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C Programmer - Python Developer - Embedded Software Developer

Username: puzzles

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Location: Ernakulam, India

Member since: June 2013



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  • $128 SGD
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    10 days ago

    Great work (Y)

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $100 USD
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    Feb 12, 2014

    A big thank you for all the help.. Highly recommended !! on time. . hard worker

    Project Description:Hello I need some help with a project. i have completed the hardware parts of the pic. Now i need to measure and display analogue signal (ADC). The second part is to measure and store analogue signal to EEPROM...
  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller SparksOfEco


    Jan 9, 2014

    Good work, thank you for help

    Project Description:Keil (xx51 series of uC) header files to handle GSM/GPRS modem GSM.h -> should handle all GSM related features of modem and also should do modem initialization and get all modem related information...
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller akunap2


    Dec 9, 2013

    He delivered all the work on time and the work was really good

    Project Description:Hi, I am looking for someone do design a product for me that moves a small object up and down when you touch a button. I will give you more details when I pick the person and also you should be willing...
  • $125 USD
    Profile image for Seller BELGHARRI


    Nov 19, 2013

    I am very pleased with his workit is serious and competent

    Project Description:the program will manage a atmel microntroleur or pic 18F a keypad an EEPROM 24LC512 the data will be stored in the EEPROM to be read later
    puzzles has not completed any projects.
  • $300 USD In Progress

    Phase 1 : Wrapping StationSelections from a) Potentiometer Buttons or b) a Touchscreen;( if potentiometer buttons are used than the selections must be seen from a LCD ) Selections are as follows ;a - rpmb - accelerationc - turn times ( selection from 3-4-5-6-7 times 360 degrees )d - deceleration After selections made;Scenario ; A start button is pushed by an operator and software runs ;A motor accelerates and turns for 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 ... times( whatever selected before ) in 4-6 seconds ( this is also selected before from the touchscreen ) ( here you can calculate the needed rpm ) and stops.This is counts as "1 cycle". There will be around 2000 cycles at 8 hours. Selection of Motor ;You must guide me to find the appropriate motorSo motor runs for 4-6 seconds, rests for 10 seconds, for 2000 cycles at 8 hours, and will run for days and days.Overheating, cooling fan, etc must be monitored by the software.Software Options :- Must be like open source, and be on Arduino , so that we add options in the future at other phases.- Must have options to adjust the rpm, acceleration, turn times of motor- Sensor for temperature of motor ( in case overheating )- Cooling fan speed- Software will be written for arduino so i can check at my arduino board myself.You will guide me successfully , so we will proceed to second phase hopefully,Phase 2 : Operator Based DatabaseDifferent users will use “Wrapping Station”. I think of giving rf-id " s to operators and before the work she will introduce herself to system.To compare and for statistics, our software will keeps data of cycles and operators and health of the motor.Datas like : - Operator 1 started at 08:00 am. logged out at 1725 cycles Operator 2 started at 08:11 am. logged out at 2000 cycles - A logger for the health of the motor chosen at Phase1 ( how many hour worked, how the heat deviated, is cooling fan running properly etc )- The Wrapping station will send these data to a central laptop via wi-fi and a database will be kept at this laptop.Phase 3 : Transition from Arduino to Pcb and Power SupplyAfter the success of Phase 1 and 2 , A unique Pcb will be madeIf not achieved at Phase1 or Phase2 "Touchscreen" will be applied.At Phase3 also we will solve these :Incase of electrical shortages, a ) Data stored on Arduino not to get lost , a battery to keep the software aliveb ) A battery will implemented to system to continue wrapping ( software upgrades if necessary ) Since no big torque needed , for shortages like 1-2 hours reserve battery will be sufficient.So thats it.Hope this will help.

  • $130 USD In Progress

    HiIm looking for someone that writes arduino codes.i need to build a code for a project i have.

  • €5 EUR/hr In Progress

    Hello,I bought this project: I wasn"t able to get it working on arduino. Is about controlling the speed of AC motors.This circuit is supposed to give 3 speeds to the motor but I need like 10.The idea is that Arduino outputs 4 pin tho the circuit to change the speed of the circuit giving outputs through that 4 pin.I already have the PCB, schemas, PIC code, everything. I would send everything.

  • $90 USD In Progress

    I need some code written in Arduino for the Midi note player, for basic functions like volume control and such. I need someone who"s an expert in Arduino and also familiar with proteus design suite. if you are not, please don"t bother bidding. i"ll discuss with the freelancers with the best reviews and good proposals only,to provide more info and agree on the price.After which the freelancer i feel can do the job best will be awarded the project.

  • $200 USD In Progress

    car robot control by arduino and you can control of it by ps2 and xbee wireless i will learn you ardunio and how to make robot and you will apply any thing you can do

  • ₹1250 INR In Progress

    09844158871pls call back to my number, i can get u all the details within stimulated time.........................................

