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PHP, Zend Developer

Username: rajubishnoi84

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Location: Mumbai, India

Member since: April 2008



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  • €45.00 EUR
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    Jul 19, 2012

    Fast, professional and efficient, he did a great job. Highly recommended!

    Project Description:N/A
  • [Sealed]
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    Nov 24, 2010

    Great job. Very responsive and knowledgeable. Understands social engine and communicates clearly. He worked with me to refine requirements and minor modifications as they came along.

    Project Description:I have a social engine 4.0.4 site - in which I need some modifications. 1) Upon Signup or changing profile - When user is added to a network - join request needs to be sent to a group with the same ID...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller AdnanWeb


    Oct 26, 2010

    very good and patient programmer with excellent skills

    Project Description:Player & radio are finished and work good. However we need to put some new features, new tabs, expand log in/register function. You can bid on this project only if you are very familiar with java script and jquery...
  • $65.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ercode


    Sep 28, 2010

    He did a great job and gave me what I exactly wanted! I'll definetely work with him again!

    Project Description:Hello. We want a price table like this one: . We want to be the exact same but in blue color!!! We also want a script like this one: in blue color again...
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  • €165 EUR In Progress

    I will need a folder/item system programmed with ZEND/dojo framework.FRONTENDFrontend there will be questions with answers. If an answer is choosen,the user comes to the next questions. Each question can be answeredwith yes/no or with up to 4 options. Some steps later he will get a result.So there has to be implemented a tree structure, compareable toa folder/item shop framework.It should be a simple unordered tree; each node can have 1 or more children.At the notes there should be a sortorder and should be sorted in frontendby 70%, 30%, 10%.An example:Please have a look at DATABASE at the end:Question (ID M1): Do you have a problem with your PC? If NO: END.If YES: Go to question withID M5Question (ID M5): Problem is in the hardware | software | connection system? Option 1: "hardware" -> Go to question with ID M5Option 2: "software" -> Go to question with ID M5Option 3: "connection" -> Go to question with ID M5BACKENDThe database behind the system has to be managed by backend system:Add/Delete/Modify folders-> structure (children/father)-> details (name, description, image)-> sortorderNext Step will be a usermanagement / offered seperately.DATABASE behind:First we have one table:id;sort_order;header;question;yes;no;option1;option1_value;option2;option2_value;option3;option3_value;option4;option4_value;;;;M1;1;Main Questions;Do you have a problem with your PC?;M5;quit;;;;;;;;;;;;M5;2;Main Questions;Problem is in the hardware | software | connection system;;;hardware;M8;software;M21;connection;M42;;;;;;DEADLINE:1 WEEK FOR FRONTEND2 WEEKS FOR BACKENDI WILL AWARD THIS IF I GET A GOOD OFFER

  • $6000 USD Feb 16, 2013

    Hello,we are an Italian company established in the medical industry.We are looking for a dedicated development team with highly qualified professionals to implement the system for booking online doctor.Please refrain strongly to contact us if you have no experience in the implementation of enterprise software.We welcome the companies that have already developed a software similar to ZocDoc.Please send us a demo in your message.Please note also that if we are interested in your offer, you will have an interview with our expert project manager of IT and Telecommunications.NOTE.the final price will be given privately.Thank you for your kind attention.Good luck!

  • $1000 USD Jul 28, 2012

    I need to build an online food ordering website. 1. Website admin can receive order email and manage order from back-end.2. General Admin can easily add or remove restaurant and menus information.3. Start around 50 restaurant, each restaurant has around 10 menus. 4. 3 User levels (General admin, restaurant admin and users)

  • £1500 GBP Apr 4, 2012

    We are looking for a programmer to build a website concept. The website is small (ca 10 web pages) but will offer a sign up service through a Google API. Data from the Google API will be recorded, analysed and presented back to the user with other data. The success of the website will rely on the creation of a professional and easy to use interface that provides real value to its users.You will be working with two experienced senior agency directors with more than 25 years web experience between them - one of whom is a CTO and will be able to advise on coding and other technical issues.We would prefer to work with someone in geographical proximity (ie London) to enable face to face discussions but are also happy to work in a virtual context. We are looking for the following skills.- HTML (inc. microformats, SEO)- CSS (inc. grid systems)- JS (inc. jQuery)- Server-side programming language (e.g. C#, PHP, Ruby, Python)- Server-side web framework (e.g. Rails, Django, Zend, cakePHP, ASP.NET MVC)- Experience with databases (relational and non-rel)- Working knowledge of federated logins (OAuth, OpenID, etc.)- Experience with Google APIs- Any experience with JS chart APIs and tools would be an advantageYou will need to be able to write good, clean, semantic HTML, adhering to appropriate SEO best practices, and will understand the difference between content, style and behaviour.On the server-side you should understand MVC web frameworks, deployment processes, and have used some form of version control in the past (Git or Hg preferred).Exposure to public Open Source projects would be great - if you have a Github (or equivalent) account, please include that in your application.

