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Embedded programming, PCB layout, Analog and Digital Circuit design, Professional service

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Location: Saskatoon, Canada

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My projects:

  • $232 USD
    Profile image for Seller xecman


    Aug 24, 2013

    Ravi is a real pro at what he does. His design experience and knowledge of manufacturing places him above the pack.

    Project Description:I'm looking for a designer that can bring my product to life. It is a type of Mobile Charging device, so PCB, Modeling, and Design skills are a must. I'm looking for the following: TOTAL OF 3 DIFFERENT...
  • $250 AUD
    Profile image for Seller micaant


    Sep 12, 2012

    Great job. Project was completed on time and exactly how i wanted it. Very professional.Thanks

    Project Description:Hi freelancers. I need a PCB designed and software written for a voltage controlled relay. The device will sense input voltage and display it on a standard 2 x 16 LCD display. A simple menu system will be implemented to set the on and off voltages and time between switching...
  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller carelle


    Jun 1, 2012

    Excellent quality and good communication. Thanks

    Project Description:Hello designers, I need a good partner for layout using - Altium Designer 10 (MANDATORY) Best Practices in Printed Circuit Board Design are REQUIRED: lines width vs current, digital and analog mixed PCBs, EMI, shielding, etc...
  • $80 USD
    Profile image for Seller xecman


    May 30, 2012

    Fantastic...finished project immediately.

    Project Description:I finally need a hard plastic housing for a simple bar magnet. Dimensions found here... That will have to be a 2 part snap together casing...
  • $35 USD
    Profile image for Seller xecman


    May 28, 2012

    Top Notch Freelancer...Goes above and beyond!

    Project Description:Hello Ravi, as mentioned in first job, I need the cover for the Circular round PCB. The goal is to have a universal fitting soft rubber silicon key cover, that will have a slot for the PCB board inside of it...
  • $35 USD
    Profile image for Seller xecman


    May 20, 2012

    As always...Amazing Skills

    Project Description:Hello Ravi, this is the first project of three. I'm trying to make a reed switch PCB fit nicely over the head of a house key but be as universal as possible. I need to have the reed switch PCB redesigned with components and size and shape...
  • $103 USD
    Profile image for Seller Nubii123


    May 14, 2012

    Great work :)

    Project Description:I need you to make me a doorlock with arduino The doorlock must have 3 buttons, and when the code is typed wrong a led must be light, when it is typed correctly a motor starts to run The motor runs...
  • $85 USD
    Profile image for Seller oreksi


    Apr 23, 2012

    Everything was done pretty fast! Excellent work, excellent worker with great communication skills.. Whatever was required, this freelancer took his time and found solution for it, or amended work so it meets our expectations.

    Project Description:I m looking for a programmer with knowledge of C programming for Arduino and Ethernet Shield. My project is based on Arduino, Php and Mysql. The website part of the project is already ready. I just need...
  • $59 USD
    Profile image for Seller xecman


    Feb 17, 2012

    This is the second time I've used this company and again...they delivered better than expected. Just like the first time. Incredible talent and skill...Definitely knows what he's doing.

    Project Description:Hello, You have helped me in the past build a PCB for the reed switch. You currently advertise it as the Smallest PCB you have made. You really did an excellent job on that project. Now I'm in need of a plastic housing for that PCB...
  • $77 USD
    Profile image for Seller xecman


    Dec 8, 2011

    This gentleman really knows his stuff. I plan to use him again and again personally. He has done his job and then some...going way above and beyond. Definitely trustworthy and even is providing support for it for a whole year. Would recommend to anybody who needs anything related to PCB/Schematics/Gerber/3D Imaging. PHENOMENAL!

    Project Description:I have a picture of a simple magnetic circuitry laid out on a prototyping board. All components are: Magnetic Reed Switch, Resistor, LED, Battery, Battery Holder. I need that breadboard that I have tested and working, turned into a Schematic, and then translated into Gerber files...
    RSDEVELOPERS has not completed any projects.
  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    I want to create a pair of circuit boards which work in tandem to transport some analog data over standard CAT5 cables in a digital format. I am looking for someone to do electronic design, component selection, schematic capture, PCB layout, testing and debug of a prototype, and a final "turn"on the PCB design. Altium is preferred, but I can accept other formats.The incoming data is 6 differential analog signals, one digital signal, and an RS-232 signal. The only signal returned to the source is RS-232. The analog signal should preferably have a 96kHz sample rate. The output should mirror the input: i.e. 6 differential Analog signals, one digital signal, and the RS-232 data.I have identified an ADC and DAC with parallel I/O which I think would be a good choice, but I"m open to consider other options. I have also identified a 10/100 Ethernet PHY which appears to offer the correct digital transport layer. I believe that the key remaining logic item is an element to control the DACs and package the resultant data for the PHY; I"m leaning toward an FPGA for this function, but would consider a microcontroller.This also needs an isolated Power Over Ethernet (POE) system; I haven"t done any design in this regard, so options are pretty openI would plan to break the project into the following steps:(1) Block diagram and main component selection(2) Detailed schematics of both PCBs(3) PCB Layout of both PCBs- At this point I order assembled prototypes for delivery to you-(4) Code generation, troubleshooting, and system debug(5) PCB Layout Updates

  • $120 AUD In Progress

    I have a 240VAC -24V AC 144VA toroidal transformer. the 24VAC is fed into a 8 channel power splitter PTC fuse PCB . i need a low cost design and PCB Layout of a 8 Channel Bi Colour(Blue/Red) LED status PCB to monitor the state of each of the 8 PTC fuse. If the PTC is Closed cct (normal)status , LED will be Blue . a Fault(short or very low resistance) the Led will change to be Red . I already have a PCB size and on Protel File .

