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  • $80.00 USD
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    Oct 1, 2012

    Thanks you very muchyou are great :)

    Project Description:I need a home page portfolio (40) for a web development site. will be accepted only pages that are no for existing site.
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  • $200 USD In Progress

    i need a video chat plug in for a php website it must integrate with users also work with credits on my site.each video session will cost 100 credits to start the video chat if video invite is declined or un answered only 5 credits will be taken.if video chat is answered and then disconnected user will be charged another 100 credits to start chat again here is my website this also may hlep you and this is what type of look i want note all video chat sessions must but unlimted

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Task Description:This website is a price comparison site specializing in Digital Photographic equipment - DSLR Cameras & Lenses etc. It is going to operate along the lines of a site called www.camerapricebuster.comIt must look much more professional and less home made than the aforementioned site. My sites will not a direct competitor to camerapricebuster, But it must look and operate much better.The new site is first and foremost a price information site - it is not selling anything! The message it should send to visitors is one of impartiality and unbiased information, the shops it links to are the ones who will be selling products.People who visit this site, have already decided which product they are going to buy, they are now at the stage of looking for which shop is offering the best deal based on PRICE. This is NOT a "WHAT CAMERA" site. This site is comparing DIFFERENT PRICES for the same product offered by a list of SHOPS.The site should look expensive. You have a crate a Logos(camerpricedrops) which you can look at for colour ideas. I like Blue, Orange, Green, Silver, aluminium, stainless steel, White, Grey and Black. There must be lots of product category buttons to chose from. If you can come up with anything imaginative, I will appreciate any clever ideas. Some flash technology might be nice or something visually interesting happening to catch the visitors attention. There are lots of stock photos available on the net of the kind of products we will be dealing with. In particular CANON and NIKON Digital SLR Cameras and Lenses. All the other brands are definately second division. There will be no telephone number on the page. My Logo will be at the top of the page. And pages Home|The Shops|Blog|About us|Conatct Us|.Home: The home design like below.Popular products: Top 6 Search products (it should fix on theme width)Latest Products: Last updated 3 or 6 products (it should fix on theme width)TODAYS PRICE DROPS (Home Page)In the HOME page today’s price drops widget may be Vertical (right side) or Horizontal (bottom of price search) view of latest price drop updated products.Note: May be based on design Today’s product part move to bottom of price search and removed latest products.And added Blog post last 6 heading in below popular products.TODAYS PRICE DROPS: It special page like Today price drops. But It should include order like below.Camera ModelCamera Thumbnail,Actual PriceDiscount PriceView ShopThe Shops: All Shops thumbnail (Based on input shop URL/Image of online/offline stores.) With discount coupons of Camera. Blog: 2 Columns (Content + Side Widget) – Header Image, Category,About and Contact : As usual…RequirementsMust Have:- Must be simple and easy to navigate to find the desired product very easily.- Popular worpress plugins compatibleNice to Have:- Should have a space on the front page for "TODAYS PRICE DROPS" and TODAYS PRICE DROPS widget.- Website must be iPad/tablet/mobile ready.Further updating: Email Subscription Social Media Buttons API linker Price Drop Alert Send to Subscription users and SMSDeadlineThursday, Nov 15, 2012Feature Enhancement:iPad / Mobile site

  • $450 USD In Progress

    web site for artists sell and publish,html5, custom php, website design, mysqlecommerce, adminusers can publish

  • $250 USD In Progress

    build a website with all fonction similar to an existant with a music platform. Basically the home page will have a big banner and registration. There will be two accounts fans and artists.Artists should be able to upload their music any format and offer it for free, donation or fixed rate. Artist have a profile and should be able to change the background.Fans can buy music and vote, so we need a checkout system for songs and artists.

  • $4 USD/hr In Progress

    As the job name, i need a WP expert that can modify and add a gallery plugin to my website. Just need a nice gallery/Image showcase for a gift gallery.Proffered Candidates are from New Delhi or India.Fresher also can but i will need some a nice first, may be image only.Since this project is very small. Price should not be very high.[The Administrator removed this message for containing contact details which breaches our Terms and Conditions.]