  • $150 USD In Progress

    Hi i have a very simple and quick project, i have a pic24 based device with a 25lc256 (256 bit eeprom) that needs to be changed to 25lc1024 (1024 bit eeprom memory), the code needs to be modified to allow this to work.

  • $12 AUD/hr 5 days ago

    Our company is seeking intelligent and enthusiastic workers to assist with the company’s day to day business needs. Candidates should be well-versed in computing and the internet, excellent communication skills and a good grasp of customer service related activities. Success in this position will require commitment and dedication. You are also expected to be punctual at all times and absences are not tolerated. Detailed research skills, exceptional writing/typing and editing skills, as well the ability to identify key issues, break them down into manageable steps, and assemble those steps into a clear and achievable process will be a significant part of this role.Work Activities/Responsibilities:•Reception•Data Entry•Typing•Research•Customer Assist•Sales and Sales ContactsQualifications:•Intelligent and fast thinker•Strong written and communication skills •Ability to follow instructions•Well-versed in Microsoft Office applications•Good computing and internet skills•Exceptional research skills using the Internet or other information databases•Calm under pressure •Must have service-based attitude •Keen and gives attention to detail•Has the ability to manage time effectively and capable at multi-tasking•Excellent in customer service•Has the ability to think creatively and suggest alternatives, changes and improvements to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.•a good person to have delivering value for money to our clients and this business.Requirements:•Must have a laptop or computer•Must have stable internet connectionWe service our market 24/7 worldwide. We work in English and Spanish prime and all other languages. All applicants are welcome. Please apply with full CV to [[Posting of contact information is prohibited by Site Administrators.]]

  • $250 USD 7 days ago

    I have a built pcb and i am using the PIC kit 2 programmer by Microchip.I just want some one to help me detect the programmer with the software MPLab.I have the coding too.Basically i need the programmer to be connected the pcb and run it.

  • $166 USD 8 days ago

    I have a final project due in june and i need big help on it. I have to use the pic16f887 chip and program it in assembly language. I just have no idea how to wire it up or what components i need to make this a success. Its my last quarter and need to graduate this quarter. I hope someone could help me out that would be much appreciated!

  • $10 USD 8 days ago

    Hi, I need to import products to shopify, need to convert XML datafeed of products to properly sorted CVS file for import to e commerse platform.Need to extract needed fields from car_accessories.xml and properly arrange them in CVS file like template "product_template (1).csv"

  • R222222 ZAR 10 days ago

    I am looking for company to build a pc sport management game for me. It will be a rugby pc game similar to and - only the 3D view of the games been played with regards to rugby dynasty. As it will be a high intensive game it can be done in stages. Meaning within 3 months I must be able to play games on low level with low facilities etc. If you visit the above games then you will get an idea of what I want. It will be a combination of the 2 x websites with more features. This will and can be added as the game is being developed. Graphics must be great. You must be able to create this website from a-z.

  • $20 USD 10 days ago

    am getting an error message while running a python file.error message is : ""IndentationError: expected an indented block""need a quick help.

  • €1500 EUR 11 days ago

    when the car starts running, the client receives a confirmation SMS that it is running now. If this is illegal operation or any intruders try to run the car, the owner can send SMS to switch off the car. Afterwards, the system will check the mobile number for received message, to confirm that the phone number could access the security system; if the phone number is legal the system will turn off the car. If the owner needs to track the vehicle, he/she have to send SMS contains special code, after that he/she will receive a SMS containing the GPS coordinates of the car, the SMS updating its content every predetermined period. Also the car owner can connect another GSM modem with laptop to track the vehicle immediately using Google Earth. The implemented tracking and security system can be used to monitor various parameters related to safety; antitheft, emergency services and engine stall

  • $500 USD 12 days ago

    I want to build a skate with an electric motor and remote controller.I need someone to tell me which electric motor and battery in the market is the most efficient, as well as build the system for the remote controller and for smooth acceleration.I will handle the making of the structure to hold the electronics and the motor in placE. I just need someone to build the electronic boards and stuff.I will provide the money for the parts, for the service, an for the shipping.

  • $250 USD 15 days ago

    An arduino based sofware will control a motor ( brushless, step, servo ? )A touchscreen interface will control the following :1- How many times the Software run since "this time" and reset 2- To control the motor : Rpm Control, and how may turns needed. Detailed Explanation :Motor will be attached to a mechanical system,needed to be turned 4 or 5 or 6 times 360 degrees , "How many turns" must be selective from the software via touchscreen.Turning speed Rpm and acceleration must be controlled . Acceleration is important at the beginning of the softwre run, slowly accelerate and slowly decelerate, Hardware Needed to be used:An appropriote and reliable motor A small touchscreen ,A pcb or arduino one board,All electrical equipment,Power source Software Needed to be used :It has to be in Arduino ( so i can understand what is written )

  • $112 USD 16 days ago

    Control home appliances using mobile from any part of the world.