  • $400 USD Aug 7, 2011

    Need dedicated and hard working person , with good knowledge in web development . looking for long term basis...PHP5: Core library functions, OOP, performance optimization tips and tricks, PHP5.3 features.MySQL: SQL-dialect features, core functions, performance related issues, optimization tips&tricks, experience of using of InnoDB & MyISAM tables.JavaScript language / XML / Ajax in commonRegular expressionsMiddle level *nix userMiddle level of xHTML Strict / CSS / W3C ValidationMiddle level of SVN / CVS / git / etcClear mind and responsibility for own codeDesired skills: Experience in high-loaded projects Experience working with huge databases Good unix user with little unix admin experience nginx, memcached / memcachedb, APC, php-fpm Sphinx Gearman MySQL replication, MySQL cluster Prototype.js Framework Amazon / GoGrid cloud services Technology related BS / MS Discrete mathematics and graph-theory basics

  • $1500 USD Jun 22, 2011

    I am currently looking for someone to take a look at a game I acquired to either redo the coding or to start from scratch. The basic concept for the game is to have similar skills to runescape but as a more browser oriented game. The game would need a database with users and inventory systems, preferably php run, and neat and understandable code. This is a hobby of mine as I am an avid gamer and have always wanted to run my own game.I have a lot of ideas for a game and would be more then willing to talk for more details as I know it is hard to get a set price/time period down. Payments are negotiable as are the terms.

  • £200 GBP Jun 11, 2011

    Sliding wardrobe door calculator.I will like a single page/flash design that will calculate a price of sliding wardrobe doors similar to the below link below. large picture at the bottom (where the wardrobe shows up in real time as the options selected changes) will be an image that we provide.WHAT WILL HAPPEN:By default, the selection will be 3 doors so the large image will have 3 doors with 2 seperators. They can then customize the look as they will.THE CUSTOMIZATION:-Size (the wardrobe picture will not change)- Number of doors*(each set of customization will have rulesets such as maximum height, width depending on number of doors etc)- Frame colour- Panel colours*(All colours will be provided as textures (jpegs)- Number of PanelsMore details will be provided when the job is taken. This can either be done in css+javascript to achieve the calculations (quotation) or can be done in flash. Whatever the case, they should be able to add that customization to the cart so you will be required to ensure the full customization can be submitted to the cart (the cart is already done) - this does not need to be done by you. Whatever the case, you may choose your own language to write this in which will be cross-platform and bug free.One additional thing is that the mirror panel option should display a better mirror panel in the live design view unlike the one in the site provided.The price as they change their options should be displayed nicely somewhere within this page.Other details such as the colour picker should be be scrolling like the web site given above. It should be in a table.If there"s any more information you need please do not hesitate to contact me.Regards,Simple Slides

  • $500 USD May 24, 2011

    Hello,We"re a french compagny looking for someone than can develop in php for wordpress.The project is to develop something like a facebook application :When people want other people to clic on their links, they have to clic themselves several time before they can gain "coins" and have their link clic show to other people for clic.Thanks by advance.

  • $1565 USD Dec 21, 2010

    a private sales club on lines of http://www.jackthreads.comend-end design, development and maintainencepreferably built on magentoany1 who has previously done similar project can bid - mandatory to include the project links - need som1 with readymade codes just need modifications - as we need this project to be COMPLETED IN 21 DAYSthe backend has to be robust and all features of has to be replicated - so do a detailed analysis before biddingMUMBAI based team HIGHLY PREFERRED

  • $5000 USD Dec 4, 2010

    Full time freelancer needed! (individuals only - no companies)-------------------------------------------------I am in urgent need of high quality work force capacity. I"m currently in the process of building up a network with independent professionals who are looking for extremely interesting and challenging work with ample room for professional and financial development.I am trying to build a young, motivated team with interests beyond the daily task. I tend to find the workable, creative and even surprising solution when in many cases market leaders have failed.To work in my team you need to meet the following requirements:-You are creative, self-driven, thorough and systematic with the drive to successfully complete your projects.-You have an excellent knowledge of php (object oriented coding), MySQL and javascript (jQuery or similar)-You are a team player and have the ability to contribute constructively to the projects you are working on.-You have the ability to provide readable, understandable and well documented code for the team to work on.-You can be trusted and respect confidentiality a key element why my clients work with me.Some of my clients are present around the world and require that my team is reachable day and night. Being part of the team you will have to assume part of this responsibility. Extended availability will be necessary occasionally to fix a bug, when I launch a new product or start up a new client.It may also happen that a project or a new feature has to be coded over the week-end or you will have to sustain a heavy daily work load during a certain period. -------------------------------------------------Are you tempted to work with me? I believe we can only be successful as a team. This is why I follow below process to get people into my team. >Send me your CV and a code sample or a link to your portfolio.> If your CV catches my interest, you will be sent a small task to perform in 24 hours in order to test your coding skills.> If your candidature is retained we will get back to you to immediately to involve you in the trial period. You will get increasingly challenging jobs with the aim to build regularity and integrate you in our team. It goes without saying that you are paid from the first assignment. You are not allowed to have any kind of Parallel work with this Job . You morally and ethically will have commitment to the team for 8 hours a day. > Be assured that your data will be treated with absolute confidentiality.I look forward to working with you. ** APPLICANTS FROM U.S. and under 28 years old will have priority . **Due to the amount of proposals, freelancers without CV and code samples (object oriented php) will not be reviewed.(Please BID for Monthly payment. )(You will start on commission as part of a probationary period. If you perform at an acceptable rate and provide quality work, monthly pay will become an option quicker.)

