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  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ibarena


    12 days ago

    I have not been able to review the deliverable yet as I am extremely tied up with other stuff but big thanks to your patience and helping me understand the code in the first instance. Thank you!

    Project Description:I need a basic hardware inventory stock check application to be created in with Access as a database. I am open to technology (no opensource) but database has to be access. So there are numerous...
  • $24.91 USD
    Profile image for Seller cracyez13


    May 5, 2014

    Great Job once again

    Project Description:Excel program and data entry Advance
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller csssyst


    May 2, 2014

    Excellent response, will be working with again.

    Project Description:Hello, we want to develop macros to import pdf file into excel. Will give you more information after selection.
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller milo2000


    Apr 23, 2014

    Good job, very satisfied.

    Project Description:I need a POS, Point of Sale, program created in C # using Microsoft Visual Studios. This program has to use the Microsoft Access database. It is for a small local deli. Only one computer will use it...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller cracyez13


    Apr 18, 2014

    Great job, will hire again

    Project Description:I need a freelancer to create a web query VBA in excel for three different websites which will extract specific fields such as product information, image, size description etc. as well as map, debug, and be programmed to automatically move to the next page...
  • $140.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sskicker23


    Feb 10, 2014

    A great job with great communication. The initial file needed a couple of tweeks. The file was quickly updated with no problems. Just as expected. Will work with this freelancer again!

    Project Description:App to create webpage displaying ads and adcode
  • $215.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller APTOS


    Jan 15, 2014

    Good project, second time I hire him. Coudn't be better.

    Project Description:As described.
  • $35.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller patrykperkowski


    Dec 10, 2013

    great programmer! fast, concise, and efficient! would recommend for others and would hire again!

    Project Description:I have a zip file of Java program that someone on this site wrote that takes in a text file and produces a textfile like this: 10/30/12 WWizards 84 .365 Gini = 0.2242096279071064 ; CCavaliers 94 .456...
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller APTOS


    Nov 28, 2013

    He did an amazin job. In time and very accuratly. Gave me a good solution. I am very happy with his work and will contact for new projects.

    Project Description:Hello, freelancers! I have three XLS files, and need to transform it to XML files. XLS files are very similar, but not totaly identical, when switching from one to another, it will need some small changes in code...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sumavasireddy


    Nov 25, 2013

    His work is awesome and I got the project done on time with quality.

    Project Description:Need a simple project with 2 or 3 webforms. But the data should be managed by db4o. Need to submit the yap file and show the changes done to it on data insertion.
    pkcyber has not completed any projects.
  • $500 AUD In Progress

    Hey there,We are looking to build a program that can push reports to a big screen in our office. Reports are on sales / number of orders etc. and include targets.The main data will come from our accounting software which will be exported via csv/JSON/XML evry 5 minutes or so so the dat is "LIVE"Some of the other data such as daily targets etc. will need to be put into excel and we want it to display as shown in the attached pdf.The end result is that we have a 40inch screen showing live data of the attached reports and holding on each report for 30 seconds and then moving to the next one.Any questions please let me know.

  • $200 USD 4 days ago

    All custom specifications will be sent after awarded project, thanks

  • £28 GBP 17 days ago

    Hi I have a simple application that I would like built. The idea is it would take a excel file and substitute the text in order to make the content more unique. I have written a spec and attached. I imagine this needs to be a windows programme since it might be resource intensive (well reasonable). Please give me examples of previous project done. I don"t have a big budget for this, it"s a luxury rather than a necessity. thanks Ed

  • $150 USD 17 days ago

    Looking for a developer that can create an inventory software application that can handle typical inventory features PLUS:1. Multiple COST of GOODS (per specified buyer)2. Individual item QTY rollup to product qty options (reporting,sales)Preferred MS SQL Server with VB/VBA front end Attachment contains tables, forms, reportsQuote based on these with probable enhancements to scope later.Design similar to InFlow inventory

