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Romeo Andres

MS Access/Web/C#, ASP.Net Developer

Username: rhomeu

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Location: Taguig City, Philippines

Member since: March 2011



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  • $35 AUD
    Profile image for Seller georgesencariuc


    Feb 27, 2014

    Once again Rhomeu's service standards are 'top shelf'. Prompt turnaround with excellent product outcome.

    Project Description:Rhomeu. I've been able to do some more 'in house' customisation to the Compliance Information System but have struck a problem again that I'm not able to resolve at my level of skill. I have clonde the...
  • $335 AUD
    Profile image for Seller globalshopdirect


    Feb 12, 2014

    Very happy with the work done, really fast and accurate.

    Project Description:Hi Rhomeu, Many years ago I created an MS Access database that is used weekly. I come from a marketing background and have decided I need someone with technical expertise to help me with an upgrade of the database as there are new requirements...
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller tonyatst


    Feb 1, 2014

    delivered exactly what i wanted - great to work with

    Project Description:i would like a facility to upload files into sql server -- these files would be word doc, pdf, or images. -- want the "front end" in ms access and the table to be in SQL Server. -- there should be a form...
  • $155 USD
    Profile image for Seller cloudve


    Dec 15, 2013

    Good Quality Work. Compare to some who says will deliver but turns our nothing. Thank you.

    Project Description:Looking for someone to create MS Access 2007/2010 (Only) form for data entry which able to output data in CSV. Only MS Access not interested in any other platform Application consist of 3 part 1. Access Table 2...
  • $155 USD
    Profile image for Seller tgunkel


    Dec 11, 2013

    Great Job, Thank you

    Project Description:I have an old access 2003 database that may have been bridged with data over two or 3 spate databases over a network. I need to run this program in one database on a stand alone computer. I would also like to update it to Access 2010...
  • $277 USD
    Profile image for Seller Spacetechok


    Nov 29, 2013

    Exactly what I wanted a product that works exactly the way I want it to, on time and on budget. Rhomeu if you have the need for a MS Access database. This guy is the one to hire.Paul

    Project Description:I own a small machine shop. We have 10 associates and typically 30-40 jobs at any time. I want to be able to input Job number (traveler #) , Employee name, date, and hours onto one form. I want to input...
  • $641.55 USD
    Profile image for Seller tgunkel


    Sep 22, 2013

    Once again rhomeu came through and did everything I needed done<br/>Thank you so much for all your hard work on this database<br/>A true professional! Detail oriented, fast and friendly. Can"t wait to work with him again!<br/> Amazing performance! Sharp professional. I would hire him again!

    Project Description:rebuild database from access 2003 to access 2010, build it so it can run in a client server relationship and will run from a runtime version of access 2010. remove student linking from another database...
  • $265.44 USD
    Profile image for Seller tgunkel


    Aug 6, 2013

    everything is working great, thanks<br/>Very smart and easy to work with, 5.0

    Project Description:Registration form repair as per word document sent
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller jms4044


    Jul 27, 2013

    We encountered a number of problems and frustrations with out hosting company here in CO. rhomeu implemented a workaround site to perform the conversion. When he tried to load into our hosting site he encountered another problem - there letter case sensitive issues with out tables. We have agreed to pay him another $100 to change the tables to the correct case because that was not part of the original agreement.

    Project Description:Our hosting company does not know how to connect the strings from Access (2003) to MySQL. Therefore we need to need to find a database person to connect the 2 databases so my developer can complete the...
  • $140 USD
    Profile image for Seller tgunkel


    Jul 10, 2013

    Clean and quick communcation made this an easy and fast project.. I will be using him again. 5.0 rating<br/>5++++++++++

    Project Description:I am working on a database the tracks couples getting ready for marriage. I was given this project by my diocese which runs about 200 churches in my area. There have been 2 or 3 hands that have touched this project with never getting it working correctly...
    Romeo Andres has not completed any projects.
  • $25 AUD/hr In Progress

    HI We need some one with good Access, SQL skills to update our 10 years old database. We need on ongoing relationship as our customers request change often. The work will be only afew hours a week but sometimes more as change happensSee the attached file for more info

  • $33 AUD/hr In Progress

    We have a client who has been using Ms Access 97 for the last 15 years and we need someone to help with fixing any bugs and adding additional functionalities as it goes. We also need someone who can assist us in creating application to replace their existing Ms Access applications. This will be a project work. Motionwave Technologies is an Australian IT company specialising in IT support and solution to small and medium organisations.We looking for someone who we can partner with for long term.