  • $180 USD In Progress

    I need to implement an Arduino Sketch (for Arduino Uno Rev 3 AND/OR Arduino Mega 2560) which give me access to communicate using Arduino serial port based on 9-bit communication.The basic features I need to solve are :1) send pre-defined packets on TX (packet = byte array based on protocol specification defined at the end of this spec) (example of packet to send = 0x01 0x53 0x00 0x05 0x91 0x27 , 0x91 0x27 must be calculated using CRC formula Algorithm defined at the end of this spec)2) listen for incoming packets on RX (packet = byte array based on protocol specification defined at the end of this spec). on each incoming packet must : 2.1 - determine if the first incoming byte has 9th bit flag set or not. 2.2 - check CRC to determine if it is correct or not (check CRC Algorithm spec defined at the end of this spec)INCOMING PACKET DEFINITION :-------------------------------------------Communication must occurs through a serial data link operating at 19.2 KBaud in a "wakeup" mode. The 11-bit data packet consists of one start bit, eight data bits, a ninth ‘wakeup’ bit, and one stop bit. In wakeup mode (outgoing packets), arduino must sets the 9th (wakeup) bit each time it sends the first byte of a message to the client. For all additional bytes in the message, this bit is cleared. For incoming packets, Arduino must use the wakeup bit (9th bit) to determine whether the received byte is the first byte of a new message or an additional byte of the current message. CRC CALCULATION==================================================The CRC follows the basic CCITT convention by starting with the most significant byte, least significant bit and applying the CRC polynomial x^16+x^12+x^5+1. Figure 5.1 details a fast CRC calculating routine from the public domain. The routine can be used to generate message CRCs as well as the variable-seed calculation needed for ROM signatures. CRC Algorithm //Function: CRC //Purpose: Calculate the 16-bit CRC of a string using // a byte-oriented tableless algorithm. The // routine inputs are the buffer pointer, the // buffer length, and the seed for the // calculation. The magic number 010201 octal // is derived from the CRC polynomial // x^16+x^12+x^5+1. //Passed in: unsigned char, int, unsigned short //Passed out: unsigned short unsigned short CRC(unsigned char *s, int len, unsigned short crcval) { register unsigned c,q; for (; len; len--) { c = *s++; q = (crcval ^ c) & 017; crcval = (crcval >> 4) ^ (q * 010201); q = (crcval ^ (c >> 4)) & 017; crcval = (crcval >> 4) ^ (q * 010201); } return (crcval); }

  • $260 USD In Progress

    Our goal is to make a energy monitoring circuit using the ADE7753. This circuit should interface with the Arduino Uno and display the real time energy consumption of any appliance/lightThe project will consist of two major parts:1. HARDWAREA circuit needs to be designed that utilizes the ADE7753 and a shunt resistor. This circuit should then use the SPI interface to send data to the Arduino. 2. ARDUINO CODEThe arduino source code should be able to interpret the data and display it on the serial monitor in real time. Example: If a light bulb is connected to the circuit, the serial monitor should continuously display in WATTS, the energy consumption of the light bulb.The embedded software will also calibrate the the ADE7753 so that the displayed data is accurate.Some useful links are below: deliverables:SchematicBill of MaterialsArduino code for Sketch

