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Location: Khulna, Bangladesh

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  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller julips2

    julips2 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 16, 2014

    No professional skills at all. Can't work with 3D

    Project Description:Neen to make and interior layouts for 2 houses We got 3dmax files of houses example After I Need walkthrough video rendered for these 2 different type of house layouts...
  • $100 CAD
    Profile image for Seller yogeshcs


    Feb 4, 2014

    Good job and cooperation.

    Project Description:Need to get a 40-60sec closing animation of a presentation with sound and graphic effects. The script will be provided in detail upon selection.
  • $3200 USD
    Profile image for Seller TracyChristian


    Oct 25, 2013

    Thank you very much. Outsanding work

    Project Description:Low poly 8 city blocks as described
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller IMT2


    Oct 21, 2013

    Excellent work.

    Project Description:Looking for someone who can chop up 8 pre-rendered videos and compose onto a timeline in Adobe After Effects CS6. Time segments for cutting video parts about will be suggested prior to work being carried out by myself and sequence of videos to be linked...
  • $725 USD
    Profile image for Seller TracyChristian


    Sep 30, 2013

    Excellent freelancer. ON time and outstanding quality thank you

    Project Description:I need this apartment complex modelled in unity. exterior must look exactly like building. low poly no dirty textures. interior of 6 levels needs to be modelleds
  • $500 USD
    Profile image for Seller nsurani


    Sep 16, 2013

    Nice freelancer to work with, understand the requirement and deliver what is expected, recommended to work with.

    Project Description:Require a team to create 3 advertisement of 30 seconds each, each of it contains around 5 to 7 characters. Please provide your portfolio, entries without portfolio of 3D Animation will not be considered...
  • $275 CAD
    Profile image for Seller yogeshcs


    Sep 10, 2013

    Masum and team did a phenomenal job working on our project. Our requirements were quite unique and we have held them to high quality standards. They were willing to step up to the plate and perform with a great attitude. We will gladly work with them again.

    Project Description:The purpose of this animation is promotion of a new network / websitennThe animation is centred around the logo and the tagline to introduce the service.nnCompany will provide you the Logo graphics that are required for this animation...
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller mondix


    Jul 29, 2013

    very patient, professional, fast reaction will be hired for future work of this typeI gave him bonus for his workmany thanks

    Project Description:covert an existing project into a production detailed drawing of all parts of the bed using google sketchup
  • $54.5 USD
    Profile image for Seller ironhero


    Jul 9, 2013

    good work and communication

    Project Description:I need two shaders for Unity3D. 1. I have vehicle model and 3 textures diffuse, bump-mapping and specular. I need shader for unity3D to add metal shine to vehicle. You can use 2 or 3 textures in shader ( up to you, as necessary) 2...
  • $54 USD
    Profile image for Seller romado12187

    romado12187 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jun 2, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
    sdvisual has not completed any projects.
  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Full HD Color movie-modelling and rendering of 2 Townhouses/Buildings in movieThis scope requires 3D modeling and 3D rendering of 2 Townhouses (different designs) located in a typical German/Bavarian environment with Mountains, lakes and typical German flora (grass, trees, flowers). We need to model each single room with interior, furniture, floors, walls, pictures and so on. Fully furnished in European/German style, so you must have experience in German furniture style or you need acces to databases with pictures. We need: a) 2 single movies of each house. b) This scope of work requires the delivery of a 3D fly-over of the 2 houses (from outside both houses at the same place next to each other visible), 3D fly-around sequence and at the end with flying in house No. 1 (first movie) by walking through each room of the house. c) On the second movie we use the same introduction scene (3D Fly-over) of movie one. This house will be just different in the outside and interior design.Under this link you can see our old movie: You will have to design, modeling and render the houses and make a scenario/screenplay like this, just in Full HD color: will deliver a 2D drawing/blueprint of each house type by Spirit CAD software and a 3D model which will be generated and exported by the spirit design software. All other design work, modeling and attraction design work (textures, flora, furniture, animation, and so on) must be done by the freelancer. Please see this link, there you see what we will deliver as data files. This are the files of the house-type 1: houses, the flora and the interior must be looking realistic like real! You have to use the latest technics for hoihest resolution for thsi job) So you have to work perfect at each and all textures for walls, floors, furniture, pictures, and lights…..on all single units! You have to deliver the master file/native files to us of the 3D modeling (We must be able after years to do changing’s by our self) and the native movie files. The schedule is very important for us. With your bid, please supply examples of previously completed Projects! We want to see your skills.Payment Terms:50% placing at milestone after placing the order50% placing at milestone after approval of complete design, modeling and streaming of full movie 1 and 2.Payments to Freelancer/Designer100% release of payment after download the native data files and movie files of both 2 movies. ATTENTION: In fact that we work with freelancer escrow service we will release no money upfront! Delivery time should be 10 days after placing the order.