  • $160 USD In Progress

    I want a website of cement product in which I have to show products of our industry - Chequerd tiles- Interlocking Tiles- and other cement products I want a good design of website that contains pics and prices of our productsIts a urgent project I want in max. of 5 dayAnd for further details contact me

  • $222 USD Nov 8, 2013

    i want web site like this page , and Administration Site i want control the site an price of translation of languages , and see orders and send tranlation document to users email

  • $618 USD Oct 17, 2013

    My team is building a WooCommerce site for a company selling LED products. They currently use Microsoft Dymanics GP for accounting, and we need to tie the woocommerce system into MS Dynamics GP so they can avoid entering the data manually. I am looking for a freelancer to perform this integration concurrently with our theme development and data entry.

  • $721 USD Apr 24, 2013

    Hi guys i need a money cycler script and website design to go with it.Here are details of the script:The user will sign up to our site and purchase a spot on the bottom plan ($50) each time they have 4 people below them, they cycler out and receive $200. The trick here is that they receive $50 in there account which they can withdraw and $100 automatically buys them into the next level ($100). The other $50 buys them back in at level 1 also, but they don"t receive the commissions of $50 on their second cycle on level 1. This commission will go to the person below them or the next person who has not yet cycled out of level 1. So level 1 will look like this:player 1: $50player 2: $50player 3: $50player 4: $50 (Player 1 receives $200 - $50 buy back into level 1, $50 to withdraw, and $100 to buy into level 2 ($100))player 1: $50 (player 1 re-invests automatically in level 1)player 5: $50player 6: $50player 7: $50 (Player 2 receives $200 - $50 buy back into level 1, $50 to withdraw, and $100 to buy into level 2 ($100))player 2: $50 (player 2 re-invests automatically in level 1)player 8: $50player 9: $50player 10: $50 (Player 3 receives $200 - $50 buy back into level 1, $50 to withdraw, and $100 to buy into level 2 ($100))player 3: $50 (player re-invests automatically in level 1)----this system repeats until player 4 recieves his money, cycles out and re-enters, then it is player one"s time for commission next, well this commission will skip player 1 and automatically be giving to player 5. At this point player 5 will automatically buy into level 2 as usual and player 1 will be eliminated from the level 1 rotation, however he is still alive in level 2.This system will repeat over and over. The only way that a player can buy back into level 1 is with the money on his account. He can only do this after he has been eliminated from level 1 so it doesnt mess up the cycles. This system will work with all level. The system is automated so no player can opt out until he completes level 10. Then he can withdraw his toal earnings from the last level and any funds in his account. As soon as a player has funds in his account he can withdraw, however he cannot withdraw from the cycling process as any point until he has completed level 10. Then his funds will be made available to him.The levels will be:1 - $50 (make $200: 50 renetry in level 1, 50 withdraw, 100 upgrade to level 2)2 - $100 (make $400: 100 renetry in level 2, 50 withdraw, 250 upgrade to level 3)3 - $250 (make $1,000: 250 renetry in level 3, 250 withdraw, 500 upgrade to level 4)4 - $500 (make $2,000: 500 renetry in level 4, 500 withdraw, 1,000 upgrade to level 5)5 - $1,000 (make $4,000: 1000 renetry in level 5, 500 withdraw, 2500 upgrade to level 6)6 - $2,500 (make $10,000: 2500 renetry in level 6, 2500 withdraw, 5000 upgrade to level 7)7 - $5,000 (make $20,000: 5000 renetry in level 7, 5000 withdraw, 10,000 upgrade to level 8)8 - $10,000 (make $40,000: 10,000 renetry in level 8, 5000 withdraw, 25,000 upgrade to level 9)9 - $25,000 (make $100,000: 25,000 renetry in level 9, 25,000 withdraw, 50,000 upgrade to level 10)10 - $50,000 (make $200,000: 50,000 renetry in level 10, $150,000 withdraw)---Details about the site:I want it to be almost the same as: obviously i will have my own video, logo and text etc. I will have the following pages:indexcontact (this will be a support ticket system that i already have so no work needs to be done with this)how it worksfaqtestimonialsloginregisterAnd I would obviously need a members area. I would also need a function where I can email my members. I would also need the function where members can recruit friends etc. I won"t require a referral system as such but i will have a section for banners, text links, email swipes, facebook share button, tell a friend email form etcAll details given to winning bidder. Please email me if you require any further details.