  • $1065 USD Dec 1, 2010

    We have a car finance company. Every day we get various car finance enquiries . Each enquiries are termed as a lead. We distribute these leads among the brokers in our office. Customer provide us with their personal and finance details.We want to build a lead management system which displays these leads on the system, distribute the new leads amongst the brokers. We want a system very similar to "". we are looking for someone who can design the system in open atrium which is based on drupal and zend framework. Its an urgent requirementYou can find the whole system requirements in the document attached.Please place your

  • $30 USD Nov 30, 2010

    Have some errors on installed usaepay payment module, such as "cannot modify header information" Oscommerce v 2,3.1

  • $65 USD Nov 30, 2010

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $365 NZD Nov 30, 2010

    Hi,I am looking for a cool Zend Framework Developer.Who can make a simple website with nice design for me.Website doc available on request.Happy bidding

  • $865 USD Nov 28, 2010

    Help create version 2 of Website. Current development remains in place: - Zend Framwork- PHP - MySQl- Google Maps API. - Secure loginWork required: - Add new listings for a new product (feet sq, length of contract, pictures, prices, location, lat/long) - Add payment mechanism (PayPal/Google Payments) - Country selection to determine currency shown (Both New product and existing Rental product) - Improve search functionality (pricing slider and locality slider based on lat/long)Please can you send background information on projects that you have done similar work for.

  • $849 USD Nov 6, 2010

    Here are the project details:I"m currently looking for a theme to be developed for social engine 4.0. I have drafted up the look of the site (example: filmzoolatest.jpg -or- filmzoolatest2.jpg ). In terms of the example image, there are plugins that are currently in development please ignore anything that may look new to you in the example.Let me know if you would like more details or can potential craft up something like this. Thanks!- JeffNote: There is a duplicate job post out there from my first account that I can"t access now for some reason. So please contact me using this one :)

  • $250 USD Oct 12, 2010

    Need urgently a cakephp EXPERT to solve issues on the following items:-multilingual feature;-payment gateway

  • $250 USD Sep 26, 2010

    I need to upload videos/slideshows with slogans etc (created by you if possible) about my services to you tube and other video sites for linking/popularity. Each video must be posted with unique accounts, videos rated excellent with great comments. Submit some of your best work for review, provide long term packages if any etc, ton of work

  • $3000 USD Sep 15, 2010

    I am looking for someone to build the best coupon website in .PHP that can outpace or look better than the following three:,, will be willing to offer a bonus on top of the project fees if the final product is outstanding. My name is and main objective is to be listed close to the top for people to search: [Company name] + coupon keywords. For example, "bestbuy coupon", "dell coupon" in Google.The frontend should look stunning and web 2.0 look and feel and we can discuss the details in terms of functionalities. Basically, it will contain all the main functions like those three sites I mentioned above.The sites also should integrate all the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Also, for the next phase should be able to create an iPhone or iPad application for this coupon site. Take a look at this framework called: Sencha ( I like to build on this framework if possible and take advantage of HTML 5.The backend should have an administration or backoffice that can approve, edit, add, delete new coupons. The coupons are from datafeeds (ie. .xls or excel files) and also manual entry. In other words the coupon administrator can approve quickly for new coupons or he/she can manually type in coupons.The project timeframe is one month and I will pay top dollar for the right candidate.More details will be discussed.

  • $150 USD Aug 31, 2010

    The requirement is for an customized monthly SEO Progress Report Template for clients that will feature1. Keyword Rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and their movement in the past month2. On-Page Activities for the month3. Off-Page Activities for the month4. Google Analytics data:a. Overall Trafficb. Organic Trafficc. Top Keywordsd. Top Contente. Goalsf. other customized fields.Bidders who can provide previous similar project samples are preferred. Budget around $100 . Lowest bidder with good feedback will most likely get selectedthankyou

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