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Username: seopro212

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Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Member since: October 2008



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  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Michael5100


    5 days ago

    All done and well done where others have failed to understand what was wrong this was fixed quickly!<br/>

    Project Description:Wish to have Calibri font to be site wide for text in the middle of pages
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller profin


    10 days ago

    Very good person as well as did things well, as requested.Highly Recommended.Thanks

    Project Description:Hello Provider, I bought an Allegro Word Press theme and I would like expert WP Providero customise it to my specification for my news website. Currently i required following services over our WP...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sandyagg


    12 days ago

    Good Worker. Good Intelligence. Recommends.

    Project Description:I need few changes in zencart website. Person who can do it now need to apply. Its a 15 min job and budget is $10.
  • $64.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller reagormedia


    12 days ago

    Perfect! Provider was very detail oriented and did a fabulous job!

    Project Description:We need some form code generated from hatchbuck CRM system integrated into some pages in our wordpress site. The code works fine, however we need the layout and styling changed. We also need the code integrated into our optin revolution pro popup plugin...
  • $24.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller johnson36912


    12 days ago

    great work, will definitely work with again. Thank you!

    Project Description:Hello, I currently have a site where the domain is hosted on my bluehost account but the nameservers are pointed to the old godaddy hosting account with the A record pointing back to my bluehost IP address...
  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller yesseniac


    14 days ago

    Very responsive, professional and went above and beyond to keep me happy! Very pleased with his work.

    Project Description: I have a theme forest website: - I need a tab added to the Lifestyle Menu Tab. It should be: Tax Incentives (I can email the information I need for that tab) - I have 3 articles...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jenniapple


    15 days ago

    generally unsatisfied with the work, but the freelancer was willing to be accommodating during the dispute process.<br/>

    Project Description:We have purchased a wordpress template theme and we need some changes made beyond what the dashboard will allow us to do. In other words, we need someone who can edit the php pages to give us the visual elements we desire...
  • $60.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller LanaJane


    15 days ago

    Am very satisfied with the outcome of this project. The work was completed to a high standard and within a reasonable amount of time.

    Project Description:I have a Woocommerce Product Filter installed on my site but it&#039;s not working properly. It filters the products but does not display the images. I want to filter the products by Safe Fill Level...
  • $25.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jsbt


    16 days ago

    The job looked easy, but presented some difficulties along the way. SeoPro212 was proactive until I was fully satisfied with the results. I recommend SeoPro212 as a qualified provider.

    Project Description:The job is to fix the image cropping issue, for featured images. The cropping is not working.
  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller smartconceptions

    smartconceptions [ Incomplete Report ]

    17 days ago

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:I need some quick fixes and modifications to my website. Please see attached document for complete details. Overview: 1- I need to integrate my site to mail chimp. 2- I need a fix for an error that...
    seopro212 has not completed any projects.
  • $24 USD In Progress

    I have two websites on the godaddy server. I would like you to design and upload a simple holding page for both websites stating the site is being redesigned, but keeping existing logos and conatct details which I will supply. It is imperative that the existing webpages are kept.I imagine this would take only a few minutes.

  • $76 USD In Progress

    I purchased a PremiumPress Wordpress theme for my online classifieds website. The website is live and running, and is a reactive theme.I would like someone to make some formatting changes to the mobile version of the website to improve its usability as most of my visitors access the website on their mobile phone. check it out...

  • $160 USD In Progress

    The new version of the WP Survey And Quiz Tool has an export button on the quiz side. require an export button on the survey side for each user and total results breakdown. (as a doc or as pdf file so we can keep the graphs in the export)Additionally an Export All users per survey (would be good too) in one CSV.So you click Survey.Hover over a Survey Title.Click Single Results Export All button in top right corner. (to csv) Information required in the form: User Name NameID Title to Question Answer Title to Question Answer so on…… Next line is for another result from a user (and so on) Total Results: So you click Survey.Hover over a Survey Title.Click Total Results Export button in top right corner. (to csv) (this will be line by line for the subjects) Title of Form/Survey Question Title 1: 1 |2 |3 |4 |Question Title 2: 1 |2 |3 |4 |Comments: Number of Question : 1 Set of answer Number : Number of user appeared: Net Result (Total Sum / Number of user appeared) : Average :

  • $24 AUD In Progress

    i need some one to Add more fields to my page, here is the page address: would like to add &quot;Phone number&quot;, &quot;Business name&quot;, &quot;Tell us about your business&quot; and &quot;I agree to the Terms of Trade&quot; check box.

