good work. Exceeded my expectations.

    Project Description:I want three technical white papers written. One on each topic below: - Big Data: methods, challenges, and business need. - Anonymization on the Internet: methods, challenges, and business need. - Data Collection from Public Sources: methods, challenges, and business need...
    Academic Writing King!!!! has not completed any projects.
  • $75 AUD In Progress

    I need to explain to a employer who wants to find out about desktop virtualisation and how it works. They want to know if any advantages in virtualisation Explain the differences between the difference desktop virtualisation technologies that are available. Your report should briefly outline how each virtualisation technology works

  • $125 USD In Progress

    write a article for a presentation. You have 3 days to finish it. Article need to be 15-17 pages. double space. U also have to made a ppt about this article.

  • £125 GBP In Progress

    A research paper on Applications of wireless Mesh Networks. This paper should be written as an evaluative case study. (Auto-Assigned)

  • $60 USD In Progress

    2 page paper reviewing reading material and answer posted questions

  • $125 USD In Progress

    there are some technical writing that I need

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Hello,I want a professional writer,English "MUST" be your mother tongue language,who got skills in writing creative content for a service website.I don"t want an article,I want a full website content,Home page is currently on demo content,you"ll rewrite every tab, slider image, drop menu or text, tool-tip, everything, i will NOT expect an article !!you"ll write :- Home Page with all content (sliders, tabs etc etc..)- Service Page (some are on homepage)- About US (Why US)- Terms of service- Privacy Policy- Simple Contact usI will provide a website, where you simply look at it, get idea, rewrite the content on my website,i will be reselling that website service, so it"s the same content, you can easily get the idea.I expect this to be an easy job since i will provide a website to get the idea from,you"ll do simple research only.I need this within 24h, max 48 hours.If you don"t have experience dealing with writing a full website (Not Article)Please don"t bid, if you did, and i got an article, i will dispute it, we both lose time.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    This is a Masters Level EssayWithin the context of Cultural Issues in the Study of Addiction, it is interesting to examine the emerging cultures such as internet addiction, gambling and how they relate or differ. WRITE AN ESSAY "Comparing ....................." WORD COUNT = 2,500 AND should be typed in MS Word, double-spaced, in Times New Roman, portrait page, size 12. Referencing is HARVARD YOU WILL BE PROVIDED KEY POINTS AND SOME MATERIAL THAT ARE ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED TO REFLECT IN THE ESSAY.

  • $144 USD In Progress

    Please get in touch for more details about the project

  • $80 USD In Progress

    The Project:Review or skim through academic journal articles for the main findings, cite the source and then list each article record in an Excel sheet. More specifically, here"s what the final Excel file product should include the following:1. Citation for the article in APA format.2. Subject (What was measured... I will tell you ahead of time.3. A one sentence summary of the main findings. 4. The result"s numeric data (ordinal, interval, ratio, etc.) and any statistical data mentioned in the findings.Each article review will be in its own row; the headings for the rows belong in the columns. I will provide most of the articles, but I may ask you to add up to 5 recent academic journal articles to the review.This requires a quick turn around time of about 11-12 hours which will be 10-11 am Eastern Standard Time EST = GMT-5 (USA + Canada) April 2, 2014.

  • $123 USD In Progress

    I need get done 5000 words computer science master level research assignment. research background is necessary. more detail through pm.

  • $154 USD Today

    i need an Executive summary for Apple. the purpose of the Executive summary is to evaluate the strategic management process of the firm, and to determine whether or not the firm is pursuing a sound strategy, and to provide a rationale using the concepts of strategic management to support that conclusion.It should allow a reader to quickly scan the document to determine whether that reader would like to know more and then read your report in order to understand the strategy of the firm. To improve the readability of the executive summary, you should make use of headings and follow APA guidelines through out the paper. i"ll attach an example Executive summary that i you"ll need to take a look at to see if you"re comfortable with everything required for this projectthis is a three pages project and you must use APA format.