  • $425 USD In Progress

    I need a 1 minute and 30 seconds or less animated 3D commercial , I have the script ready, It needs to be completed in 3 days there are approx. 5-8 different scenes

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $525 USD In Progress

    We need a short 3D Animation video created to promote a paperback book, with 4 Characters and about 25 different scenes. Background should be a recording studio virtual environment with musical equipment i.e. drums, keyboard, microphone and stands etc…. The animation characters should be lip sink to the audio track vocals. Word document and audio track available with basic jpeg example images to help with the 3D modelling process. All the best

  • $250 USD 2 days ago

    i need to make my Text to be come in form of a animation

  • $1578 USD 2 days ago

    Hello,We are a 2D animation company. We are the animation partner for a big operator in the Middle East. We have a yearly contract with them. Now, they want to expand to 2D animation and 3D animation. We do not offer 3D animation and looking for a long term partner for 3D requested projects. If you think you could be our ideal partner please send us sample of your work, list of your previous work, price for 30 seconds of full 3D animation and the timeframe to complete the 30 seconds.We are looking for a professional company to work with

  • $255 USD 2 days ago

    We are looking for multiple small companies or freelancers who can work on regular basis.Currently we have 4 projects to start immediately which will include Interior and exterior along with 2D and 3D floor plans3D Max and V-ray professionalsPhotoshopWould prefer who can work on start to finish or atleast Modelling and scene setup.Please quote for the first project3 exterior2 Interior,2 2D and 2 3D Floor plans to be delivered.CAD drawings will be providedColor scheme should be close and furniture placements will be providedThe quality and delivery will be definitely a decision maker for future job.The solution should be cost effective.

  • $15 USD/hr 2 days ago

    You"ll be given high poly CAD models (in a format like STL) or reference images and have to create low-poly versions, ready for use in realtime applications.What we need:- reasonable low polygon count for mobile realtime usage- good UV layout for texture usage- Output format: FBX, 3ds max, or blend.

  • $150 USD 2 days ago

    Requirements:Level DesignSubject:Old shanghai streetTask:To design, model, light, texture and bake materials of an old shanghai street. The models should be low-res modelling, provide 3 LOD models. The models should be slightly cartoony with great ambience and mood. To be used in unity3D engine. To discuss in more details with interested providers. Scope:To design & model 1 corner lot building (night club)To design 1 roadside building (Tailors)

  • $10 AUD/hr 3 days ago

    We own property in the main street of Nimbin, NSW australia (google "nimbin nsw" to get an idea of the "alternate eco philosophies" its people believe and live by) . We have had concept and plans created for a 32 unit, motel type, overnight accommodation development. I am looking to get a "never been done before", incredible interior design that says "I am 2014, I"m eco conscious, I demonstrate best practice in energy saving, insulation, recycling, water conservation and all things environmental, I"m colorfull, I"m 3D LED large screen, I"m a multi speaker sound system, I have fantastic internal space, even though being of "container" dimensions (due to the "pop outs" housing the murphy bed and 3 seater lounge), my bathroom is luxurious and can be set for extreme water conservation or to waterfalls of water. I"m very economical to stay in and its an experience that is incredible.theCUBES..... tomorrows traveller accommodation - TODAY

  • $250 USD 3 days ago

    We need someone to help create the interior and external design of the public areas of a small shopping center we are developing. We are looking for help in recomendation of the color schemes, lighting, floor styles and the general look and feel of the center. At the end, we would expect a form of BOQ of the items to be ordered and their quantity. We would provide you with the vendor catalogues to choose from.

  • [Sealed] 3 days ago

    need 3 models done in any software , but for export to c4d with all textures. images attached . need this asap...Good price and fast turnaround will get you this project .