  • $168 USD In Progress

    Client has a Wordpress ecommerce website. wants to offer the option of being able to order the top and bottom of each bikini separately. Customers should be able to order medium/medium, small/medium, or NONE/medium. The client has bought and installed two different plugins that supposedly do this. However, neither is exactly what I want. Both plugins are editable and written in PHP. Option #1: Bundle pluginOption #2: Composite PluginCart page:-Each product name within its own container-TOP & BOTTOM both within this container for the product-Only shows which items ordered (if &quot;no top&quot; was selected, then only shows bottom selection&quot;Example of this here: and bottom as separate items (above option is ideal)Example: PluginThis plugin is closer to what I need. The issues I have with it are:- There is no option to NOT order either top/bottom. Both must be chosen. This will not work because if a size is sold out of either, then the add to cart button is not available. *I have added &quot;NO TOP/ NO BOTTOM&quot; as size variables within the product but this causes its own issues. I&quot;d prefer the option to be hardcoded into all bundle items. -This bundle counts one product as 3; the parent product, the TOP, and the BOTTOM. When added to cart, whether it&quot;s SMALL/MEDIUM or NO TOP/MEDIUM, it says you&quot;ve added 3 items, instead of just one or two. Seen below:Inline image 1-I want this to look as one item, with only one photo and only count as 1 item in the cart. (Unless the only option is to have TOP & BOTTOM as separate items in cart)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Composite PluginThis plugin is more sophisticated, but has more issues. -Product page is cluttered. It offers the option to choose &quot;none&quot; like I want, but it&quot;s in a separate box as the size options. I need these condensed so there&quot;s only one dropdown for each product piece. Shown below:Inline image 2-Displays price as $0. Base price can be set, but that is added onto the price of each piece, which I do not want. I want either a range based on only ordering one piece, or a total, as if they ordered both. (Separate prices are listed next to each piece). -In cart, only the selected pieces are shown. However, parent product is still shown above product pieces. Again, need this all to be condensed into one container.

  • $21 USD/hr In Progress

    Redesign top of web sites pages to bring content up closer to the top of the fold and create top right contact form

  • $50 USD In Progress

    Here is what needs my Wordpress RSS to do: need help with #1 &quot;Please note that your RSS feed will need to contain all of the following before being featured by Flipboard:1) The entire body copy of your article, not just headlines and summaries.&quot;

  • $200 USD In Progress

    Thank you for reading this slowly and making sure you know that you can do the work quickly and without issue. Using the Wordpress Premium Theme &quot;Guesthouse with the blue Sporthouse theme.&quot; (preview) theme will be used for a Transportation Company that provides Transportation to and from many very popular destinations, tourist attractions, airports and cities in the Orlando FL USA area, where Disneyworld is located.It is EXTREMELY important that you follow directions very well and very carefully.This is not a difficult project, but it must be done with very close attention to detail.You must be available on chat during ALL working hours.1.) Install the theme and import the demo content and setup the site so that EVERYTHING that is working in the demo is working on the site. Everything MUST be working before you begin entering the destinations. Once it&quot;s ready to go, we will both decide the best direction to setup the file naming and how the categories should be used. This will take about 30 minutes for us to decide between us the ebst way to9 do it.***You must use the features of theme. You must use the short-codes and design elements already provided in the theme. 2.) There are 120 Destinations each one will be created as a page. You will use the same format/page template for each destination page. Here is an example of a page that will be used: The page title, permalink and header MUST match identically for each page just as shown at the link above, the page title is &quot;play-golf-with-friends&quot; the permalink is &quot;play-golf-with-friends&quot; and the Header of the page is &quot;play-golf-with-friends&quot;. So, each destination you create MUST use this template and follow these guidelines/scheme for all 120 destinations.*** Check your work on each page before moving to the next one. NO SPELLING errors please!, keep it all looking nice and clean. I will pay a bonus for that!4.) URL/PERMALINK ISSUE - Please notice this &quot;/ws/item/&quot; in the URL. This needs to be removed from the URL. We cannot have this in the path of the URL at all. All URL&quot;s must be clean. For example 4 Slider photos will be provided. The 4 sliders MUST work and be the correct size and fit as shown in the demo.***You must not install any other sliders or theme options or plugins without checking with me first.Final words... My instructions might make this project seem bigger than it is. Wrong! I am very good at telling you exactly what is needed and there is no extra stuff. You just get right to work creating these pages. If you know how to use bulk creator plugins it will make it much easier for you.I do many of these types of projects. I have two more just like this one that I will do next. Do a good job and I will give you the next project too.