  • £100 GBP 22 days ago

    I require a simple interface for the management of data and the print of labels for participant passes at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. i would like a single terminal where the user can enter three data fields (Name; Show Title; Company) to generate a label for the pass. Ideally one person could enter multiples in a company without retyping the info so the option to enter a number of labels with shared data would be helpful. i would like the data form to clear once print has been clicked but for the data to store to an excel/access for our records. The interface will be loaded onto a PC terminal and should run in standard windows systems (access, excel, etc). I would also appreciate some advice on the purchase of a label printer that will produce labels (simple sticky ones!) quickly with the click of a button. The key priority is speed of production so the participant would print a label which is then stuck to the back of the pre-printed participant pass to go into the lanyard holder. This is required by 18/07/2014

  • $100 USD 22 days ago

    I currently have a program that can upload .rtf and excel documents and generate emails and/or letters.I need to use this technology to upload excel reports into the new module. The new module will allow me to manually enter data into preset columns that will generate pre-formed emails and letters that show the fields that were selected in the excel report.These emails and letters can be emailed and/or printed when all entries have been made.This is confusing, so please see the attached conceptualized files that illustrate my objective.I am attaching a mock-up of the existing excel program and the proposed one. THIS IS VERY MUCH A WORK IN PROGRESS AND WILL REQUIRE REVISION AND CUSTOMIZATION. Please carefully review the attached documents, understand the objectives of the project. While there are "moving parts," I believe that this is a fairly straight forward project.Thank you.

  • $1444 USD 23 days ago

    I am looking for a professional coder to create a customised e-commerce website from scratch....please prove to me you are a professional by showing me your previous big coding jobs you completed.

  • $100 USD Jun 21, 2014

    Hello,I need to compile an excel document by pulling some data from another website I don"t have access to. Meaning I need someone to use a program to scrape the data from a website and then compile the data I need into an excel document spreadsheet so I can use for my database administration panel for my website. The website is a funeral home website and I basically need a program that can scrape all the funeral home listings in the United States on their website. I am needing the funeral home name, address, city, state, zip code, and phone number for each listing on their website. Website I need to scrape from you can see here and you will see all 50 states on this page. I am needing the entire database of listings into an excel file so I can use for my database.

  • £400 GBP Jun 8, 2014

    We are seeking a good developer (s) to develop a fast to use streamlined database application. This is to assist in the good purchased process within our IT Company that currently makes use of a single spreadsheet. Each purchase we make of goods is entered into a spreadsheet.That data later gets imported into our accounting application Sage.So the fact it’s just currently one spreadsheet that we are turning into a database, should make it a straight forward project for anyone with relevant skills. The database may grow on to include many other features that support our internal business process and in some regards, this project is a test project for us to develop a relationship with developer(s).Initially we had strong ideas about the development / coding platform that should be used, even considering Access at one time because of the UI speed it can give (As we are from a coding background), but now we are open to anything that can give, good interface performance, is scalable (we have big ambitions) and is able to developed and well documented The attached document outlines the project in greater detail.

  • [Sealed] Jun 5, 2014

    we need a simple database / software for storing personnel records, all tables must be in arabic, unique id number with barcode generator, with very simple option.more details to be disclosed with selected freelancers.*Bids without proposal will be ignored

  • $200 USD May 9, 2014

    As specified on Skype.

