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My projects:

  • $75.00 NZD
    Profile image for Seller Tepukehighschool


    May 29, 2014

    Great service. Would use him again.

    Project Description:I need a designer to make 2 banner for our website I am attaching the files for them. I need the original files (designer files) so later in the future I can modify it myself. Please read the word file I am attaching...
  • $55.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller JonasN


    May 13, 2014

    Very fast good work and good communication! Recommended freelancer.

    Project Description:We have a banner designed. But we need to animate it. The animation is two fading text blocks. And also adding a bloom lighting effect. (See example of bloom effect:
  • $126.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller freelanderau


    Mar 20, 2014

    Good work, on time and in budget

    Project Description:Brief -------- We are after a flash expert to create a simple banner animation with an airport style ticker that's 8 seconds long. Detailed ------------- * The Animation is a single scene flash animation to be exported as a MOV file...
  • €90.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller zstarprojects


    Dec 7, 2013

    Real great freelancer. Done meanwhile some jobs for me. Allways perfect and fast. Very ambitious and he do great coding. Will hire him definitely again and can highly recommend him.

    Project Description:Change the start behavior as talked about it.
  • €789.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller zstarprojects


    Nov 4, 2013

    This was the second project with pixelismdotcn and he has done again an excellent job! Great knowledgeable programmer! Will hire him again.

    Project Description:Flash Builder 4.6 mobil – Login-system for Android I need a login-system done in FB 4.6/Actionscript for Android (FB 4.6 mobil project). Please take time to read the full requirements and descriptions...
  • $64.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller vw2000411vw


    Oct 16, 2013

    Excellent job - was very fast and provided exactly what I needed.

    Project Description:We have a web site that we need animated text banners. The web site is We have been able to create some sample banners for the client using a free flash banner generation software, but they are not giving the client what they want...
  • $60.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jvilovic


    Oct 7, 2013

    Nice banner, will hire again!

    Project Description:banner creation for adsense
  • $54.13 USD
    Profile image for Seller bigb00


    Oct 2, 2013

    Reliable and delivered before schedule. Will definitely hire again

    Project Description:Hello,\r\n\r\nI want a flash animation that is similar to how a youtube video plays i.e I am going to send you a picture which you will use as the background of the animation and then above the picture...
  • $450.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller lchian


    Aug 24, 2013

    Thanks, I appreciate all your work.

    Project Description:I am needing someone who can trace some drawings of animals in Flash and then animate them. This project has to have several screens so a button for "start", "next", and "repeat" should also be included through Actionscript...
  • $380.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller brookn


    Jun 19, 2013

    Exceptionally happy with quality and speed of work. Will most definitely use again! Thanks very much.

    Project Description:Hello. I'm after the best person to build 2 flash banner ads. Sizes are: 300 x 250, and 728 x 90 I also require 1 GIF - 320 x 50. Designs and storyboard have already been done. I just need someone to implement...
    pixelismdotcn has not completed any projects.
  • $84 USD In Progress

    Something similar to An almost clone of just the homepage of Instead of "Sexy Video Chat" it should say "Sexy Video Channel." It should be done in the same purple and black color.Need just the part that starts with the line "Live Webcams, Home Movies, Live Video Chat..." and ends with the flashing "Free Access - Join Today!." No other graphics necessary.Substitution of the pictures of the models will be provided.Thank you.

  • $50 AUD In Progress

    I need somebody to create a photo slideshow for my website that I am creating on Dreamweaver. I have no experience with coding, so you will have to do the majority of the work.It does not have to be unique, if you have an old one lying around, I can use that.It can be created with flash (as3) or html, whatever you want.I would like something that looks like this: this: need it to be easily adjustable, so I can update the pictures and the titles in it."I"ve made something, but it looks terrible.Finally, here are the dimensions that I require it to be: 1000 x 400px or 1000 x 300pxThanks

  • $150 USD In Progress

    HI All,we want to update the main banner on the Ithaka Home Page . I have attached Microsoft One Note file which gives full details. Please note this is to be put onto Wordpress website so Im hoping we just upload the file in the same why I currently upload the picture?We want a moving graphic produced....showing 4 seperated jigsaw pieces that then come together. This needs to look very professional and smooth.We also need 5 graphics producing for uploading onto the other pages..these graphics are all pretty much the same...just showing the 4 jigsaw pieces together....but with one of the pieces larger than the others.Please view the Microsoft One Note file for details. Im looking for a professional who has experience in this...please provide examples of moving images produced for other customers. Budget is ideally $50 - $150Thank You

  • $120 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $110 USD In Progress

    Need a splash page done in flash for a model. Pics will be provided.Need someone can do something SEXY.Something like or or is NOT an entire design. This is ONLY a splash page, where the visitor will then click to enter the main site.

