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Location: Kolkata, India

Member since: June 2009



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  • $2452 HKD
    Profile image for Seller xonpm


    6 days ago

    Neel is professional enough for your up coming 3D job, he well communicated and able to understand my needs at all time, if you are looking for a professional 3D animator, I would definitely recommend Neel for you.

    Project Description:We are the high ranking and professional buyer and will close job fast and release funds right after the job done. Place your bid now with your animal cartoon animation reference. (We only reply to person...
  • $163 USD
    Profile image for Seller patrickfleege


    21 days ago

    Great to work with and the quality of the models is ever increasing.

    Project Description:Draw up a Dodge Minivan for 3d Printing
  • $1400 HKD
    Profile image for Seller xonpm


    24 days ago

    Neel is a professional 3D artist, he has good communications, well understand my needs, and able to perform over my expectation within the time frame. If you are looking for a professional 3D person, highly recommend him to your job.

    Project Description:We are the professional buyer will create, manage, and close deal fast and quality, so place your bid now for job confirmation soon. ***** Job description ***** Phase 1: Using Maya to create a CUTE...
  • $155 USD
    Profile image for Seller patrickfleege


    29 days ago

    Great to work with

    Project Description:Draw Honda Accord
  • $302 USD
    Profile image for Seller patrickfleege


    Mar 4, 2014

    Delivered a high quality product and was receptive to feedback. I will use him again.

    Project Description:I need a series of models produced as 3D print ready STL files at 1:96, 1:120, 1:192 and one scaleable to print at 1:240 or smaller. I will have several projects week after week if I can find the right draftsman...
  • $55 USD
    Profile image for Seller vw7469360vw


    Jan 23, 2014

    excellent work, he took on a change halfway and delivered very well. must hire again.

    Project Description:Loved your work. Similar to last project pls incorporate STL file into shoe. files are attached with instructions.
  • $43 USD
    Profile image for Seller vw7469360vw


    Jan 16, 2014

    Very very good work. Render was perfect and exactly what we wanted. will hire repeatedly.

    Project Description:Hi, very nice portfolio. would like you to 3d model a high heel shoe for fashion designer - if we like the work, would give you job for entire upcoming collection. have attached a jpg with instructions - would like you to put together elements from different shoes and create a 3d model of a shoe...
  • $526 USD
    Profile image for Seller FXMMedia


    Dec 24, 2013

    It's the best 3d designer ever ! A+ as usual !

    Project Description:Hi Freelancer, The 3D character must be a geek, which talking about a website thats selling online Tablets, smartphones... Animation must last 30s with alpha We will provide a video of our actor for animation movements...
  • $177 USD
    Profile image for Seller agcom


    Dec 23, 2013

    Very good workflow, fast and proper work, very good intention for designing

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $300 USD
    Profile image for Seller cloudmaker


    Dec 15, 2013

    Neel is definitely one of the VERY PROFESSIONAL 3d modellers and animators out there. He delivers the work in progress within the expected timeframe and fixs the issues in feedback very quickly. I will definitely hire him again for future works.Highly recommended to anyone needs professional 3d modelling and animation works!

    Project Description:Contents to be created for the project: 1. One set of white tigers consist of a female white tiger, a male white tiger and a child white tiger. 2. The models should be rigged and animated with the...
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller ninehorses


    May 29, 2013

    Great work done. Highly experienced 3D artist. Will hire again.