  • $50 USD/hr In Progress

    I have excel spreadsheets with 5 years of sales data (date, price, price/sq ft) and home descriptive data (BR, BA, SqFT, Distress, Type, Builder, etc.). I use teh raw data in a second excel project to summarize and analyze data by timeperiod, average prices, prices by type, etc. in both report and chart formats. I need a database to store this data and run reports easily without unweildy cut, paste, re-do subttotals, and re-linking chart data each month/quarter. Need easy data upload from Excel spreadsheet maintained by my assistant (downloaded from various Listing services and Property appraisers) as well as manual update/addition of data in teh database. Attached are teh raw data spreadsheet and the analysis spreadsheet with chgarts, totals, etc.

  • $300 USD In Progress

    Our product inventory is stored in a Microsoft Access database that is linked through ODBC to a SQL database. The table in Access contain many different fields that contain the description and other details describing the products. This Access database also links to the SQL database which contain other information about the products such as QTY AVAILABLE, QTY ON HAND, CURRENT COST. So for example, if item#5555 in Access may have field for Name, Brand, Color, Size, Weight, Gender, Selling Price, UPC Number, and many other fields describing the product, this database in Access also links to the SQL table (from our accounting software) that has item#5555 COST, QTY, and other realtime information. In Access, we can easily create queries to produce product price lists where qtys are greater than 0, offers by brand, and other reports.There are two features we are trying to add. The first is as follows. Many of our customers often send us long &quot;wish lists&quot; in excel format with sometimes thousands of items where we need to quote them our best price, qty, and possibly one or two extra fields containing some relevant information. At the moment, we have to manually review these &quot;wish lists&quot; and look up in our system which items we have in stock, what qty we have, and what our current costs and selling prices are. Since the wishlists our customers send to us contain in them the customers permanent item code also, we are seeking to eliminate our manual review by automating the whole process by matching our customers item numbers with our corresponding item numbers. We would like a system where we can simply dump their wishlist excel file into Access or Excel or some program and it would automatically match up the items from our access table and pull the relevant information and write them directly on their wishlist &quot;Qty Avail&quot;, &quot;Price&quot; etc etc... Also there should be a report each time we do this for NEW SKUs that have not yet been mapped so that we may map them for the first time.The second thing we are trying to achieve is generating a query that adds our vendors inventory to our own. Our vendors will send us an excel file that contains a column with their SKU, Item Name, Qty, and Price. We would like to dump this excel file into Access or Excel that will automatically find which SKUs our vendor has that we are currently out of stock, add those SKUS into our Access Query or Excel file, and also input our selling price based on a formula adding our margin on top of our cost price.All this can be more easily explained with a session on Go to Meeting where we can present visual references to explain the objectives we are trying to reach above.

  • $500 USD In Progress

    Create front and back sites for data entry for Inventory items with sub items. with multiple fields. All data will be transferred to Volusion Online Store. Details and additional information can be send and talk about via email, skype. Project is very serious and needs to be done as we need it. Main Idea of this project, is creating Data Entry Form with all need it details + ability to add on the same page Sub Items for Main Item. sort off &quot; Parts&quot; for Main Item. and have ability to be flexible on Pricing for every Item and sub item. and there is more details are involved. We will be data entry in MS Access and then using CSV or API transfer data to Volusion Store. Hope you know anything about volusion and how it&quot;s works there. If not, its no big deal.

