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  • £250 GBP In Progress

    I am looking for someone to design, architect and write a finctional and technical spec for a payroll and HR system. I need good ux design shown by wireframes with good functionality and features. You will have a good payroll and HR system understanding. You will also be responsible for the database design delivered through a detailed ERD.

  • $11111 USD 7 days ago

    Hi. I m looking for someone who have experience and skills for Building,debug an Banking Application.I pay 10k euros fix for this project.

  • $833 USD 17 days ago

    PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE BIDDING.I am looking to buy source code of a software/app that has been developed in the last year. I want to buy the rights to the complete software/app including all intellectual property rights and documentation. Please include in your bid:- link or demo to software/app- short description of software/app- Programming languages used.- Date of development (It has to be recent)Attention : I am only interested in ready made software/app not interested in building from scratch.

  • ₹62500 INR Jun 30, 2014

    I am looking for a small accounting software which include customer entry and invoice accounting also in there.Also include reports of income and expense.

  • $550 USD Mar 14, 2013

    I need someone to take all of my receipts and bank statements for last year and enter them into MYOB.

  • $3000 USD Feb 18, 2013

    HelloWe are currently building a integrated software for the use of small and medium businesses. We are now seeking the development of the client software. It is similar to ERP but not as comprehensive (less complicated, does not include book keeping/accounting).The subjects we need to convey are (may change): inventory management (manage suplliers price list, track actual bulling, inventory match etc), sales (gather information from outside Point of Sale systems and analyze it, not to build a sales system), credit analysis (credit card billing and to analyze them in the actual credit deals accrued), BI reports building, cash flow management (including banks adjustments), contacts list. We are seeking only those with proven experience with ERP, POS and so.

  • $165 USD Jul 14, 2012

    I have a list of General Ledger accounting codes with descriptions. The goal is to create an access database that will be user friendly. For example, we would upload all the GL account codes and descriptions and the users will be able to key an account code or description and the database will return the GL code that matches the search. I think access would be the best option for this.Also, we need an access database to manage our contracts. Something that we would enter client information and orders, some of these orders have trigger price increase over time so the data base will need to remind us of all the time base triggers, either trough an email reminder or some other form of reporting.the ideal candidate must be an expert or excel and have experience with data bases. We have Time sensitive projects all the time so looking for someone we can work with long term.if you have any questions let me know,

  • $55 USD Jul 14, 2012

    Need modification to Crystal Reports file. Need to include one database field to an existing report. The software that uses the Crystal Reports file will only support changes made with the very old Crystal Reports software.

  • $225 USD Mar 14, 2012

    I will need someone to convert my software from vb6 to Source will be sent after you post a message requiring it.

  • $1500 USD Jan 13, 2012

    Web based ERP C# .ASP netARAPGLBudgtesInventory, ProcurmentsHR Payroll, Middle East POSReporting, BIHelp Desk, Maintinance Management

  • $25 USD/hr Nov 26, 2011

    Hi, This is a home based job.Any one can do.You must have a Paypal account.Registration is free.The survey conducting company will pay you directly through your Paypal account.If interested ,send your PM.Easy earn $500 minimum.Thanks.

