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  • $92.40 USD
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    Oct 17, 2013

    Great Freelancer!

    Project Description:In need of a script that filters a source code and returns filtered values. For example: return only the unique value of what ever comes after "viewer":, for example: 100005208761820 Will need to feed the script links to the html page and it will export the filtered results...
  • $350.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kalopch


    Sep 22, 2013

    Great job. Like always very professional, excellent communication and work.

    Project Description:develop an android application that will be useful for world cup 2014, it could be a game or informational.
  • €220.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller superclansgmxde


    Sep 5, 2013

    As usual: Extraordinaire work! Like it a lot and will hire again!

    Project Description:Make an application for Android Market! This project is exclusively for procoder898 The reward is fixed and set to 100€
  • $22.00 USD
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    Sep 3, 2013

    Thank you so much for the quick turn around!

    Project Description:N/A
  • $150.00 USD
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    Aug 22, 2013

    Great job. Very dedicatied, hard working, detailed, creative.

    Project Description:Old flash game my son developed for basic arithmetic, needs to be upgraded for android implementation.
  • $157.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jvirt


    Aug 15, 2013

    Thanks! Let's keep in touch for possible future work.

    Project Description:I need a simple demo app that implements ZOOM and PAN draw for Android 2.0 , basically it should work on everything with Api 5 and higher... - should work with API 2.0 and above - lets you load an...
  • $65.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller reusgotze


    Aug 13, 2013

    Great programmer, highly recommended to anyone

    Project Description:already discussed about details of project
  • $22.00 USD
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    Aug 13, 2013

    Good developer!<br/>

    Project Description:I have ongoing work related to our previous project &#039;Enabling a simple android wrapper to play Youtube videos&#039;
  • [Sealed]
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    Jul 31, 2013

    Always proactive, creative, great communicators and great technical ability.

    Project Description:Rewrite a python written interactive game for use in Android. Program is very simple, no graphics. Would have to work some on small database.
  • $90.00 USD
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    Jul 28, 2013

    Highly Recommended

    Project Description:please check messages
    SotaTek has not completed any projects.
  • $90 USD In Progress

    Design a program to collect information LinkedIn users by search [ like CEO from toronto and the GTA ].Program output is a CSV file with person per line information. For each person:1.) First name2.) Last name3.) Email 4.) Profile URL6.) Person location ( &ldquo;Cologne Area, Germany &ldquo;,etc)8.) Current company9.) Current position/title

  • $200 USD In Progress

    polygon detection

  • $60 USD In Progress

    I am looking for someone to build a program/code/script that would send new posts from a single thread on this forum to me via RSS. For e.g. I want every new post from this thread send to me via RSS program/code/script needs to check the thread every minute and as soon as it detects a new post it will have to be sent via RSS. The program/code/script code needs to be robust enough that I can add other threads too as well as I should be able to tell the script at what duration does it need to check for an update. for e.g.Check thread A every 3 minutesCheck thread B every 5 minutesCheck thread C every 2 minutesAll of these threads should show up as individual RSS in my google reader. The script should be able to run off of a regular Windows and Mac both.

  • $350 USD In Progress

    I am looking for a person who can make some crawlers that can go to 3 websites, which i shall tell you, and grab all the products from there and submit them to my magento&quot;s website database as products. The products on those 3 websites are in HTML format and there is no XML. So it is upto you how you grab that data from HTML and submit it to my website database. I want all the products in categories as they are on those websites. Also those web crawlers will run automatically after some time to check the stock. Please don&quot;t bid if you can&quot;t do this soon. My budget is less than $400, keep that in mind.

  • $200 AUD In Progress

    you are required to use a graph class to represent the maze. Then a path should be generated with the entrance and exit as endpoints. Your task is (1) to use a depth-first search to travel through the maze; and (2) to use Dijkstra&amp;acirc;€™s shortest distance and shortest path algorithms

  • $350 USD Apr 17, 2014

    I would like a site similar to that of but with some small additional features/functionality.

