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Complete Business Automation Solution

Username: rajeshsonisl

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Location: Mumbai, India

Member since: December 2006



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  • $59.40 USD
    Profile image for Seller Dayeinc


    6 days ago

    Great work..delivered quickly. Would definitely use again!

    Project Description:Hi, When the user selects a city from the landing page and selects another city from the home page. The user than selects about us, media etc than clicks on home button. I want the home button to go to the latest city the user has selected not than city selected on landing page...
  • $34.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jwylie


    20 days ago

    Wow!!! Absolutely fantastic. He fixed this so fast it was amazing!!

    Project Description:I need some help with a custom gallery plugin. The plugin was built using PHP and some Java. Currently the plugin is generating an error message that may have been caused by updating the version of WordPress...
  • $11.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller SarkasticDesigns


    27 days ago

    Excellent! Fast and honest worker with great communication. Highly recommended!

    Project Description:This should be a really quick job. Only paying $10. I have a contact form on my website that when the submit button is pressed, an error occurs. Just need someone to fix up the code so it works. Will provide html and php files...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Abagnale281


    28 days ago

    This freelancer is absolutely amazing!!! I am VERY impressed with the way he managed the project. Great communication, very friendly and professional. Look no further, he's the man for the job!

    Project Description:Very simple 5 minute job. Current form has a text box, I want to change it to display a dropdown list with 12 items. Also change the display title of this field in 3 different instances. (Basically current textbox is for "City"...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller proscalem


    28 days ago

    Very Talented and Solved the issue in NO time, literally within minutes.Will def work with him again

    Project Description:OK so after much searching I can't find a solution to this. basically what I need is a php redirect, which passes all variables sent and in addition it has to include another php file before redirection...
  • $220.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller saleslion


    Jun 26, 2014

    good job thanks<br/>

    Project Description:I am doing modification to a very chalanging Wordpress plugin, i need some help froma senior level wordpress expert. Please do not disturb mid level or junior guys!
  • kr1052.00 SEK
    Profile image for Seller BetLegend


    Jun 24, 2014

    Rajesh created a really nice a dynamic plugin for WP. He is a expert on WP. I would recommend Rajesh for WP projects...

    Project Description:Hi! I wanna be able to autopopulate form fields with inserted value in my form... I been testing to autopopulate form fields with inserted value in the fields using Contact form 7 dynamic text extension, but Its not working...
  • $400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller SoniaBrea


    Jun 11, 2014

    Absolutely amazing, I am so glad to find him. :)He is such a professional and great to communicate with. I will hire him again without any hesitation.<br/>

    Project Description:Hi, I got an urgently problem. I have a website that I need to have for tomorrow and there are some issues that need to be fixed. COuld you work from now to the rest 4 hours? Thanks
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dccyuen


    Jun 7, 2014

    One of the best coders on freelancer, I'm glad I found him for my project. Always quick to understand his clients, and gets right down to the dirty work. Check. Thanks again!

    Project Description:Limit the user view to select cities only in wp database
  • $473.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mikehan1


    Jun 7, 2014

    i had bad speed problems in the website.He fixed all the problems within a few hours and I could see real fast response in my website.gave me all the information about the changes

    Project Description:Hello, I&#039;ve an issue with my website loading speed. It takes way too much time loading. Like almost 15 seconds.. The web site is for the main page and also I have a problem of...
    RajeshGSoni has not completed any projects.
    RajeshGSoni does not have any work in progress.
  • $526 USD Today

    I need a plugin or function re-written so that wordpress core authentication will be based on a different database (One that can not be changed) The database has this layout:A subscriber table (users/members) character table: (Addiotional characters members can make in their &quot;profile page&quot;) have it running on html/php/css, but I want to &quot;migrate&quot; to wordpress, and stuck with authentication.Can explain further details.

  • €4210 EUR Today

    We are looking for an experienced developer who can work 40 hours/week with our team (Romanian Speaking). This will be long term work, we are looking for people willing to make a commitment and deliver results within deadlines.You need to have 2-3 years experience in web development, a portfolio that can be accessed online and strong motivation to work with innovative, global products. You must be solution oriented, serious about you work and fun to work with, highly adaptable and curious about new technologies. Will be involved in all project phases, starting with front end development (CSS&HTML), testing and backend development (PHP).We are a tech startup developing online tools/products for the global market.Please state your monthly fee for a 40h/week commitment and send us links and proof of previous experience.