  • €800 EUR In Progress

    Hi,We are looking for someone who can do a webpage for us.This page will be on an existing website and is part of a politician"s social media campaign for the upcoming elections.The flow is as next: a user gets directed to the website from a paper campaignflyer he/she will receive by mail.On the campaignflyer are the instructions "fill in your name first -then hold the campaignflyer for your webcam - hold your thumb for it - take a picture of you "liking" the politician - share it on your FB page"The picture will also be added to the list of existing pictures on the website itself.I added a very rough mocup "screenshot" that contains all the functionalities.To sum them up- "enter your name" field- webcam videostream field- "take a picture" button- "share on facebook" button- list of pictures that were allready taken I will now describe each functionality in detail**"enter your name""your name" will be superimposed over the video-feed together with the text "likes Valerie"**webcam fieldholds the video-feed and superimposed "your name likes Valerie"**"take a picture" buttoncounts from 3 to zero and then takes a picture .. after the picture is taken there should be an "OK / Retry" before continuing**share on facebook (optional)share the picture together with some pre-defined lines of text on the users facebook page **list of pictures on the webpage itself (non optional)(A thumbnail version of) the picture will be added to a (thumbnail) list of pictures - when clicked upon we get to see the full size image.this list should have a scroll option on top and bottom.As for the design we think the mocup is a good starting point - the overall design of the website is very basic so we won"t bother going in to much design-detail either.We are open for creative input from your end on the thumbnail picture list - the main idea is for a user to be able to see what others did and for the politcian to show how popular she is.As this is a local politician and they are restricted in the amount of money they can spend on election this is not a mega-budget job.We should be able to go online in the first week of september.Please sent us some links to references you think can help convince us you are the one we need to work with - only direct links to references will be considered !!!If you have any questions I will gladly answer them for regards,David

  • $20 USD In Progress

    I need someone who can write Flash and can embed a countdown timer on a sales page for me. I already have the script uploaded I just need to timer to be embedded and activated.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $100 USD In Progress

    Hey there,I have a portfolio flash script (one main swf with xml, and corresponding module swf files with each their own xml) that I want to reuse multiple times for multiple people. Basically, I want to conserve space on my server. There is no point in copying the swf in my opinion since the only thing that needs to be created is the xml file. You will see when you see the script.I am going to be doing some programming so I want to reference one file location for all of these swf files (the main swf and the modules that go with it) without having to create any or move or anything.Whoever bids on this project must be experienced in flash, be very organized, etc. The script is written in ActionScript 2.0. Please provide proof that you have worked with flash.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Hello all!I have what I would assume to be two small issues with a flash template. My sister in law has purchased a template for her photography business and volunteered me to help her with it. I work in photoshop and NOT flash, so this has been difficult for me. I believe I have nearly everything working properly in the .swf but the browser will not display the flash content. Check out to see what I mean. The index.html (with the .swf in it) works perfectly when I preview it in several browsers from dreamweaver and the .swf works fine when I test the movie in flash. Anyway, I don"t have time to mess with it and I would appreciate the help of a professional. The second issue is with the gallery. Each category originally had only 10 images. when I added more to one particular group, they link to the first 10. Must be in the actionscript. Anyway, if you have any questions or would like me to provide more information, please let me know. Thanks so much in advance!!

  • $111 USD 7 days ago

    Hello,I am looking a 2d animator for a small animated movie i want to create (30 sec max). Concept is exactly the same like in picture i attached, even main character can be same. Animation does not need to be super smooth, i am more after silly stuff. The more silly you can make it the better.Idea:There will only be 1 scene/background ( perspective wont change)Main character upper body needs minimal animation ( mainly face and hand animation)Best example would be oneyNG cartoons ( the silliness in them)That cartoon is for my younger brother upcoming birthday ( he has a massive beard which he plans to shave soon, just want to show him what happens when he does) So it does not need to be perfect.PS: I am 3D artist myself so please don"t offer any 3D submissions. And please only people who have some 2D work to show me. Type "pancake" at the end of your submission to make sure that you actually read all that boring crap i wrote:Pthanks

  • €555 EUR 8 days ago

    Design and develop an individual flipping book catalog!