    Contest Brief:Idea contest for a new mobile game like Sonic Dash, Subway Surfers, and Temple Run. Sonic Dash Subway Surfers Temple Run The idea should be similar to the games mentioned above. Describe details for the following: Game characters: What are the game characters? What do they look like? Helpful google images or websites, or hand scratches are welcome. Actions: What are the actions of the main character? Running or riding something or how is the character moving? Game environment: Describe the environment, surroundings, runway or path if necessary. Again, helpful google images or websites, or hand scratches are welcome. Sounds: describe the sounds and music in the game. What should they sound like? You should "think outside the box" for this idea contest. How to make this game 1. different: it must be very different idea/concept. I don't want to build another game that looks and plays exactly like the three games mentioned above. 2. more fun to play: idea is to keep the player in the game for a long time, and to make that player come back and play the game everyday. If you have more than one idea, you can send different ideas in different submissions to increase your chances of winning this contest. If your idea is selected and if you do a great job with the details above, you may be hired again during the game design phase. Thank you! Important Note: Because this contest is for your idea, you don't need to submit picture files. You can submit your ideas in text files.
    IG Entertainment has not completed any projects.
  • $578 USD In Progress

    Hi Freelancer, we just need two modelisation of our character for the world cup event. France team and Brezil teamWe will provide a video support for animation… will be simpleAnimation time : 32 sVideo format will be quicktime mov with alphaGood luck

  • $15 USD In Progress

    Have an existing 3d model file. Would like you to make some improvements in model and texturing and make it photorealistic.JPG and .max model attached

  • $789 USD In Progress

    The character attached shall be created as a 3D model and in 5 different poses.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Hello, I am doing a presentation on toxins within our environment and how they interact within our bodies. The entire presentation is 11 minutes long and can not go beyond that. The animations I am hiring you to do need to be short and simple. In the storyboard drawing I have shown a representation of the animations I am looking for. I drew these myself. I depict a male in the drawing but I want this character to be unisex. Really there are only three things being animated aside from the sun passing over head and the salt being poured. These are the man in the beginning picking up a cell phone, a cell(s), and circular clouds. The circular clouds are the main focus of this presentation. They represent the toxins mentioned earlier. I know my drawings are crude but I would like to make it clear that the man depicted must be similar to the 3d man photo I have posted. I would like the 3d man"s skin to be see through so the internal organs can be seen. This means the man needs veins and all of his internal organs the brain, heart, lungs, stomach etc... The internal organs do not need to be detailed. The veins like the organs do not need to be detailed. I would also like to state that there are more three more scenes. I did not make a story board of them because they are combinations of the ones I have already made. If you have anymore questions please ask.I look forward to working with you.

  • $2000 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $850 USD In Progress

    Project TD is for a Tower Defence game.10 creatures (5 are enlarged versions of original creatures) and 7 towers.Milestone is for 1 creature, and 2 towers. only for runeanimation

  • $750 USD In Progress

    Milestone is for 2 creature assets, and 1 player asset. Each asset is fully animated (3 animations each)Complete project is 6 creature assets, and 3 player assets.

  • €1500 EUR In Progress

    We are developing a Dental project in which we would like to integrate 3D animations.The is only an example (not to copy) of such requested animation/illustration needs. For the first phase will need the designer to deliver 100 short dental animations (as mentioned above) The contractor will deliver such animations with a sound track that will be provided by us. (Pls. quote such editing per unit)The delivered quality (superior to the above link) animations will have HiRes and LowRes versionsSuch animations will be used on the Web as well as on Tablets (Flash issue) and DVD

  • $131 USD Today

    Goal is to create a 3d model of a human head and parts of the upper part of the body based on 2d pictures. This model will be used to created a bust with a 3d printer.

  • $1578 USD Today

    I have a small project to design an cartoon educational shirt film 3D, contains three animated characters, the duration is one minute, I need someone to design simple 3 characters (father mother and baby) gulf style like this : in cartoon look with rig and animationand animation look like this: character modelling, rig and animation

