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xiao long

Fortran/C mixed programmer

Username: qlong

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Location: Beijing, China

Member since: April 2013



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  • $200 AUD
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    Nov 13, 2013

    Well done freelances. You will be not missed with him. Definitely I will deal with him gain.

    Project Description:N/A
  • $777 USD
    Profile image for Seller rnconsult


    Sep 30, 2013

    Great work. Great communication. Will use again...

    Project Description:Integrate MaximIntegrated iButton read and write functionality with a PHP based web application. The detailed specification is as per the attached document. Please review the document and research what an iButton is before bidding...
  • [Sealed]
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    Jul 18, 2013

    Excellent..way of writing code...will do the work in time no matter how urgent....will go xtra mile for you......High Availability.....changes the system as per requirement..Very reliable and trust worthy, job can be assyred in safe hands.

    Project Description:A graphical approach is required to facilitate Non Programmers to be able to generate compilable C code The Interface could be in the form of a GUI or flowchart ( may be some buttons and Graphics ). There would be some Tables where the Non programmer could define his own variables, constants etc...
    xiao long has not completed any projects.
  • $40 AUD/hr In Progress

    1- Graph of Stress/Strain.2- Graph of Force/Time.3- Visibility of the shape to be more Clear.4- add a Liver (the liver organ is opj file) shape to the model after to make it a nonuniform "Tetrahedral".

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    I need to use the android sensor data: timestamp, accel, gyro and magnetometer and display motion results

  • $200 USD In Progress

    Java open source application is built with maven and needs to integrate with a separate application that is C/C++ based. I need to wrap the C/C++ so the two can interact. First I need to build the open source java application. I will give you access to a VPN to work on. I need to have someone start right away!

  • $4444 USD 17 days ago


  • $777 USD 17 days ago

    use the wavelet neural network to recognize the images (fingerprint and iris) for same personthe data base (100_150)images

  • $1111 USD 21 days ago

    I need an app built using the google maps api. Much like Waze, but the goal is not consumer gps usage, instead we need the ability to create virtual location positions ontop of the Google maps api. I can"t explain fully on here, but the project would be used on social websites where users have the ability to add a location to the map, and that location show up on other users application, with the ability to search locations created by usersI"m looking to get an estimate and find someone willing to work on the project over time. Message me if you would like more information.

  • $300 USD 23 days ago

    i have a software build using C on Linux, developed on Fedora then OpenSUSE. My software uses IPTABLES QUEUE Feature to check forwarded traffic, it takes advantage of the libnetfilter_queue library provided from i compile my software running the following code: gcc -lnfnetlink -lnetfilter_queue -lpthread software_source.c -o software_compiled.o Now comes the issue, i want to run my application on UBUNTU but when i copy the compiled file it doesn"t run, and when i try to compile on UBUNTU after installing libnetfilter_queue-dev, it does not compile.I want a way to compile my source code on ubuntu or run program compiled on opensuse on ubuntu.

  • £200 GBP 24 days ago

    Implement a Genetic Algorithm in Java using NetBeans or Eclipse for test suite minimisation/reduction.The GA should be able to take in test case coverage details from a .txt file that has been manually inputted. There will be bout 100 test cases with branch coverage details that form the test suite.Then this information will be ran through the GA to try and reduce the total amount of test cases that cover the same coverage for the test suite. e.g. say from 100 test cases reduced to 60 test cases with the same coverage as before.The test cases in the new created test suite will then be ran against software manually to work out the reduction in execution time to work out a measure of effectiveness compare to the original test suite.

  • $833 USD Mar 17, 2014

    i want a software read some text or info from a picture or application u can use ocr or reverse engineering or injection and packet sniffing i will give you the whole project in the next step by bidding in my project u accept my payment term:i will create a % milestone one time freelancer finished the project u show me a test (i try the software) and when i am satisfy i will release the % + the rest thank you

  • $5555 USD Mar 15, 2014

    We are developing a platform for video content creators to associate on-screen content with human interactable transactional capability without disrupting the viewing experience. - Develop and implement algorithms to solve video-based object tracking and signal processing problems. - Develop and implement new algorithms and approaches for real-time object detection and tracking- Plan and work with others to adapt and optimize R&D algorithms to production-quality software- Develop simulations and regression test system for analysis of algorithm performance

  • $777 USD Mar 12, 2014

    I need software to log data from one or more air quality monitors. When the temperature, humidity or CO2 level is outside a user selected range, an email message (and/or text message) must be sent to the user. The user must be able to view the current conditions and the logs of previous readings in a graphical format from within the software user interface and have the option of downloading readings in CSV format. The user must also be able to set the range at which notification email/texts will be sent.The user will have one or more devices so he should be able to monitor each of them from the user interface page.The software needs to be easy to install.First I would like a version that can be run on a local computer. Later I would like a version that that the user can simply log into, that will run on a cloud server like AWS, etc.BUT FIRST I NEED THE LOCAL VERSION!A test NOSE unit can be accessed at (user id-= admin / password= noseadmin)A FLASH interface is available here - (flash screen) -I don"t think the id and password are needed to view the flash screenThe temp, RH & Co2 can be accessed here: (sensor data, text format -sen1 is temp, 2 is RH & 3 is CO2 level)The temp, RH & CO2 data can be accessed directly at the following addresses: (current temp, C) (current RH level) (current CO2 level, ppm)Here are some other views: (sensor data, text format) (flash screen) (displays all info about device) (links to different data) (last few CO2 readings –bottom is most recent) >> There are a lot of these “setget?%pid-…” things listed on the diag screen >> anything listed on the diag screen proceeded by “setget?” will display the value. I don’t know if this is of any use to us.Thank you! If you need more info let me know. Dan Weddle ~ DX Hydro Co. Iowa, USA

  • $1111 USD Feb 16, 2014

    My project is about recognizing text from a live video then save it on Mysql table, this program must be like a car"s plate number recognition .

  • $1000 USD Jan 4, 2014

    I have the sketch of a web application that would involve P2P LIVE video/audio streaming. The application should be able to facilitate multiple/ simultaneous LIVE video/ audio streaming for my clients. It should also be able to run on mobile devices, phones, tablets etc. I have worked out the site layout but i need someone to do the coding and finishing touches to it.I will require about 60 days of support after the project is completed to help solve any problems that may arise.Thanks.

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Chief Engineer

Sep 2011 - Present (2 years)


Lead Software Engineer

May 2002 - Sep 2011 (9 years)


Senior Software Engineer

Apr 2001 - May 2002 (1 year)

Tsinghua Unisplendor