  • $200 USD Feb 18, 2014

    Hello, procoder898!My name is Mikhail.I&quot;ve found that you have already implemented such a class as PathGradientBrush in Java (project link - We&quot;d like to use this implementation in our Android project. Is it possible to view how your class implementation works? And where is it possible to do? If your implementation will satisfy our requirements, we would like to talk about buying this implementation, of cource, if it is possible?Any additional details I suggest to discuss using my email:

  • £30 GBP Jan 7, 2014

    Hello bro, hope you are good and happy New Year. I have been trying to contact you on Skype and on your email, but I haven&quot;t had any replies from you, so this is the last thing that I thought I could contact you on and hope for a reply. I have a new java project and wondered if you could help me. I would really appreciate this and I hope to hear from you soon. The detail of the projects has been attached on here, and also we can negotiate the price of the project too if you do accept this project.Kind regards.Amir

  • $20 USD/hr Nov 28, 2013

    I ve done the server but I need to answer the optional questions ( it is only 2 questions)Currently, the web server handles only one HTTP request at a time. Implement a multithreaded server that is capable of serving multiple requests simultaneously. Using threading, first create a main thread in which your modified server listens for clients at a fixed port. When it receives a TCP connection request from a client, it will set up the TCP connection through another port and services the client request in a separate thread. There will be a separate TCP connection in a separate thread for each request/response pair. 2. Instead of using a browser, write your own HTTP client to test your server. Your client will connect to the server using a TCP connection, send an HTTP request to the server, and display the server response as an output. You can assume that the HTTP request sent is a GET method. The client should take command line arguments specifying the server IP address or host name, the port at which the server is listening, and the path at which the requested object is stored at the server. The following is an input command format to run the client. server_host server_port filename

  • $20 USD/hr Nov 5, 2013

    can you provide me supervising support, when ever I have technical questions?- I am using OpenERP v7, to developing- I will invite you into my teamviewer - guide me as needed

  • $7894 HKD Sep 8, 2013

    I am looking to build an app that provides live information and statistics for EPL matches. I would like the developer to have interest in the English Premier League. So please tell me what team you support, who your favorite player is, and why. If you are an avid Fantasy Football player, this would also be very helpful.The app will only be pulling a twitter feed and pulling live statistics from other sources. I do not anticipate developing this app to take more than 100 Hours. Or approximately 12 days of work. I can pay 8,000 HKD.

  • $842 USD Aug 23, 2013

    I would like to enable users to upload pdf files from third-party sites to my site. I already have functional apps written for Android and iOS that accomplish this task and would like the same for Windows 7/8 PCs and other devices. I will make the source code available from Android and iOS builds to assist in conversion to a Windows application.The primary requirements are:1. The application must include a client-side component where users can enter login credentials and interact directly with the third-party sites.2. The server-side component should utilize PHP.3. Support for 6 third-party sites initially, with more likely to be added over time.

  • $160 USD Aug 14, 2013

    This is an easy project for someone who can convert NON-GUI DELPHI code to C++. The DELPHI code is about 3000 lines of code. I need someone that has skills to convert the code to C++.

  • $30 USD Jul 26, 2013

    The work consists of:- Debug an application for android already created by me with &quot;Cocos2d2.0&quot; - Signing the apk file- Upload the application on the google developer console using the credentials I&quot;ll get youIt&quot;s a simple work, I know, but I&quot;m not able to do.. :)Thanks

  • $249 USD Jul 18, 2013

    &quot;m planning to upload a small game for android market. Sent me some concept art for a game. A small game for mobilephone. 1:play as an mosquite 2:bite human and gain more blood 3:bite blood and successful escape means score 4:player lose every score once noticed and smashed. 5:Play time is between 20 to 30 seconds. 6 bite by tapping. 7:This is free and ad application,so you have to worry about advertising problem. 8:Language (English [if possible japanese] This is my idea If you have any questions,contact me. Extra 1 This game is for android phone 2 develop a small game application itself. 3:

  • $300 USD May 24, 2013

    Similiar to work you have done for me in the past.this time, there will be at least 2 ecommerce sites. $300 for each site.are you available for such work? the desired time frame is ~1 month.

  • $300 USD May 8, 2013

    It&quot;s a java project but using blueJ Software to write the code.

  • €100 EUR May 6, 2013

    Project:1 - Upload one or more files from the browser &ndash; could be a zip file with all the files to analyse or could be uploaded one by one.2 &ndash; The files uploaded (txt. files with 3 columns that correspond to X and Y coordinates and Z is depth &ndash; bathymetric data) should be interpolated and the images will appear on the same webpage.3 &ndash; The user should be able to draw a line (profile) that connect the two closest points of the inlet border (JavaScript, jQuery, etc.). 4 &ndash; Match the profile with the coordinates and respective depth (probably the most tricky part of this job). 5 &ndash; linear interpolation of the profile at each meter.6 &ndash; Exact location of Z=0 in each profile margin and determine the width.7 &ndash; Use those limits to calculate the area below Z=0 by trapezoidal integration method.8 &ndash; Locate along the profile the maximun depth as well as the XY coordinates and use those coordinates to calculate the linear distance between XY coordinates of maximun depth for consecutive files.9 &ndash; All the results should be presented on the web page an should be possible to downloaded

  • $175 USD May 3, 2013

    I hire you, and project&quot;s content we can discuss

  • $98 USD Apr 30, 2013

    We need software to simulate the UDP client server with some services. We need software to simulate the UDP client server with some services.

