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  • $150 USD
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    Aug 30, 2013

    He is very good, I can say he is the best and very honest. but about time he is to busy or don't know whats going on with Him, I almost got crazy waiting for him to get my project done. other than that He is excellent!

    Project Description:java bugs, my sql bugsjava bugs, my sql bugsjava bugs, my sql bugs
  • $80 USD
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    May 31, 2013

    Like always, on time, responsible and honest!. Thank you for your help! Shahzad I will hire u again. I recommended %100

    Project Description:I need some to change a report sales by category, remove discount option.I need some to change a report sales by category, remove discount option.
  • $66 USD
    Profile image for Seller kelvinsu


    May 14, 2013

    Shahzad did good work for me. There were a few bugs which i discovered after we closed the project and i made the final payment, but he still went ahead and fixed them for me. You can count on Shahzad to get the job done and deliver a good quality product and stand by his work.

    Project Description:Need to collect discounts and manual entry items from sales screen into a separate table and associate with ticketlines table. Would like to see every item transaction in a report, line by line on the ticket, including the discounts and manual entry items...
  • $67 USD
    Profile image for Seller kelvinsu


    May 1, 2013

    Pixarsolution did excellent work for me. I needed a custom report for Unicenta, and he was able to work with me to define the requirements along the way. His communication was excellent, and he spent lots of time going over the project with me over gtalk. Would recommend to anybody needing somebody who is familiar with Unicenta or Jasper reports.

    Project Description:Need a custom report for Unicenta. Need something similar to transaction report, but it needs to show the items sold under each transaction/receipt and also payment method for each specific item.
  • $130 USD
    Profile image for Seller aljopo10


    Apr 10, 2013

    just awesome

    Project Description:currently i am using openpos with some customizations. I need to implement. 1. print button on payments panel 1.1 print reason, amount, and notes (already notes field implemented) 1.2 payments report...
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller avnccharlotte


    Mar 16, 2013

    Good job! good worker. I will hire him again.

    Project Description:Java edition, SQl edition,Java edition, SQl edition,Java edition, SQl edition,
  • $80 USD
    Profile image for Seller avnccharlotte


    Feb 28, 2013

    Once again, he has done the job on time and very professional. easy person to work with, honest, and Kind. I will hire him again as many times as I need it .Thank you so much for your hard .

    Project Description:custom payment option , to add or removed taxes manually.
  • $200 USD
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    Feb 12, 2013

    Once again , HE did a great job! He is one of the best programmers and developers. this team, worked very fast, good communication, excellent support. I recommend him for you project! I will hire him again. Thanks!!

    Project Description:Openbravo Java Item migration app.
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller avnccharlotte


    Jan 22, 2013

    Thank you soo much for all your hard work! excellent job! very fast responded to all my questions, good communication and Professionalism. I will recommend him 100% and I will hire again, thats for sure. Thanks. one more happy customer here!!

    Project Description:Hi, I want to add an EBT payment funtion to Unisenta Openbravo pos Based. example: I have 6 items and 3 of them are in my inventory as a regular item and the other 3 are in the same inventory but with the difference that they are flagged as EBT items...
  • $85 USD
    Profile image for Seller mrbrant

    mrbrant [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 15, 2012

    Basic requests on this project took a long time. Some weren't made at all. I honestly am not sure what this guy did except remove a Google Maps API issue. He was unable to make an attractive interface, we ended up having to design that in-house and give it to him. After being 2 weeks over his projected completion date we have to walk away and get a competent developer to complete the job. If you need more than Wordpress from a template, stay away from this guy.

    Project Description:We are using a custom appointment script (see and we need some customizations (see attached Word document). Specifically the client likes how these websites work and look
    pixarsolution has not completed any projects.
  • $222 USD In Progress

