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Java developer

Username: rylkov

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Location: Mogilev, Belarus

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  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sadakura


    14 days ago

    Excellent coder , will bookmark him as i have a lot of this kind work!

    Project Description:Hello Freelancers. I have script and it generates download links (direct links) by pressing button "generate download link" see example here
  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Soundwaveart


    May 17, 2014

    Always great to work with, very professional and does great work.

    Project Description:script for record code
  • $270.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ihdesign


    Mar 31, 2014

    We had a few concerns about some glitches we were having with the system. For example it took about 5! clicks to upload one image and was not user-friendly. We could not load a simple lists of urls at all - system would not accept it. We waited for months for Sergei to respond about this and he never did. Now we are fixing glitches with a new programmer. We did achieve something usable but also lost months waiting for nothing.

    Project Description:We have a promo database: We want to get a more multipurpose system than it. - User create a new category of the list of sites and possibly also mail. - Load there urls from a txt file...
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller vw2148098vw


    Dec 19, 2013

    More work comig ur way

    Project Description:We are inspired with following website : What observation we have at initial stage is : When a webpage runs then Java jar plugins activates. This .Jar generates a request from local computer to directly on destination URL(Video) server...
  • $339.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ov3rrun


    Dec 17, 2013

    I hope they can improve the response time, this due to time differences. Good Job.

    Project Description:Java applet to download videos from and convert to MP3 and AVI. Show status for downloading and convertion. Ajax style.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller tutorapex


    Oct 30, 2013

    Nice to deal with him

    Project Description:please check the attachment and let me know if you can do fast or not
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller alm7tas


    Oct 25, 2013

    very good and fast work

    Project Description:hello i have 7 jar files i need edit and fix with new update java 7u45 anyone can do that in 2 days ?
  • $25.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller onetwothreephp


    Sep 17, 2013

    extremely genius programmer doing everything you wish in very short time, wil hire him again

    Project Description:5) add "load file" button and "save file" button;n6) add incoming and outcoming message sound;n7) "tutor is writing" message;n8) send messages on Enter hit;n9) send messages...
  • $70.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ihdesign

    ihdesign [ Incomplete Report ]

    Sep 12, 2013

    Hello. I did not receive any deliverables or information from the programmer. What should I do ?

    Project Description:This software will search for bad lines of code in php and javascript files. It will scan, delete or replace bad virus code on the server. Please see tech here:
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller onetwothreephp


    Aug 27, 2013

    nice job, good programmer

    Project Description:Dear Freelancers, I would need somebody to make a java frame that can load 2 textfiles , one file for the tutor and one for the student. both should be visible for both. the Frame should have some kind of ruler so one can see the line number...
    rylkov has not completed any projects.
  • $100 USD In Progress

    I need a small utility for mac os, the full copy of windows utility. You can see the screenshot in attachment.What it do:By pressing the "Start" button the utility begin to ping (interval 200мс, timeout 4000, TTL 64, size 56) site, entered in the "Ping site" field, and drawing a result in the chart (Vertical chart, with fill). To the chart placing average result of last 5 pings, one in a second.Simultanicely to the log writing start time (Ping started to at 10.07.2014 0:37:08) and the button "Start" renames to "Stop".If during the pinging the time-out occurred more than two times in a row, in the log writing message like "Errcnt: "+amount of time-outs+" from "+time of the first time-out.By pressing the "Stop" button process stopping, in the log writing message "Ping stopped at 10.07.2014 0:44:13", and the button "Stop" renamed to "Start".By pressing the "Export" button the chart and messages in log saving to picture in gif and put to the application folder, with name pingchart_ddmmyyhhnnss, example in attachment. The full path to the file written in the log.And finally, by pressing the button "Clear" program asks confirmation "Are you sure to clear all data?" (Yes/No), by pressing Yes the chart and the log are cleared.

  • $400 USD In Progress

    YT Down Loader.YT Down Loader.YT Down Loader.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Hello,I need a server side software that extracts any youtube videos ( in their highest quality ), and caches them on the server as webm files.important: vevo links must work too.What needs to be stored in the mysql database for later extraction:Video title, lenght, format, id, size.That is the backend.The front end is a simple input with a go button. Once the go button is pressed, the server must extract and cache the video in the backend but on the front end must send the user to the download.php page: where he gets a download link and can download the requested youtube url cached file as webm.If you are able to do this, please bid.

  • $30 USD Yesterday

    Have JTable of 14 columns. Minimum of 1 row. All cells have combo-box of 3-5 selections. Have 4 buttons 1) Add row, 2) delete row, 3) copy row and 4) paste rowUse vectors to create an example code to run in Eclipse.

  • $300 USD 12 days ago

    Detailed description is attached in a file.I will not respond to people who will not read the attached file. Please note that in your responses. Hosting should be done at GoDaddy. I don"t care about a platform as long as I will be trained and it will be easy to maintain.