  • $100 USD Apr 28, 2014

    Microsoft Access Database RequiredGood day,I am currently managing a number of contact lists for different clients. The lists are provided to me in Excel and Csv files, but now they are too difficult to manage.I would like to use an Access database that allows me to import the information from the csv files. The database will need the following tables: * Blacklist * Contacts * Customers * Cleaned * Lists * CampaignsHere are the fields that need to be contained in each table:Customers table: * CustomerID (Primary Key) * First Name * Last Name * Customer Email * Phone number * Total Lists (count of List Name assigned to customer) * Total Contacts (count of all records in all lists attributed to customer) * Total Bounced (count of all bounced emails attributed to customerContacts Table * CustomerID: * Campaign Name: * Date Added (today): * Email: * Brand: * Full Name * First Name: * Last Name: * Birth Date: * Address 1: * Address 2: * City: * State: * Country: * Postal Code: * Mobile: * Phone: * Language * Username: * Password: * Balance: * Status: * Language * CurrrencyIf I click on the CustomerID, I would like to see all of the lists belonging to that customer along with the relevant informationBlacklistSince we do email marketing, we need to maintain a blacklist of customers with bad email addresses. We export this blacklist about once per week. There will only be a few fields in this table: * Email * Status * Bounce Code * Bounce Type * Original CustomerIf an email address is added in the Blacklist table, the Status of that email needs to be updated to Bounced in the Contacts Table. This is so that if an email address is uploaded that has previously bounced, we do not send an email to that user when they are added a second time.Furthermore, in the Original Customer field we need to know the first customer that this record was associated with.CleanedThis will work the same as the Blacklist table, but the Status of a contact should be set to Cleaned instead of Bounced. This is a less sever form of blacklisting and we need to be able to differentiate between the two.ListsWhenever we upload a list, it will have a name assigned to it. This is important so that we can see how many different lists are assigned to a particular client, and it will also help as a search Parameter. For example, if we upload the lists Apple March 2014 and Apple April 2014 to the customer named Apple, I need to see a list count of 2 (along with the record count and blacklist count).Customer ID (should be determine based on email record) Count of Email Addresses Date AddedBounced EmailsBounce Rate (this is calculated by taking the number of bounced email addresses in the lat - found in the Bounced and Cleaned tables - and dividing this by the total number of contacts on the liste.g.CustomerID: 1Count of Email addresses: 100,000Date Added: 25 April 2014Bounced Emails: 10,000Bounced Rate: 10%Export:The point of this is so that I can contain but also export the data as I need it. If I need to export a set of data from the database, it should exclude any records contained in the blacklist and use filters to make the output as targeted as needed.E.g. Output all Swedish language customers in the US

  • $246 USD Apr 15, 2014

    I have a previous website that I am looking to update and rehost.The website is very simple as it is for a local business, a veterinary hospital. I would like to merge the format I have with a similar layout to this template: would like to suggestions for a host with a good WYSIWYG editor to allow staff to update pages and profiles.Also, the page needs to be seo optimized for local searches for veterinarians or animal hospitals. The site needs to be on the first page for the searches that include the 4 surrounding cities + vet/ animal hospital.Website needs to be live within a week. Link to current site:

  • $200 USD Apr 13, 2014

    I would like a sports betting tracker that is as automated as possible. It should track spread, o/u, ML, home team away team how much money won or lost, totals for the day, month, year to date. I should be able to apply this to each major sport and also be able to compare this to each other, track total wins losses all sports combined,

  • $87 USD Apr 6, 2014

    Need to create a welcome page to connect my 4 websites. with News, Contact and Social Media Integration.

  • £1888 GBP Mar 31, 2014

    +- 20 pages websitesmailboxchatcalendar requestsDatabaseFront end and back endAds

  • $100 USD Mar 24, 2014

    Hello,I receive an email twice per week from a supplier which always comes in the same format, with the same subject and email text. There is always an attachment to the email, which comes in xls format. The attachment is a price list, and there is only one worksheet.I would like you to create a system whereby the spreadsheet is automatically taken from the email attachment and uploaded to an FTP location under a single file name. This should happen every time the email is received. I would also like the single worksheet on the workbook to be renamed each time the process occurs.The process should check for emails on a regular basis and upload to the FTP automatically, with no manual input required.Thanks,Dan

  • $50 USD Mar 6, 2014

    Copying a site. Just copy.Without the database.My budget is limited, I can only pay $ 30. to copy all the pages.If you can do it with $ 30. Please enter your bid.If you can give me the psd file. I will add the fee up to $ 50.

  • $444 USD Feb 28, 2014

    Hello,Im looking for a professional website developer + designer.Im saving you most of the work since I already have an idea and links of reference to something similar I"m looking for !Im willing to pay max 400$, lower prices will be taken more into consideration.Previous work examples are required!Kind RegardsRalph Saddi

  • $138 USD Feb 27, 2014

    Seeking an affordable, flexible Wordpress web designer for designing a cutting edge website for an established art restoration business in Los Angeles, CA. Will need to assemble data, images, videos and text for website and preferably be available on an ongoing basis for updates. Also would like to create custom brochures and business cards from a template of the same design as the website.

  • $284 USD Feb 25, 2014

    We want to make a web site. We have a similar web site just need to make some minor changes, only professionals, no advance payment. Dont bid over budget it will be ignored.

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Feb 2004 - Jan 2007 (2 years)

Enjoyed working there.


Bsc Computer Science

University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore



Microsoft Certified


I am a certifed professional in by Microsoft.




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