  • $515 USD Today

    We require an article with the title "The importance of traceability in manufacturing" with a focus on the need direct part marking.That is, the need to mark traceability codes directly on the parts. We don"t want to discuss food industry.Rough outline: Traceability is important in manufacturing because: Quality systems requirements - discuss traceability requirements of different quality systems ISO9001, Automotive standards ect Customer requirements - Customers demand traceability in case of defect product. Manufacturers also want their customers to know which products are their in case they mistake others suppliers, low quality products with yours Discuss increase in customer service provided by part numbering Warranty claims - When customers make warranty claims part traceability is critical to identify who made the product and when the products are made. Discuss cost of warranty claims and ability to reduce recall numbers by having accurate part numbers to be recalled Discuss methods of part numbering hand stamping impact stamping roll marking dot peen laser marking refer for more details on reasons for using each of these method

  • £154 GBP Today

    To write a report about a bank and the financial markets. Why the banks struggled during the financial crisis.The main financial crisis issues

  • $350 USD Today

    Write a report for me on the basis of economics ....... for more detail pm me

  • $144 USD Today

    2000 words. the outline plan should consider:-the potential impact of disaster recovery-a methodology to identify and rate those risks associated with the building and the impact upon the client organisation-possible solutions for integrations within asset management and the building life cycle to account for disaster recovery

  • $360 USD Yesterday

    You are reaching a health history on a patient who does not look you in the eye and gives short uneven responses. What can you do to achieve a complete, comprehensive history on this patient? Defend your rationale with references (APA format).

  • [Sealed] 2 days ago


  • $195 USD 4 days ago

    A one page summary of article provided, a paragraph of roughly 200 words criticizing the paper and a paragraph 150-200 words that makes suggestions on what should be done in the future to make additional progress in the research area. Suggestions must include 2-3 types of research you would like to see be done.I have a list of articles that can be chosen from, I need 3 of these done which will roughly be 5-6 pages double spaced. All articles are from Scientific American and if you can not find them online I can provide you with a link.The Joyful Mind, August 2012, vol 307The Human Brain Project, June 2012 Vol 306Alzheimer"s: Forestalling the Darkness, June 2010 Vol 302Origins of the left brain and right brain, July 2009 Vol 301The Memory Code, July 2007, vol 297How Does Consciousness happen? Oct 2007 vol 297His Brain, Her Brain May 2005 Vol 292 issue 5Why we sleep, Nov 2003 Vol 289 issue 5

  • $103 USD 4 days ago

    I have an online class and have to rewrite documents in order to pass.

  • $53 USD 4 days ago

    Hello,We are looking for a motivated and creative copywriter for the French market, writing short commercial emailing- and landingpage texts (etimated at 1.250 characters in total (emailing text and landingpage text all together).Categories to write for include (but are not limited to): coffee machines, solar panels, fuel cards, heat pumps, office furniture etc... and can have a business to consumer focus, a business to business focus or both.Are you a native French speaking copywriter and available to write catchy mail- and landingpage texts ?We have a budget of $50 for every freelancer we test and work with.We are keen to find out how many subjects you can write about (short emailing & landingpage) for the fixed budget set ($50)A template for emailing text and landingpage text is always provided, so we ask to fill in the text in the text tables provided.================================================QUESTION FOR BIDDERS:How many texts of +/- 200 words (+/- 1.250 characters) can you provide within the test budget of 50$?Please answer this question when bidding. Bids without this answer will be ignored.Thanks in advance!================================================We look forward getting in touch to discuss the T&C"s. Looking foward to start a long term co-operation!CheersPNO

  • £82 GBP 5 days ago

    Masters academic essay for the use of bottom-up and top down approaches in teaching listening for a certain esl language level . Please identify

  • $103 CAD 5 days ago

    Prepare a 200–250 word answer for each question, and submit all four responses in one Microsoft Word (or compatible) document.Question 1: According to the free market view, what are the roles of MNCs (MNEs) and FDI in the world economy? Question 2: Why does Gilpin regard the post-1980 era as the “era of the MNC”? Question 3: (a) What are performance requirements? Give two examples. (b) What are location-specific advantages? How do they help explain FDI? Question 4: What factors must a MNC (MNE) consider when making a decision to engage in FDI or licensing? Be sure to discuss what licensing is and how it works.

