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Ranjit Singh

Automation | Web-Scraping | Debugging

Username: ranjitsingh90

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Location: Batala, India

Member since: October 2012



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My skills:

  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller osumiam


    5 days ago

    Highly Recommended, Understood the requirements and very hard working individual. Delivered project ahead of time as well.

    Project Description:Scraping data as per the requirements.
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller heeun83


    7 days ago

    Long-term partner and great after service ability as well.

    Project Description:Great job once again!
  • $321.25 AUD
    Profile image for Seller alosht


    11 days ago

    A real gentleman he dose what he says, professional and done more than well, surely will hire him again.

    Project Description:I need the full database of a website make it available for my use. I have a magento website template and i need to upload the database to it.
  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller osumiam


    11 days ago

    Amazing to work with! Highly Recommended! Fast and Good Support too!

    Project Description:Looking for a professional Scraper, who can scrape content from different website. Example sites: and Only apply if you know how to successfully...
  • $64 USD
    Profile image for Seller alarconvw


    15 days ago

    Fast and good.

    Project Description:The webpage will have to scrape all articles of the webpage . The scrapper already works. Simply some articles in the page...
  • $74 USD
    Profile image for Seller nuts4realestate


    17 days ago

    The scraper tool exceeded expectations. Very pleased with the quality work. Bonus earned.

    Project Description:Please see attached illustration for information on the project. Require non-technical tool to automate the harvesting of data from website database into Excel. The tool would be reused approximately...
  • $20 USD
    Profile image for Seller mattimgd


    26 days ago

    Understands what needs to be done. Fast delivery.

    Project Description:You can find all details here:
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller heeun83


    27 days ago

    We are now long-term partner.

    Project Description:Data processing & Web scrapping - rehired by a long-term partner Again-
  • $147 USD
    Profile image for Seller heeun83


    Feb 28, 2014

    One of the greatest freelancers I have experienced, highly recommended - It took a while but he really cares for the output and has a nice communication skill with customers.

    Project Description:Please let me know if you are interested in scrapping two sites. I will give you a guideline after award. The file tells you all about the guideline what to do for the entire project or first draft...
  • $230 USD
    Profile image for Seller DimensionD


    Feb 14, 2014

    Great worker!

    Project Description:Big Scrape medical site All States All counties all listings The full info come with a popup after you click name so in each record name , Address, Phone , Fax you rename each Spread sheet...
    Ranjit Singh has not completed any projects.
  • $100 USD In Progress

    Scraping data as per the requirements.

  • $147 USD In Progress

    I need a property rental and property sale Wordpress website filled in with properties for sale/rent from other local realtors. I will give you the sites to scrape. Project will be complete when there are 500 properties imported completely.

  • $39 USD In Progress

    I have web scraping data from 5000 websites. I need to just see the written text rather than any of the code. This means stripping down SQL, HTML, other tags and codes like PHP, page headers and if possible, also menus. A simple find and replace is not enough as tags are not all enclosed.

  • $147 USD Today

    I have an account at I need you to build me a very simple plugin or program that will download all of his videos to my hard drive so I can view them later.

  • €33 EUR 2 days ago

    You are required to collect 767 contact data sets listed from different pages of a website. Go to Check BUNDESLAND = "B" and click on SUCHE STARTEN (=start search). (2) Click on "Alle Einträge zeigen" (=list all entries) in the middle of the page. (3) For each entry, click on KONTAKTDATEN and collect all columns of my XLS file "addresstemplate.xls". The eMail-address can be obtained by clicking on EMAIL SENDEN, and then clicking on the letter symbol in the subsequent dialog. If there are several addresses, use my REMARK column.Then repeat from (1) to (3) each with next BUNDESLAND = "K" until BUNDESLAND = "W"The last one (blue Europe flag) is not required.