  • $105 USD Today

    Mango Technologies is Bangalore based connected mobile device oriented product and platform technology company. Since 2010 having published 250+ applications on 7 platform app stores (which include Android, BlackBerry, Bada, Tiezen, iOS, Windows Phone, J2ME including others) in 15+ Application Categories that immensely concentrates on Innovation, UI/UX and Usability aspectsApart from creation of world class applications Mango is currently creating waves in market with its newly launched game "Race City Delhi". The core gaming team is working on a cutting edge Unity 3 D Platform with high focus on creating world class graphics and engineering. The vision is to create high quality 3 D games to be enjoyed by casual as well as avid gamers.Mango is looking for the kind of artist who can develop art content for characters, and to contribute exceptional quality of art to our games. • Create low poly and high poly models using 3D application(s) • Create texture/shader (color, normal, specular, ambient occlusion, height, uv, and incandescent maps using 2D/3D application(s) . Advanced understanding of Photoshop, Maya (or Max), Mudbox, and Z-brush or equivalent. • Advanced understanding of generating normal maps from high poly models. • Advanced understanding of complex node based shader networks such as those used in Unreal Editor 3, Mental Mill, etc. • Understanding of Perforce.

  • ₹10000 INR 6 days ago

    i am game designer and programmer .i have plane game idea..which i am doing with unreal engine .......i need models

  • $4210 USD 24 days ago

    hello guys .. i want to make a trailer of my animation film so if u have enough kills pm me the details after comments

  • $789 USD Mar 15, 2014

    I am interested in paying someone to make pieces of a chess variant I find quite intriguing. The chess variant is named DRAGONCHESS. It was created by Gary Gygax (the creator of Dungeons and Dragons). The variant was introduced in 1985 in Dragon Magazine, issue No. 100. I have searched all over the web and have found no sets for sale. NOTHING!Here is a list of the pieces:-Basilisk (minor)-Dwarf-Elemental (major; preferably something with an Earth-like design)-Cleric (major)-King (major)-Mage (major)-Oliphaunt (minor)-Paladin (major)-Thief (minor)-Unicorn (minor)-Warrior (essentially the ordinary Pawn)-Hero (minor)-Dragon (major)-Griffon (minor)-SylphAs you can see there are many pieces. I need someone who can design a 3D image of each piece.I"m currently not sure what I want the size for each piece to be specifically. I"m hoping this will not be an issue and the size can be adjusted after the 3D design is created. I prefer that the design be simple, and nothing to flashy. All that I desire is for an individual to recognize which piece is which. I"ve labeled the pieces above as either major or minor. I would prefer a minor piece to be 2/3 the size of a major piece and a Warrior, Dwarf, and Slyph to be 1/3 the size of a major piece. I hope this all makes sense and is appealing to you.Please contact me if you"re interested.

  • $3000 USD Dec 31, 2013

    3D modeling for bathtubs.Around 70 different models. Prefer Maya can see my model in contact me so we can see if we are on the same page.

  • ₹2000 INR Dec 31, 2013

    We need a simple 3D Rendering to submit to our Project Team for Approval. I have pasted all the dimensions in the attached file and also some reference images.

  • $105 USD Nov 27, 2013

    Dear allI want someone to model two characters in 3d studio max, with 99% quads. i need it urgent.modeling of these characters is very easy.please bid if you can provide these 3d models in 2 daysIn case of any query, message meThankyou

  • $421 USD Nov 21, 2013

    Hi,I need someone to create cartoon animations in 3D. preferably 3DS MAX. Please post the price for 1 thirty second stunning animation with a low poly character created by us.Please only bid if you have a portfolio we can checkThank you.Carlos.

  • ₹1500 INR Oct 3, 2013

    I wanted a 3d model of a Samsung galaxy note phone case made to correct specifications so that I can 3d print it at home.