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I would like a 4 digit, LCD timer module with a magnetic reed switch. This module including batteries must be as cheap as possible.Please see attached design files. I have more. If this design can be improved I am enthusiastic to hear your ideas.These design files were created for an LCD model GDC8310 as per the parts list. However I require this design to be modified for a smaller LCD GDC0209. PCB will need redesign. Hopefully you can help me.The LCD will be provided to you and will have a diffuser. 12 o"clock LCD.Form:The switch is a 10mm magnetic reed switch (AO) and is securely connected to the back of the module by a 200mm wire (white sheath) with the reed switch at the furtherest point.The PCB dimension: length 50mm x width 25mm x depth 30mm. PCB can be deeper/shallower as your design requires. PCB can be longer/shorter as your design requires. Width may not be. The width is very important and must be as narrow as possible.The PCB will require imbedded white LEDs to illuminate the LCD via the diffuser.The LCD will be positioned at the lowest edge of the PCB. LEDs preferred to be above the LCD to enable positioning to be as close to lowest edge of PCB as possible. Unsure of quantity of LEDs as power consumption is a concern.The LCD will be in operation in an ambiently lit indoor room.Function:When the reed switch is activated the timer LCD screen lights up and counts up in seconds (max 99.99 seconds- ss:th). Accuracy is not important. +-5% is ok. Whole second digits are only visible when counted (I don"t want "00.01", the visible digits must be " .01"). Once the timer is deactivated the time continues to be displayed for ~20 seconds. After 20 seconds the power shuts off and the screen goes blank. Upon activation it resets and begins counting up again from .01. If the timer is interrupted while the LCD is in operation (either counting or displaying the previous count) the module resets and begins counting up again from .01. The timer must enable this interruption.I will provide firmware for this, to be confirmed in your design.For example the reed switch has a magnet placed near it, causing it to close. The timer then activates and starts counting up from .01. As the timer is counting the magnet moves away, causing the reed switch to open and break the circuit. The timer pauses counting and displays the time for 20.00 seconds. After 20secs the timer powers down, waiting for the magnet to pass the reed switch again. If the magnet passes the reed switch at any time during the 20sec display time, the timer will begin counting from .01. This timer needs 14 hours of operation time. Standby time should be as long as possible (months). I would like you to provide me with 15 examples of this timer, as well as all supporting documentation. The supporting documentation will be complete and will enable manufacture with no uncertainties. If your design and prototypes are suitable in cost and quality I will definitely be interested in a reliable and scalable supplier relationship. I will provide you with LCDs and diffusers.I am happy to release a milestone payment after agreement of design and components, with full payment upon receipt of prototypes. Your bid must include delivery costs to Sydney, Australia. Good luck guys.

  • $388 USD Sep 29, 2013

    Goal of the project is to develop, code and deliver a working prototype of a simple PCB allowing two ways communication from CAN to WiFi interfaces.(CAN2WiFi PCB) Project requirements:1. Using WiFi module: RS-9110-N-11-22 required working SPI and USART interfaces2. Using STM32F4 processor, PICOBLADE-5 by SWD programming interface,3. handling two CAN buses4. CAN buses with SPOX-4 connector (GND, CANL, CANH, VOUT)5. VOUT 5V 1.5A, processor controlling ON/OFF - two separate voltage output for two short-circuit proof buses. Short-circuit detected by the processor.6. Status indicators, 4 LED controlled from the CPU, 1 LED power supply7. uSD card connector on the SPI8. 7-36V power supply, voltage measurement9. compact size PCB (no more than 76.2 x 43.2 mm with mounting holes in the corners 4xM3)If there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask.Best regards,K.J.

  • $5000 USD Dec 19, 2011

    CONTRACTORS ATTENTION PLEASE."please note we are new to this web site and are in the process of filling in all the requirements to be a fully functional gold member, this will be completed by 15 january 2012"We are looking for various professionals to recruit on a full time basis direct to our technology and security company in Cambridge, UK. We are quite happy to work with contractors also.We have obtained various contracts for different banks and also 2 of the major players in the market in PDQ terminals. We have been employed to demonstrate the security breaches in their current technology and then to offer a new architecture and format to protect their current flaws. Due to obtaining this large ongoing project we now need to source professionals in this field to work on developing it further.We are also prepared to the right candidates to fly you to the uk, or we can visit you in your home country to put in place an agreement.We currently are working in hand with Cambridge University with 2 PHD students in these fields, but due to the commercial aspect of this, there jobs do not have the time to commit to our private clients at the level of work we have obtained.The project requires detailed knowledge of the PDQ systems from INGENICO and also VERIFONE and EMV protocols.Our current students have demonstrated to us is their laboratory at Cambridge University the alterations on the current systems, due to being unable to engage with private enterprise to enter into a commercial arrangement with a university, we need to approach the private sector.1.) knowledgeable about the technology involved with how POS and PDQ terminals operate and how they can be re-programmed in order to compile a list of all transactions which are processed by the POS OR PDQ terminal.2.) This project"s main task is to program or re-program/modify the pin pad to capture keystrokes and the track 1, track 2 with Pins and time stamp.3.) After the data has been captured it should be able to wirelessly transmit this data via SMS text message or e-mail message. 4.) Backup info must be recorded prior to encryption, and must be able to be downloaded via bluetooth wireless device5. To bypass current technology to open up the physical pdq6. On completion and demonstration of this, then to offer planning and security protocols to prevent this being done, programs re written to avoid the relevant security breachesWhat we wish to do is offer this service also to medium sized business, as a service to demonstrate the security floor, and to then sell the relevant software and hardware to ensure the company has implemented a extra security levels to prevent any attempt on their payment machines. This software and hardware modifications will be offered under license that will renew every year. Our main objective is to convince the major PDQ players that their product is flawed in various ways and for them to take on out findings and to license our company into the security production of all their global products.We are looking for highly professional individuals who are looking for a challenge and excellent financial benefits based on the work we require.

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Design Engineer

Sep 2008 - Present (5 years)


Working as PCB layout design engineer, analog and digital system design, 8051, AVR, ARM firmware developer, CAD, 3d designer


Masterd degree in Engineering

Tribhuvan Vishwavidalaya



Best innovative design

National Instruments

Awarded for best system (product) design, from concept to PCB, and casing also


High speed PCB layout

Design engineering

This publication focus on the considerations for high speed signal carrying pcb layout design