  • $147 USD 2 days ago

    Hello, I need to scrap a data from website, more details will be discussed later on

  • $150 USD 4 days ago

    when we addproduct in wish list.i want copy link and need to paste in my site...product details should appear..i want functionality like

  • $6315 HKD 10 days ago

    Hiwe need complete data pour out from: siteAll data is reside in: will need to click into every people every company.Do no forget to include all the group / tags / filter data, every single data is needed.We need complete information shown in every individual profile with avatarAll the data should be passed to us in clean searchable format in excel file which can be imported into database later time.All the Avatar should have indexed according to the records from excel file.

  • [Sealed] 10 days ago

    I need a word document with1) Exam questions2) Multiple choice answers 3) correct answerThese questions are on a website that I will provide you details about. Depending on how fast the project is being done, there will be multiple projects.Optional: There is also an additional task you can take up as part of this project to produce a word document with product descriptions (copy and pasted) from a parent website.

  • $54 USD 10 days ago

    Hello, I"m looking for someone to scrape certain info from Google Maps or gather the info using Google API. Please apply and I will furnish additional info. Thanks.

  • $24 USD 10 days ago

    We need a Freelancer to search/scrap a website and collect all the email addresses as well as the other data fields that are available.

  • $100 USD 11 days ago

    This project is to write a PHP page that will read from provided CSV data file, display the values in HTML, and provide the ability to select the rows to be save to a new CSV file. There also needs to be the ability to delete a row and be saved to the CSV file.The developer is asked to create editor.php, buildFromSelectedfunction.php, and deletefunction.phpThis project will award on milestones according to the follow %s:1.Functional editor.php code submitted (20%)2.Functional buildFromSelectedfunction.php code submitted (25%)3.Functional deletefunction.php code submitted (20%)4.1 day of testing is performed once completed code is submitted. 5.Final code including fix and minor style change requests submitted + one day of final testing (35%)This project will be funded one milestone at a time; therefor based on first milestone percentage of 20%, a $20 project acceptance would result in $100 awarded at project completion, for example.Along with future work consideration, a bonus up to 20% for this project will be considered for exceptional code (i.e. error-free, modular, self-describing, fault-handling, organized, and pleasant design) and overall developer quality (including timeliness and competency).Individuals with demonstrable skill and understanding will be provided a full spec and chance to provide a more precise quote for final selection.Thanks for reading!

  • $94 USD 12 days ago

    Need someone to scrape various sites for me. Looking to build an email list of all music teachers in North America.Starting with and

  • [Sealed] 14 days ago

    go to : , this is the site of the data and code needed you change the shipping to "JAPAN" on the upper right corner ( i want to get results as Japanese clients would get ) , you change category of search to "watches" , and you change page results view into : "showing 60 items per page" on right side of page 1309552 watches are presented in this search , it is all the watches presented by various suppliers in this site now write a code to get into the database all the unique suppliers of watches in this site ( there will be only few hundreds of unique suppliers , most of the items are by the same suppliers ) what is supplier ? - on the first watch presented it is written " by trend-watch " , i click on this link , get this link , i click on "shop information" on the upper left corner and get this link get into the database under " by trend-watch " , all the information below 会社概要 ( corporate profile in english ) フェリクシー株式会社〒101-0041 東京都千代田区神田須田町2-13-12 秋芳ビル8FTEL:03-6273-1138 FAX:03-6273-1138店舗運営責任者:福島 理織店舗セキュリティ責任者:福島 理織店舗連絡先:on second item in database get " by uresujihonpo " from株式会社うれすじほんぽ〒1010025 東京都千代田区神田佐久間町1丁目16番大橋ビル501TEL:0352565185 FAX:05055481253店舗運営責任者:村田 友樹(営業部)店舗セキュリティ責任者:村田 友樹店舗連絡先:on third item in database get " by selec10 " パワープランニング株式会社〒550-0005 大阪府大阪市西区 西本町2-3-6山岡ビル9階TEL:06-6539-0344 FAX:06-6539-0312店舗運営責任者:片岡 立(マーケティング部 西日本プロモーション課)店舗セキュリティ責任者:田畑 正光店舗連絡先:note that all the data is always under 会社概要 in the page ( corporate profile in english ) so in total i get a database of all the unique suppliers of watches in this site , only few hundreds of unique , see excel with example of data i need back.get back to me with any questions you might have

  • $147 USD 14 days ago

    I am looking for a fast and efficient scrape of to include URL, Category, Title, Description (html), Specifications, Shipping Info, Shipping Cost, Image, rate and stock level. It would be best if an item has multi options, such as color or size, that a new instance of the product is created.If this works and is affordable, I will then request scrapes from additional sites. Bid with a small budget in mind.