  • $1050 USD Mar 9, 2013

    10 years programming Experience person ONLY Experience person. PHP and Wordpress Guru Only.I am looking for expert person to help me re-design my new website template which is: idea is for me to do a portal like: I do not need but I need mine to be nicer:Classified/ Local Business Directory/ Event / Blog / Forum /The website is using same script and few plugin. I have find script for local and other functions we need on: have attached new design layout and detail.I will need to create every page you see in the TAB.I will need to use all the features that classipress provides + Customization POST form + Paid to upload image. I will provide you the design and you get into the website.I am looking for best way to accomplish this. You can discuss with me on SKYPE before you make final price.10 years programming Experience person. PHP and Wordpress Guru Only.Ongoing support is required. We can negotiate the price later.

  • $5000 USD Mar 7, 2013

    I am looking to hire a person to design my ebay store. This would include designing the front page and also a template for the item listings.It would be a fashion store with few items initially but ability to put more categories and items later. Turbo lister integration is an option and any ideas will be welcomed.Some basic copy writing will also be involved. I would like to display all information of our terms, returns, etc.

  • $1200 USD Mar 7, 2013

    We need a web system that can be used to design and play slideshows, written in PHP/MySQL/HTML/JS/CSS.The slideshows will be played in web browsers of computers connected to television displays. These displays will be placed in waiting rooms of medical organizations.Please see the attached project description.

  • $2200 USD Mar 6, 2013

    A reputable sports website is looking for an experienced project manager with the technical skills necessary to complete development phases correctly and on time. The provider must speak good English, understand sports, betting terminology, be available to communicate regularly, and provide support to correct issues or problems following the project. They must have expertise in designing programs for large databases, with user (friendly) interface, that manages all the content. Additional skills in Web Design, HTML, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and Web Scraping are all necessary to complete project. We are in search of a long-term provider that can execute several modular projects over the next several months. Consider this a job to see what skills you have to offer this company long term. Thank You for taking time and interest in the first phase of this project. JOB SUMMARYCreate a custom sports database, run by a program, with a perfectly designed user interface that controls everything. The current site uses WordPress and the work done must be compatible. The professional sports needed to be tracked in the database include MLB, NFL, NBA, and the NHL. Enter manually or Scrape schedules by sport each season into the database through the user interface.a.Upload the schedule by sport into the database by scraping a third party website or choosing the manual enter option on the user interface.b.The program arranges the uploaded schedule automatically into individual Matchup Boxes. i. Sort them by day of the year on a dedicated Scores and Matchup Page for the sport selected. (located under the MLB,NFL,NBA, or NHL tab)c.Organize the Scores and Matchup Pages using a calendar feature. i. Have user choose the month, day, and year on a virtual calendars drop down menu. Then display the desired information the user clicks on. ii. Also, have day before and day after links readily available on page.d.Be able to go back into database and have program create scores pages or other method to post results from the previous seasons. i. Track all the situational results SU and ATS like the current season. updating the calendar by season.Provider must design Matchup Box’s and Scores Box’s that displays on the Scores and Matchups Page for each sport with a layout similar to that of or . Organize all landing pages by sport (daily) and sort under the existing tabs. Save and organize the results of desired statistics from the Scores Box user interface. Have the option of scraping data on a time schedule from a third party website or manually entering data. Update all necessary areas of the website daily using the current data. This is what needs creating from the data in the database: 1.Scores and Matchup Page for every sport, sorted by day, throughout the season (w/calendar feature). 2.Schedule and Results Page (Game Log) for each Individual team. a. Recent Results and Upcoming games (Game Log) on individual Team Pages. b. Create team-by-team printable schedule. 3.Statistics Page a. All teams compared with sortable statistics against the spread (ATS) and (SU). b. Game Situation Report for each team from the game results. 4.Team Pages for every team in each sport. 5.Starting Pitcher Report (MLB only) with separate landing pages (standard) for each individual pitcher. 6.Odds Page for each sport (w/calendar feature) Custom Design7.Standings Page for each sport. NOTE: All the pages controlled with a user interface. The Pages include all the graphic design, development, and installation work.

