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Android/PHP/C/C++ development.

Username: re4ct0r

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Location: Skierniewice, Poland

Member since: February 2012



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  • $1000.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller abhishekperk


    22 days ago

    If you have a complex project on Android, you must consider Rafal<br/>

    Project Description:Customer App for retail payments
  • $670.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wesleytyler


    24 days ago

    This freelancer did great work creating my mobile app for Android. I look forward to hiring him in the future.

    Project Description:Create reference app listing titles, codes, elements, penalty levels for KY criminal law. Would like ability to display by category, search by keyword or code number, and mark items as &quot;favorites&quot;.
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Streken


    Jun 10, 2014

    Would hire again :)<br/>

    Project Description:Setup a webserver and connect to it, please this is urgent.
  • $1880.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller VelDev


    Jun 5, 2014

    Excellent android developer! Great communication and development skills.<br/>

    Project Description:make android app for website provided
  • $560.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller abhishekperk


    Jun 4, 2014

    This is the 4th Project completed with satisfaction. We are now moving the engagement to 5th Project<br/>

    Project Description:Need to list Offers from loyalty app
  • $2935.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller omegasea21


    May 29, 2014

    Rafal did an excellent job. We had a complex, relatively large scale consumer facing app for android that used several API's. He delivered it ON TIME. The final product exceeded our expectations!

    Project Description:Build an advanced android application 1.) Approximately 15 pages total 2.) Powered by an API (uses two separate API&#039;s) 3.) Get and Post api calls 4.) App is a coupon app We will deliver: A.) Functional...
  • $60.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller roasm


    May 11, 2014

    re4ct0r did a great job as usual

    Project Description:1) we need another table &quot;price_list&quot; with these fileds : id, clientid, productid, special_price When we add a product on new order we need to use the price from this table ...if it will be no price in this table to use standard price...
  • $500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tlangl


    Apr 22, 2014

    Very fast and competent. Built an interactive Android graphing application for me. Will hire again.

    Project Description:I am looking for a single screen Android application. I would like to include the resulting source code in a paid Android application. I need an interactive xy plot, meaning each data point is draggable by the user...
  • $1560.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller abhishekperk


    Apr 14, 2014

    If you like on time delivery , hire Rafal.<br/>

    Project Description:Documentation for sound-tag algorithm
  • $280.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller MikeW68


    Feb 28, 2014

    Excellent work again.

    Project Description:As discussed further refinements to the Mobile coverage app
    re4ct0r has not completed any projects.
  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    3rd party API update and redirectionUI changesProfile page update

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    Complete and Android Application

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    android development

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    As discussed, ongoing work for android

  • €15 EUR/hr In Progress

    Hello,We have a simple CRM application that is written on Cake PHP and uses some Ajax. Am looking for someone to write a simple Andoid APP that will pull out some information and show on phone. However I don&quot;t know how this can be achieved and what else information I must provide.--------------------1. Login, logoutYES, each user has a different login.CUSTOMERS1. Browsing through a list of customers with search/filter functionality.2. Displaying customer details, editing customer details, creating new customers.3. Displaying a list of jobs associated with a given customer.4. Displaying a list of todos associated with a given customer.TODOS1. Browsing through a list of TODOs with search/filter functionality.2. Browsing through open and complete TODOs separately.3. Displaying TODO details, editing TODO details, creating new TODOs, marking TODOs as complete.JOBS1. Browsing through a list of all JOBs with search/filter functionality.2. Browsing through open and complete JOBs separately.3. Displaying JOB details, editing JOB details, creating new JOBs, marking JOBs as complete.4. Adding, removing, editing NOTEs associated with JOBs.5. be able to assign a job to another user. (I can show you functionallity if you like)6. users that belongs to this job, can add notes. Administrators can add notes.7. We need to integrate sms functionality for a new job assigment. (on demand)8. Jobs fields must be the same as the web app. (locatio, priority, date, title, description)9. follow up (notes) must be the same as the web app / same functionalityDashboard that displays:- list of users(workers) (only for administrator)- number of JOBs and TODOs per each user with the possibility to see the full list (yes. each user sees his jobs. administrator jobs of all users)- notifications of the recently assigned JOBs and TODOs to the current user with an option to mark the notification as read and make it disappearPlease confirm that you DON&quot;T WANT:1. Tickets no >>> maybe on version 2.02. Callings (Κλήσεις) no >>> maybe on version 2.03. Deals (Προσφορές) no >>> maybe on version 2.04. Settings no5. Creating new users/workers no