  • $555 USD 8 days ago

    Hello, I need an animator to help with a gaming project. If you are expert or did some similar project before, please tell me your skill set and No portfolio will be ignored. Portfolio could include not only animation but also : character design, drawing, flash, 2D/3D works, modeling etcRegarding to the money, we need to talk based on how many works you will have and how good you are.

  • $1263 USD 26 days ago

    We are looking for a front end guru who can a create horizontal timeline for us to show data representing events of varying durations, each of which has rich metadata. Some of the effects that the timeline will have include:1. Zoom-in and Zoom-out effect 2. Moving of timeline in both directions3. Showing the metadata of an event within popups, similar to what facebook does when hovering over people4.Toggle on-off the data using check box and dropdown.Some examples of the effects that we are looking for :a. you think you are a good fit, please respond back with your portfolio and approach to do the work. Some one who has already done similar work is preferred.Further requirements would be provided to the shortlisted freelancers

  • $168 USD Jun 28, 2014

    Need to make some modifications to a flash (AS3) project that uses php and mysql db.Documentation from the original developer is available and I will walk you through exactly what I need done.Very simple modifications and we can discuss all before agreeing on a price.Need this done ASAP. Deadline is 2 days.

  • $1052 USD Jun 28, 2014

    we would like to have an animated recreation of a one minute move scene. We"d like the characters and imagery to look as lifelike as possible

  • $526 USD May 18, 2014

    I have an old flash game written in Actionscript and using old flash timeline methods and need it updated to Actionscript 3.0. OOP (mobile / tablet App friendly).You"ll need to add comments throughout the code to explain what does what.We"ll have to get it working on a tablet and mobile if possible.I"ll need to be able to test it and work through any problems with you as the controls might have to be different. Or adapt it so it does work.There will be more App actionscript 3.0 work for the right person.Please bid if you have experience in mobile / tablet App coding projects or are keen to learn.There isn"t a big rush on this project so am willing to be patient for the right person.

  • €90 EUR Dec 9, 2013

    Project like sended and discussed descriptions.

  • €189 EUR Oct 9, 2013

    I need to send an email that looks nice both with and without Internet connection. It should open with a slideshow with music, full screen, as far as this is possible in the receiver environment.(I assume the slideshow will come from the web).I think there will be a website (url) connected to the email.The fixed price is for preparing something I can finish of myself.(If this is not practical with your solution, you will have to explain it)It should be as good solution good solution for typical receivers, especially on the desktops.Your applicationHas to contain proposal for technologies. I need to be able to trust you that this is the best solution, if there are alternative good solutions, you will have to mention it.

  • $694 AUD Sep 3, 2013

    I have pre-made an iOS application and would like the wireframes done for my supporting smart phone capable website.I can supply all relevant artwork from the app to make it similar to the design I"m wanting to do. Or you can get ideas and create your own masterpiece. From what I anticipate the artwork should lead you in the right direction and not be too difficult. However I have understood that it may be complex and will need someone with a mind for working out a better process or at least give me some ideas.It will need to be something very eye catching, really easy to use and compatible to all smartphones. I can give demo"s of competitor websites if that helps.I"m currently mind mapping out the process and will have that done by Monday. And then will be able to load up the work.This job is not a one off. If I feel you are the correct person, I will hire you for more work throughout the process of the business through a negotiated hourly wage. Bonuses are also paid when exceptional work is carried out.Only bid if you have done an USA English course and have passed over 80%Only bid if you feel comfortable working within the adult industry.Only bid if you can make this a priority and have it done in less than a week. If you take longer I will leave negative reviews, void payment and hire someone else. (Exceptions will be made if I am the one who is making you wait).Milestones will be loaded as I see fit and only released once I am happy with the work you are sending meDon"t break communicationThese are my terms.I will require your portfolio of artwork before any decision is made. Please do not rush my decision. You may contact me with questions.Please bid as you see fit.

