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Richard Burgess

iOS Programmer

Username: rickbdotcom

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Location: Austin, United States

Member since: April 2010



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My projects:

  • $144 USD
    Profile image for Seller jacobhrainn


    Feb 12, 2014


    Project Description:Our app needs a few minor updates to be ios 7.1 compatible. We&#039;re having trouble with a header piece overlaying on a few screens. This is a rush project.
  • $7000 USD
    Profile image for Seller fziegler


    Jan 31, 2014

    This is our second project with Rick and we would definitely hire him again.

    Project Description:see uploaded file
  • $1500 USD
    Profile image for Seller pxlphoenix


    Jan 30, 2014

    Absolutely brilliant. Rich built the app to my exact specifications and designs, answered my emails super quickly and overall made the experience painless. I've worked with quite a few developers and Rich is one of the best of the lot. Highly recommended.

    Project Description:private project
  • $3092 USD
    Profile image for Seller BFTV


    Jan 15, 2014

    Would work with Richard any day of the week.

    Project Description:For a relatively simple app we are looking for an experienced IOS developer. Developer MUST be from the US with an ability to test the app on At&amp;T UVerse set up box.
  • $257 USD
    Profile image for Seller thinkyou


    Dec 16, 2013

    Excellent work built exactly to specifications. Very responsive freelancer and very receptive to feedback! Delivers a quality product with easy-to-navigate code.

    Project Description:I am seeking a develop to build a custom UI Table Cell View for iOS. The UI Table Cell View will be used and implemented in a larger application. The custom cell view will include custom swipe functions/responses...
  • $206 USD
    Profile image for Seller kuixotic


    Dec 11, 2013

    Insane expertise; exceeded my expectations in every way. Reasonable quotes in both time and cost.

    Project Description:I need someone to build me a very simple module where I can pass it 2 image arrays, it will effectively render 2 dice(one for each array) with the correct number of sides, each side displaying an image from the array...
  • $154 USD
    Profile image for Seller musesum


    Dec 2, 2013

    Wow, that was quick! Most definitely will use again.

    Project Description:Build pcre library (libpcre.a) with all XCode 5 architectures (armv7,armv7s,arm64+simulator). Someone else posted this as a $10-$30 project. Am upping the ante to $150.
  • $1646 USD
    Profile image for Seller learnbetter


    Sep 21, 2013

    Rick is an expert and a true professional.

    Project Description:This is a relatively simple educational application that includes creating short animations (moving numbers). Design expertise is a plus. I have detailed written instructions and a PP presentation, which...
  • $3242 USD
    Profile image for Seller cdmediasl


    Aug 25, 2013

    Exceptional job on this project. I've worked with hundreds of programmers and Rick is easily one of the top developers I've had the opportunity to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable and quickly solved any issues that came up. Highly recommended programmer. A+

    Project Description:We&#039;re looking for someone to build an iPad app. I&#039;ve uploaded a mockup of how we would like the app to work. The purpose of the app is to collect data in a form interface and be able to upload the records collected to an SFTP server as CSV files when the ipad has cellular or wifi connectivity...
  • $825 USD
    Profile image for Seller Simulant


    Aug 2, 2013

    As always - fast, quality. Highly recommend. Thanks Richard<br/>As always - fast, quality. Highly recommend. Thanks Richard<br/>As always - fast, quality. Highly recommend. Thanks Richard

    Project Description:Spellosaur Spelling Age, First 400 words and Can You Fix It - apps
    Richard Burgess has not completed any projects.
  • $3092 USD In Progress

    Build an iOS application (iPhone only) that allows a user to create and review affirmation reminders. The visual design is complete and attached.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1546 AUD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • €3092 EUR In Progress

    Hi,I require an OSX developer to build an app that is similar in some ways to the popular SEO spider by screaming frog ( However the app+web-crawler would also be required to interface with Wordpress and create custom_posts via Wordpress API (or nearest best solution). A complete briefing document is available upon receipt of signed NDA. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • $3000 USD In Progress

    Hi Tom, I wanted to review a little of the project to settle on a final quote and an estimate for timeframes. How can I communicate with you?