  • $200 USD Feb 18, 2011

    Hello,The scope of the project is decribed below:Deliverable module are: 1. User authentication and management 2. Cheque management 3. Petty cash management 4. Coinage managementDetails are in the attached file.My objective is to get this project started ASAP.I will provide the templates for teh cheques and vouchers.Will need to communicate with the programmer as the system is built in order to get things right first time and make sure all required fields will be in the database.warm regardsNormanLegal: 1. The worker must not reproduce this code and sell it to other people. 2. Worker must fully complete the project in order to get paid. 3. the worker will pay their taxesDetailed Requirements:CHEQUE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMThere is a little of change from the original scope of the application with the inclusion of a coinage management module.Kindly have a look at the revised and final requirements and adjust your bid if necessary.The max budget is 500 USDFINAL BREAKDOWN OF REQUIREMENTS:1. Deliverable modules:· User authentication and management· Cheque management· Petty cash management· Coinage management2. Cheque management:Objective: to ‘write’ on cheques and manage the cheque system by storing all transactions in a relational database with reports.a) Features· Five templates of cheques which I will provide· One voucher template which I will provide· SQL Server Database with details of payees· Ability to print on a cheque, the amounts in words, the name of the payee, the amount in numbers and the date.· Ability to create new cheque book templates easily or edit an existing one.· Ability to create a new voucher easily or edit an existing one.· All transactions will be stored in the database· Report on payments for a user selected date range per payee or all payees on all transactions for a selected period.b) Process:· User puts the cheque into the printer· User selects a cheque book template in the system· User selects the payee from a drop down menu –data is in the database· User enters the amount in words and the amount in numbers and selects the date.· User clicks on the print button and the names of the Payee, the amount in words, the amount in numbers and the date is printed on the cheque.Notes:Users should be able to select a font to use from the system and whether to print in bold or normal.c) After printing the cheque, the user has the option to print a voucher.· User puts the voucher in printerUser selects a voucher template in the system· User selects the cheque number and the details of the cheque are automatically filled on the voucher. The details are the Payee, the amount in words, the amount in numbers and the date.· User has option t type in the name of the person collecting the cheque and then prints the voucher.3. Petty cash management:Objective:-to record all petty cash transactions and print petty cash vouchers for the same.a. Features:· One templates of petty cash voucher which I will provide.· SQL Server Database with details of payees· Ability to print on a voucher, the amounts in words, the name of the payee, the amount in numbers and the date.· Ability to create a new voucher easily or edit an existing one.· All transactions will be stored in the database· Report on payments for a user selected date range per payee or all payees on all transactions for a selected period.d) Process:· User logs into system· User puts the voucher into the printer· If they have permission, User selects a voucher template in the system· User selects the payee from a drop down menu –data is in the database· User enters the amount in words and the amount in numbers and selects the date.· User clicks on the print button and the names of the Payee, the amount in words, the amount in numbers and the date is printed on the voucher.4. Coinage system:Objective:-to

  • $750 USD Feb 11, 2011

    I am looking for existing software with resell rights. I am looking for good quality software that I can resell on. You send a demo of the software and if it fulfils a unique function I buy it. Simple.

  • $700 USD Dec 6, 2010

    payroll project that needs to be done by tomorrow

  • $600 USD Nov 16, 2010

    GREETING....Hi, This Project is provided by one of the Private Health Insurance Company in U.S.The job is easy Data Filling for Claim Forms.Individuals and Groups are invited; Indians are given first preference. Should able to work at least 2 to 3 hours per day in dedicated manner and no time wasting hobby wishers, please. Must able to close forms within the specified time frame. Terms and conditions apply.Only those who able to agree and willing should apply....No Time wasters

  • $3000 USD Nov 2, 2010

    Hello,Are you interested to diversify into the Technical Process??Our Organization, Sunchaser Technologies is a Company specializing in providing support services to Windows Platform. The business was set up keeping in consideration usage of computers in current era and has since diversified into a local and international business.Due to our expansion of services to US, UK and Australia, we are outsourcing our projects to Call-Centers. We are in a sense offering you the opportunity to diversify to Technical Process except that you will not need to invest any money. All you need to do is to get the customers subscribe for our different packs using your existing infrastructure & good sales personnel (we will train your Pilot Batch). We are looking for Parties with such infrastructure, to consider diversifying into the technical process, if they recognize the potential of doing so.This means that you would get rewarded, when customers are subscribed for our packs, of course there would be no ceiling either, as to how much you could possibly earn. In other words, this is a PURELY PAY-FOR-PERFORMANCE arrangement and later performance can be reviewed to per person billing a month. One advantage of working with us is that, we are unlike any other client, because we don’t just merely provide you details of the project, but we teach your Pilot batch how to do the sales.We will practically ‘spoon-feed’ your Pilot batch in detail, exactly how to subscribe customers for our products. We will go right down to the basics of a telesales, so that you need not worry too much about any shortcomings your agents may have in order to be able to deliver results. This is one key advantage of teaming-up with us. The payouts for the process will be of two types which will be including payout with leads and payout without leads:1.Payout with leads:Incident based: $6.00, Silver Pack: $21.00, Gold Pack: $30.00, Super Saver Pack: $45.002.Payout without leads:Incident based: $7.00, Silver Pack: $24.00, Gold Pack: $35.00, Super Saver Pack: $52.00There would be monthly billing for this process where centers will generate invoice on last day of every month and can expect the release of payouts within 5 working days from day of receiving invoice. We look forward hearing from you.Thanks!