  • $30 USD Feb 14, 2013

    There is a big file around 80 Mb , there is a list with numbers that the parser shall search for and pick out those xml chains that match the numbers. then it should modify the number and return the final result to new file.

  • $119 USD Oct 22, 2012

    I need a programmer that has experience in Scraping websites. What i require is for someone to Scrap kijiji and other similar sites.Scrape city, subcategory, title, email, description,url, and phone numberExtract data from all categories listed on websiteStore extracted data to an excel/ CSV automatically

  • $50 USD Oct 6, 2012

    Hello I want you to help me on this project, please check attachment.Let me know if you can do it within 2 days :)Thanks.

  • $190 USD Sep 28, 2012

    Hi,I need a GUI to be implemented in Netbeans 7.2 IDE. This must implement a real time battery ( like in a cell phone).When ever the battery is about to drain, a popup message needs to be shown.

  • $49 USD Jul 5, 2012

    Solving the 8-Puzzle Problem with the A* Algorithm in C#&Solving the game Tic-Tac-Toe Problem with the min-max Algorithm in C#This is a student projectThe skills required to continue working for your exam

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Game Engineer

Apr 2011 - Present (3 years)

Punch Entertainment

I am the leading Android GE at Punch Entertainment Vietnam who developed several games such as Home Run Blast for Android, Mobile Battle, etc... I gained experience working in Unity framework which allows exporting game to multiple platforms.

Mitani Researcher

Sep 2009 - Apr 2010 (7 months)

Coltech joint project

Researching the protocol model checking for Java programs against their UML specification.<br />This is a science research project that was performed in the collaboration between University of Engineering and Technology and the Mitani Sangyo Co., LTD, Japan.<br />I constructed a handy tool that verifies the conformance between Java programs and UML Sequence diagram specification.<br />



Dai hoc Quoc Gia Hànôi



IBM Certified Solution Designer - Object Oriented Analysis and Design, vUML 2


The Solution Designer is an individual who provides services related to developing use case, software architecture, software analysis, and software design models using Unified Modeling Language Version 2 (UML 2). The Solution Developer is expected to be knowledgeable of the aspects of the software development lifecycle that relate to modeling. He or she is expected to be able to conceive and describe the static and the dynamic aspects of software systems, making use of all UML 2 diagram types.

Google Summer of Code


I participated in the GSoC '10 program and developed open source software with Google's sponsor for The Java Pathfinder Team. This team is lead by the Nasa Ames Research Center, but includes mentor from UIUC, NCSU, University of Texas, Brigham Young University and the universities of Stellenboshch SA, Tokyo JP and Prague CZ. More information about this project can be found at NASA

Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination

Japan IT Engineers Examination Center (JITEC)

The Fundamental IT Engineers Exam (FE) is one of the 14 exams given by the Japan IT Engineers Examination Center (JITEC) of the Information technology Promotions Agency (IPA) of the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI) of Japan. These exams are based on an established Information Technology Engineers Skill Standards (ITSS). The FE Exam is used to evaluate the knowledge and skills of an IT personnel (engineer) on the fundamentals of I.T. The Fundamental IT Engineers Exam (FE) requires the person to have the ability to develop a good program by making full use of techniques related to basic-level algorithm and data structure. The FE Exams also requires the person to be able to successfully carry out jobs such as program development, unit tests, and system integration tests.

Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP)

Sun Mcrosystems

The Java Standard Edition 6 Programmer Certified Professional Exam is for programmers experienced using the Java programming language. Achieving this certification provides clear evidence that a programmer understands the basic syntax and structure of the Java programming language and can create Java technology applications that run on server and desktop systems using Java SE 6


Verifying Implementation of UML Sequence Diagrams Using Java PathFinder


The introduction of combined fragments to UML 2.x sequence diagrams makes it much harder for programmers to check manually the correctness of an implementation, especially when the fragments are nested. We develop an extension for Symbolic Java Path Finder (SPF) to verify if a Java program correctly implements its sequence diagram specification. Our main contribution is an algorithm to follow SPF exploration both when it advances and when it backtracks to find execution paths that are not specified in the s

Cheking implementations of uml 2 sequence diagram

International Workshop on Advanced Computing and Applications

Model checking LTL Properties with Symbolic Execution for Java

Japan-Vietnam Workshop on Software Engineering 2010