  • $4639 USD In Progress

    The purpose of this project is to create an easy to use, fun mobile application that helps women track their period flow, birth control pill and keep historical records on their moods, and symptoms. This application will be used by women.1.1General RequirementsThe application must conform to the following development requirements•Product must be ARC enabled•Must use Apple LLVM Compiler (not GCC)•Implemented in Native Objc (i.e no webviews or html 5 applications)•Must support iOS 6.0-6.14 & iOS7•Must use Storyboards•All strings should be localizable via .strings files. No hardcoded UI strings•App must follow Apple’s conventions and guidelines to ensure it will pass the approval process•Must support iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPad (app uses full screen)•Code must be organized logically using Model View Controller paradigm•App must handle all connectivity scenarios and fail gracefully where needed•All images must be provided with the retina and no retina resolution (@2x)1.2Product FeaturesThe Period Tracker application provides the following internal and customer facing features:1.2.1Mobile Device (iPhone/Android)•Onboarding screens used to inform users of general feature set•Coach marks when user visits certain screens for the first time to help them understand how to interact with the functionality on that screen.•Period start/end and flow recording•Tracking/RecordingoDaily period flow (visual gradient)oContraceptive pill taken/not takenoDaily mood (from set of defined moods)oDaily symptoms for head/torso/lower from (set of defined symptoms for each)oDaily notes (free form)oIntercourse yes/nooPregnancy occurrence•NotificationsoDaily pill reminder (time set by user)oPeriod start reminder (3 days in advance)•Period start, end and flow prediction (based on previous data)•Referral to other MobileMom apps•Pause of pill/period reminders while pregnant•Visual display of cycle including fertility/non fertility days, and information regarding each portion of the cycle.•Cloud backup/restore of all data tracked in app1.2.2Facebook•None1.2.3Twitter•None1.2.4Email•None1.2.5Crash Tracking•Log information for all app crash that occurs1.2.6Event Reporting & Logging (internal)•Track sessions and pertinent events to Flurry•Log session/demographic/identification information to our Trace server•Flurry:oApp launch/exiting (already included in SDK)oPill notification On/OffoPregnancy notification On/OffoRefer to Due Date CalcoAny View Controller Displayed and for every modal screen in appoFly out menu displayedoClick Flyout->Refer App PregTalk, Ovulation Calc, PregTest1.2.7Local Storage•Use SQLite to store all local data on the device1.2.8Cloud Information backup/restore•Use iCloud to mirror all data stored locally.1.2.9User App Rating•Provide ability/remind users to rate the app1.2.10Advertising Integration•Banner and interstitial ad triggeringThe guts of the spec will be given (and bids can be adjusted) once we&quot;ve selected a freelancer.

  • €3157 EUR 5 days ago

    we have a functional product working on native android and need it converted to run on iOS. Experience with large scale deployments is a big advantage

  • $3092 USD 16 days ago

    Dear iOS-developer, are you interested in developing a revolutionary app that will change the way we learn geography?The app is based around the idea of simplifying the way we learn geography; including continents, countries, cities and much more.The targeted audience is students and schoolchildren. We envisage that this could be a useful tool for teachers , students and schools worldwide in the process of teaching and learning geography. We will of course also offer this to anyone who has a desire to improve their knowledge of the globe. What we need from you is the ability to communicate and cooperate with us. You must have the ability to design a map of the globe with clear borders to separete countries. If you can do this, the rest should be easy.Does this sound interesting to you? Then don&quot;t hesitate and show your interest.

  • $3092 USD 16 days ago

    I am interested in having a custom app built for my tree service business that wil allow my Estimators to write estimates in the field, and forward those estimates to customers via email. There are a few apps available but I find the monthly &quot;Subscription&quot; fee&quot;s to be far too high. The apps that I am looking to emulate are &quot;Arbor Gold&quot;, &quot;Connect2field&quot; and &quot;ArborQuote&quot;

  • $3092 AUD 19 days ago

    I am looking to have an iPhone app designed for GPS pet trackers. We have an android app already which can be used for guidance. Existing clients need to be able to log on to the app using their credentials and see the location of their pets on a map. The pin on the map must display the last loaded address and time details when the user touches it. There are 2 other functions available in the app; &quot;Locate Now&quot; which sends a request back to the server for an updated location and &quot;Chase Mode&quot; which sends a command to the server which in turn activates the high intensity LED built into the unit. The server will generate alerts which are to be displayed as push messages on the phone. All the required web services are available. Interested in hearing from suitable developers with an approximate time/cost and examples of their previous work. Thank you.

  • $5154 USD 21 days ago

    I want to design a mobile app that is complicated

  • $10000 USD Mar 3, 2014

    Have an app that I would like to manifest into reality. How many hours would it take you to code? It is a very simple concept. Once we have an NDA signed, I would like to explain the app in detail for you. My number is 7039732618, thanks!

  • $350 USD Feb 10, 2014

    The header text keeps overlaying on top of our content for each of our screens. This is only when compiling using the new xcode (ios 7.x)

  • $2000 USD Feb 7, 2014

    I would like Rickdotcom to integrate my ideas by form of code to this Api. I have to idea what i&quot;m saying but if a picture can be made of this please speak with me I would explain more. I have Appbury developers that offerd me a deal of 12,000 to do it. I think it shouldn&quot;t be that much.But please feel free to message me back for more info.