  • $1500 USD Oct 26, 2010

    Basically the idea is creating a software to manage, allocate the workload and create reports for a medium sized law firm with 25 employees. The basic sections of this software should be the following:- Clients: listing all the clients with all their details- Users: all the peple working in the office- Projects: this is the most important part as it has to include all the kind of works which we do, like company formations or tax tadvisoring etc. We have also to include templates here so we have a premade set of works that can be easily and quickly assigned. Every project should be divided in tasks so many different people can work on a project at different tasks.-Reports: the aim here is creating a timesheet for every user so the admin and the user also can see what he did and what he has to do as works Some of these features are already included in software like dotproject but I found it not exactly suitable for the use I will do of it, hence the need of a custom software.This software should run on a web server and use a php database.Thank you

  • $750 USD Oct 17, 2010

    Requirements for H.R and payroll management system:•Employee information customized as per needs.•Employee paperwork scanned and added to database in desired format.•Employee classified per project, position, etc…•Employee salary subcategorized, all allowances mentioned.•Reports and exports of information done into any wanted format (including Word).•Reports and exports editable for remarks or comments. •SQL database format used (they say Access is limited and not protected enough).•Payroll System directly linked to Abu Dhabi Central Bank.•Automatic transfer done every month.•Holidays, probation, leaves period mentioned.I need full details and pricing along with delivery time

  • $200 USD Jun 28, 2010

    I"m looking for a development partner offshore to handle upcoming projects I have with my company. What I am looking for in a development partner is the following:- A small strong team of up to 10 Developers- MUST be experts in development and full software development cycle- Ideally develop in a wide-range of launguages- MUST be excellent communicators- MUST be commited to a long-term relation ship- MUST be able to supply me resource at short noticeIn addion to the above I will be looking for potential partners to also provide the following:- Development projects done for my company at COST i.e. preferential rates, this is an important factor as my company is investing money in marketing and generating projectsIn your PMB please state the following:- Weekly FT Rate for your developers- Examples of development projects you have completed with applicable project documentation- Total number of Developers you have and location of office

  • $1000 USD Jun 7, 2010

    We are currently seeking home-based Data Entry Clerks to start immediately.No experience is necessary as full training will be provided and this opportunity will allow you to work from home around other commitments, with flexible hours and a lucrative primary or secondary income. This is a data entry position involving; filling in forms online responding to enquiries processing orders using your home computer. This is on-going and you couuld easily make $600.00 a week. I did in 2 days, now I run my own office.The only requirements are that you have:1. Reliable internet access and home computer with quiet place to work2. Basic typing skills 3. A valid e-mail account 4. The ability to follow simple, clear instructions 5. Understand, Read and Write in English6. A printer or pen and paper (a printer is easier to keep track of purchase numbers)You will be paid immediately on completion of each order processed and there is no limit to the number of orders you can process. Using excel spreadsheets will help you to keep track better and faster productivity, but not necessary.This opportunity can be fit around other commitments such as full-time work, studies and children, providing a generous primary or secondary income. This is legit. After reaching $600.00 a 1099 will need to be filled out.Thanks for bidding!SERIOUS ENQUIRIES ONLY! IF YOU CANNOT COMMITT TO A HEALTHY PROJECT OR ARE NOT ENERGETIC ENOUGH TO SEE IT THROUGH, DON"T BID!

  • $500 USD Feb 7, 2010

    FEATURES:Exclusive Patent Pending High Demand Recession Resilient Product NO Monthly Fees.NO Hidden Fees.NO Binding ContractUnlimited recurring and growing income potential.When selected and enrolled, the following will be provided as part of the package:Direct Client AccessOne Week Hands-on TrainingSupport for up-to 3 MonthsStep by Step Manual to Ensure SuccessBased on our Exclusive Consulting1st Month Virtually Guaranteed Earnings Up to $300.00 / Agent / Month 2nd Month Virtually Guaranteed Earnings Up to $500.00 / Agent / Month 3rd Month Virtually Guaranteed Earnings Up to $700.00 / Agent / Month REQUIREMENTS:This is a Non Voice Marketing Process and it’s purely performance based.The Team Members Must Be Young and Energetic. Must Have Excellent Typing Skills. They Must Be Familiar With Social Web Sites and The Net. Team leader must me driven, creative, and reliable.Must have fast reliable internet.Can working 24/7 online.No Time Zone Limit.No Experience Required.Annual Program Enrollment Fee-Basic - $139.00 (Basic Payout) or -Certified Fast Track – $399.00 (Higher Payout)Consultancy Fee One Time No Other Hidden Fees or Charges.NEXT STEPImmediately upon receipt of our one-time consultancy fee, you will be given direct signup access for the U.S. client who will be paying you weekly via debit card from which you can withdraw from any ATM any time worldwide.

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Sep 1992 - Present (21 years)


Manager EDP in earlier years before 1992, After that my own Software Development firm


B Sc

University of Pune