  • €15 EUR/hr In Progress

    Hello,We have a simple CRM application that is written on Cake PHP and uses some Ajax. Am looking for someone to write a simple Andoid APP that will pull out some information and show on phone. However I don&quot;t know how this can be achieved and what else information I must provide.For this reason I am providing some screenshots from the web application and am requesting NDA.Please get back to me for more information.Makis

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi, i need an app 100% similar as the app i attached here. The only difference is that i need to send an email out on the last page to the admin with the info. AND the splash page, the diamond isnt rotating fluently. I have png sequence of a looped movie in whatever format you want. So please let me know if and how fast you can help. Thanks. Rob

  • $1200 AUD In Progress

    I to convert an iPad app to Android. The app is for a co-tenancy space, and they do not have a receptionist. On entry to the office block they see an iPad that has the company logos on it. Clicking on one initiates a connection to an iPad mini in the relevant office space. They have a face to face conversation and hang up. The person in the office will then go to the lobby to pick up the visitor from reception. We have the iOS version live now. The API is all set up, and will naturally need a slight modification for Android devices. The API is built on a Wordpress backend, and our PHP developer will handle changes to that. It&quot;s all in JSON. The Video component is run by TokBox - you can see their documentation on their website. On iOS we use push notifications to alert each device of state change, to test the API, and set up the device on the appropriate office building / floor. When an update is made to the directory, a push notification is sent to update the lobby device. The final product must be able to work on Android Tablets. The Receiving device must also work on Android Phones, if required I will provide a PSD for this. You will be required to liaise with our Server side developer, and use the TestFlight platform for deployment of builds for testing. We will also provide a Git repository for the code. We will provide:- wireframes- API documentation- full photoshop files with design You can see a bit more about the project here

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    Implementation of persistence and intent service data. And update Ui.

  • $150 USD 5 days ago

    Witam,Potrzebuję bota do postowania na grupach na facebooku. Posiadam około 500 kont więc potrzebna jest pełna autmatyzacja. Powinno być masowe dodawanie kont, pobieranie grup automatyczne i postowanie.

  • $2000 USD 15 days ago

    We have several clients that are in need of having phone apps built. We would like quotes to take everything from the conception of the app, which we will provide, to the build and posting on Google Play, Apple Store, and other markets. Ideally, we will find a few professionals whose work and rate justify us sending consistent business to.We will need provide sample apps after a NDA is signed, which will provide.

  • $3000 USD 15 days ago

    Hello All,We are looking for talented and experienced Android developers to develop chat room app similar to Whatsapp/WeChat/GroupMeOverview: chat room app where the user can open a room, invite friends to join and simply chat.In the room, users can share pictures, text, videos, and links.Note:1. All message delivery will be using GCM.2. Develop for all Android devices (Mobile Phone, Tablets, etc.).3. The app should use the latest modern programming methods and featuresBelow are the mandatory requirements for this position. Please do not apply if you do not meet these requirements.1) Must be skilled in Android app submission2) Must be able to begin and complete tasks in a timely manner3) Must be available to communicate with on SkypeMore detailed description and mock ups will be sent to selected freelancers.

  • $5000 USD 15 days ago

    Hi I would like some one to make a phone app for me.