  • $1100 AUD Mar 6, 2013

    We rent our holiday house online and include floorplans for both gound and first floor. We have done some development works and want to update these floorplans and post them online. Existing files are included below. Ideally project would be done in common design software so we could get the source files and make further changes if necessary in the future

  • $1000 SGD Mar 5, 2013

    I am looking to develop a Tuition Agency Website with the following features:1) Admin Functions2) Tutor Registration3) Student/Parent Registration4) Matching Funtions for Tuition Jobs5) Matching Functions for Tutoring requirements6) Post Tuition Request 7) Q&A Sections8) Content Management features to add/amend/deleteSystem should have email routing capability and dropdown fields should allow maintenance by user. Thanks.

  • [Sealed] Mar 1, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1200 AUD Feb 28, 2013

    We need a website application that does the following:- The website will accept an HTTP Post request with an image an a text field from an external application. Many images with text fields may be posted in quick timeframes. This will be done programmatically (the HTTP post and the receiving without user input).- The website will then display the photos in as real time as possible in the system, and allow filtering by date (Show Today, Last Week, Last Month, All) or ordered by the text field.. The text field from accompanying the image will say "Sent from "- A user will have a username and password so they can login (needs to support multiple users with different photos coming to it). A unique identifier should be mapped to each user so the external app knows which user to post to. The creation of a new user/pass can be done in the backend by our support team provided reasonable instructions given... Front end to do this is not yet required.- The user can then select one or many images, and take a few actions:1) Email the photo/s to a series of email addresses.2) Share the photo on Facebook (and any business pages they admin)3) Share the photo on twitter, google+ and instagram.4) Post the photos to an RSS Feed.5) Delete the photo/sWith the first three, we imagine you would use appropriate API, with the 4th, you must create the unique RSS Feed per client with the photos so we can use external systems to display the images when they are posted.The customer an logout and login whenever they feel like it from the system.Other development notes:- Design can be very simple, but be able to be used on tablets or PC"s as required.. Thumbnails that can expand is ideal. We will provide logo for the website, but you can create a CSS to make it look neat... Functionality over looks, and as simple as you can make it.- We will host everything and can deploy with your instructions once its ready.- We require all source code with good commenting.We need the project in a matter of a week or two, so we are looking for someone who can do this quite quickly, and you will get good support from our team.Look forward to it!

  • $900 USD Feb 21, 2013

    I need a highest quality, responsive WP theme for a HVAC contractor. Pimped out with all the bells and whistles.High Quality Design - Bug free, ready to goHTML CSS3 - Clean, high quality codingResponsive - All devices100% Widgetized LayoutsHome Page LayoutBlog LayoutContent Layouts ;Services, Testimonials, LocationDefault Post/Page LayoutsCall To Action - Strong call-to-action for visitor response in form of phone callsClick To Call - High Visibility Phone Number Placements, click to callHighly SEO Optimized - tags, titles, ect.., ect...Typography - all popular tags and styles will be included & ready to useI need this job completed very fast so please only bid if you are ready to pump this out. You can use a modified theme from previous jobs or a modified paid theme like themeforest or other. You can also start from scratch. You should have a record of completing projects on-time and show examples of similar high quality work. Experience in US-based contractor themes is a big plus obviously. No time wasters please, if you haven"t produced high quality work that you can show in your request to bid, don"t respond please.We will provide the actual page content needed for the project but you may have to improvise during development if you start today. Otherwise I can have the content ready in 1-2 days notice.I am looking for a team or individual who is eager to start and provides high quality work with integrity, if you fit this bill please bid so we can complete this job together.

  • $27 USD/hr Feb 21, 2013

    We are a small start up retail company who hired a web designer to develop our web presence a few months ago. The previous web designer got half way through the project and quit. We are looking for an individual or a company with experience in business website design to finish our project and integrate it with a sister website, as well as perform the necessary SEO, etc. The logo design is finished, and the website layout is halfway finished but crudely done. The previous designer used wordpress for the initial site.

  • $550 USD Feb 20, 2013

    I would like Wordpress theme similar to the one below. I need about five pages one being a blog section.

  • $900 USD Jan 25, 2013 is currently written in php, need to convert into wordpress from the existing site and update content.