  • $34 USD In Progress

    I am paying $30 for an issue I have with my cart. Products are being selected for different categories, but does not show in the new category. Need someone to fix this now. I also need you to stick around as I test. I may find other things. I&quot;m paying $30 for 3 fixes. This may be my 1 and only issue. Just having insurance for a couple other bugs. $30 and finished today. Spammers will be marked as Spam.

  • $55 USD In Progress

    Small Job $50.00 MAX Must have css and WordPress feedback.I need this job done ASAP.Screenshots enclosed as to what needs to be fixed. You will be editing a sitemile theme. Review the attached screenshots as to what needs to be fixed1. Remove duplicate title, tags and description at top of job (see screenshot008.png) one section of this seems to be hardcoded, it begins with&quot;you will get sample page 4 $10) we want this removed and confirmed removed2. Description goes in this area. (screenshot008.png) See other screenshot for the words that are supposed to be there.3. Share icons too big make smaller (screenshot008.png).4. Description & instruction are not appearing on job page. See screenshot (Admin job posting error.png) for the area that info gets put in. It just does not show up on job pageThat is it$50.00 MAX need it done now. Must have good feedback and completion

  • $96 AUD 12 days ago

    I require 1 landing page design converted into HTML as well as thank you page to be created off the back of that template. I will then likely require that page be uploaded and implemented on a Wordpress site and connected to a form etc.Page needs to be responsive.Wireframe showing the layout is attached. PSDs provided.

  • $64 USD 12 days ago

    I have an installed and functioning Wordpress site with Woocommerce: that I want to update the theme design, CSS and HTML to include a subscription box modal - which I installed the plugin for. So all you need is to do is:1- modify the home page to reflect the different subscriptions plans - you will provide graphics, banners, etc...2- take them through a simple quizEverything is setup already in my server. I just need modifications and few new functionality

  • $76 AUD 12 days ago

    I have some changes to a Wordpress theme, such as :Menu PlacementAdding sidebarsand design tweaks. The website is here - http://support.jambi-jambi.comMost of the work is on this page -

  • $120 CAD 12 days ago

    i have non completed website, i need to finish it , what is required :1- fixing the home page: i need the products of 2 categories of Woocomerce to appear in the home page, so we need to change the links of the two sections in the home page. also , to connect the sidebar items to related product category pages.also we need to work in the search function2- remove the existing shopping cart, and add woocomerce shopping cart

  • $120 USD 13 days ago

    We are looking for a slideshow for our Wordpress theme, to be embedded above our website&quot;s current content. Example of the slideshow we want: Would like the same kind of arrows (that switch left and right upon hovering) and also the scrollbar below-- Same fading-- Images must be linkable-- Images should include title the way that site did it. No need to hover to show caption.-- Must extend across the website (no limit to width size, besides the images themselves)The slideshow needs to go on this site, and should be made as a plugin. We would need the created slideshow as a downloadable file as well, in case we want to use it for our other sites.http://www.zooeymagazine.comhttp://www.littlezooey.comThose websites use the same template. So the slideshow needs to be implemented on both sites. This needs to be completed within 1 week. Prefer a freelancer who understands 100% English, because we have had issues in the past where the freelancer did not understand anything we needed even though we drew out pictures. Budget is $50.00 max.

  • $40 USD 13 days ago

    We have built a website based on the Ocean Plaza Wordpress Template. made some changes to the main banner and now we are getting this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/majestic/public_html/divino/wp-content/themes/oceanplaza_woo_v2.1/includes/tinymce/shortcodes.php on line 1The website is need someone to fix the problem asap.

  • $200 USD 14 days ago

    Hello, we are need of getting a wordpress site created for our client. The site needs to look very much like this website will need to have the layout like just like this, and will need to have a spot for our video, just like example, and will need to have our colors. The wordpress layout must have a 1) Homepage design2) Inner/inside page layout3) Blog layoutOur budget is $200 for this. Please be experienced, and have portfolio of other wordpress sites you have createdIt will

  • $64 AUD 14 days ago

    I need some custom CSS for the side navigation in enfold wordpress theme. Have code that works at first level but need similar at child and grandchild levels.