  • $5000 USD 15 days ago

    make an android app. I would like to test market and see what programmers charge for android apps. I have some experience in developing but don&quot;t have time to program myself as i work full time

  • $5000 USD 15 days ago

    I want an application that can use your location to view and hail cabs in the local area, and if the driver accepts your request, then you can view the cab traveling to your location. In-turn the cab driver can also view your location. The app must also be able to accept payment via credit card. Application similiar to Uber.

  • $90 USD 15 days ago

    Hi,I would like to build the app it look like as : you tell me how much ? and how long does it take you to get it all done? I want make this app $90 in 7 days.I can pay by Paypal.Please reply me as soon as you can. skype: [Contact details removed by Administrators for breaching the site\&quot;s Terms and Conditions]Thank you.

  • $4000 USD 15 days ago

    The Apps name shall be called CarFixI&quot;m looking to create an Android Application that will match consumers in the market for auto repairs and parts with mechanics/service providers. -Users shall be able to post descriptions of the service and or products they are looking for.-Mechanics shall be able to bid on the consumers&quot; posted product/business need.-Users shall be able to create an account by providing a username password and email address. They may also log in by using their social media accounts such as Facebook and Google Plus accounts. -It will be free for mechanics and consumers to join. There should be an option for admin to charge mechanic accounts a fee. -The app shall be able to facilitate the financial exchanges between consumer and mechanic via PayPal. A percentage of the transaction will be taken by the app. The amount should be configurable.-The app shall have a 4 star rating system where Consumers and Mechanics shall be able to rate and post comments about the transaction once the transactions has closed. The ratings and comments shall be listed on their profiles.-Admin shall be able to highlight/feature certain mechanics/service providers that have received consistently high rankings or those that have paid a premium to be featured. -The app shall have a Geo-locator feature that will enable users to find mechanics and suppliers that are located in their vicinity or by typing in a zip code or city name.

  • $25 USD/hr 15 days ago

    Hi,I want Geo-Fencing on my app and would like you to install it.I have created the start of.* must fetch the new geo-cordiantes from my server JSON on every launch* must update in sqllite* must check if inside the geo-coordiantes * if inside and exit = 1 send a request to server* if inside and exit = 0 do nothing* must check every 5 minutes* must check in background * must use alarm to keep alive.If you have a better way of doing this please suggest.

  • $4000 USD 15 days ago

    We need to develop a social networking app for Android. The application that will be similar to a Twitter client in terms of features but will use our own APIs. Features:- Ability to signup/login- Get a list of users- View their profiles- Ability to chat with them (similar to Whatsapp) : images / smileys / text- In-App purchase- Profile edit view + settingsWe have most of the UI ready, APIs are ready, we need someone to apply to create the Android application. We are developers working on iOS and look for an Android developer with great tech skills to develop this app.Once the interview is clear, we will give you a full specifications on the project and can negociate the project price.

  • £4000 GBP 15 days ago

    Start-up Looking for brilliant / experienced iOS & Android coders. Agile trainedWill first deliver POCMock-ups readyUser stories readyWill need to sign non-disclosure agreementNeed passion & experienceWearable SDK experience would be appreciated too.

  • $30 USD/hr 15 days ago

    For this project you will use the provided simplified Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document in Project 3 folder (SRS-ElevatorSimulation.doc) and design your system. Keep in mind that you will then implement this system in Project #4 using Java and object oriented approach.

  • $450 USD 20 days ago

    Dzień dobry, Zlecę wykonanie aplikacji/skryptu, który będzie w stanie pozyskiwać fanów z facebook&quot;a na fanpage ludzi, interesują mnie tylko Fani z Polski. Skrypt/aplikacja miałby pozyskiwać nawet 50 000 fanów dziennie na kilka fanpage&quot;y. Wiem, że takie coś jest do zrobienia.Pozdrawiam,Kowalski Przemysław.

  • $25 USD/hr 24 days ago

    Witam, praca w Niemczech - okolice Frankfurtu/M. - toczący się projekt, wstępnie 3 miesiące. Co Pan na to?