  • $350 AUD 3 days ago

    Add FX to 1) an ancient Egyptian relic and 2) a futuristic mobile phone.I would like originality here!Animate FX for Sci-Fi movie - ancient Egyptian themed powerAdd special visual effects to 1) an ancient Egyptian relic and 2) a futuristic mobile phone.TO DO:Animation of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Egyptian symbols and icons, including the submarines, helicopters and vehicles that appear on a particular mural in Egypt. Need to see specific hieroglyphs and images animated to show them glowing magically and in use in the geographical world of Ancient Egypt, for example: the djeds, the massive light bulbs, the ankhs and other items, as illustrated in the visuals provided. We will provide all the original highest quality clips.Setting: An ancient Egyptian Djed has the power to travel between dimensions and assist with the teleportation of its user/ operator.The Film’s thematic idea and tone is Ancient Egyptian HIGH TECH & extremely sophisticated - as might be seen in use today! To be computer graphically animated:Djed: The garden lamp needs to be visually changed to make it look more like a Djed. Egyptologists don’t know what it’s function was. We believe it was a teleportation device and that it’s primitive representations actually are more accurate when seen through the perspective of a more modern garden lamp design. So the design is just about right. Except that the Djed had FOUR rings not FIVE as is seen with the garden lamp.Phone: The AGENT uses a PHONE which needs to be animated REALISTICALLY. The ancient-Egyptian technology phone needs to look absolutely realistic and seamless. We LIKE the idea of transparency and projected light. At the moment there’s just a TRANSPARENT PLASTIC PLACE-HOLDER, which we liked the design of, but would like it to look more interesting.You will not need to touch audio or do any audio changes, adjustments or additions. We can ADD AUDIO EFFECTS to suit your animation. We can move audio hit points AROUND and place it later or earlier. We have placed the audio hit points where they are at the moment because it’s how we best AUDIOLISE/ VISUALISE the scenes.USE OUR EFFECTS SOUNDS AS “HIT POINTS” TO DRAMATICALLY ANIMATE YOUR ANIMATIONS. From the music and SFX we have chosen, we hope that you will be inspired to create a visually impressive animation.Shot list is attached. Video showing the sequence and the items requiring animation - is attached.See: poster: showing look of the film/ Djed reference visuals (showing four rings at the top of the Djed)/ mobile phone referenceDELIVERY MATERIALSPlease deliver the finally composited visuals in the highest possible resolution.Each clip separately delivered fully composited. DO NOT GRADE as we will do the overall grade of the film. The look of the effects must absolutely match the EXISTING COLOUR AND BRIGHTNESS. That is, the existing CHROMA and LUMINANCE must stay 100% the same or we will have problems matching the existing footage. DO NOT CHANGE OR VARY COLOUR, BRIGHTNESS OR CONTRAST. Thank you.The footage we give you is ungraded and not balanced on purpose, so it’s in its rawest format. Handle it and dropbox it back the same way.Keep footage settings at the delivery specifications.EDITED on Apple Mac.1920 x 1080p (not i) ProRes 422Please deliver in 1080p Progressive (not Interpolated!!!!)Need the ANIMATIONS separate as well, as separate plates so we can add them and extract them as required if the film is re-graded or re-done in some way and requires the separated animation plates.

  • $250 USD 3 days ago

    Looking for someone with video & presentation creation. Willing to pay for the talent. You must have a good portfolio and be to create my idea which is fairly simple. Also, will need a logo re-designed.

  • £32 GBP 3 days ago

    I want an animation similar to this contact me

  • $250 USD 3 days ago

    Hello,We are looking for an experience designer to create many textures for our football player model.They would end up serving two purposes:Player avatar creation system that will be used on our website where users can select many different options for the player. Here you can view a sample of our player avatar page: this part the textures would be rendered so we can use it for our website.Our match viewer using the unity 3D engine where the selection of the user will appear on.Here you can view a sample of our match viewer: textures we would need:20 different face / 20 different hair / 20 different facial / misc options: (long/short sleeve option) ( 5 different glove / 15 different cleats)20 different jerseys (shirt/shorts/socks) and to mis-match different types for jerseys such as: 3# shirt 22# shorts 30# socks (so basically most jerseys have to be able to blend in with each-other).Currently we just use a base color, and then super impose the designs for the shirts/cleats/whatever onto the top of them. The hairstyles model were already created so no work needed for hair.

