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Nguyen Trung Quang

PCB design and programming microcontroller/ sky: n_trungquang

Username: quang102

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Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Member since: April 2011



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  • $277.75 USD
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    29 days ago

    Very good Job overall, good communication and Fast turn around, readily available even on weekends, some small glitches but nothing major. Recommended.

    Project Description:PC board layout. 2 layer, Simple 6" x 2" rectangular all components on top side, through hole components ( phone jacks, DC jack, slide switches, 14 pin chips, etc) plus some SMT components (resistors,...
  • $490 USD
    Profile image for Seller swissembedded


    Jan 13, 2014

    Great work, thank you very much Quang.

    Project Description:PIC32 programming (must be portable to FreeRTOS): - Versatile MDIO low level driver to access MDIO devices - Versatile SPI master low level driver to access SPI slave devices (multiple) concurrently -...
  • $440 USD
    Profile image for Seller swissembedded


    Jan 2, 2014

    Excellent work, my best recommendations.

    Project Description:testadapter: -update connectors to VOIP board and schematics -add I2C extender chip and relay (will symbols & footprint will be supplied) -add some testpoint -layout bva: -update connetros to VOIP board...
  • $275 USD
    Profile image for Seller swissembedded


    Dec 29, 2013

    Quang did an excellent work. Very quick, very good communication. My recommendations.

    Project Description:We made a VOIP board which need a connector interface. Design must be made with Altium Designer. The following signals must be broad out. 2x 5V 2x RS232C (25 pin) 1x RS232C (9 pin) with audio in 3x...
  • $61 USD
    Profile image for Seller robertadams21


    Oct 31, 2013

    Met all requirements of project and very fast.

    Project Description:I have Altium Designer files for an amplifier board (4 layer, ~50 components, ~3x10 cm, standard technology). I need Gerber files produced in a way that they can be submitted to for production...
  • $164.35000000000002 USD
    Profile image for Seller alejandrosarras


    Oct 28, 2013

    I have worked with other freelancers , but this guy is a real professional and an expert, i will work with this professional again.. thanks

    Project Description:Need a Very small and simple Project Consist in a pic 16f628a 4x4 matrix keypad Need to read the key pressed , then send the data to a other device i already have ( data/clock input ps2 port) will...
  • $222 USD
    Profile image for Seller ulissesmiranda


    Oct 26, 2013

    Excellent freelancer. Very good skills in Altium Designer. Probably hire him again.

    Project Description:Double Layer PCB for TMS320F28335 (176LQFP) DSP. Circuits on PCB - SMD 0805 components - Power (3.3V and 1.9V regulators), Decoupling caps, etc - JTAG Interface - IO Conectors A similar PCB for...
  • $333 USD
    Profile image for Seller Eng4Prod


    Aug 8, 2013

    Very knowledgeable in Altium layout. There were a few miscommunications, but we worked them out. He would not start working project until he was paid 75% of total project cost (milestone funded and released). Also, he would not release Altium file until all payments were made. However, this may have been because I was a first time employer. He found some of my mistakes and corrected them, and he delivered a quality product.

    Project Description:PCB layout project for an adjustable voltage board. Layout must be done in Altium Designer, and compatible with my version (AD 12). The board is 4" x 6" with connectors on two ends (see attachment for details)...
  • $155 USD
    Profile image for Seller mx360


    Aug 2, 2013

    very good

    Project Description:N/A
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller luizsalomon


    Jul 31, 2013

    Very nice freelancer. Second time around with him and second time I am completely satisfied.I can only recommend to our community.

    Project Description:Hello there. I need a Proteus schematic to simulate the 74HC165 and 74HC238 devices. Things that the schematic MUST have: signal generator (to simulate clock) and oscilloscope. The schematic will be used for instruction purposes, so the more scholastic the better...
    Nguyen Trung Quang has not completed any projects.
  • $2500 USD In Progress

    Design a 5x12mm PCB board.How we are going to accomplish a 5x12mm PCB board is simply using QFN components and possible multiple circuits layers.Most magnetic swipes readers won’t except JITTER or STOPS and go SWIPES, will give a complete error reading. Firmware should recognize where it stopped and resume and continue reading from where it last stopped on the magnetic stripe for a complete clean reading....I need someone to be able to write A firmware to eliminate jitter, partial readings, error readings.... When a stop and go insert is recognized it should know where it stopped last and resume reading.Example: The contractor will write a Algorithm, Firmware/Software able to decode interrupted swipes. By interrupted we understand that the user does not complete the swipe as expected and interrupts the movement of the card somewhere during the insert/swipe of the card.When a insert/swipe fails to complete successfully, all other magstripe readers just drop the read data because firmware is unable to decode it. However the Firmware/Software Algorithm you will create will analyze and approximate 95% of the cases, the reader correctly decode the data. In the other 5% of the cases, it happens that there just isn´t sufficient data to decode it correctly and the Firmware/Software Algorithm you will create will present to the user 2 variants in which just one is correct;The user can choose for himself which one he prefers.Let say that the card contains the following information’s%1234123412341234^Carduser/John^030510100000019301000000877000000?And the swipe is interrupted where the user name is and then the swipe is resumed.The Reader you will create will show two swipes:Swipe1: DateTime, Direction, %1234123412341234^Cardu.....................................................Swipe2: DateTime, Direction, .....................r/John^030510100000019301000000877000000?If you need help in what components to use are in designing the 5x12mm PCB board, we can help.i have the f2f decoder chip from magtek 3 track delta asic