  • $206 CAD 5 days ago

    The objective of the case study for Assignment 1 is to expose students to globalization and its impact on operational decisions of companies. Faced with major losses, Sharp Corporation is forced to question its long-standing operating model and to develop a new approach that is more suitable to the environment it now competed in. Case Analysis QuestionsThe following questions are just a starting point that will help you organize your thoughts and better analyze the case. DO NOT simply answer these questions—rather, you must write a thorough case analysis as outlined in the "Assignment Tips and Requirements." 1.Who is the decision maker in this case? How would you characterize his background? Is he unusual?2.Discuss Sharp’s history. What has it been good at? Less good at? How is the company perceived? 3.How did Sharp become a successful player in LCD?4.Describe Sharp’s operating model? What are its pros and cons?5.Should Sharp change its operating model? 6.Should Sharp move into China now? Why or why not?

  • $33 USD 7 days ago

    Please check below assignment requirement and edit the attached assignment with comment marked in redAssignment Requirement Corporate Social Responsibility“In 2005, The Economist published a series of articles castigating corporate responsibilityand the folly of managers who thought it would benefit their companies. Corporateresponsibility conscious managers were accused of taking their eye off of shareholderinterests. Accusations were made that corporate responsibility and bad governance went hand in hand. In an accompanying survey, the Economist Intelligence Unit found only 36 per cent of managers felt corporate responsibility was a priority”, (Blowfield and Murray, 2011, p.4)Required: Managers believe that the corporate responsibilities to the shareholders are the most important of the CSR responsibilities. Social and environmental responsibilities are much more important because they relate to core stakeholders for the company. Critically evaluate this statement.Word Count) 1000Font Format(Times News Romans? Arial?) Times News RomansFont Spacing(double spacing/ single spacing etc? doubleFont Size(11? 12?) 12Reference Style Harvard ReferenceOther requirment/Remark All pages should be numbered.The number of words used for the report should be stated at the end of the report.Guidance on answering the questionIn preparing your answer, you should utilise current news stories, relevant, books, corporatesustainability reports and documents that have led to – and outline – extant CSR phenomenaand academic articles that address the key corporate responsibilities.You will be marked on the following criteria1- Your report will be marked on the basis of the critical thinking demonstrated, the logic andpersuasiveness of the argument and the clarity of exposition. It is, therefore, marked as awhole;2- The level of research that you conduct when preparing your report as indicated by yourability to assimilate relevant material from a range of sources into your discussion; 2 | P a g e3- Your capacity to summarise accurately and succinctly relevant arguments from the sources that you read;4- Your ability to construct a consistent argument that addresses the question and to organize that argument into a logical order that the reader is able to follow easily5- Your standard of written English and observation of academic protocol such as referencingsources, writing in impersonal terms, not using inappropriate shorthand such as “don’t”, use of English spellings, etc.6. And finally, the minimum required reference is around 20.

  • $257 USD 7 days ago

    report on needle free diabetes 2-4 pages

  • $100 AUD 7 days ago

    I need someone to help me write a report about cloud computing. Here is the requirement:

  • $144 USD 8 days ago

    Communication research report, 1500 words. To be submitted in 1 week.

  • $33 USD 8 days ago

    Hello,I need some help please. If you do a good job with this 3 more articles similar to it will soon follow. Here it is:African-derived music (secular and sacred) developed differently in North America and Latin America. Contrast and compare these musical genres and the environments in which they developed. Do you feel that one region exhibits more African musical traits than the other? Please include a “However…” clause in your thesis, e.g., “Some people believe that North America has the most African traits that can be found outside of Africa. HOWEVER, I believe that…” or whatever it is that you believe. Give specific examples and evidence to support your opinions. Other info:5 pages in length, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font. Essay uses 3-4 relatively short source documents from which to cite (MLA) and construct the paper.Please use the source documents belowThis needs to be completed by 4/14Please only native English speakersPlease do a good job :)Thanks :)

  • $18 USD 9 days ago

    1. Articles should be unique.2. No spelling mistake.3. No grammatical mistake.4. Payment will be weekly basis.5. Word limit is 5006. Has to follow the instructions completely.7. Has to meet the deadline.8. Won"t compromise with quality.9. Should be able to write on different niche.Do not bid if you are not capable to fulfill any of the mentioned conditions.

  • $40 USD 11 days ago

    Need a 5 page doubled spaced essay written on the meaning of life. More details will be given if interested.

    Academic Writing King!!!! does not have any open projects.
    Academic Writing King!!!! does not have any work in progress.
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