  • $555 USD 2 days ago

    My secondhand shop would need an easy-to-use-program to keep the shop running smooth:- a database for each customer which identifies each product, the status of the product (in the shop/sold/paid to customer/overtime):a. their basic infomation (name, address, telephone number, email address + 3 other fields for basic informations)b. product name, style, size, asking prize, minimum prize, condition of the productc. a calendar that counts the selling period and the last date for the selling period (we have at the moment two different time periods with different kind of pricing)d. for sold dresses it would be nice if the program would calculate automatically the price that shold be trasfered to the customer after deducting the comission.Every database would give also a id-number for the product.This database could be printed in a form of an agreement with the information that was provided above. One for the customer and one for us.This database should list automatically the products that have less than 7 days of selling period left and also list the items that have not been sold nor picked up after the selling period has ended. It would be nice if you could print &quot;sold dresses&quot; during the chosen period for the settlement of the customers account as well as informing the customers that thei product has been sold.Also bonus would be if this program could operate directly from our excelsheet where we write the daily sales and mark the sold dresses from there.This program in needed in Finnish, but I am happy to translate it myself.

  • £333 GBP 5 days ago

    Project Description:To create a demo database system that runs on the Microsoft Access 2007-2013 file format. As part of the company’s modernization program, I am looking for someone who can help create a new database in which we can move the core data in the tables from the currently used Access 2.0 database and shift the culture from working in a part-manual, part-computerized way to a fully computerized way that will be stored on our cloud system. The database needs to look clean and simple, in order to input data easily and provide clear reports.To do:-Create 4 tables (Debtor, Debt, Client, Communication)-Create queries, forms and reports to produce similar tasks to the current database - with the changes noted on the attachment.

  • $3333 USD 6 days ago

    Database: SQLFront end: Access 2010 (with vba)The Project entails good knowledge of access 2010 vba and Sql database.It is an application to combine products/customers with different prices spanning over time. Each product has unique IDs that change over time. a Simple representation is required for ease of use. Logic and business rules are already determined.The database is about 80% done, the application is about 50% done, what remains is the complex parts.

  • [Sealed] 12 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $155 USD 22 days ago

    Develop MS Access database from XLS file. Need import process to import XLS file into Access Database. Initial screen to maintain file must be able to sequence and lookup based on FA-IDTAG, FA-LOCATION, FA-CLASS and FA-DEPARTMENT. Need to print report in same 4 sequences. Need to have range option based on FA-LOCATION, FA-CLASS, FA-DEPARTMENT, FA-ACQUISITION-DATE and FA-LIQUIDATION-DATE.

  • $750 USD 22 days ago

    Projects consists of entering 3 fields (description, ingredients/supplement facts and suggested use) into an access data (or excel) for 1,000 products. Data must be in html format. You will get information from will supply a list of rules of what types of data to exclude and how to format the data correct. Supplement facts will need to be in table format. We will provide the template. Must be extremely accurate and have experience working in html.Deadline of 14 days or less. There is potential for more work if this project is completely successfully.

  • $611 USD Mar 17, 2014

    We have a legacy Access front end quoting application that requires its back end Access storage database migrating to MySQL, the front end application has numerious coded links linked to mapped drives and queries that will require amendment. The back end has no queries it is just a simple database.I understand the some of the new tables will require unique fields for indexing. I estimate the work will take a few days to complete. Further work may follow depending on how well the work proceeds.

  • £35 GBP/hr Jan 20, 2014

    Romeo, ive been trying to get hold of you on your email with no response. im not sure if there is something wrong with my email.