  • $250 AUD 3 days ago

    I am looking for someone who can produce realistic and natural 3D renderings of internal and external residential homes. Freelancer must be able to provide samples of previous work.I am a residential builder based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia specializing in custom design and build homes. Regards, Julie.

  • $100 USD 3 days ago

    I need to add the below AE project the following functionality: text headlines from 1. Update 10 text headlines from external text file (using After Effects script).2. Change font size based on the number of characters in the text. 3. Adjust media (photos/videos) size/positions to perfectly feet AE placeholders (using After Effects script).4. Ability to select one of many AE project"s background video based on parameter in external text file.5. Add additional 2 borders to AE placeholders : Add the ability to select one of many AE borders based on parameter in external text file (using After Effects script).6. Add additional 2 media (photos/videos) styles to AE placeholders :For example: Ability to select one of many AE media styles based on parameter in external text file (using After Effects script).

  • $94 USD 3 days ago

    I want a series of short (5-10 secs) animated montages and promos for my Africa themed fashion channel; a website where the channel will stream LIVE as well as a blog and community to host all our members.The Channel look must be unique, distinct and African.

  • $100 USD 3 days ago

    We need a 3d operator to work on 3d max or maya.We require a person skilled and highly flexible to work on different type of projects.(projects, ranging from modeling architectural and interior design, to character modeling...)

  • $147 USD 3 days ago

    I am looking for someone who can take an an idea and turn it into a 3D model. The file will need to be in an .STL file format.What I would like is for the silhouette of the Chicago skyline to be scaled down and modeled to be a tea candle holder. Attached are a few silhouettes of the skyline for inspiration and another attachment of a rough drawing of the idea in my head. I hope that your own creativity can fill in some of the gaps and put a little of your own personality and style into.Also, centered and towards the bottom of the skyline I would like the following text to be punched out:CHICAGO: THE WINDY CITY FOUNDED: 1833The dimensions I am looking for:Width: 16 cm (However, this measurement is only an idea for the width I’m looking for, if the design ends up being a few centimeters more or less I would be just as happy with that).Thickness of Skyline: 5 mmPlease see attachment for additional dimensionsMinimum design specifications you might need for the project:Minimum supported wall thickness: 0.7 mm thickMinimum unsupported wall thickness: 0.7 mm thickMinimum supported wires: 0.8 mm thickMinimum unsupported wires: 1.0 mm thickMinimum embossed detail: 0.2 mm high & wideMinimum engraved detail: 0.2 mm high & wideMinimum clearance: 0.5 mm clearance

  • $800 USD 3 days ago

    External 3D photo realstic rendering of apparment complex

  • £750 GBP 3 days ago

    mercato supermarket is a new brand name in my area. i want to design it as a modern concept. olive green and wooden colour with black tuch theme. the store is about 144 meter square and the fronshop is glass, and it is postioned in the corner. all the plan scheme will be provided soon.

  • $250 USD 4 days ago

    I am creating a series of 45 minute videos and I am looking to hire full time for AT LEAST 6 months. The videos you produce for me MUST resemble is because I want to videos to seem like it was all done by the same animator.To apply, don"t write any automated message. No previous works, etc. Just the answer to the following questions. If you do not follow these instructions, I will never hire you.Q1. Write down what is being said in this video: Are you willing to only work for me: how many projects would this require.Q3. Can you follow EXACTLY this man"s style?If I am satisfied with your answer, I WILL CONTACT YOU. Then, I will give you a small 6 second trial. We will discuss price for this trial (in fact, this is also a part of the interview, since the cost of hiring you MUST be around the same range as the other 6 animators).Good luck. I am looking to fill at least 6 more positions.

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Junior Lecturer

Jan 2005 - Dec 2005 (11 months)

Jessore Technical and Management College

I lecture about multimedia.


Bachelor Science of Computer

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology


Diploma In Computer Engineering



Senior Cadet

Bangladesh National Cadet Core

There I made a award for senior cadet


Team Manager

Bangladesh Army

There I was a manager who control the whole divisional team for national ID card.