  • $450 USD In Progress

    Hi, I am looking for motherboard designer with good experience on altium. I want to get replicated from open source board. Please contact me I will send detail regarding the same through email.

  • $750 USD In Progress

    We would like to design and manufacture 5 circuits, involving I2C bus: - 4 analog input channels 0-10 V to I2C - 4 PT-100 channels to I2C - 4 analog output channels 0-10 V to I2C - 8 dry contact inputs to I2C - I2C to KNX gateway, ( scope of the project includes two prototypes of each and delivery to Spain. Details about the enclosure and connections will be provided.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • €158 EUR In Progress

    I need a firmware for PIC microntrollers. ( may PIC 16 bit ) with good comments and documentation ( schematic,pcb design)My goal is load an little image on TV by composite or S-video signal ( this is a demo )The image is saved on external or internal eeprom ( you can choose because this is a very little demo project )The firmware must be simple in order to show how load an simple image or an simple graphic line I prefer C code or 90% C code and 10% asmThe circuit usually includes an micro + DACBy this prj you explain how we can draw on TV ThanksImage info:Color :min 8 colors

  • $555 USD 2 days ago

    I have Altuim and PADS based design files that need a production modification to the power supply and a new board layout generated.We need a quick turn on the job. The board is 6 layer, 16MM max width by 50MM - 70MM length.We have numerous variations however the this project will just cover one production ready prototype.I need revised schematics, BOM, PCB files, and Gerbers.A 3D model would be helpful if able.

  • $33 USD/hr 4 days ago

    Hi All,Schematics will be given in PDF format which must be converted to PCB design tool format (Eagle / Altium). Accurate footprints and schematic symbols must be created for each schematic component.Each footprint is to be correctly assigned to their respective schematic symbol both within the supplied libraries and in the schematics themselves. If you having knowledge in 3D creation it would be added advantage.Many future jobs with the same or lesser complexity will be offered to the successful freelancer if fast and accurate. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.I required the below deliverable"s,1. Schematic (Eagle / Altium Format)2. Libraries (Schematic (Must) / Layout (Must) / 3D (if applicable))3. Layout (Eagle / Altium)4. Gerber files5. Bill of Materials6. Assembly files If you are having Hardware & Software knowledge, it would be also an added advantage.

  • $700 USD 4 days ago

    Hello,I have a project i have been working on I am building a wireless power transfer system that should work as far as 10 feet and should power multiple devise like laptop and cell phone at the same time.I have build a smaller model of this but i need help building a larger one the. at the end of this project i will need you to also build it physical and ship it to me i will pay for the cost of shipping and the parts needed for this the cost of building this should not be more then $50 USD the wireless devices should work in all 4 directions not just one directions. please let me know the cost of this project and how long it will take to do it.this is the Schematic i used to build my device

  • $5555 USD 4 days ago

    Looking for smart & result oriented professional electronics engineer. to work on the various projects of electronic engineering on long term basis as the project will be on more than 12 months.Engineers who have worked & proved with their distinctive skills will be accepted for the project. Engineering work will be from designing a car charger to laptop circuit board & many more in short complete consumer electronic work. Project starts ASAP from !st May.Regards

  • $5555 USD 5 days ago

    Looking for smart & result oriented professional electronics engineer. to work on the various projects of electronic engineering on long term basis as the project will be on more than 12 months.Engineers who have worked & proved with their distinctive skills will be accepted for the project. Engineering work will be from designing a car charger to laptop circuit board & many more in short complete consumer electronic work. Project starts ASAP from !st May.Regards

  • $277 USD 7 days ago

    The project Consist in integrate in my existing pic16f628a program a external magreaderThe mag reader is a t/l interface , they need to be interpretated and output using the existing ps2 outputthe pic have 18 pins and actually im using 12 so i have 6 pins free to read the 3 tracks using the 6 wiresso if u think u have the ability to adapt your code to mine please contact meIn resume i needinterpretate a ttl signal from a external magnetic card reader and output this data using the existing ps2 interface