  • [Sealed] Nov 30, 2013

    We have recently had a Access DB updated for us ,but did not end up with the product we were hoping for , We are a dance studio with over six hundred students and we require to have the capability to schedule our recitals by several unique parameters. We need to create five unique performances ( blocks) encompassing (on average) about one hundred and thirty dances in total, each performance block being approximately 60 dances and each dance needs to be performed two times within the five performance blocks, a few three times. In the creation of these dance blocks, several conflicts need to be identified: 1 -Three dances in between performances2 - Siblings to dance in same show3 - Young kids to be scheduled early 4 - Variety in sequencing My vision: to start with a complete list of dances, from there a dance would be selected and slid into one of the five dance blocks (each dance block represents a unique performance), as other dances are slid over to the various dance blocks that is where the conflicts would be identified and either the dance would be removed from the dance block or a change in sequencing within that dance block would need to occur.The system needs to track if a dance has been selected, and if so how many times, as the dance blocks are being created. There is a lot of selecting and deselecting during the process of moving the various dances around so its very important to have as much of the data visible, and since the dance blocks are being created simultaneously, moving between dance blocks is also imperative, must contain “user friendly interface “ The way the DB is designed now, you have to select a blank dance, move it to a dance block, and then populate that dance with the dancers….. absolute shit , there are no checks and balances, there is no way of knowing if you have captured all the dancers from a particular dance, and if you want to move a dance from one block to another , you have to repopulate the dance one dancer at a time.... there is no way to achieve our objective with the design that is outlined in the attachment.There might be some debugging necessary as the db has not really been put through its paces, communication wasn&quot;t what it should be and we were not presented with updates, only the finished product and then every issue we had was being treated as a add on to the scope of the project, so after much frustration we decided to cut our loses and try a different avenue to get to what we need.I am looking forward to working with someone who can bring this project to the next level, thanks for looking

  • $500 USD Nov 15, 2013

    I need a database for calculating recipe costings.TABLESAs I see it this would consist of; Table 1: Suppliers - NameTable 2: Ingredient category - categoryTable 3: Units - UnitsTable 4: menu sections - sectionsTable 5: Ingredients: Ingredient name, supplier name (drop down from table 1) Ingredient category (drop down from table2), unit (drop down from table 3) cost per unitTable 6: recipes - For the recipe costings themselves I need to be able to add multiple ingredients, anything from 3 to 30 so it needs to be flexible. Also, I need to be able to add other recipes as ingredients. This could be a separate section but again I need a lot of flexibility in how many I can add. Ideally the form would start off with 1 drop down for ingredients and 1 for recipe ingredients with a button or something to add more as needed, I don&quot;t know if that&quot;s possible though.The info I need on the recipe table is; namemenu section(drop down table 4)recipe yieldrecipe yield unit (drop down from table 3)ingredients (multiple drop downs table 5 bringing over unit and cost per unit) Plus field for inputting quantityrecipe ingredients (multiple drop downs of recipes ordered by section/alphabetic bringing over unit and cost per unit) Plus field for inputting quantityRecipe cost: each ingredient and recipe ingredient quantity multiplied by the cost, all added together and divided by the yield amount.Table 7: DishesBasically a copy of table 6, excluding the yield and yield unit and adding a selling price field.REPORTS1. I will need a printable report of all ingredients, ordered by supplier then alphabetical with current prices and an empty filed next to each for price checking.2. A report listing all recipes from table 7 detailing name, recipe cost, selling price and a calculated field for each recipe showing &quot;1-(recipeCost/sellingPrice) expressed as a percentage to 2 decimal points.FORMS I would want a auto start dashboard consisting of;Dash 1 - report 1, report 2, add items subform, edit items subform, other subformAdd items subform: add ingredient (new record form for table 5), add recipe (new record form for table 6) add dish (new record form for table 7)Edit items subform: edit ingredient (new record form for table 5), edit recipe (new record form for table 6) edit dish (new record form for table 7)If it is possible some way of searching for a particular item in the edit forms would be very useful.Other subform; links to edit form for the first 4 tables

  • $200 USD Nov 7, 2013

    I am stuck creating forms for my commissions database. I need help finishing up this little project, and with the right person, I need to expand on the project later.Problem:Commissions are paid to our agency from several carriers, each sending us monthly or weekly statements. Each statement has one line per policy, much like an order form. We have several agents, whose policies are paid from the carriers. We need a database to enter each commission statement into a form, then, each month, we need to run a report showing how much each agent is to be paid.I have attached the database, which will show the basic tables (and where I am stuck) :)Time is really of the essence, as we are now three months behind in generating our reports.Future needs: We would like to expand the project later by adding basic contact management to the database. It would be nice if we could pull up a contact and get a list of their policies.