  • $550 USD 14 days ago

    I am working for a non-profit organization that is looking to modify (complete new theme) our website with new features, plugins and widgets. We have already done most of the leg work; however, we need assistance in implementing these changes.We would like a few rotating photo carousels.We would like an login plugin so our applicants can log in and view their fundraising financials (complete with the admin side)We would need a calendar widget.This is a pretty straightforward job. I look forward to discussing the details.

  • $200 USD 14 days ago

    I need someone to completely customize the Elegant Theme Divi 2.o to my liking. Please tell me your availability and commitment to this project and time frame.

  • $200 USD 15 days ago

    Dear Sir / Madam, We are publishing mobile webpages, but the search function is not working as well as we wish. Also we have other small problems with the mobile web pages. If you are good at Javascript(jQuery), CSS, HTML5, please contact us, then we will send you the related link and explaining file. Thank you,

  • $24 USD 15 days ago

    Hi we need to fix this website www.pastosintetico.mxwe have broken links in the following urls (specially picture links) give us your best price and repair time..

  • $84 USD 15 days ago

    Currently we have an existing Wordpress website needed to fix all the bugs. Everything has been layout. Just needed all the page to be consistent throughout the layout. Should take no more than 1 day. Need a fast turn around.

  • $10 USD/hr 15 days ago

    When i try to install web theme on wordpress this message appear:&quot;The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.Theme install failed.&quot;

  • $60 USD 15 days ago

    I have my business website that I will like to revamp. I need a developer/designer to customize my WordPress theme. The theme is called Kronos and this is the link: would like the theme to be as close as possible to the Demo (live Preview) in the link above. I already loaded the dummy data in there so I just want some stuff tweaked.I also need these things:-Child Theme-Google Analytics-Permalink URL Structure needs to be SEO Friendly-Google Sitemap-Disable all comments-At the bottom, needs to be copyrighted by StreamSteam LLC and removed who it was designed by.-Will provide you the layout of sections I want once big is awarded.-Insert Royalty Free Pictures for background photos like the demo.-The Form Section completed with CAPTCHA.

  • £142 GBP 15 days ago

    i have a website that i cannot find there has been code injected i know where the code is and what it is i want to secure my wordpress site and make it better secure also i want to convert this site make few modifications

  • $28 USD 16 days ago

    We have a site that&quot;s using a theme but we&quot;re seeing strange several kind of size, including iPhone, iPad, android phone and tablet.Our site has almost done. there are only simple UI bugs and responsive problem.Looking for theme expert with bootstrap.I think and need only to complete first page of mysite within 1 ~ 2 days.

  • $24 USD 16 days ago

    For some reason, a Wordpress install of mine is not letting me set a page as the homepage in the Settings, Reading section. See attached pic. Need your help in fixing. Please put the word FIX in your bid so I know you can fix this. Thanks!

  • $250 USD 16 days ago

    Please read attached document for details.

  • $200 USD 16 days ago

    Another party has built our new website, but unfortunately they aren&quot;t able to do the front-end part of it properly. It needs quite a few refinements to make it (close to) pixel perfect. It&quot;s a pretty consistent design, meaning the template work should be pretty straight forward (most likely main template with a number of exceptions plus some other template pages) -- however, they&quot;ve messed it up a bit.To have a look at the current situation please have a look at;s a WooCommerce site based on an existing template. Back-end okay, but the front-end of this child theme needs rework. Site is liquid (for now only optimised for desktops, mobiles perhaps sometime later). Liquid as in: the header and footer stretches up to the full width and so do images/videos, all other content doesn&quot;t.It has a day and night css. Night css only features different colours, everything else is exactly the same!Attached the look and feel.

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Apr 2006 - Present (8 years)

T Solutions

Hi , <br /><br />I was working in one of the largest Telecom Company in Pakistan Mobilink, when I decided I have to part ways with that job in order to do something big with my life. Always enjoyed designing and coding, so I started learning this, and learnt everything online through reading books , watching tutorials. Mostly I learnt through working / the experience with understanding clients and their positive feedbacks kept me motivated and going ... <br /><br />Looking forward to creating a name for myself here in free



Preston University




The Skills Center

I was always too much intrested in learning coding and creating designs. I remember the first program that I bought was photoshop, and I created my first web page when I was in 8th standard with front page in good old days.


Articles on Ezine

Ezine Articles / Articlesbase

In my early days of internet marketing I wrote quite a few articles on different management subject that were published on ezine articles , articlesbase and go articles.