  • $777 SGD 8 days ago

    Design schematic and layout for a development board based off of TI"s CC2538 microcontroller. The form factor and a few of the components can be taken directly from: include:Wireless antenna (design include)U.FL connectorPower selection switchReset buttonPin breakout headersBattery connectorMicro USBUSB A3 LEDsFTDIPower managementBattery monitorExact layout (vector file) and connections will be provided on job awarding. Deliverables include:SchematicBOMGerbersAltium Design files

  • $611 USD 9 days ago

    We are looking experienced ALTIUM PCB designer. The need to correct the PCB design to meet the requirements of EMC/ESD compliance (both emission and immunity) and improvements.Scope:- migration from 2-layers PCB do 4-layersPCB (add internal planes)- additional components for better EMI immunity and lower emission- transfer stepmotor driver on PCB directly (instead of "piggy-back" modules)- change THT connectors (3.5mm and 5mm raster type) to the edge connectors- change some THT components to the SMD version- modeling 3D of whole PCBSize of PCB must stay the same.Buyer provide:- schematics and PCB files (Altium Designer format)- suggestions and proposalsContractor provide:- Altium Designer source files (schematics, PCBs, Project etc.)- DRC free test report- gerber files- BOM + estimated unit cost each component @ MOQ=1000 units based on Mouser, Farnell, Digi-Key, etc.

  • $30 USD/hr 9 days ago

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project "PC board layout 2 layer"

  • $277 USD 11 days ago

    I have a built pcb and i am using the PIC kit 2 programmer by Microchip.I just want some one to help me detect the programmer with the software MPLab.I have the coding too.Basically i need the programmer to be connected the pcb and run it.

  • £222 GBP 11 days ago

    Hello our requirements:Sound to Light circuit Schematic and PCB layout for the following simple projects:We have a Basic version schematic (can be provided) for single colour: OVERVIEW12 Volt supply in and out so unit can be daisy chained. Output x 2 with a 4 way switch to control ON/ OFF/ SLOW FADE (using a Capacitor) / Bypass the Fade. With a sensitivity pot. Plus MIC pic up.The update to this is to add a LINE LEVEL INPUT 3.5mm jack with switch for for MIC or LINE IN option. Based on the current PCB layout.The end result for this project will be 4 versions:V1. BASIC Single Colour Sound to light, as outlined above.V2. RGB Output Sound to light with a range of selectable colour, using a mode push switch I assume this could be done on a PIC Chip.V3. RGB As above but with 2 mode switches, 1 to perform Sound to light colour, and the other to control the Static light colour- when no sound. Modes & colours to be discussed and agreed.V4. Remote control version - using off the shelf Remote control with PIC - To be discussed -we have an example of this.The RGB Version will be running approx 45 Watts at its max in typical use. But the need for a higher power will be required around 100 watt.All these need to be the same size (but as small as possible) for our production mold for the case.We have pictures of where inputs and outputs need to be for V1 which should help and components. Ideally a Freelancer with knowledge of DMX to SPi will become a requirements in the future for follow on projects. Although not critical at this stage.Many thanksJeff

  • $111 USD 14 days ago

    I need a PCB design (altium) of a schematic. The problem is that the PCB should be as small as possible, i.e the freelancer should be creativ in ordering the elements. It is small PCB...with 15-20elements. For more info PM

  • $33 USD/hr 17 days ago

    I have a schematic of a circuit and need someone to develop the PCB Layout and the Gerber files for it. The PCB is for a guitar effect pedal. Would you be interested?

  • $555 USD 18 days ago

    I"m looking for someone to take an open source firmware for an STC-1000 temperature controller and adapt it to a different temperature controller. The firmware needs to allow the user to create different temperature profiles. Each profile has a specified temperature for a specified time period before going to the next temperature and time period.Here"s a link to the open source firmware that does a better job of describing how it works than I can. would prefer to be able to modify the firmware through a USB Microchip ICSP PIC Programmer instead of an Arduino. There is an attached picture of the processor of the target controller that I need the above firmware adapted to. I can provide more pictures and information at a later time.

  • $450 USD 20 days ago

    Hello,I"m Fariz from Indonesia.I want invite you to help me make pcb schematic and design.I have sierra wireless airprime q2687G/RD series, and i want to make product with usb interface. using Silabs CP2102 or FTDI.I hope you can help us.thanks/Fariz