  • $5 CAD/hr 12 days ago

    Hi. I need a very simple change made to a PHP script. It is a mass mailing script. I need so a recipient of the email cannot see who else the email was sent to. I am only willing to pay $5 for this.

  • $10 USD 12 days ago

    I have a PERL script that shows an selectbox via an HTML output.It uses the same variable for display and value. I want to add a variable to use an other value.

  • $30 USD 12 days ago

    Fix small application in java.Change vars, and combobox.Database queryWork in my project."ACADEMIC PROJECT"

  • $750 USD 12 days ago

    СРОЧНО!!!необходим разработчик/программист, который по уже созданным макетам спрограммирует сайт не интеренет магазин бюджет обсуждаем, важны сроки

  • $30 USD 13 days ago

    Fix small application in java.Change vars, and combobox.Database queryWork in my project."ACADEMIC PROJECT"

  • $30 USD 13 days ago

    Hi, I need to edit this XML file. I"m not familiar with the language. I will give you a sample file. I want you to edit this file and the only thing I want Outputted to the printer would be 4 items. I need it to look like this. I just need it to output something very simple. I do not want store name, or anything like that.Qty Item Cost Total2 Item Description1 20.00 40.003 Item Description2 40.00 120.00 Tax 14.40 Total 174.4

  • $120 USD 13 days ago

    you will code script to monitor LIVE basketball game odds and scores on a website (i will tell you the site via messaging only) .the script will then generate a report displaying the basketball games which meet a/several conditions.Eg of a condition, IF current total points scored offered by site falls below the original opening total points, then display percentage.You should be an EXPERT in automation scripting. NO AMATEURS PLS!

  • $100 USD 13 days ago

    Hello,I have an HTML5 javascript player and it does zoom in, zoom out and all other transitions. however when image is panned from left to right or from right to left or top to bottom or bottom to top, it randomly starts from anywhere and the image is cut off.Take a look at fullphotopan.jpg this is how it should look in the panning mode where you can see the complete image. also take a look at the nonworking.jpg how its currently looking and the entire image is cut off.I can share the code where the logic is happening, if you are an expert in html5 and javascript and image processing please bid .if(currentAction == "rightToLeft"){ canvasContext.drawImage(img, sx + swidth * (rate - 1) * (1 - pos), sy, swidth, sheight, 0, 0, cWidth, cHeight);

  • €250 EUR 13 days ago

    Basically it is all explained in the pdf that I attached underneath

  • [Sealed] /hr 13 days ago

    Hello,I need someone to copy this page as it is and when I click on order now, the details should be sent to my email. You dont have to create a new page, just copy as it is from the example.Page: you!

  • $250 USD 13 days ago

    This project MUST be written using Classic ASP (not .NET)The page will have a username and password fieldWhen the login details are entered .. it will use them to logon to a websiteIt will then scrape some content from the pageThe content is generated by an ajax call, so isn"t available until the page is fully loaded.

  • $40 USD 14 days ago

    Basicaly we have to change the code from VBSCRIPT to JAVASCRIPT. we require today!this variables:lNoNom = 41101 lLlave = 1038 lModulo = 20291025 we need to run this two functions ang get this resultlRsa = Encriptar(lNoNom, lLlave, lModulo) Result: 5389894_17057326_17057326_1729869_17057326_this is a hash:lSha1 = SHA1("ODESSA_CYDSA", lRsa) Result: E6E72CFB4D798DEBD76240630E7E79AA7B85C777in case it complicate, the backup plan is that we need the source code of a way to encrypt in javascript and decrypt in .net or C#

  • €30 EUR 14 days ago

    We would need some translation from an English text to Russian, for a website.Only fluent in English and Russian would be considered.

  • $100 USD 14 days ago

    I need a very simple and cheap program for Windows XP testing for tone / frequency differentiation. It could look like this: A pair of tones differing in frequency is presented and the user has to decide whether the second tone was higher or lower (using a key). Several pairs of different frequencies need to be presented. The responses (lower / higher) need to be saved (or exported).An already existing application, if you have or know something similar, may be used.

  • $250 USD 14 days ago

    hello,own a usb stik HUAWEI Mobile Broadband E372 can send sms.I making a web interface that contains a field for phone number to which to send the SMS, a field where you enter text with a limited number of 160 characters and send button.Also the web interface will be able to upload a file in excel to send bulk sms.Stickers will be placed on a server that has static ip and is concetat Internet (sms gateway will act). Pressing the button will send an order form to the server and the default USB Stik is attached to a COM server.All messages are stored in a database.We attach drivers to install on your computer / server Stik introduction.

  • $400 USD 15 days ago

    I am doing a computer science course and I need help from a computer scientist to do the problem sets.

  • €250 EUR 15 days ago

    We would need some translation from an English text to Russian, for a website.Only fluent in English and Russian would be considered.

  • $250 CAD 15 days ago

    Hello,I have a computer with the operating system unix works with older versions of COBOL programs written data files ***. dat extension.I want that these files be converted to MySQL.Thanks

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