  • $250 USD Jan 22, 2013

    Users must be able to create an account on the website to do the following things:- Create a "Lazy Ironman" event (a time frame must be defined, for example, the event expires after 1 month, if nobody finished the challenge, there are no winners) - On event creation, the user must choose whether it will use kilometers or miles as units for the event. - On event creation, the user chooses if the event is private or public, anyone can join a public event, but a user must be invited to a private event. - The creator of an event can choose to kick a user he believes is cheating.- Join an existing "Lazy Ironman event".- Invite friends to join an existing "Lazy Ironman" event (by providing an e-mail address of a friend or by inviting an existing user).- The system must send out e-mail invites.Once an event has been started, users must complete the following challenges:- Swim a total of 3.86 Kilometers (or 2.4 miles)- Bike a total of 180.25 Kilometers (or 112 miles)- Run a total of 42.2 Kilometers (or 26.2 miles)---The user should have access to a page where it will show his current progress and where he can add to his total progress.For example (make it nicer though with images)|------- -| 45% complete. Swim ( 1.74 / 3.86 km complete)|----------- -| 55% complete. Bike ( 99.1 / 180.25 km complete)|------------------| 100% complete. Run ( 42.2 / 42.2 km complete)This systems trusts that the user will not cheat, but it would be nice if the system could disallow users to say they have completed everything on the same day (because it is highly unlikely).---There should be a page where the progress of every event participant member is shown. (and who the overall winner currently is - and maybe top 3 so far)A user member of this event could also post comments to this Event page (captcha secured).---A user can decide to leave an event, all his progress will be lost.---Once an event is over, users can create or join another event.Top 3 places will receive a badge or trophy on their profile page.---On the front page, it would be nice to have statistics, for example total miles ran, swam and biked by ALL users of the website.On the front page, it would also be nice to see the biggest event, at the moment, which event has the most participant and the positions or members of the event.---To create an account, a user must provide the following information:- username, password, name, e-mail, DoB (optional), gender (optional), location (optional)User must also successfully complete a "captcha" to create an account.---- Users should have a profile page (and they could optionally upload a picture)- It would be nice if users could send private messages to each other.-----Thank you and I hope you like the idea!

  • $2100 USD Jan 19, 2013

    This a project for a consultant with good MySQL, PHP and web development skills to build an online app for club registration.The app will allow instructors/teachers to keep progress on students, classes and all other info. Please see attached doc for more info.When bidding please send revelant past work done only in pm.30% to be paid upfront 50% on demo. The rest on completion

  • $1000 USD Jan 18, 2013

    We want to launch an Escort-related website as described in the attached document. Please first read the Project.pdf file and have a look at the few templates we have posted as attached files to get a better idea ofthe project. This is the second time we post the project because most bidders never read documents or introduction texts, they only bid and send an auto-message. We will not take any of these! If you think you can build the entire project, please bid with reasonnable delay and price offer. I stay available for any question.

  • £5 GBP/hr Jan 10, 2013

    Logo design required for new company web based - Everything Fancy Dress Limited - sky is the limit - we currently have no predispositions and are open to any interpretation. Be creative and please send us a sample if you can :) thank you

  • $200 SGD Jan 10, 2013

    I need the functionality of one theme (Review Engine) to be married with the aesthetic layout and look of another theme (DelicateNews) to come up with a Wordpress theme that combines both of them into a user-review community site.The freelancer must be able to adopt the layout of DelicateNews, and use it to display the custom post and page types generated using the ReviewEngine theme, with all the functionalities of ReviewEngine intact".For the layout (Delicate news) that we want, currently the "image gallery" on the homepage (where there are pictures of 5 different dates) allows people to click (gallery on the right) and text will appear and fill the left. We want to change it such that when people click on either of the 5 images, (on the left) appears a bigger version of the image clicked. Let me know if this is not clear. Thanks! Disclaimer: The files attached are not meant to be shared. If anyone attempts to share, copy, use it for their own purpose for gain or for sale, he or she will be liable under terms and conditions of the involved companies.Timeline: 3-5 daysPayment: For milestone payment:1) $50, when you have shown us delicatenews layout with review engine features on your own site and we can test it out. 2) $100, after making slight adjustments we need (if any)3) $150, after we test it out on our site and everything is working fine. 4) full payment, after our beta launch. (approx. 15-17 Jan)Thanks and have a fair bid! (Good to show me what you have done too!)

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Aug 2010 - Feb 2012 (1 year)


I am developer in PHP. i have 2 year experience and have a well qualified and experienced technical team.



Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological Sciences