  • $355 AUD Oct 21, 2013

    Hi Rhomeu, a few months back (April 2013) you were bidding on an automotive database for me made in Access, you sent me some examples of your work, in it you showed me a inventory tracking project you had made, &quot;Order tracking: Business Warehouse&quot; are you able to do something similar for me? if so what info do you need from me, and how much $$$. Kevin Poole

  • $35 USD/hr Sep 26, 2013

    Objective &ndash; Create a database that will help broker player trades between team ownersHow it works - Team owners rank players or associate $ values to them. A report queries the custom object rankings to recommend trades based on value differences.For example &gt;&gt;&gt;Team 1 Rankings:Team 1 - Player A ($20)Team 2 &ndash; Player Y ($15)Team 2 &ndash; Player Z ($10) Team 1 &ndash; Player B ($5)&hellip;Team 2 Rankings:Team 1 - Player A ($20)Team 2 &ndash; Player Y ($15)Team 1 &ndash; Player B ($10) Team 2 &ndash; Player Z ($5)&hellip;* Based on the information above Owner 1 believes Player Z is worth more than Player B AND Owner 2 believes Player B is worth more than Player Z. Thus, a custom report would suggest the following trade:Team 1 (Player B) FORTeam 2 (Player Z)My Requirements:- 2010 MS Access Database- Tables consisting of Teams &amp; Players (I will provide data)- Create a form in which Two Team Owners can submit rankings/values to players- Based on this information above, generate a report identifying value differences between objects- Possibly more customization after a Beta version is created

  • ₱30000 PHP Aug 7, 2013

    i need someone to finish an unfinished computer program which entails inventory/sales/accounting in our warehouseprograms used :Visual Basic 6.0SQL Server 2003Crystal ReportsThe old programming team has resigned and we need someone to read the code, finish the program , fix the bugs and continue supportthe program is up and running already but there are a lot of bugs that is hindering maximum efficiency we are located in Sta Cruz Manila.budget for this program is flexible

  • $155 USD May 17, 2013

    Transfer the work process from Microsoft Excel sheet to a small friendly access database for 3 to 5 users. The program must be open.

  • $30 USD May 3, 2013


  • $30 USD/hr Apr 28, 2013

    hello im ready for this project

  • $50 USD Apr 24, 2013

    Hi, i work as a Cell Phone Master Dealer and my customers are stores that sell Phones.i have a simple Project to be done in Microsoft Access based on excel Tables.the 1st Table Contains Store Name and Store Location, The 2nd Table Contains the Store Name and the Phones they bought based on the Phone Serial Number (ESN_MEID) and location. The 3rd Table Contains the Rebates that came to the Store based on the location the phone Sold... i want a search Queries for these Table to give me the result of the Rebates amount came to each Store,, Search by name or by location.Please Send me a Quote for this project. i attached some files to see the sample.

  • $35 USD/hr Mar 9, 2013

    ashit bhusan mistry

  • $750 USD Feb 25, 2013

    Taking various excel spreadsheets, Develop a database using existing excel spreadsheet data. Write standard queries and reports.

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Freelance Software Architect

Dec 2011 - Feb 2013 (1 year)

Steelfinne Fabrications Pty Ltd,Victoria Australia

Using MS Access as front end and MS SQL as back end.

Project Manager/Sr Software Developer

Apr 2007 - Present (7 years)

Software Philippines

o Prepare analysis, design, documentations, estimation, for different components and functional modules required by the system.<br />o Develop business objects using ASP.Net, C#.Net/MS Access for various modules.<br />o Make reports using Telerik Reports & Stimulsoft Reports.Net<br />o Work with the Vice President to develop relational database solutions for our clients<br />o Develop user interfaces and tools using MS Access<br />o Team leader who supervises the programmers' work. I manage projects and also perform

Software Developer

Mar 2006 - Mar 2007 (1 year)

University of Asia and the Pacific

o Participate in system analysis and development of new applications. Perform modifications of existing systems and maintenance of various software applications.<br />o Assist programmers in the development/coding of projects.<br />o Train and assist users with application-related problems.<br />o Recommend changes to software applications based on analysis of users' feedback<br /><br />Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, Crystal Reports 9.0, MS SQL Server 2000<br />Accomplishments:<br />o Created Admission Report Module using Crysta


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Divine Word College of Laoag