  • $54 USD 15 days ago

    Hi,I need someone to scrape USERNAMES from reddit.comLooking to hire right away.REGuy27

  • $1000 USD 16 days ago

    Hello, i will provide keywords and the google (like or etc etc). you have to collect first 50 urls appearing for the search of that keyword. very easy task and i need it in quick time. i need only url and nothing else i have more than 200,000 keywrods bid for 100,000 keywords and time to complete the 100,000 keywords

  • $178 USD 17 days ago

    Hi,I need to pull information off the following websites: need the crawler to do an initial download off the tastecard website of all the restaurants.Then it needs to look at the tripadvisor website and download all the reviews which relate to the restaurants on the tastecard website.Then it needs to check every day for :1) New reviews on the trip advisor website for the existing restaurant data set2) If a new restaurant is added to the tastecard website, the crawler downloads that restaurant. It then downloads the review on trip advisor.Ultimately this data would feed into a website, so it would need to be stored in a way that allows it to be access by a website. Let me know if the requirements are clear enough and how long the programming would take to achieve this.ThanksSumitSaS Technologies

  • $54 USD 17 days ago

    Hi I need a script which will log me in programatically in to this site: The script needs to prompt me to solve captcha and the log me in. Thats all! Please bid if you can start now and complete quick.

  • $147 AUD 17 days ago

    HiLooking for some help on a web scraping project. See below for details.Project Scope:Need to source information from multiple sources and input into an Excel spreadsheet. Note that all detailed information on websites & tools referenced will be provided to successful candidate. Steps involved:1. Web scraping of data from 1 specific website directory. 3 types of data required across approx 1200 company listings.2. For each of the 1200 companies, use web tools to gather specific metrics (input being each company"s URL). Note that most of these web site tools (6 specific website tools) allow bulk upload options or can be scripted through URL input based parameters (attribute/value). So would not be expecting you to do it manually, one by one.3. Collect output from website tools and input them into a Excel spreadsheet in particular formatRequirements:* Data to be collected within 7 days* Must have previous "demonstrated" web scraping experience* Must have web scripting/programming skills, eg. PHP, HTML, javascriptNOTE: Preference to use an automated process to complete the project rather than manual processes to minimise human error. Please PM me if any questions.ThanksChris

  • $147 USD 19 days ago

    I want to contact some of the top reviewers on amazon so need an easy way to get their publicly listed contact information. Instead of checking one by one it would be easier to have a script that pulls it out. These are the two pages: need someone to write a simple scraper script in any language that will generate a basic report by going through the list of reviewers on each page, drill down into each profile and then extracting these fields:These are the columns I need:NameLocationEmail Address (if it is there)Website (if it is there)URL of the amazon profileIf you are interested please let me know:1. Your relevant experience2. How long it will approximately take?3. When you can start and finish?4. A fixed price quoteThanks,Jason

  • [Sealed] /hr 20 days ago

    HelloI am looking for a long term relationship a freelancer with these skills :- Java- Python- CasperJS and SlimerJS- Web Scraping- Database- LinuxTo work on average 20 hours per week.Thank you to indicate your weekly availability and your hourly rate.

  • €147 EUR 20 days ago

    I need a PDF2HTML PHP class.The purpose of this project is to get the HTML code of a PDF document, focused to get the HTML code of data tables (IMPORTANT: conversion of tables to tags needed) in the documents, to make them readable by my own scripts

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May 2012 - Oct 2012 (5 months)

Scl Networks

I worked at scl networks as PHP developer.



Punjab Technical University




Labs N Racks

Certified as PHP/MySql developer with 95 Percent Marks.


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