  • $1250 USD 17 days ago

    I need you to develop a software program that will be integrated into a website. This software program must be usable from the website itself. The website will act as the portal to which users can use the software. The software must do the following functions:1.Scan the internet to search for online sweepstakes.2.Identify the online sweepstakes that are applicable.3.Automatically apply for said sweepstakes using the information previously provided by the user.4.Provide a list of successfully applied online sweepstakes. 5.Additionally, the software must allow the administrator to limit the amount of sweepstakes automatically applied for the user. What this means is that if the administrator wants to limit the number of sweepstakes the user gets applied for to 20 sweepstakes per month, they must have the ability to do so. 6.There will be 3 different plans for which the user can sign up for. The free plan allows for users to qualify for 30 free sweepstake signups per month. The 2nd plan allows for 100 sweepstake signups per month. The 3rd plan allows for 300 sweepstake signups per month. The software must be able to accommodate these numbers. 7.The sweepstake entry process must appear as though the applicants are applying manually. This is so that they are not detected and disqualified from the sweepstake in the event that the rules stipulate that the user must enter his information in manually. 8.Examples of websites that do similar services to what I want: & this program must look for online sweepstakes, find ones that it can apply for automatically, auto-fill the user’s information into the application, and complete the application process for the user so that he is automatically entered to win in the sweepstake. The goal of this software is to allow the user to apply for hundreds/thousands of online sweepstakes without having to do so manually. The software should take most of the laborious work out of applying for online sweepstakes. The manner in which you complete the application process is up to you. If it is too difficult to create an automated process for which the sweepstake entry forms can be completed, another option would be to create a tool that will allow me to manually identify input boxes for which user information would need to be inserted. This method would be similar to that of SeNuke’s link building wizard tool. That is the best example I can give of what I am looking for, for the second option. The second part of this project is the website itself. I would like the website to be made using wordpress. I would like the website to be intuitive and interactive. The website itself must have a modern look and feel to it. I do not want the website to have a web 1.0 look to it. I do not want the graphics to be static and non-interactive. Other than that I am not too strict on how the website looks and feels though it must look professional. You may use your creative liberty to make the website.

  • $750 USD 18 days ago

    Only professional freelancers who have done similar projects!!!Classified Ads Lister Desktop Application:-Generate Seller Information (Name, Address, Telephone Number, Password1 for email, Password2 for Ads Account)-Create E-mail Accounts using Generated Data or Create E-mail Accounts using @domain catch all option (i want to choose)-Register with created e-mail account and Seller Informaion & Post ads on 28 classified websites (the list is attached to the project)-List multiple ads at once-Option to choose on which websites to start automatic listing-Confirm accounts by e-mail for websites that require this-Captcha Solver-Use diferrent socks5 /proxy for each ads-Timer to pause between ad posts (for example once the bot will finish posting 1 ad on all 30 websites i can make it take a break for a number of seconds of my choice, if set to 0 no pause)-Export Results in TXT file (Seller Information + E-Mail + Websites where the ads where listed)-Ads must be posted and working and running 100%-No bugs or errors 100%-Easy to work interfaceExplain to me how you plan on doing this project when you contact me.

  • $10 USD/hr 18 days ago

    Hi there,I am the Company Director at FACEON Magazine, a leading, published, UK glossy for Make-up Artists.I am looking to evolve my magazine into the Digital Market, and I"m looking for an experienced work Partner for ongoing projects to take my magazine forward. I am a competent Web Developer myself, and also employ a highly experienced UK based Developer. We wish to work with somebody with fresh ideas - and somebody that"s more experienced and knowledgeable than we are! Together, the right person will work closely with us for up to 16 hours per week and inject new ideas and solutions to propel our magazine forward.Let"s start with the basics - here are our current What we"d like to achieve:We"d like to re-design our Wordpress Website, and use this theme: would like to study the following websites to use for inspiration: http://www.darkbeautymag.comhttp://www.zinkmagazine.comWe have begun the process on a test site: We wish to incorporate our current WooCommerce structure to produce a digital download viewable on all major platforms / devices, such as iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle.We wish to produce a FREE iPhone App. We have created a basic version thus far, however, it requires substantial development. We wish to heavily improve SEOWe wish to expand upon our Advertising PPC structures. We wish to sell a printed version via MagCloud.We wish to increase our Marketplace and sell in as many avenues as possible!We wish to increase / develop our Marketing opportunities. We wish for the 3rd Party to Manage the Marketplaces (such as AppleStore, Amazon etc...) and Advise us.The perfect Candidate:Will be highly experienced, excited and develop a passion for our product. Friendly, Professional and fluent in English. Full of ideas and suggestions to move our magazine into the Digital age. I look forward to hearing from you.Richard SumnerFACEON Magazine Ltd

  • $150 USD 18 days ago

    Control home appliances using mobile from any part of the world.