  • $368 USD Today

    I have a list of changes needed for an existing wordpress plugin. The plugin is very customizable with an actions list, filters list, and shortcodes list. There is a developers guide explaining how to customize certain things. I have already been customizing many things but I&quot;m not a programming expert so there are some things I would rather leave to the professionals.Basically the changes require taking data that already exists and displaying it in the way that I want. It is very important that future updates to the plugin will not overwrite your changes.HOW I WILL CHOOSE A DEVELOPER:-Show me your experience with customizing wordpress plugins. Show me the original plugin, tell me what changes you made, and then show me the customized version-If I am happy with your past work, I will show you the plugin and give you detailed description of my needed changes-You will tell me your price and time estimate-I will choose a developer based on this information

  • $52 USD/hr Today

    WAMP expert needed IMMEDIATLY to fix a broken wamp interface. Wamp is used to take a database file from a local server and upload it to the website hosted remotely. The file updates pricing, inventory and custom messaging between their accounting software (Oakstreet) and the website. New Loaded Commerce 6.5 B2B website built and that is when the interface broke and current developer does not have the skillset to fix it. The developers attempts to fix the issue have only created an angry customer ( he uploaded a utility which contained malware ) . the server is accessible via ( we are a web development firm trying to finish a project ) and website is hosted with site5 hosting company. I am hoping this will be a quick fix for a developer who knows how to program with WAMP. If you are not an expert, do not reply to this post. We need this fixed in the next 48 hours.

  • $42 USD/hr Today

    JOB DESCRIPTION: •As an OpenERP Python developer you must be able to develop new modules for OpenERP as well as debug/troubleshoot existing modules written for OpenERP. These modules are primarily business-to-business modules that support EDI communications, 3rd party integration and data-flow between OpenERP, Magento and suppliers.RESPONSIBILITIES:•Development and extension of the OpenObject framework and its existing modules•Development of new functional business modules•High-level user support (technical), bug fixes and code changes.SKILLS REQUIREMENTS: •Excellent programming level with Python, PHP, jQuery/Javascript•Knowledge of Magento Ecommerce, a big plus•Knowledge of Linux and Amazon AWS/ECS•Mastering the OpenERP&quot;s technical framework (Python-based, cross-platform, modular, MVC, ORM)•Good knowledge of Unix/VM environments (software installation, troubleshooting, etc.)•Good knowledge of SQL server, including stored procedures and advanced functions•Knowledge of web services and dialog through XML messaging

  • €33 EUR Today

    I want someone to write me an htaccess redirect code which i can use to redirect to a dynamic profile url. Here is link i want to redirect from, when someone comes to that url it should redirect to all its basically doing is adding the / because if they go to it shows and internal server error.

  • $36 AUD/hr Today

    Hi all,I&quot;m doing an web programming course (part of an IT degree) via distance studies and want to hire a tutor. The course is a beginner subject and primarily about programming with few elements about design.I will be paying 35 AUD/hour, about 33 USD/hour. You need to have fluency in English. Primarily this would be Q&As via emails, and I believe that it takes you about 3 to 4 hours a week. Most likely I would send you no more than one email a day, and it&quot;s likely to be very short—for example, I may give you a few lines of codes and ask you to explain in plain English what they do. I&quot;m a beginner on web programming so my questions would be very basic. I guess it would not take the time more than a coffee break to reply to my answers. I expect a reply in on average 24 hours. To give you more perspective, I was a commerce student and am working full time for a financial institution. Because of my interest on IT, I decided to do an IT degree via distance studies. I do not have that much time for study, which is why I really need the help of a tutor.The job would last for 1.5 months until mid-September, when I have my exams. Any questions please let me know? Thanks.Kind Regards,Jason

  • $473 AUD Today

    So here is what we are looking for.I have a bit of knowledge of WordPress and MySql, as well as PHP. However we are looking for a team who can provide commercial solutions from our ideas.We are marketers not programmers, however, we want to partner with people who can make our ideas and prototypes come to life and be ready to sell to the WordPress community.I&quot;m looking for a simple plugin first to see how we go from there.1. this plugin will add a metabox to the posts creation screen. So when the user creates a new post, they can add some data into the file(s).2. The plugin will create new table in the WP database (we do not want to use custom fields)3. The data entered into the metabox has to show up as an entry in the &quot;All Posts&quot; list in the when clicked on from the side menu. So it would mean a new column (or 2) in that list.4. There would be historical data using time stamps to take into consideration, as we want to track the changes of the data by date.We would also like to hear from developers who have created their own plugins to allow us to test and look at the quality of the code.Thanks

  • $105 USD Today

    I have the X theme for wordpress and I am using Gravity Forms. I have an issue with the forms when using them on tablets. When I try to enter content for the form on a table (iPad) in Safari and other browsers, the text entry area is hidden with the keyboard. The form page keeps jumping when I&quot;m trying to enter text. This is happening in both IOS and Android tablets. Do you know what the issue is and can you fix this? If so, how many gigs for this work? The site is