    tune up actual pos and tips feature whit report

  • €200 EUR In Progress

    Hi, I"m looking for someone to customize reports for Unicenta oPOS. Please note that at the moment I connect things together with unique strings. For example, customer that belongs to a business partner has a string identifying the business partner added to it"s name. Employees who are part of the incentives program have the name Incentives added to the account type. Each employee has it"s own account type so that it is easier to distinguish them from each other. If you can suggest an easier, more efficient way of doing that please let me know. I need three reports, one for each use case. I have the following use cases at the moment:Case 1:I will have certain employees getting incentives for every sale they make over Unicenta. I need to have a custom report that will calculate the amount of incentives each of the employees earns in the specified time frame. Each employee has it"s own user type, so that they can be distinguished among each other. All employees that are included in the incentives calculation will have a special unique string added to the user type in the type NameIncentives. If they are not included in incentives then the user type is just Name.The incentives are 10% of any product sold that was not sold with a discount. There is a category called Promos. The products in that category are not to be included in the incentives calculation. There is a special category for which the incentive is 5%. Report should give out names of employees in incentives program and the amount of incentives received in a given time frame. Case 2:I need a custom report that will show the money flow among business partners. It is calculated the following way. Partner A has his own group of customers, Partner B has it"s own group of customers. Customer is connected to partner with string in the name. If there is incentive present, as explained in case 1, then incentive amount goes to the sales person making the sale. If there is incentive then 10% or 5% goes to employee who did the sale. the rest is split between A and B. If there is no incentive the sale is split 50-50 between A and B. Report should show the names of partner A and B and the amount of money earned in the specified time frame. Case 3:This is for a different company so the split is different. There are three partners, A, B and C. The split is done the following way. Customers are connected to partners the same way as in case 2, by a unique string in the customer name. If there was no incentive and the product or service is not in special category.1/3 goes to A1/3 goes to B1/3 goes to CIf there was incentive and and the product is not in special category:10% goes to the sales person who did the sale30% goes to A30% goes to B30% goes to CIf there is incentive and the product is in special category:5% goes to the sales person who did the sale50% goes to owner of the customer (Identified with a string in the customer name)the rest is split three ways between A, B and C. If there is no incentive and the product is in special category:50% goes to owner of the customer (Identified with a string in the customer name).the rest is split three ways between A, B and C. Report should show the names of partners (A, B, C) and the amount of money earned in specified time frame.

  • $200 USD Today

    I need someone to simply remove the barcode restriction on the software, For some reason they decided to only allow 13number barcodes(EAN13) to be added to the products list that will show on the sales screen successfully... BUT when you add a UPC-E(8 digits), the system somehow cannot find it(only in the sales screen). I need someone to fix this and just plain let the software see the number and verify that from the database, if its the same number, show the results. Simple

  • $250 USD Today

    Customise theme and buttons of Unicenta POS based on design given.

  • $100 USD 7 days ago

    I am building a custom invoice for my Openbravo POS installation, Everything works well but on the area that it should show the barcode of the invoice ID it only show"s it in numbers(text), I also want you to give the report file a touch of better looks

  • $277 AUD 11 days ago

    We require an electronic version of a retail receipt to be generated at the point of sale. Using the POSXML that feeds completed transaction data to the receipt printer, duplicate this XML into a file with the same transaction details which is to be stored locally and then pushed to Google Cloud Storage. Once the file has been stored in the cloud, the local file is to be automatically deleted. **This application needs to be POS system agnostic so must use POSXML**An open source POS system currently being used is UniCenta ( of any code will reside with us (paypr) and must not be re-used or sold on in part or in whole to other parties without prior written approval from us (paypr).We require documentation about the code, outlining all functions and procedures. We also require the code to be open in order for further changes to be made if necessary. Will will also assume ownership of the documentation. We retain the right to make any modifications to the code as necessary.

  • $222 USD Nov 23, 2013

    Project Description:Well experienced freelancer to upgrade/update existing OpenbravoERP 3.0 MP4.1 POS module (Community version) to work with current OpenbravoERP 3.0 MP28.2 and Openbravo POS current edition. Developer will be required to install, configure and test upgraded/updated module on our existing OpenbravoERP server platform.Only serious and experienced freelancers with good knowledge of Openbravo ERP and Openbravo POS systems should bid for this project due to urgent nature of this project plus time constraints.Note:--I will not pay upfront only pay when see some progress and complete when total done no advance pay. if you agree so bid on this project .don`t vast your and my time .Put in starting "yes nsh i do agree"So that i know you read it else i will reject your bid.More jobs for successful developersAll the best.Thanks

  • $16 USD/hr Nov 8, 2013

    deseo operar openbravo pos en diversas ubicaciones con una base de datos creada a traves de servicio web hosting. es simple se crea una base de datos en un servicio de web hosting y el programa openbravo pos se conecta a esa base de datos.El unico asunto es que debera tener un nivel de seguridad aceptable.

  • €144 EUR Nov 4, 2013

    I need a report modification for Unicenta POS I need a report with the following column in German:Datum (Date) - Uhrzeit (Time) - Mitarbeiter (Employee) - Produkt (Product) - Umsatz (Sales)I use the default Database Apache Derby Embedded, ireport is the reportgenerator.

  • $67 USD Jul 15, 2013

    Need a custom report for Unicenta. Need something similar to transaction report, but it needs to show the items sold under each transaction/receipt and also payment method for each specific item.