  • $600 USD Jun 16, 2014

    HelloI would like to recreate the same application as this: want to move way from my current provider of this app but i don&quot;t wish to lose my app. You are listed as an Android developer, can i presume you are unable to produce the app for iPhone and iPad too?

  • $150 USD Jun 14, 2014 taki portal posiadam a chcę zrobić inny regionalny ale w pełni automatyczny z możliwością pozycjonowania ofert w portalu przez użytkowników czy Pan byłby w stanie to zrobić?Jerzy Kaleta

  • €10 EUR Jun 9, 2014

    Hey,i would like to ask if you can implent ads in my android game. I have the source code build in eclipse (java). I would like to insert banner only in menu and then fullscreen interstitial ad after game over.How much will that cost?Looking forward from hearing you,Best regards, Andrej

  • $150 USD Jun 2, 2014

    Witam ! Potrzebuję stworzenia kreatora, który tworzył by mi plik kartę produktu w JPG do druku,Pierwszym elementem jest stworzenie formularza składającego się z pól tekstu, combo boxów oraz check-boxów, którego ustawienia byłyby ładowane z zewnętrznego pliku (ot tak, żebym mógł łatwo edytować lub dodawać opcje). Dodatkowo mialoby tam być pole wyboru zdjęć.Drugim elementem jest wygenerowanie pliku jpg, który zawiera informacje pobrane z formularza oraz tworzy siatkę z wybranych zdjęć. Ze względu na szeroki wachlarz formatów oraz ilości zdjeć w produkcie, chciałbym żeby ta siatka była generowana dynamiczne wykorzystując maksymalnie dostępną przestrzeń. W załączniku wysłałem taki bardzo ogólny obrazek jakby miało to wyglądać.Wymagania technologiczne są bardzo ogólne, jedyne na czym mi zależy to żeby działało to offline i w miarę sprawnie.Z góry przepraszam za dość chaotyczny opis, starałem się być w miarę precyzyjny ale wiem, że nie zawsze mi to wychodzi.Jeśli byłby Pan zainteresowany tym zleceniem i chciał się dowiedzieć o więcej szczegółów proszę o kontakt zwrotny.W ramach możliwości proszę o określenie kwoty za wykonanie usługi.Pozdrawiam uprzejmie,Andrzej Słowik

  • $1000 AUD Jun 2, 2014

    Secure Lock App - The idea behind this app is to restrict access to visitors of a persons phone. The restrictions are put in place by the phone owner. By enabling the app the phone owner is able to create usage profiles based on the specific type of visitor to the phone (E.g Child, Teenager, Spouse etc.) In these profiles the phone owner can choose the enable / disable whole genres (E.g Banking, Social Networking, Settings, Phone, Messages, Mail, Games etc.) or specific application themselves. Even though these apps restricted after the profiles set the application can still be used by a passcode set by the phone owner.

  • $150 USD May 24, 2014

    I am doing project on studies and i need an 1 hour code review. It is in c++ boost asio. Today at 18.00 CET, bedause deadline is in 24 hours.

    re4ct0r does not have any open projects.
    re4ct0r does not have any work in progress.
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Freelance Software Engineer

May 2012 - Present (2 years)


- Android applications development<br />- PHP and Magento development (I have worked over a year on Android project with Magento backend doing work both on Android an Magento side)<br />- C, C++ development

Software Engineer

Jun 2011 - Mar 2012 (9 months)

Mobica Ltd.

Graphics driver for mobile devices implementation. The driver was designed to run on Linux and Android platform. Involvement in tasks related to various parts and layers was necessary.

Junior Software Engineer

Jul 2009 - May 2011 (1 year)

Mobica Ltd.

Applications development mostly for Android but also a little bit for Symbian and iPhone. Responsible for various parts of applications from networking layers to UI layers.



Uniwersytet łódzki



Highest possible scholarship for 4 years in a row.

University of Lodz

I received highest possible scholarship for 4 years in a row for outstanding academic performance. I was one of the top students.


no publications