  • $4736 USD Today

    This CMS is for a very small company that manages talent (talent agency). I would like to input data on new/existing talent that I manage and I would like a profile-type webpage created from the data/media/content I manually enter into the back-end of my website. Although sensitive information will not be stored into any fields, this CMS should be 100% secure with 0 vulnerabilities. Not injectable and not hackable - at all. I am OK with customization of an open source CMS for this project, as long as it is not WordPress and can deliver what I am seeking, it is scalable, and is (once again) 100% secure.I am seeking a Custom CMS that will allow me to manage my clients on the back-end of my website and have the data (and/or media) I have entered to appear on the front-end of my website. I am also seeking a fully responsive (HTML5/CSS3) barebone framework that is 100% valid (every page; from A to Z) for my content to appear on. I am not seeking a custom webdesign, I am seeking more of a framework that from the back-end (the CMS) will allow me to change header logo images and similar items (such as advertisements). Every edit should spit out a 100% valid code. Features: - Vanity URL for profiles - Talent Availability (new, available/unavailable etc) - Automatic Image Watermarking for particular photos and/or videos (if even possible for videos?) - Algorthym for &quot;new&quot; talent. Any &quot;new&quot; talent should automatically fall under other categories (section) after X amount of days/months/years etc -because they are no longer a &quot;new&quot; client of mine. - Front and Back-end sorting (A-Z by First Name/Last Name, Date Added, etc) - Automatic Meta Title, Description, Keywords (etc) based on every talent&quot;s name and/vanity url. - Back-end HTML fields for advertising spots that will appear on the front-end. - Back-end fields which will allow me to enter my own Meta Title, Description, Keywords etc - which will replace the automaticly generated data described in feature above ^^ Now, I would like the front-endto have two barebone layouts. One is the homepage, and the other is the client profile page... This is my first time using such a service like freelancer, that said, I am able to supply more/full details at any time. For now, based on my post... please let me know if you can do this for me. Thank you!

  • £1578 GBP Yesterday

    I am looking for a creative website designer who can build a site in wordpress. As an accountant I need to build a creative and responsive website and looking for someone that can think beyond calculators when they think of accountants. I feel I have the right person when it comes to seo but the website lets the side down massively. The current site is In this day and age, I feel people are more responsive to pictures and box clicking, similar to apps on an iphone and looking for someone who can create this concept onto a website. The starting point for me is to create a homepage that is well desgined, modern and well sign posted for services we offer. I have added a site map/list of pages that will be present on the site. However I need a designer who can represent my services in a clear, well designed manner. I hope to add videos later, maybe explanation videos. But i am open to ideas. You will note from the current website is very text heavy and need to move away from this.

  • $1052 CAD Yesterday

    We are an IT service provider looking for a long-term partnership with a solo experienced freelancer (no companies, please). As an initial project, we have a relatively simple Wordpress integration project that involves adapating an existing working design to fit with a new WooCommerce installation. Asjusting CSS, repositioning some menu items, adjusting some filters, and tweaking the checkout pages. The site is already functional, so these are cosmetic changes. Additional details can be provided by PM.Chosen candidate should have strong skills in PHP, HTML/CSS, Wordpress, PrestaShop, and other popular CMS such as Joomla and Drupal for a good long-term relationship.

  • $4736 USD Yesterday

    Hello im looking for somebody for write a application for a tool tracking and tool management, the system must be conectet to a main database which can be hostet on a cloud or on our server.The software must be also able to have extented search function and a dashboard function for KPI analysing. I can give a demo on a simular system to explain the functions in detail.Attachment you will find some print outs from a simular system

  • $4736 USD Yesterday

    We are in the middle of the development of a VOIP-based callcenter software. The outbound callcenter software will do several things:1- it will dial the number2- save the feedback to our backend (which is Podio)3- present a callqeueu for the next call4- present the calls at the right momentBesides this callsoftware, there are more elements in the other processes in our organisation for which we are on the lookout for a professional and experienced:**** PHP PROGRAMMER ****For the coming year (40 hours per week)You need to be:- smart and experienced in PHP programming- you need to be on -+3 hours on Amsterdam time zone (asian programmers: please do not apply, there is a too large time difference)- 40 hours per week available- a good team player (we currently work in a team of 5 PHP programmers)- we offer a renumeration of USD 2000 per monthWe would like to emphasize that this is a long term agreement which we would like to offer (for minimally one year) but after that we offer an opportunity for a longer co-operation.

  • $10 USD Yesterday

    having some issues with getting this text to align right, see image below how it currently is and how i want it. MAX BID is $10.00 i would accept NOTHING MORE or you will be marked as SPAM.