  • $50 USD 18 days ago

    we need to develop program with pic12615. Our circuit diagram and functionality are ready

  • £100 GBP 19 days ago

    I am an art student based in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. I am looking to build an interactive piece. The main component being when a metal surface is touched this will activate a sound. At the same time I would like for the piece to send a signal to another piece, so activating the sound within that one too and vice versa. I would like assistance with the design and build of the electronics but at the same time would like to end up being able to replicate and build my own, if I need to expand upon the idea.

  • $400 CAD 22 days ago

    I need someone to programe me this device. Please help...

  • $30 SGD 23 days ago

    Project Description: i have pic18f45k22 and nRF24L01. i need a program code for both Tx and Rx so that they can communicate each other wirelessly using these modules. Let say if i press switch on the Tx board, the LED on Rx board will light up. i already found the code from libstock but it didnt work on me. maybe u can modify the code and describe to me how the code works. i am new to c programming..

  • $555 USD 23 days ago

    Hi, SirI m new to aduino. my project is based on speed control using RFID technology.since I"m making in a toy car I made a speedometer, and the speed is also reducing using RFID but only once,can you please tell me where I should make the changes.. PROGRAMString tag1 = "350214596D17";String tag2 = "35021449A0CA";String testcard; char testtag[12]; int indexnumber = 0; char tagChar;int state; //the state of the inputint oldstate;unsigned long t; //timerunsigned long s; //samplesunsigned long c; //countunsigned long f; //frequencyint sigPin=8;void setup(){Serial.begin(9600);pinMode(sigPin,INPUT);digitalWrite(sigPin,HIGH); //pullup resistor onattachInterrupt(0, rfid, FALLING);}void approved1()// when an approved card is read{Serial.println(13);}void approved2()// when an approved card is read{ Serial.println(10);}void notApproved()// when an unlisted card is read{}void rfid(){ tagChar =;if (indexnumber != 0) // never a zero in tag number{testtag[indexnumber - 1] = tagChar;}indexnumber++;if (indexnumber == 13 ) // end of tag number{indexnumber = 0;testcard = String(testtag);if (testcard.equals(tag1)) { approved1(); } else if (testcard.equals(tag2)) { approved2(); }else { notApproved(); }} }void loop(){ c = 0; t = millis(); // read time at start of sampling while(millis()-t

  • ₹12500 INR 28 days ago

    I want to design a system which can be remotely initiated using GSM technology. This system is hidden behind a painting, which my clients use for gifting purpose. The application of this system are surprise gifts.

  • £250 GBP 29 days ago

    To manage a small multi-skilled team in a paper mill

  • $20 USD Mar 8, 2014

    Hello Freelancer, I need a witty,catchy and memorable name for a Cell Building Biology Game. Don"t be intimidated if you don"t know much about Cells, you can still submit something witty and I will review it. Here are more details if your interested. This game allows students to collect Macromolecules (Proteins, Lipids and Carbohydrates) and then build organelles. Those organelles then build full cells.Just think of any fun combinations of words and throw them together and we will see what we can come up with. I want the name to be witty, and catchy and memorable! Please let me know if you need any further guidance! I need a name quick, so as soon as I hear the a name that I really like I will award the money and end the contest. So excited to see what you can come up with!

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Senior Embedded System Developer

Jun 2012 - Jun 2013 (1 year)


Worked with many types of controllers such as Arduino, PIC, Renesas etc.

Software Engineer

Jun 2010 - Jun 2012 (2 years)


2 years of extensive experience in C and Embedded Programming and proficient in System architecture, Design, coding, debugging and integration. Supporting a team of 8 people on technical side.<br />Employed in the role of Program Designer, with the responsibility of two projects along with technical consultancy responsibilities (design consultation, code and design reviews, and mentoring).<br />Experienced executing software projects in full RDCT life cycle and Support/Maintenance life cycle<br />



University of Kerala



Advanced Diploma in Embedded System Design


I've completed a 3 months course in 'Advanced Diploma in Embedded System Design'<br />from 'DEF' with an aggregate of 87.85%.

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming


I've successfully completed an online course in PYTHON offered by MITx.


DTMF Robot


This robot can be controlled via a mobile phone in which one mobile phone is attached to the robot using a 3.5mm jack. We make a call to that mobile phone and press 2 to move forward, 4 to move left, 6 to move right, 8 to move backward and 5 to stop.