  • $50 USD/hr Feb 4, 2014

    Dear freelancer, Please dont accept before you have read this and contact us!!We want to create a new app for Ios and android. This app allowd people to use a Gps System (extern, little device) to manage thereAnimals, kids, friends, cars and other things on there mobile device. This app must be avaible on alle mobile devices inclusive tablets.The app is build like:- A gps Function- A map system (downloadble our from the internet)- A menu with some options like info, updates, contact, report a bug, traking button and news- A update function where people can buy updates from a shop. We like to let you made this updates. Some updates can be like a no walk zone for a dogor zone protection for a child. (this will become later)- Easy update function (if we change some things)- Maybe you can use a license for the map packs, we need to know what is possible- We deliver the design and sketchesThe protype of the extern system- The extern system will be a gps system, do we need software for that our how can we fix that? Before you accept the project we like to know the follow things:- What will be the development time - What will be the costs (please separate IOS + Android- How big is your team and what expertises the handle (we dont mind if you have a small team but be fair)- What can you offer us for service after the app release- Let us know how the app will be build on (what systems like html 5 enz)Here you have an example: search for an innovative and professional team. We dont like amature teams and plz dont respond if you can&quot;t handle this project. We like to have a good communication and need a team that do something extras if we ask them. So not only the project but always look with a perfect and proffesional to this project and let us know ifwe can change some things to get better results. We want the full license of the app and its important that you make a unique app. Kind regards Tom

  • $2000 USD Jan 13, 2014

    Hi, I&quot;m working on a MacOS app and companion iOS app, and I&quot;m looking for a software engineer to bring them to life. The app is a utility for musicians, but light on audio/midi requirements. I&quot;ve plugged in an initial project estimate below, but we would need to discuss technical possibilities before finalizing scope and cost. Depending on what&quot;s uncovered during the technical &quot;discovery&quot; phase, the budget could go up or down.Drop me a line if you&quot;re interested. All of the scope/requirements talk might sound a little dry, but this should be a fun project!Thanks. -Mark

  • $1000 USD Dec 16, 2013

    Hey Rick, Here is the code.Please take a look and let me know your thoughts. The goal is to actually remove some features and reskin our current app with new UI and Animation. example #1 - New UI will be different color bubbles that you pop and it plays music. cant upload file here, too big. here is a link to download.

  • $3092 USD Oct 4, 2013

    Looking to get a simple music related iphone app developed. Design is completed already just need it to come to life. More details will be disclosed if interested.

  • $3000 USD Jul 18, 2013

    Hi RickWe are looking for a developer to bring an app we&quot;ve designed for one of our clients to life! All designs will be completed by us and the app will be uploaded to the app store directly by our clients. Our only needs are development, culminating in delivery of the finished app and all associated files and code. Ideally we will work with a developer who can continue to provide after support and updates after the app has launched.I&quot;ve attached a short brief that describes the development requirements for the app.We&quot;re looking for an on going developer to work with so that we can provide app development to more of our clients, so there is definitely opportunity for lots more work. Please let me know if you are interested in working with us :)Kind regards,Mike

  • $3092 USD Jun 12, 2013

    I need the last 40% of my companies weather app completed. Please see attached document for further details.

  • ₹5000 INR May 20, 2013

    veli panti kar yaar theek aa nabund mar lokaa dimachuda tu

  • $100 USD May 17, 2013

    I have an existing IPad app currently on the App Store. I also have the code for the app. I am looking for someone to enable the app to run ads.

  • $750 USD Apr 28, 2013

    hi i want ur project if u don&quot;t mind ?!!

  • $1000 USD Mar 16, 2013

    I am looking for a ready made iPhone chat messenger with file transfer and customized with my own graphics. can you help me ?Thanks

  • $75 USD/hr Mar 12, 2013

    Hi Richard, we are looking for a short and long term developer to work on a Mac OS desktop application in the presentation\slide maker category. Similar to Keynote. We have an immediate need but also looking for possibly long term hand over. Let me know if you would like to discuss. We are a software dev firm north of Los Angeles and could speak by phone at your earliest convenience. Ric

  • $75 USD Mar 4, 2013

    Hi Rick,I am looking for a freelancer to build a &quot;discount coupon app&quot; in which the users of the app get to buy bundles of coupons that give them discounts at restaurants, theme parks, activities etc.I have had some far less experienced developers look at it, so my guess is you would be able to code this with your eyes closed. The User Interface has already been designed and all the files are available in Photoshop. Attached is a list of things that need to be done according to a consultant who analyzed the concept and business model. Please have a look at the video in the link below, which explains the app itself. Please send me a price quote (if you are interested in taking on the project of course) and how long this would take to code.Thanks a mil!The link:

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Aspyr Media

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