  • $25 USD/hr Yesterday

    Looking for a programmer to assist me on a project I am working on. I basically have a wordpress site, that has been customized, and and we are developing a real estate property rental listing backend using Mysql/jquery/php. There are multiple small modulized areas that I need assistance with. Most of the areas in which i need assistance are quick fixes. I have addressed some myself through research but need help to get this done a little faster.I need help with the jquery side of forms such as removing dynamically added items from a &quot;rates schedule&quot; for example, and writing mysql queries that will search listings and only display based on criteria or recommend based on criteria. I need tracking of the users when they perform a search and I want to catalog this data in a dashboard for the client to manage his listings.I also need to write a booking module, so that when a property is searched on it is know whether or not it is booked or available and a form to book it. I have alot of these forms developed already and much of the system working, but it has been bandaged along as I have found solutions on the internet to problems I have encountered. I just need someone a little more versed in this than I to assist me in implementing some of these features.I also want to implement listeners on the dashboard page as the user is managing properties - real time updates etc such as a new booking, appear into the page without the user having to reload the page or to refresh the page to see the new action.All modules must be custom written so we can expand on the code in the future to accommodate company needs. (so it needs to be documented fairly decently.)I can provide sample code of current areas as well as the database structure and relative connectors once I find someone who feels they can handle this. Id like to work with you on this as to understand the code and whats happening, as I will be managing this resource.

  • £4736 GBP Yesterday

    Hello,I work for an educational company called Kaplan International Colleges: which has several schools worldwide (over 500+ to be precise).We are looking for someone who would be able to design a program which could be used by teachers in our schools, which will allow them to log on and record attendance and student progress (short report on student, extracurricular activities attendance, exam results etc...). This program will need to extract the information for each student of a CITRIX-based program, which we currently use at Head Office and also in the schools called: CLASS. CLASS is the central database of which contains all the student details regarding his whole course with us, including his/her personal details (D.O.B, passport number, student ID number, etc...).The idea of the new program (Name: Reporting Plus) would have the functionality of the below:1)Automated emails to be sent out from Reporting Plus2)Extracts required information from CLASS (Students details etc...)3) Extracts required information from Reporting Plus (attendance, exam results, teacher comments, etc...)3)Composes a document (which looks like the attached, however I would like to change the charts into graphs)4)Sends this document (student report) on a weekly basis to the respective email (also extracted from CLASS)This program will only be used by our UK & IRL schools (12 in total) and if a success, we will ask you to also implement for us this system in our other locations worldwide (over 5 other countries, as mentioned before, with over 500 schools).We would like this program completed sometime in September maximum. I am happy to receive any visits @ Head Office here in London, United Kingdom - during the time of producing this program, once you have accepted to take on the project.Thank you very much for your time!

  • $6315 AUD Yesterday

    We are seeking a professional experienced programmer to work in house on a new workflow system, including components like quoting, customer database, production schedule. A workflow system that will run on-line and be accessible from desktop and mobile devices.We are keen to get this project started and , we may be looking at 2 developers but essential looking to secure 1 at the moment. You need to have experiance in creating projects similar and from the ground up. we see this as a 1-3 month project and require the developer to work from our offices in silverwater, sydney You will need to provide previous work history and references.

  • $44 USD 2 days ago

    I have a script in PHP. It reads from CSV and inserts several records in a MySQL database. Insertion in general works fine however, there is a bug with dates.CSV contains &quot;...7,07/21/2014,07/21/2014,AAHR7709...&quot; fields are coma separated.Last programmer used this sentence $value = eregi_replace(&quot;/&quot;,&quot;-&quot;,mysql_fecha($value));Result, in MySQL i am getting &quot;0000-00-00&quot; in field content.Rest of the files import is working fine, just have trouble with 4 date fields.Let me know if you can fix this.

  • $473 USD 4 days ago

    I normally have to login to a secure site with a token card and a pin. Then, inside this site I login with a different password as an administrator. Once logged in, I paste a link in the browser and it opens a download window to save a spreadsheet (xls) to disk. I normally have to paste around 30 links and save the 30 files to disk manually. What I want is an application that ONCE I&quot;M LOGGED IN, it grabs a handle to the browser window and automatically downloads the files.I don&quot;t need the program to enter passwords or usernames, I need the program to use my already opened session in browser window and download the .xls files from a HTTPS site with an ASP link like this: &quot;https://-------------------/kc/;AD&quot;,&quot;CV&quot;,&quot;CT&quot;,&quot;DP&quot;,&quot;OT&quot;&quot; You will not be able to test this live because I can NOT give you my logging information. I need someone with expertise and experience doing this kind of https//.asp programming. I will be able to help test the code and give you feedback and snapshots of any error codes.I prefer VBA but you can use whatever works! The program can NOT be installed in the computer and I try to stay away from .exe for security reasons.If you have never done anything like this before, do not submit your bid. This is a simple project if you know what you are doing.Submit your bid with the type of language you plan on using and a general idea of your solution.Thank you!

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