  • $84 USD Aug 28, 2013

    hii need small flash app that show a popup when u press on a door see this example to understand me flash in the pageI want it dynamic, this meaning that i can add/ remove another doors dynmically from xml filebudget to 80$Thanks

  • $80 USD Aug 17, 2013

    Create ad banners according to our many products that have interesting text and images to inspire consumer click-throughs.nMust have good understanding of the USA American Consumer, Use of Colors, Images, Photos, and Verbiage which will convert highly across major display ad banner networks.nnMust have previous experience with designing popular ad campaigns and banners for them.nMust also be a very good copywriter. Otherwise, please DO NOT APPLY.nnDO NOT SEND COOKIE-CUTTER COPY AND PASTE RESPONSES!nSpeak to us about what you can do for us only. Be specific.nShow link to portfolio online. No file downloads.nnThe designer selected will have ongoing work for the next six (6) months, at least, and will earn lots of money!

  • $263 AUD Aug 1, 2013

    Photobooth flash app customization. The html is already built, just some changes to the script files are required.Tasks:1. Add a fullscreen option in the UI, keeping the "shoot", "upload" and "cancel" buttons as part of the fullscreen experience too.2. Flip the webcam horizontally to create a mirror like effect. At this point it is the other way around.3. Fix the webcam dimension settings. At this point the screen is a bit skewed.4. Add a watermark functionality (allows the admin to select a png/gif image to be placed on top of every shot taken)5. In the fancy box UI, add a delete functionality that deletes the photo off the server.Thank you and regards,Tommy

  • $98 USD Jul 29, 2013

    Script for a web site in As3 xml needs to be optimized.There is an issue on swf photo galleries being called into the main fla file that may need to be resolved.

  • $1052 USD Jun 27, 2013

    1. Website Logo Design2. 10-15 template design in photoshop (including 2 design concept directions, chosen direction designed to client satisfaction)3. html coding for the design4. Financial trading site design experiences are preferred. Please attach your previous design samples as reference.

  • $15 AUD/hr Jun 8, 2013

    I"d like to find a designer that can do ongoing design work for me. (predominantly static banners and upload them to a wordpress site).Bonus if you can do flash and some basic html. Also if you"ve ever used Mailchimp.Ongoing work for the right candidate.

  • [Sealed] Jun 4, 2013

    Hi, I need 3 video in flash.the 3 videos are 45s lenght maximum, they all take places at the same places, with the same character, only some details will change between the videos.I will provide you with the script.the video takes place in an appartement, the outlines of the characters will be differents from one video to an other, as the outline will be thinner and thinnerthe video is in black and white.I"m attaching some example of the background, and of the style so you can see how it should be drawnI need the animation to be fluid, that"s why i need it made in flashyou are bidding for the 3 videos

  • $90 USD May 27, 2013

    Dear,My name is James Stuart and I am the Managing Director for Systemize, UAE. I am looking for a Flash-banner developer for a project I have been entrusted by a Swedish firm called (FlexiDrive is Scandinavia"s first peer to peer car rental service enabling people to rent cars from each other).See attached file with project description. Also attached is a current banner flexidrive is using for inspiration of the design quality. The new banner project will, though, focus on a Play-button linking to their movie on their starting page forward hearing from you.Regards,James Stuart

  • $684 USD May 15, 2013

    To programm an online tiles configurator where you can choose on a layer different patterns and colours. Each pattern and border can have up to 5 different colours. So that somebody can design its own tile floor in individual patterns and colours. Maximum 60 different patterns, plus 24 different single colour tiles, plus 42 different borders and corners (numbers are roughly, could be a few less). All to mix and match. Also it should calculate the needed sqm of tiles if you type in the size of the floor and it should be possible to email the layout and send an email request with contact details. No registration needed for people who want to use it. Should be available within 1 months and be used on a normal html website, no php. Maybe as flash player?

  • $1575 USD Apr 19, 2013

    I have all the files from my previous flash programmer who started, but was not able to complete this project.This video explains everything I am looking for. respond if you can commit to finishing this project in 1 months time. The unfinished application is online at (This is on my server finally, so you can tweak it from here. The video references it being on another server, but that is no longer the case)Please note this application is built on Flex 4.5 on Cairngorm framework.

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