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creative work with innovative ideas..!!

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  • £22.00 GBP
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    UKeComSpecialist [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 5, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:We have the 'easy exploded menu' free module from the magento installed on our site and I need someone talented to display it properly on our site and customise the colours to match our theme. We have...
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  • $22 USD/hr In Progress

    We are looking for a reliable programmer for a longterm collaboration. we have tons of little implementation to do on a running oscommerce bases store. plus we are building a new shop for trade users only: several features have to be built in. we are interetsted in working with someone who knows oscommerce very well and helps us to implement fetures and improve globally the shop.we are willing to pay 20-25$ per hour and as above stated we are looking for a parnter for a longterm collaboration.Thanks :)

  • $66 USD In Progress

    I have a urgent project today. Two logos to be designed. I have sketches of both logos. Please see the attachments here. I have some changes in the logo. Please read this carefully:In logo1.jpg, you have bunch of hands in both left and right but, I don"t want that, but, make it leaf both sides like in logo2.jpgColors:Logo 1Hand- Skin colourBird- Bird like colourMountain- Snowy whiteSun- orange in center and red raysland- dark greenwater below land-sky bluebelow mountain both the side- very light greenemerging asia written in dark redLogo 2flame of sun on above-dark orangeline below flame- redemerging asia written in dark red but background light yellowwhole background around childs-light yellowleaf-dark greenwater below land- sky bluechild -dark blue(whole)sun-dark yellowANN written in dark redTERMS AND CONDITIONS:PLEASE DONOT BID IF YOU DON"T AGREE THESE CONDITIONS-----------------------------------------------------1) I"ll pay $80 for these two logos, not more than that - this is urgent project2) You"ll have to complete this within 3 hours maximum HIGHLIGHT: MAXIMUM3) I"ll pay only after I recieve the PSD files here.4) I won"t give any upfront or anything when starting the projectPlease don"t bid if you dont agree these conditions. If you finish this within 2 hours, I"ll give $20 bonus. Please note that this is too urgent to me

  • $50 USD In Progress

    Please note that I cannot use any functions or stored procedure, It has to be a query in sql server 2005Query1 have table called AllSessions and there are two fieldsSessionBegin and SessionEndIt basically show when the users were logged in to my app. The session End might be null if they are currently logged in.I want to write a query to get the number of users that were logged in during a time frame group by 15 minutes intervals Attached is the data, the records are unique, sessiondata.xlsBelow is pseudo query I wrote, please note that I am adding 5 hours as the time on server is on UTC. I am adding 5 hours to convert to EST I want something like03/23 2013 6:am -2003/23 2013 6:15 am -30 DECLARE @BeginDate AS DATEDECLARE @EndDate AS DATEDECLARE @BeginTime AS CHAR(2)DECLARE @EndTime AS CHAR(2)SET @BeginDate = &quot;2013-02-22&quot;SET @EndDate = &quot;2013-02-22&quot;SET @BeginTime = &quot;06&quot;SET @EndTime = &quot;11&quot; SELECT *FROM AllSessionWHERE (SessionEnd < DATEADD(HOUR, 5, CAST(CAST(CAST(@BeginDate AS DATE) AS VARCHAR) + &quot; &quot; + @BeginTime + &quot;:00:00:00&quot; AS DATETIME)) AND SessionBegin DATEADD(HOUR, 5, CAST(CAST(CAST(@EndDate AS DATE) AS VARCHAR) + &quot; &quot; + @EndTime + &quot;:00:00:00&quot; AS DATETIME))) GROUP BY DATEADD(hour, - 5, DATEADD(minute, - (1 * DATEDIFF(minute, 0, ?) % 15), DATEADD(minute, DATEDIFF(minute, 0, ?), 0)))ORDER BY DATEADD(hour, - 5, DATEADD(minute, - (1 * DATEDIFF(minute, 0, ?) % 15), DATEADD(minute, DATEDIFF(minute, 0, ?), 0)))Query 2------------I have the below querythat counts number of records in 15 minutes intervals.It de ends when there are no longer any recordsfor eg if ther are no records after 11:45 am it stops , i want to show nulls till end of the @enddate timeDECLARE @BeginDate AS DATEDECLARE @EndDate AS DATEDECLARE @BeginTime AS CHAR(2)DECLARE @EndTime AS CHAR(2)SET @BeginDate = &quot;2013-02-22&quot;SET @EndDate = &quot;2013-02-22&quot;SET @BeginTime = &quot;06&quot;SET @EndTime = &quot;23&quot;SELECTcast( dateadd(hour,-5,(dateadd(minute, -1 * datediff(minute, 0, DtComplete) % 15, dateadd(minute, datediff(minute, 0, DtComplete), 0)))) as nvarchar(30)) AS UsingCast, count(*) count_total, count( distinct code) count_codesFROM dbo.InteractionWHERE DtComplete BETWEEN DATEADD(HOUR, 5, CAST(CAST(CAST(@BeginDate as DATE) AS VARCHAR) + &quot; &quot; + @BeginTime + &quot;:00:00:00&quot; AS DATETIME)) AND DATEADD(HOUR, 5,CAST(CAST(CAST(@EndDate as DATE) AS VARCHAR) + &quot; &quot; + @EndTime + &quot;:00:00:00&quot; AS DATETIME)) group by dateadd(minute, -1 * datediff(minute, 0, DtComplete) % 15, dateadd(minute, datediff(minute, 0, DtComplete), 0)) I want it show like 11:45am -1512:00-null12:15-nulland so on till10:45-null

  • $605 USD Apr 24, 2013

    We are recently established resort suppliers from Maldives. We would like to build our company website. URL: www.osmosisasia.comWe would like a dynamic website with a back end database to input products, etc. Also we like the customers to be able to place an order through the website using emails.

  • ₱8800 PHP Apr 21, 2013

    I need a music and video website like this www. with audio and video player feature artist and A to Z artist

  • $110 USD Apr 20, 2013

    I need a similar website on wordpress. I can pay you 40-60$ for this. I need this done within 24 hours or less. I need the site to be paypal integrated and need this done on time. Thanks

  • $77 CAD Apr 3, 2013

    Hello,I would like for you to make a website like it is very simple, I already have the domain name and prestashop istalled with a template that I bought in css format. If anyone can finalize website let me know.Thank youSam

  • $1000 USD Mar 19, 2013

    This project is for a virtual pet website for cats, similar in functionality to I need the site functionality built as a plugin to the latest version of wordpress.The project includes the following:1) Front-end with placeholder graphics Please see for similar functionality, but basically, it breaks into these parts a) User can signup b) User can adopt a cat (more after account is created) c) User can feed/care/pet/groom for them / have them sleep / age them by 1 month / enter them in cat shows -> Health / Morale / Energy (improved by taking care of cat) d) Ability to define &quot;coin&quot; awards for progress on care and feeding, awards for shows e) Ability for users to create their own &quot;shows&quot; and set a number of contestants (with max) -> Other users can enter their cats in the show -> 1,2,3 place of the show earn points and an award displayed on the cats profile page f) Ability to buy &quot;special&quot; items with coins or via paypal with real money g) Community area to interact with other users and see their cats h) User profile page with list of all cats owned by user i) Profile page for each cat2) Back-end admin area for all front-end functionality- Please see attached PDF which includes more detail on the project.

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Jul 2012 - Mar 2013 (8 months)

I can infotech

It was my college training period.



Gauhati University



sql expert


It is an exam for getting a DBA achievement.