  • $388 AUD 20 days ago

    Counter circuit with live calculation.I require a circuit which allows two 7 segment displays (display1 and display2) to be individually set to any number between 0 and 9999. A third display (display3) is to then calculate ((display1 * 100) / display2). The user will then be able to manually count display 1 up or down by either units of 1, 5 or 10 base on their selection.Display 1’s value will constantly change based on the users input and display 3 should recalculate to reflect this.Please see the image for a visual understanding of my requirements and ask any questions you may have.I would suggest designing this circuit on two separate circuit boards, one for the user panel and one for the display panel.Additional Requirements•Circuit needs to be Battery powered – Battery size and type to suit circuit design.•If possible, design without the need of a programming logic device (microcontroller or processor). However the cheapest and most reliable method should be used.•Once you have been paid in full, the circuit design will belong 100% to myself unless other agreements have been made.Please state what you will deliver, below are my suggestions.Deliverables:•Schematic Circuit Diagram.•Circuit board layout.•List of all materials, parts ect.. with links to item location on•Design Documentation.•Simulation of project in video (is possible).•Anything else you are willing to deliver. I have attached a document with some of the parts I consider using. I would prefer all parts are sourced from message me with your understanding of the project, what you will deliver and an estimated time to complete the project.

  • $420 USD 20 days ago

    The POS (Point Of Sale) Data Logger is similar to a portable magnetic stripe reader in that it logs data and can be used for memory back-up in case of power failure. This device quickly connects in-line on the POS terminal. Iam sure you have seen these POS terminals in just about EVERY store & some terminals have a computer-like keyboard with a built-in credit card reader, others have a separate credit card reader and some even have a credit card reader with a PIN pad where you enter your PIN # if you are using a debit card. Iam looking for a person who can convert a keylogger to Point of sale data logger which can capture the card details when a card is swiped while at the same time retain the pin number when it is entered. I have tried purchasing these data loggers but they only work with a normal keyboard and do not capture the card information when a card is swipped on a point of sale terminal. Bid only if you are sure you can do this job.

  • $2777 USD 21 days ago

    Abstract:Seeking person with some hardware, firmware skills. Goal is a small, battery powered driver circuit capable of receiving an infrared signal and generating the desired output. Total reward is $2500.This project will be divided into 3 phases. 1: development and delivery of a functioning breadboard circuit powered by external power supply. Use of a development board, Arduino, etc. is acceptable.2: Review of prototype. Then development and delivery of a functioning PCBA including rechargeable battery and power management circuit3: Review of prototype. Then development and delivery of final design including A: Circuit diagramB: Gerber filesC: Firmware code, programming C is preferredD: Compiled code, such as hex filesE: Bill of materials. BOM must include price and supplier for all non generic parts such as ICs, switches, potentiometers, power management circuits, voltage regulators, etc.Client will be responsible for all prototyping costs. A prototype budget will be provided. Service provider will be responsible for supplying their own tools, development software, and hardware such as IC programmer. Client will provide some similar circuits for reference. Service provider will be required to sign an NDA and sign over intellectual property rights of the resulting design.Specific requirements:1: Target size for finished PCBA, including battery is 75mm x 75mm x 6mm. Thinner is better.2: Target cost, including battery, for 50 units is $16 each3: Circuit must receive 10 different commands via a common IR standard that can be broadcast by a universal remote, i.e. RC-5, RC-6, NECIdeally button 1 on a remote would correspond with command #1, etc.4: Circuit must output 8 channels of 100V AC +/- 20% at 2500 Hz, +/- 30%. 1 W total output5: Outputs 0-7 correlate to IR commands 0-76: IR command 8 places circuit into a sound reactive mode where:6A: Circuit receives input from microphone6B: Circuit outputs channels 0-7 as a continuous gradient relative to the volume of sound received from microphone6C: Softest sound translates to channel 0 and loudest sound translates to all channels 0 through 7 6D: User controls volume sensitivity with a linear potentiometer7: IR command 9 silences sound reactive mode and stops all outputs8: Tactile switch or button toggles between on, sound reactive mode, and off9: Slider switch powers off circuit entirely10: Power is supplied by a small Polymer Li-ion cell, such as #6051 or #6020 at batteryspace.com11: Circuit charges battery via micro USB port12: Target battery life is 100 minutes of active use13: Use of a common IC, such as a PIC, ATiny, or ATmega, is preferred.14: Final component placement on PCBA is at client"s discretion, such as microphone, potentiometer, buttons, switches, and battery locations.15: Client to specify connector for 8 output channels16: Service provider to specify a universal remote for use in this projectPayments: Upon receipt of prototype and deliverables for each phase, service provider will be paid within 15 days.Phase 1: $1000Phase 2: $750Phase 3: $750Service provider may either submit prototype expenses for reimbursement or provide client with a shopping list and client will purchase.Timeline: Timeline is flexible. Target is 10 weeks:Phase 1: 2 weeksPhase 2 development: 2 weeksPhase 2 prototype: 4 weeksPhase 3: 2 weeks

  • $111 USD 23 days ago

    i have a pcb still working with DIP packed mcu,i need convert it TQPF mcu and install another pcbfor detail contact with me

  • $222 USD 23 days ago

    we need to develop program with pic12615. Our circuit diagram and functionality are ready

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