  • ₹600 INR Sep 30, 2013

    Hello,I would like to say this one thing before i give details of the project is that i will communicate only in English/Hindi. And also that the project however does require understanding of the requirements as they are very specific. If the work is even a little bit off the requirements and specifications, it will not be accepted. List of specifications will be provided.You have to design a full Armor, Weapon and shield for an existing character from the references being given. The full Body Armor set and weapons should be artistically good and are LOW POLY. If the current work is properly done, there will be many more projects with higher payouts in future to work with. References will be given once you understand the following requirements :1.) For geometry source content use .SMD or .FBX2.) For texture source content, use .TGA3.) DO NOT exceed the geometry and texture size budget which will be given along with references. (approx 550 - 350 triangles per armor piece)4.) There will be 2 models of each component, having different Level Of Details, namely having different polycount and texture sizes.5.) All textures must be provided - color, normal, mask 1 and mask 2. Where mask 1 and mask 2 contain detailed information in each R, G, B and A channels about self-illum, specular highlights, Color and Fresnel suppression etc. Details will be given later.6.) Models much be correctly attached to the specified bone structure of the character model.Good quality and fast work would be preferred. Further details will be given when project starts. Please do not bid if you are not confident enough about providing the work strictly within the specifications.

  • $473 AUD Aug 12, 2013

    Filmotion Productions is an animation and video production company that is looking for an animator who can potentially model and animate charactertures for a monthly YouTube channel. At this point we require 2 characters similar to the ones that have been attached on fairly minimalistic backgrounds. Characters will need to talk (basic), smile, frown and be surprised. We recommended Maya or 3D Studio Max. The animation length is 1 minute and the deadline is 30th August 2013. Please provide your cost and estimated time of completion.

  • $150 USD Jun 5, 2013

    Hi! I am interested in finishing a 3d model i have started. i havent been able to complete it because of my lack of skill in 3d programs. But i have rendered out all the lines i would need in a 2d sketch done in Adobe illustrator. and i can show you something i came up in Maya. All we need to do then is extrude out the shapes and chamfer a 15 degree angle on the edges of the model. I also know the dimension of the project. As it could be done in two layers (top and bottom) the top would have an overall thickness of .1875 in. The lip that runs around the edge of the "S" would be .025" thick and .035" tall. The raised pattern sits .025" above the surface.My goal is to send this to a 3d printer (shapeways) to get it printed. so i would need to make this file into a .stl compatible file to use for 3d printing. I hope you can get back to me soon. and we can work out the cost and time. Thank you!!

  • $75 USD Jun 5, 2013

    Hello I have some architectural drawings which I need coloured and 3D for website.IS it something you would do?

  • ₹5000 INR May 25, 2013

    Hi....My name is ankit and i am working on an Architectural 3D Walkthrough project. I need 10 3D animated characters (with script) with minimum 4 textures options.please revert me asap if u can do this type of work thanks.

  • $500 USD May 18, 2013

    helloi have find you here and your work looks fine :-)we are a corset tailor and we want to improve our product picsso we plan to remake it on computer, so its looks more glamorousyou are able to design a corset on computer so its looks real and perfectyou are able to design a girl which wear it?only body, face its not neccessaryif its possible for you take this pic and make me a sample rebuild it as graphic so its looks realy glamorous, shiny like satin and ... maybe in two colors black and dark redif you want make me a very feminin girl sample toomy email is kontakt@labea.dei have so many pics which need to renewed and new designed for our new storei hope its possible to do for you and the result will be greattell me also how much you need for one pic and how much for color changeand when you are able to start with projectkind regardsalex

  • $35 USD May 16, 2013

    I have an .stl file of a high shoe (left and right) in two files I need converted to STP or IGS. Can you assist me with this? if so, How much will it cost me? How long will it take? Please reply at your earliest. /R,Sergio

  • $400 USD Apr 29, 2013

    I am looking for 3d designers and animators to create images like this: , and a video showing two repetitions of the exercise. I think I will need more or less 150 imges and 150 video.I would like to receive a estimate for expenditure for this kind of job.

  • $15 USD/hr Mar 15, 2013

    maya animation with lipsync

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MSC in Multimedia

Punjab Technical University



University Of Calcutta



Professional Certificate of Animation Course

Zee Institute Of Creative Arts (ZICA)

Here I have learned 2D as well as 3D Animation......Then keep on updating myself..