  • £99 GBP Apr 24, 2013

    I have 2 machine running Open Bravo POS each machine runs independent databases and is synchronised with my existing web store database hosted remotely. The synchronisation is done via a pentaho transformation.I would like a close cash report that is split by department category similar to the image attached ( additional field would be needed in Openbravo from web store database in the transformation.The report would show the totals for each department.The departments shown would be the root category of the item.

  • $15 USD/hr Feb 12, 2013

    see the attachment

  • $700 USD Nov 11, 2012

    Hello ,I want an expert to build a powerful software Auto SEO link building Google friendly ( panda and penguin ) It is important that:1 - Super easy-to-use friendly Interface (such as Office 2010)2 - Super fast & MultiThreaded .3 - Strongly protected encrypted and can not be cracked easily 4 - Supports several languages 5- Support Addons ( from the users and us ) 6- Work ON windows ( and Mac if you can )7-I have the copyright and source code is mine .8- Support and fix any bugs for at lees one year FREELY .see attached for ditailes Thanks

  • $2500 USD Jul 30, 2012

    Hello,I would like to develop a full POS solution for a restaurant chain. We are located in Mexico City. We would like the system to be in javaFX do you recommend it? Have you done anything similar? What is the estimated price?

  • $2000 USD Jun 17, 2012

    hello . i see u expert in POS pass me ur chat id , i have yahoo/ icq , skype..its urgent i want to speck with you.good project.thnx

  • $120 USD Apr 17, 2012

    please read the attachment file

  • $100 USD Mar 4, 2012

    I need a java project completed. first come first server. If you know java please pm me. this shouldnt take long and i will provide the details in a PM.

  • $100 USD Jan 15, 2012

    The task is to write a simple java navigation application.NO FRAUD AND NO SCAMMERS PLEASE

  • £500 GBP Mar 15, 2011

    Restoration of websiteI have a website developed in ASP, currently backed up within a zip file. I need this website to be restored onto a MS server using SQL server 2008 version. The website needs to be restored to a newly registered domain name, and all customer data stripped out. There is a link on the workflow of the site, which the customer has access to, this link currently leads to another page within the system but it needs to be replaced with just a PDF document. I will give you more details on this as we progress, but it’s a straightforward task. I also need to add some additional fields in the customer registration process to feed into my CRM system. The payment gateway functions are to be removed and replaced with PayPal function without any interruption to the service.Reformatting of the static pagesI also need to reduce the number of pages from 12 to 4. These remaining pages have been rewritten and need to be reformatted to give the site a new ambience. The pages are to be three colours with text in black on white. The Home page will have links to a customer registration function, an applicant log in function, and a sign up function to register for more information, which will in turn feed through to a Mail Chimp template. I will provide page detail once the site is restored to a server. I am aware you will have many questions on this requirement, please ask anything to make the requirement as clear as possible.

  • $400 USD Feb 22, 2011

    The project is a module that make stats of data on moodle. The reports should be:- Student vs Teacher: I should select Course and Forums of this course, and next show a report with number of participations of Student vs Teacher.- Individual Report by Course: I should select Student and Course, and show a report with all participations on forum, activities and access to plataform (time and ip direction).- Group Report by Course: I should select a Couse and the aplication show a report with list of all students and number of participations on forum, activities and quisses.

  • $1000 USD Feb 22, 2011

    Hi Folks,I am looking for a ready-made Hospital Information System. This system should have following modules.1. IP and OP billing2. Pharmacy3. Blood Bank4. House Keeping5. HR6. Finance7. OT8. Radiology9. Administration10. Emergency.11. MIS12. Store/Stock13. F & B14. Laundry15. CSSP16. Cathlab17.Nursing Station.We are ready to buy the copyrights and complete script. Technology - No matters.Regards,Wits

  • $200 USD Dec 25, 2010

    Project details in .doc file

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    pixarsolution does not have any work in progress.
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Software Development

Feb 2002 - Present (12 years)


o I have around 10 years of experience in Information Technology having expertise in Software Development, core banking implementation, Project management, Requirement analysis, creating artifacts, Software automation Testing, Quality Assurance, resource planning and coordination between IT and Business. Also well versed in analysis, design and development of complex desktop and web based applications using J2EE and Microsoft technologies having proven ability to manage large scale projects.<br /><br />o Developmen


Masters in Computer Sceince

Karachi Pakistan



Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology



Java Certification

Sun Certified java Programmer

Passed Java Certification

Openbravo/Unicenta Community Award

Openbravo World Conference

Best developer. An individual with outstanding contributions in the area of software development. For developing several features for Openbravo POS and integrating Mercury Payment gateway, New Reports and Receipts, New Forms, Shared tickets.


Software Quality Matrices


Measure how we can check software quality as per provided customer requirements.